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My Brothers Keeper
Part 16 - 3.3 Give it To Me One More Time
By Kyle Cicero

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I received a call a few days later from Tex. He told me that Craig had been assigned new duty at the old firehouse down in the factory section of town. Since it was a sparsely populated area the station was only had a three-man squad. In an amazing coincidence Tex and Mark had gotten assigned as the other two. Time to mind fuck old Craig or...... fuck whatever.

I arrived at the station to find Craig washing off the truck. He looked as hot as usual with his fireman uniform wet and clinging tightly to his muscular frame. Tex and Mark were watching him as he bent over to clean under the truck. Seeing that bubble butt straining to break out from its pants was erotic as hell. Craig's muscular thighs flexed as he moved. This was going to be one hot bottom boy. As I walked in Craig stood up to face me. He had unbuttoned his shirt in front giving me a great view of his massive manly chest with its light black hairy fur and those quarter-sized nipples. He frowned and growled at me. "What the fuck are you doing here ?"

"You look tired Craig," I said slowly.

"Huh," he replied as my words sunk in.

"Yeah," I repeated, "tired very tired . Probably from lifting and grabbing those hoses around."

"Hoses... tired...grabbing," my fire-hunk answered weakly as he sunk back into his trance. He gently swayed as his eyes blinked. My macho fireman was sinking fast.

"It must be so hot to work that hose." I smirked.

"Working that hose... hot," he moaned as his powerful hand moved down to massage his crotch. Tex and Mark just stared silently. They waited for me to do my thing on their firefighting 'brother'. By now Craig was really swaying and I could see his man-meat's rigid outline in his pants.

"Feels so good," I said firmly, " You are so turned on when you listen to me right."

"Oh shit yesss," he hissed as he rubbed his rod . He stroked himself faster and began to press his massive thighs together squeezing his sack as he squirmed .

"Strip boy," I said sharply. Time to rewire Craig to serve his two 'brothers better!

Craig pulled off his shirt revealing that massive hard toned body. Then he bent and dropped his pants. He stood there buck naked with his impressive 9'' uncut thick meat already at ½ mast. He was now pumping it to full steam.

"Work that meat boy," I growled. "And play with those tits of your boy."

Craig sighed as he played with his cock. His other hand started to caress his chest running through his hairy pecs and playing with each nipple. He started to move as he turned on and his ball sack gently began to sway. That boy had a nice set of hefty low hangers. I turned to the other guys. They were stripping fast.

"Feeling hot punk boy?" I rasped as I felt the sexual heat rising in the room.

"Fuck yeah," growled Craig as he turned up his stimulations. Tex walked over to Craig. His muscled dark toned body was a searing contrast to Craig's pale skin. Tex's meat was a stiff 10'' of man meat and as he stepped behind Craig I knew where it was going to wind up. He reached around Craig with one of his arms and took over massing Craig's chest. My zonked straight boy leaned back and gave a muted cry. He was flying.

"Tex and Mark are your brother firefighters right boy," I said making sure to continually use the term 'boy' to drive home a new self image.

"Fuck yeah," gasped Craig as Tex played with his 'boy's' chest. Mark walked over (yep, I had guessed right. He had a compact an olive skinned muscle body) Mark placed Craig's hand on his 9'' boner. Craig massaged Mark's rod like a natural. The scene was amazing. Former fag bashing Craig pumping his meat while giving his one 'brother' a jerk off even as his other 'brother' played with his chest and got him harder.

"You're their boy," I commanded, " You love servicing their needs."

"Fuck I hot," Craig babbled as both guys continued their work. Mark bent and began to suck one of Craig's nipples while Tex lowered his hand to play with Craig's balls (Brent had already shown us how hot he and his brother got off on ball play :).

"You are their boy. You love to serve them". I repeated.

"Serve...serve...I..boy?," Craig muttered. The room was silent for a moment as the battle in Craig's brain raged. Tex and Mark continued their sexual assault on the zapped stud-muffin. He was moaning and his rod was leaking so much you could hear the wet slap of his hand as it pumped his rod. The guys were driving Craig's erotic zones into a fiery inferno.

"You love sex with them…you get off on it's the best being their punk boy," I insisted.

"Sex…man sex…their pussy," my zonked prey muttered again. He was losing it. One last touch.

Time to push him over. "WELL!!" I yelled.

"FUCK ...YES.... I.....SERVE..... MY BROTHER.... THEIR BOY!!!!!" He screamed. Craig had been sexually engulfed and consumed.

I had won. "You love serving your brothers. It turns you on. You love their bodies. You need their cock in you feeding you. Pleasuring you!" I chanted over and over as Craig's brain soaked it in. His head nodded throughout it all. He was reprogramming for me even as his hormones were raging inside in a daze of sexual frenzy.

"Love my brother's cock," He agreed as his rod rose to full height. " Oh fuck I need their cocks."

Tex and Mark exchanged a grin as Tex put his hands on Craig's shoulders and pushed our 'boy' down on all fours.

"Please feed me." Craig moaned as he reached down to stroke his engorged cock.

Tex laughed. "Hell Mark our boy's in need."

"My thoughts exactly," he replied as his lifted Craig's chin and ran his cock 's head across the waiting lips of the reconstituted formerly straight firefighter. Craig lips parted like the red sea and slurped in his 'brother's meat. "Oh hell this boy has some mouth," Mark gasped as Craig pistoled on his rod.

"Well I was always more anal myself," chuckled Tex as he spread Craig's cheeks. He looked over to me and I gave him a quick salute.

"Go to it guys." Hey they had put up with a lot from that cocksucker. Payback big time you bitch , I thought.

Tex gave me the high sign. He spit some saliva on Craig's hole and then put his massive battering ram at the virgin's gate. "Boy get ready to be pussied." He hooted as he pressed home. His dark meat looked hot as it plowed Craig's creamy white ass. Muffled sounds emerged from Craig's mouth but Mark's rod was too firmly implanted in it to clearly hear whatever was coming out. Craig's bull sack swung back and forth like a pendulum with each of Tex's thrust. I watched as each of Tex's drives into his 'boy's' chute rocked Craig forward onto Mark's THAT was a fucking awesome sight!

Craig finally pulled off Mark's boner. " Oooohhh fuccccc," he roared as he got the opening of his life down there. "Fuck my ass my brother. Fuck me deep sir!"

Mark grabbed Craig's head and guided his mouth back onto his cock. Craig started sucking like a mad man with a huge grin on his face. That boy liked getting fucked!!

The three of us spent the rest of that day reinforcing Craig's new sexuality and teaching him all the joyous variations that guys do with other guys in the sack. By the end of our session muscle hunk Craig was a screaming bottom boy who lived to serve his 'brothers'!

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