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My Brothers Keeper
Part 1 - 0.1 My Brothers Keeper
By Kyle Cicero

It's always tough being the 'younger brother' but in my case it was pure hell. You see Sean was a natural athlete who easily excelled at any sport he tried. He was also possessed the type of body they used as a model for those Greek sculptures you see in museums. Combine that with killer green eyes, light blonde hair and that Abercrombie and Fitch handsomeness. Well you do the math here.

Me? Well I'm no slouch but I stink in sports. I'm okay body wise. I mean I swim and work out but I'm just average in looks and just make 5'8". Sean is the golden boy and he's known that since we were kids. His ego easily fills his 6'2" frame and he delights in running my life. Trouble is we are opposites in everything. I like to study; he barely knows there is such a think as a schoolbook. I am a computer whiz while he can barely turn it on. I give way in things; he bullies his way into getting what and whomever he wants. Our major difference however is that Sean is restlessly straight. He has been deflowering girls since he was 13 and now at 18 and a HS senior his sexual prowess and technique is legendary. Me, well I'm 16, still a virgin and well, totally gay in my desires. In fact my major desires run into two areas. First, taking Sean down from his perch and two...ok I'm admitting it.... taking Sean sexually. Hey, the guy's a total wet dream even if he is my brother okay!

Well, one day I caught a break. I was at the library doing research for one of Sean's psych papers (Sean was spending that Sat. afternoon playing a high school football for the adoring crowds--did I mention he was captain of the freaking football, wrestling, and baseball teams?).

Anyway it was my job, if I valued my health of course, to do the research and type the paper since later that night Sean was going to be to busy with his next ‘game'. Seems he was planning a 'deflowering' after the football game with this cheerleader he'd been cruising from the opposing team. How did he put it, oh yeah, "Going to let that bitch slobber over my 8" uncut man-meat and give her throat a real treat!". Yeah he thought the rime was the bomb! Sad part was I was envying that poor girl her future snack. Real pathetic huh?

Now where was I, oh right. I was pulling down some books and came across one that dealt with mind control. I don't know why but I opened the book and started reading. After a few minutes it hit me and I and suddenly found the solution to my desires. I would mentally cold-conk my brother's brain and convert my raging bull alpha male jock brother into a submissive docile heifer!

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