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Muslims Maketh Manners
Part 5 - Part Five and Epilogue
By Kyle Cicero

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Muslims Maketh Manners

By Kyle Cicero

Part Five:

Nqobizitha looked at the officer who was now before him on all fours. From the smell of alcohol his breath, Billy was, as usual this week, completely wasted. Over the last few days, as Billy’s compliance had increased, the younger African had begun to train the American in pup play. “If we agree he is a pathetic dog of a man, then why not go to the next step,” he told a skeptical Zohaib. “Treat him like the dog he is and train him to behave like one.”

Zohaib nodded. “As long as you take this eahira’s {whore’s} ass,” he insisted. “Have fun and dog him!”

If he was anything at all, Nqobizitha was patient. He knew that screwing the American over with dog play would not only reinforce his newly created submissive streak but also crush any remnants of his old self-image. He was determined that, when he was done with the American, those memories of his time with them would continue the burn inside of him. He also knew however, that being slow in this process was the key to success. The first step in turning out Billy into a dog’s mindset was insisting that he always stay on all fours.

“Please may I get up onto my feet,” Billy initially asked early on in his ‘training’. In response he received not only a sharp verbal rebuke but also a hard series of slaps to his ass that had him yelping in pain.

“Dogs like you stay on all fours,” Nqobizitha sharply told him. He glared at Billy secretly enjoying both the look of terror that came to the once arrogant MPs face, as well as the red welts on his pale buttocks.

“Yes Sir,” Billy meekly replied as he shuffled about on the floor. His two captors took turns humbling him while also making sure his sleep time was rare and minimal. Over the days, the American’s mind broke down. Fed just mbege to keep him lightly tipsy and utterly exhausted, he swiftly complied with whatever was asked. Soon pleasing them became something he desired.

One day, Nqobizitha instructed that, in the future, Billy would take all his meals from a doggy bowl that was placed on the floor. When Billy hesitated, he was simply told that he would not be able to have anything to eat or drink unless he did so in that manner. As hunger took hold of him, the American complied and quickly was happily slurping up his food from his doggie bowl. Stern commands from both men accompanied by more mbege drinking and punitive ass whippings reinforced his conduct.

Overtime Billy adapted to his situation. Part of his brain began thinking with a dog-like persona.

Even though Zohaib had kept pressing him to “take his fucking ass” the African had consistently delayed. “I intend to take it however, I intend to take it when he has been properly puppy trained,” he would always explain. “ We are in no rush. He has been reported AWOL and no one is looking for him. Let us enjoy this time to accomplish our goals.” He gazed at Billy who, as usual on all-fours, was gazing up at him. “Now I want my puppy to bark for me,” the African informed him. He saw the confused look on Billy‘s face. “Bark like a nice little dog.”

The American, who by now was mentally incapable of resisting their orders, tentatively complied. “Arf,” he lightly yelped with some amount of hesitation.

“I said bark,” Nqobizitha. said. “Don’t give me some pathetic, whimpering bark. I want a loud barking sounds.”

“Arf. Arf, Arf,” Billy loudly yelled.

“Good dog,” Nqobizitha said. “From now on that’s the only sounds you will make. No more human speech. Do you understand me puppy?”

“ARF!” a grinning Billy responded

Nqobizitha laughed at the sight. “Now he’s ready to be fucked,” he told his lover. He quickly commanded his “puppy” to turn around show his ass to them.

Immediately the brain-fried, muscular American did as instructed.

Nqobizitha stripped, slowly lubed his erection, and moved towards Billy. He spread Billy’s strong thighs apart to expose his moist, rosy-hued little pucker. “Open wide. Relax and let me in,” he sharply ordered.

“Sir?” Billy hesitantly said as he felt first the chilly air hit his anal opening followed quickly by an object pressing against it.

“Dogs don’t speak,” Nqobizitha hissed as he pressed the head of his cock against the muscled ring that guarded its prize.

I’m going to get fucked, the American’s brain screamed. When he shuffled forward to try to get away, Nqobizitha’s strong hands gripping his waist pulled him backward.

“Relax and take it you dog,” the African yelled as he pushed his way past Billy’s entryway,

“Arf. Arf Arf,” Billy frantically yelped as Nqobizitha’s shaft invaded his guts. He whined and howled until, to his shock, the pain suddenly eased off. He realized that Nqobizitha’s dick was hitting a spot deep within him that was giving him a growing sensation of arousal. This sexual stimulation only fucked up his head even more. “Arf” he grunted as he felt himself sprouting an erection. Unconsciously he began thrusting his hips backward to let the tall, muscled African give that ‘sweet spot’ inside of him a harder pounding.

Zohaib saw the change in the American’s actions. He looked between Billy’s splayed legs and smiled. “He’s boned,” a delighted Zohaib said to his lover as the African vigorously screwed his captive pup.

“Yeah, his inner ass muscles are really griping my dick now too,” Nqobizitha replied. “This fucker hole is a natural born cum dump,” he grunted as he continued fucking at a now wildly excited barking Billy.

Getting fucked. Getting fucked , Billy’s brain chanted. I love it , he screamed inside his head. He began making a series of dog-like howls and cries. He contracted his inner ass muscles.

“Fuck yes the eahirat 'amrikia {American whore} loves it. Too much. Can’t hold off. I’m cuming,” Nqobizitha shouted as he pulled Billy’s butt closer to him.

“ARF!” Billy bellowed as his ravaged anal hole was drowned in a hot liquid. When its heat pounded on that ‘sweet spot’ within him, he too suddenly lost it. Loudly yapping, he shot his wad. The knowledge he had cum like a two-bit back-alley whore crushed any flickering slivers of his sense of his manhood. In his fevered brain he was bitched and, had enjoyed it!

Nqobizitha pulled out. He saw the pool of spunk under Billy’s stomach. “He creamed,” he laughed before raising a fist in triumph.

“Sweet,” Zohaib told him as he stripped. “It’s my turn.”

“Arf,” Billy grunted when Zohaib began to fuck him. No longer resisting, he thrust backward on the young Arab’s cock trying once more to feel the erotic pleasure that came from that inner spot inside of him.

Over the next few days, the duo thoroughly fucked Billy. They also relentlessly reinforced his programing to see them and think…DOG!


“Arf,” Billy repeatedly slurred while he consumed his now daily quantity of the strong local alcoholic brew called, mbege from his puppy-bowl.

“What a good boy,” Zohaib said as he gazed at the now very compliant and respectful MP officer on all-fours lapping up the drink. His plan had worked. The MP had fully processed the puppy lessons he had received. Never having faced someone who dominated him, the older American had no defenses to their relentless destruction of his old self-image. Keeping him drunk had also allowed them an easier access to his brain. It was something they had successfully exploited too. The once strutting, alpha, arrogant, American MP was now a total submissive when faced with another alpha-male.

“After all that mbege , I think he needs something to mellow him out,” Nqobizitha joked as he lit a hashish joint. “Come here pup,’ he said. Billy stopped and looked at the tall African.

“Arf,’ he managed to utter as he crawled up to him on all-fours.

Nqobizitha took a large hit on his joint and slowly blew its smoke at Billy’s face. “Take deep breaths now pup,” he instructed. He laughed as a totally drunk-on-his-ass Billy did as instructed.

Billy kept breathing in the smoke until his eyes rolled up in their sockets. “Aw fuck” the now flying high American officer rasped. For a few seconds, his torso weaved about in front of them. “I’m so….,” he mumbled before he slumped sideways to the floor.

“Time to bring him home,” Zohaib said as he went to get the MP’s uniform.


Weeks later, the disheveled and obvious high First Lieutenant was found lying at the entryway to the embassy compound. His breath stank of liquor, he reeked of hashish, and he was sucking on his baton. A physical examination revealed his anal opening was swollen and had traces of cum around its outer skin area.

Anxious to avoid a scandal, First Lieutenant Billy Harmeet was quietly brought up on charges of conduct unbecoming and being AWOL. Unable to disprove his claims of being kidnapped, they settled on reducing him to the rank of private. Throughout his hearing Billy, consistently claimed he couldn’t recall who had taken him or what had happened to him during that week.

Broken in rank as well as attitude, he did his future rounds quietly and with respect towards the city’s inhabitants. He never forgot how he had been dominated and bitched nor his need to be compliant around other men. He was respectful and polite to everyone he met too. What the now Private Billy Harmeet didn’t know was that, in certain sections of the city’s gay community, pictures secretly circulated showing him sucking on his baton, happily drinking from a dog-bowl, eagerly blowing the cocks of two men whose faces were hidden, as well as gleefully taking their dicks up his ass. On some nights in the embassy’s barracks, the other guards sometimes heard the muffled sound of a barking dog little knowing that it was Billy reliving his experiences with the two men while jerking off as he “rode” his baton.

Both Zohaib and Nqobizitha would occasionally see the American on the street. Inside his head, Billy would softly bark whenever he saw them. He would also unconsciously touch his butt upon which, Zohaib had inked a saying in Arabic.

It read:

suluk almuslimin

{Muslims Maketh Manners}

The End