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Muslims Maketh Manners
Part 4 - Part Four
By Kyle Cicero

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Muslims Maketh Manners

By Kyle Cicero

Part Four:

For Billy this all seemed like a nightmare. Trussed up and tongue bathing one of the pieces of equipment he carried around to enforce his authority. He’d never been so helpless. Gazing at the two men, as he sucked and lapped on his baton, he felt as if his view of himself as all-man was fast dissolving. Suddenly, they pulled the item from his mouth. “Fuck,” he wheezed as saliva dribbled from his lower lips. He lifted his eyes to stare at his captors. “May I be set free now…Sir,” quickly adding the later word in hopes that show of deference would secure his freedom.

“Go?” Zohaib chillingly said to him. “Why your training into how to behave has barely begun.” He reached out to fondle Billy’s nuts. He grinned at the look of shock that appeared on Billy’s face. “You must be thirsty after sucking on that wood,” he joked. He brought a bottle up to Billy’s mouth. “Drink it,” he said as pushed it against Billy’s closed lips.

Billy instantly recognized the banana odor of the local alcoholic brew called, mbege . He turned his face from the offered bottle only to have Nqobizitha grab his head and hold it steady. “No…Sir,” he replied.

“Who the fuck cares if you want it or not, al'ahmaq {asshole},” Zohaib spat out. He grabbed Billy’s mouth and pressed its sides until it opened. “I said drink,” he instructed as he pressed the neck of the bottle slightly past Billy’s lips and tilted it upward. “If oner drop spills, I’ll shove that baton up your ass got it,” he angrily threatened.

Now truly afraid, Billy managed to gulp down the contents of the bottle with

barely any spillage. “Fuck ,” he sputtered once the bottle was taken away. He looked at the two men. Until now, no guy had treated him like this. He hadn’t been this powerless since his childhood. They can do whatever they want to me , he thought as the Arab reached for another bottle.

“Number two,” Zohaib replied. He repeated the process with a second bottle. As Billy’s body twitched in its bindings, Zohaib proceeded to dump the contents of five bottles into the squirming officer.

Nqobizitha watched as the defined ribbed muscles of Billy’s eight-pack slowly filled until the bound American’s stomach bulged slightly outward. “If you’re not careful you’ll get a beer gut,” he teased as he patted Billy’s now extended belly.

Once finished, a triumphant Zohaib gazed at the American who was hanging in front of him. Within minutes he saw the effect of the alcohol take hold.

“Fuck,” Billy muttered as his pupils slowly dilated. An out-of-it look came to his face. “I’m fucking drunk,” he muttered before issuing a loud belch.

“Let’s release him from that the overhead chain,” Zohaib stated. “He won’t give us any trouble.” He smiled gazed into Billy’s unfocused eyes. “You won’t give us any trouble, will you?”

Billy’s only reply was another loud burp.

“When you are asked a question, I expect a respectful and fast reply,” Zohaib angrily told the drunk American. “I think that lesson needs some reinforcement.” Swinging the strung-up man around. He gave Billy’s exposed rear-end a series of hard slaps.

“Owe…stop,” Billy wailed as the Arab rained more whacks to his pale skin. “Please...stop,” he sobbed as his rump grew fiery red from the blows. Memories of his father delivering spankings to him flooded into his brain. By now, the drink and the shock of the pain emanating from his butt-cheeks had totally fried his brain. He felt like that child again. “Stop...Daddy. Stop. Please Daddy,” he sobbed. “I will be a good boy.”

A stunned Nqobizitha looked at an equally surprised Zohaib. “I did not expect that reaction, did you?”

Zohaib shook his head. “No, but we can use it,” he whispered. The two looked at a crying Billy who repeatedly mumbled to his ‘daddy’ that he was ready to be a good, obedient boy. “Cut him down,” Zohaib said to his lover. “I want to press him with my next step now that he’d mentally shattered.”

“What’s the next step? Nqobizitha asked as he went over to free the cuffs from the chain holding up the officer . As he released Billy, the latter slumped to his knees.

“Billy will be good, Daddy,” the sobbing American repeated.

“Time for Billy to learn how to suck cock for daddy,” Zohaib coldly stated as he undressed. He gazed at Nqobizitha who smiled and undressed too. “Let me have first crack at his mouth. After I turn him into a good cock hound, you can pop his ass. Deal?”

“Oh yes,” a delighted Nqobizitha replied as he took in the sight of the American’s rounded, beefy rump. He noticed that though the redness on it was fading, he could still make out the outlines of his lover’s hand upon it. “Turn him into a good cocksucker. Don’t take too much time. I want to tap that bastard’s ass.”

Zohaib laughed as he walked up to the still kneeling MP. “Son, your new Daddy has a treat for you,” he teased. He waved his erection in front of the American’s tear-stained face. “You promised to obey Daddy, right?” He inquired.

The mind-whacked Billy sniffed as he wiped away his tears. He stared at the dick then at Zohaib. “Daddy…no…I’m not…he’s not…Daddy...not Daddy?” he asked himself. He couldn’t clear his head from the swirling emotions bursting inside of it. Everything was so confusing. Finally, he just surrendered to the one emotion that was over-arching all the mental confusion and chaos: obey or face pain. “Yes Daddy,” he replied. Though the two other men did not realize it. It was in that moment when First Lieutenant Billy Harmeet’s heretofore suppressed, childhood submissive side took charge and utterly cold-conked his old alpha self-image.

“Such a good obedient boy,” Zohaib softly said as he reached out to tousle the MP’s close cropped red hair. “Close your eyes and open your mouth. Daddy has a present to put in it.” He watched as a now smiling Billy did as instructed. “Han alwaqt lijaelik ladayna alkalba {It’s time to make you our bitch},” he muttered as he began to rub his thick shaft across Billy’s lips. Zohaib reached for a bottle containing mbege and poured it over his erection. He then rubbed the wet shaft back and forth against Billy’s lips. “ Lick this for me,” he gently said.

Billy’s tongue immediately extended. “Yes Daddy,” he woozily replied as he started licking at it.

“Good boy,” Zohaib told him. He poured more of the alcohol along his shaft and watched as Billy tongue lapped along the booze covered erection. “Fuck, “Zohaib moaned as he felt his sexual arousal increase. Still pouring more of the mbege on his shaft, he slowly moved it along Billy’s tongue to slip past the MPs lips. “ Now son just breathe as you suck this in for me,” he stated.

Now totally lost in visions of his domineering father, completely intoxicated, and mentally fucked over by what was done to him, Billy slowly complied by what was asked of him. The once arrogant military police officer opened his mouth wider to let the tubular thick object slip inside.

It took all of Zohaib’s self-control to not ram his cock deeply into Billy‘s throat. He was determined to turn out the American into a good cocksucker. He also knew that patience was the way to accomplish it.

“Go slow,” his African lover said as he watched Zohaib’s shaft slowly move its way into the American’s open mouth.

“I know,” the young Arab moaned. “Honestly it’s taking all of my self-control not to just face fuck him into oblivion. I mean, he may be a jerk but he’s hot as fuck.”

Nqobizitha had to admit watching the taller, more muscular, older American on his knees taking his first dick had him boned too.

As his shaft pushed its way forward, Zohaib heard Billy slightly gag. “Breathe. Do that for daddy and it will be fine,” he assured the American before slightly pulling it back. Giving him a few minutes to adjust, Zohaib slowly re-inserted his long, thick, Arabian cock into the drunken MPs mouth. Hoping to ease the process further and continue to keep Billy out-of-it, Zohaib continued to pour more of the alcohol on the part of his shaft that was still not inside Billy‘s throat. He watched as it trickled down his erection past Billy’s lips. “Let your tongue run over it. Go on, be sure you clean up all that liquid from it.” His goal was simple. Right now, Billy was mentally off-balance by what had and was happening to him. Zohaib intended to keep him that way using the alcohol’s assistance.

As instructed, Billy let his tongue first swirl around the cockhead and then the shaft of the younger Arab. At times he thought he was going to choke but then he would hear the reassuring warm words telling him to relax and breathe.

As the two-man planned, throughout it all, Billy was too fucked over and high to fully realize what he was doing. In fact, another part of him was slowly succumbing to that long denied need in him to obey this towering, figure of authority.

“Son-of-a-bitch, he really is a natural cocksucker,” Zohaib grunted, “Shit I’m going to pump one into him!” He groaned as he felt himself on the verge of an ejaculation. Reaching out to place both his hands on Billy’s head to steady it, he got ready to blow his seed. “I’m coming,” Zohaib yelled out. Forgetting to be gentle, he grabbed Billy‘s head and rammed down onto his cock. He held it there even though Billy was now struggling and clearly choking on it. “Just keep still,” he groaned as he squirted the first splashes of his hot spunk deep into Billy‘s throat.

At first Billy thought he was going to suffocate. When he realized any struggles with Zohaib were ineffective, he figured out how to breathe with this object deeply imbedded into his throat. The taste of the Zohaib’s slightly bitter and salty cream was compensated by the the aftertaste of the alcohol he had slurped the Arab’s shaft. He gulped down the hot liquid that was flooding into him. When it finally stopped flowing, his head was yanked off it. He stood kneeling before the young Arab gasping for air. When he looked upward, he saw the man’s grinning face.

“Congratulations you whore,” a gleeful Zohaib said to him. “You just got your first lesson in cock-sucking.”

Billy blinked. Suddenly what he’d done exploded inside his drunken brain. I sucked off a fucking Arab’s dick, a part inside of his mind said. On some mental level he realized that there was no going back from that fact. Tears streamed down his face as he muttered Zohaib’s words over and over again. “I’m a cocksucker.” If he had any fight left in him, it now was gone. They had beaten him. He had been stripped him of every vestige of his sense of power and authority. They had fucked his mouth and he’d gulped down the younger, leaner Arab’s spunk. Through a drunken haze he gazed at the two men who had fucked him over. “I’m a cock-sucker,” he sobbed at them.

For the rest of the day and, during the days after that, Zohaib and Nqobizitha re-enforced that concept into the American’s mind. They also made sure to keep him slightly drunk while taking turns raping his mouth. By the time they were finished, Billy had accepted his fate. He was a cocksucker!

“I think he’s as good at blowing guys as possible,” Zohaib stated a few days later. He gazed down at a kneeling Billy who was gently suckling on Zohaib’s semi-erection. He turned his eyes towards his African lover. “You’re turn to take his ass.”

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