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Muslims Maketh Manners
Part 3 - Part Three
By Kyle Cicero

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Muslims Maketh Manners

By Kyle Cicero

Part Three:

Zohaib walked up close to Billy’s face. “You have abused people in my country,” he said. “Time someone abused you,” he added as he brought one of the nipple clamps to the MP’s chest.

“Get away from me you faggot,” Billy yelled. Zohaib pulled on the struggling American’s right nipple to extend it. “No way you’re going to…fucking shit,” the helpless MP yelped as Zohaib attached the clip to the nipple. “You fucking perverted,” Billy whined as Zohaib grabbed the other nipple and pulled it outward. “Fuck. I fucking swear I’ll…son-of-a-bitch,” Billy shouted in pain as the nipple was clamped. He gyrated in his binding. As he did, the clamp’s chain playfully swung between his nipples and slapped against his defined pectorals. “Take them off,” he groaned as his nipples grew red and began too lightly swell.

“Should we fuck you with this?” Nqobizitha asked as he playfully slapped Billy’s baton on the palm of his left hand. He saw the fear in their captive’s eyes. “Not sure I will but, just in case, why don’t you tongue it to get it wet,” he teased. “If I shove it in you dry it might rip your ass up.”

“Fuck you,” Billy spat out. “You fucking fag…aw shit don’t,” he cried out as Zohaib stopped his protest by pulling on the chain that swung between his now very swollen nipples.

“Show some respect you abn eahira {son of a whore},” the young Muslim stated as he yanked on the chain again. He assumed that by now the MPs had some knowledge of Arabic especially, with terms of insults. Judging by Billy’s reaction to the word, the red-haired American knew exactly what he’d been called. He reached out to sharply flick a finger at each of the American fiery red, swollen nipples.

“Oh fuck,” Billy howled in pain even as his strong torso twisted about. The agony from Zohaib’s actions was overwhelming. “Okay,” he gasped. “I apologize. I’ll be respectful,” he grunted as once more his mind received a hit to his self-image.

The other two men smiled at each other. The first step in their plan was going quite nicely.

Zohaib had told his lover their goal was to give the MP a taste of the sexual abuse he had forced upon local woman. “We will also completely strip him of his sense of superiority. Humble him so, in the future, he behaves with respect to our people,” he had insisted.

Zohaib glared at their bound captive. “Say it again. Say you will you obey us and, you will show respect when doing it,” he sharply told the quivering American while giving the chain another sharp tug.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Billy bawled. “I will be respectful and obey you both,” he whined.

“Good,” a delighted Zohaib replied. Hearing the once smug, arrogant MP’s now pathetic tone of voice thrilled him. “Well, it seems you are not quite the defiant man anymore. My lover asked you to lick the baton. Do it!”

A teary-eyed Billy slowly opened his mouth. Nqobizitha brought the baton forward until it touched Billy’s lips. Staring at the two men who held him, the MP’s tongue slowly extended. As the men watched, the American began licking the shaft of his own baton. “Be sure to properly lick up and down the shaft. Get it really wet. In fact, I want you to really suck on the end too,” Nqobizitha laughed.

By now Billy was in a growing state of mental meltdown. He had never felt so humiliated. He hated slobbering on the wooden object yet, fearful of further nipple abuse, he proceeded to slobber, as directed, on it. He ran his tongue up and down the long shaft then, slowly started sucking on its end. I’m fucking going down on my own baton , he thought, I’m fucking acting like a total pussy .Fucking man up, Billy . Stop doing it . He pulled his tongue away from the baton, saw Zohaib reaching out to grab the chain again, and quickly caved. He sucked and tongued on what he had, until now, seen as another symbol of his authority. Now that belief was ripped from his psyche. He closed his eyes so he couldn’t see the grins on his captor’s faces. His sense of being superior to them was quickly dissolving. You cunt , he told himself. You pathetic cunt,” he inwardly moaned as he continued slobbering on the wooden object.

Nqobizitha soon began gently thrusting the item in and out of Billy’s mouth. He made sure not to ram it in to deeply but still, the idea of basically face-fucking the good-looking military man was pleasurable. The occasional chocking, gurgling, or gasping sounds Billy made as he ‘blew’ it for them only made it better for him. “You like sucking on it don’t you,” he sternly asked.

“Yeth,” Billy quickly replied. He was worried that to not agree might cause the African to ram it into his throat. Though he did not fully realize it, he was now instinctively complying to another man’s orders.

“Yes what?” Zohaib stated. “I said show respect. I expect the same word of deference in your reply as you used to compel from us.”

As he sucked on the wooden tip, Billy saw the angry look on Zohaib face. He let the end slip from his mouth. “Yes Sir,” he responded even as he hated himself for obeying.

“Good. You may continue lapping on that item,” a pleased Zohaib coolly told him. He noticed how rapidly the American had complied with proper respect. Things were going along nicely!

“Yesth Sith,” Billy answered hoping that by pleasing them, he would avoid any further punishments. Though he didn’t fully realize it, his brain was adapting to obeying.

Zohaib and Nqobizitha took a few minutes to savor the delicious sight of Billy orally going down on his truncheon. True he was not yet good at licking on the shaft. Still, he was slowly getting better at sucking. Even better, Billy was doing it without any further resistance. Without speaking they looked at each other and nodded. It was time to move on to the next phase.

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