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Muslims Maketh Manners
Part 2 - Part Two
By Kyle Cicero

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Muslims Maketh Manners

By Kyle Cicero

Part Two:

Later that week, Billy was out on patrol looking for soldiers to arrest for some petty offense or some local gays to hassle. As he arrogantly strode down a dark alleyway to get to the main street, he was confronted by Zohaib. “What the fuck do you want?” Billy sneered. He stood before the younger Arab with his arms akimbo and his legs slightly spread apart.

“You laid hands on my sister,” the Arab angrily said.

Billy gazed at the shorter, leaner man. “So what?” He smugly replied. It was then he saw a much taller and more muscled African walk out of the shadows. “So, it’s going to be two on one, huh,” Billy asked. He kept his voice level even though a small part of him was nervous about having to take on two guys at once.

“He is just here to watch me kick your American ass,” Zohaib shot back. “He will not interfere.”

It had taken a lot of convincing by his lover for Nqobizitha to agree to let Zohaib handle Billy without help. Only after Zohaib pointed out his sister’s honor bound him to act alone had the muscular African agreed. The powerfully built African glared at the MP with disgust then at his lover. Remember you need to act quickly. You must hit him where I told you if you are to defeat this udoti {Zulu for scum }, he thought.

Billy smiled. As long at the tall guy stays on the side, I can take this little dark shit easy , he decided. “You against me. In a fight. You think you can take me in a fucking fight, you shit. What a fucking joke.” He was still laughing when Zohaib threw a punch directly into Billy crotch. “Fuck,” Billy howled as the pain raced upward into his head. He bent over while cradling his throbbing nuts. “You fucking dirty fighting bastard,” he wheezed as he tried to shake off the pain.

“You are a man without honor. You do not deserve honor in any combat,” Zohaib replied. He gazed at the still gasping Billy. “You will pay for what you did,” the Arab rasped as he moved in closer.

Billy was still in shock over the low blow. When he gazed up, he saw Zohaib’s fist coming at him. Before he could react how received a hard uppercut to his jaw. The blow caused Billy’s head to snap upward, “Fuck,” he grunted as his eyes rolled upward. An inky darkness flooded his brain. As it did, Billy’s torso weaved for a second before his legs gave out and he crumbled to the ground.

A triumphant Zohaib looked at a grinning Nqobizitha. “Now we begin his punishment!” He happily said as the two picked up the cold-conked MP.

A short while later, a naked Billy awoke to find his wrists bound with his own handcuffs. The cuffs had been secured by a chain around an overhead beam in such a way that Billy was left hanging with his feet barely touching the floor. “What the fuck. My own fucking handcuffs,” he yelled as he pulled at them. He stared at his wrists. How many times had he felt a thrill of superior power when he cuffed some guy with them? Now, being secured by them, he somehow felt as if he was the one being rendered powerless. He fucking knocked me out and hung me up here like a side of fucking beef, he silently muttered as he tried to wrap his mind around the fact he had been beaten and bound by the much younger and less muscular Arab. For the first time in since he hit puberty, someone had kicked his ass and now had control over him. The American found he was finding it difficult to adapt to this reality.

After several futile minutes of trying to find a way to break free, he stopped struggling. When he gazed about the room, he saw his uniform, another symbol of his inner sense of alpha superiority, lying in a heap near his feet. Suddenly, his eyes focused upon a nearby small side table. To his horror, he observed various sexual devices all neatly laid out. Some, like a series of whips, dildos, and paddles, he recognized. Others he did not. He heard a noise behind him. Wiggling about he managed to turn his body around just enough to see Zohaib and Nqobizitha by a back wall. The smiling men were watching him. “Let me go or there will be repercussions,” Billy said trying to sound braver than he felt.

“He is awake at last. Shall we begin,” Zohaib said to his lover. They walked over to the now violently squirming Billy.

“Fuck,” Billy replied as he saw Zohaib holding nipple clamps. “You better not use that shit on me you fucking faggots.”

“I hardly think you are in any position to tell us anything,” the smiling African replied.

Billy suddenly noticed that the other man had Billy’s baton in his hand. I’m fucked , the older American thought as the two men reached him.

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