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Muslims Maketh Manners
Part 1 - Part One
By Kyle Cicero

Muslims Maketh Manners

By Kyle Cicero

Thanks to Khalid for the inspiration and input. Reader feedback encouraged. Also, if you like my writings, check out some of my eBooks on Amazon too.

Part One:

First Lieutenant Billy Harmeet made his rounds through the city’s more infamous sex quarter with his typical swagger. Standing at 6’2”and weighing in at 195 lbs of gym-toned muscle, the fair skinned, red-headed MP officer barely hid his arrogant contempt for the Arab and African residents of this multi-cultural city. He passed through the streets of his district always on the lookout for military personnel who, in his view, were too familiar with what he called, ‘the fucking lowlife natives’.

Other soldiers assigned to the local American base tried to keep in mind they were officially guests of the host country. Billy, however, took the view that he was superior in every way to the city’s inhabitants in general and, in particular, to the ‘sexual degenerates’ of this district. The thirty-four-year-old MP took pride in walking the streets of the city in his officer’s unform to which were attached his personally engraved set of cuffs and military baton. To him, all these items symbolized his authority, his very manhood. Dressed in his uniform and carrying those implements with him, he took pleasure in rousting soldiers for petty offenses and hassling any local inhabitants who he thought were gay. To Billy, who grew up in a Red State , gays were easy targets for his abuse. He knew that it being a religiously conservative country, the gay men he rousted would never complain to the local authorities. Billy’s attitude did not sit well with other MPs under his command who preferred to keep a low profile. Billy could care less about their attitude. Every night he would go out on a patrol. He liked the freedom of action not having any other MP with him who would try to restrain him.

Even though he held the people in his area in contempt, Billy had no problems using local fears about American MPs to molest any native woman who struck his fancy. He realized early on that having his fun with Muslim women carried no consequences. In a land where a woman’s purity was paramount, no female would reveal that she had been tainted by an American who had used force to molest her.

One Arab woman however, had told her brother, Zohaib, about how the MP had accosted her by placing his hands upon her. Zohaib had heard rumors that this American had done this and more to other Muslim women. Her brother decided that this American must pay for his sexual insult. “That pig must be taught a lesson,” he told Nqobizitha, his African male lover as they undressed for bed in the rooms they shared.

The tall, good-looking, and powerfully built African nodded. “I have also heard from friends that this man has made life difficult for gays in our city. He must be dealt with before any further incidents occur. But how?”

A smile came to Zohaib’s face. “I’ve an idea,” he said as he embraced his partner.

Nqobizitha nodded at his shorter lover. The dark-haired, twenty-three-year Arab was barely 5’9” yet he had the heart of a lion who attacked without fear. Nqobizitha’s family had emigrated to this country from South Africa. The two young boys had first met at the local mosque and became fast friends. Nqobizitha gazed at him and recalled how Zohaib had seduced him back when both were sixteen years old. The youthful Arab had decided he would have his warrior trained, boyhood friend as his lover and set about making it happen. At first Nqobizitha had been amused by his shorter and leaner friend’s advances. Yet, over time, the powerfully built, young Zulu had succumbed to Zohaib’s overpowering sexual nature.

As Nqobizitha gently caressed Zohaib’s face he observed the determined fire in his lover’s brown eyes. He had that look with me , the darker-hued African thought. He remembered how he had ultimately succumbed to Zohaib’s amorous pursuit and, to his surprise, eagerly surrendered his ass to him. On the streets of the city, the tall, muscular Nqobizitha was seen as a warrior who took charge in life. In the privacy of their rooms, it was the leanly, muscled Zohaib who was the dominant partner. That visual contrast somehow made their intimacy exciting. “I assumed you would have a plan,” the African softy said as he lay on his back, lifted his long legs, and spread them for Zohaib’s thick 12-inch cock. “You always do have one,” he sighed as Zohaib’s shaft thrust slowly into him. That night, as they made love, they formulated their plan to deal with this American MP.

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