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Blue Flame’s Flameout
By Kyle Cicero

Blue Flame’s Flameout

By Kyle Cicero

Dedication: My thanks to the writer, Khalid. In my recent India themed stories, he’s always been my “go to“ person to bounce ideas with and, critically, keep me correct with local language use or the set out the right cultural perspectives of the characters. A shout out to Herodotus, Jack Parker, Wolfpek, and Stimle.



“Please fuck me with your dick,” the defeated well-built young, wrestler moaned as a rather overweight Indian man rammed his thick cock up the quivering butt of the man he had out wrestled and pinned. “Oh yes fuck me sir,” the loser whimpered as he humped back on the dick that was now plowing in and out of his hole.

“What are you?’ The Indian laughed as he violently ground his dick into the man.

“I’m a chut,” the other replied. “I’m a chut,” he repeated using the local slang term for “cunt’.

Chris, America’s crimefighting hero known as the Blue Flame, watched in horror as his former superhero sidekick, Tod, aka the Fire-Lad, got aggressively screwed. The handsome, green-eyed, six foot, twenty-two-year-old former American hero was now a jobber in a series of wrestling videos made in India by Parth Productions for a worldwide audience. Once, along with Chris, a symbol of American manliness and patriotism, Tod was a now a degraded, cock-hungry bitch who starred in these porn videos. In every match he entered the ring dressed in a tall hat and sporting a fake white chin bead looking like some obscene parody of America’s “Uncle Sam.” Worse, his wrestling brief was an American flag. In every bout he faced off against a series of men who were either overweight, very short, or thinly built. Matches he should clearly win yet, in every encounter, Tod not only lost, he did it while sporting a hardon and clearly fixated on his opponent’s crotch. They always finished with Tod in the center of the ring, on all fours, with his flag covered ass wiggling around while pathetically begging for his Indian opponent to fuck his ass. “Fuck me. I need to be fucked so bad,” he wailed as the Indian made a thin slit the stretched material between Tod’s round beefy butt-cheeks. Once he had, he thrust his shaft inside the hole in Tod flag briefs. Minutes later the obscenely grunting American howled as he blew his load. “Getting bred, he bellowed while his opponent obviously unloaded into him. It concluded with a shot of Tod’s cotch. The massive star in its center had bubbles of jism oozing out.

“This is intolerable. He was my fucking sidekick,” Chris yelled as he turned off the video. The six foot-two, well-muscled, brown haired American superhero paced about headquarters. It was obvious that his former crime fighting ally had clearly become a submissive faggot. As far as Chris was concerned, Tod was damaged beyond saving. “A guy who gives up his ass is a pussy,” Chris muttered. The handsome, strapping, macho-acting superhero was, in his eyes, ALL-MAN. The idea that his fellow crimefighter, someone he had trained from his early teen years and, whom he once considered another symbol of All-American manhood was now pathetically giving up his butt. Chris was enraged that the young man was willingly getting bred with the cream of a bunch of pathetic looking men.

Fundamentally patriotic to his very core Chris was also, if truth be known, a total racist believing in white American superiority.” I'm going to go over to India and put a stop to this farce.” He read the back cover of the video to find an address for the man behind these videos. “Some guy called Path huh,” he spat out. “I will challenge him to try fighting me,” he laughingly stated. “Time to show these degenerates what a real American is made of,” he said. Chris immediately sent an email to address on the website that was selling the videos. In it he challenged Parth to a match making sure to arrogantly boast about his prowess while also tossing in insults about the latter’s masculinity. The next day Chris received a reply where his challenge was accepted on the condition the fight be in wrestling and, it be live streamed throughout India.

Unless you’re scared about losing and everyone seeing it,” Parth had replied.

“Why not,” Chris laughed. The idea of showing up Parth and proving he was the better man was too good for him to pass up. He quickly emailed his acceptance. Donning his crime fighting outfit of skintight midnight blue Lycra, he gazed at his well-defined, beefy muscular frame in the mirror. Strong and powerful with a dimpled, high, and tight rump that was once called The Real American Dream , he had no fear of meeting the Indian in battle. He looked at himself in the mirror for another minute. In truth he liked being admired. Seeing women ogle his muscular torso, his nicely bulging crotch, and his ass was an ego boaster. “All-man,” he proudly mumbled. It's time to show this Parth who’s the bitch , he thought as went to the local airport to board his private plane to take him to Parth.

Part One:

Parth thought about the email from Chris as he filmed Tod’s latest match. He never tired of seeing the once hyper-macho Fire-Lad’s manhood get demolished in the ring. The videos of the matches were a gold mine. Indian men eagerly paid to see the buff, once preening young American superhero get his ass whipped by guys with whom they could identify. Parth had also found many such men, like this current opponent, were happy to pay to get into the ring and fuck Tod up before fucking his still quite sexy rear end.

Tod had originally visited India to handle a local criminal organization that had ties to crime in America. While the young crimefighter was at a local reception, Parth had managed to have his criminal allies slip the young hero a powerful drug. Taken away to a secret location and, with his youthful mind fucked up by its effects, Parth had mentally pumped the woozy Tod to uncover his weakness. The former sidekick had been brought up conditioned to obediently be subservient to the older the Blue Flame. It had created inside the young man’s brain a repressed tendency to obey powerful men. Parth also found a latent sexual attraction the young man had towards his older mentor. Over Tod’s imprisonment, Parth had him stay drugged-up then, exploited both that submissive tendency and latent homosexuality to alter the grown-up Tod’s self-image. Parth re-enforced Tod’s desire for being controled and also redirected his sexual attraction to fixate instead on Indian men. Now the once dreaded Blue Flame not only meekly complied with anything Parth told him to do but also was highly aroused doing it. Parth glanced at his computer to see Chris’s obnoxiously boastful email. “I think men like you and Tod, always showing off and proclaiming your alpha-ness, are closet submissive faggotswho simply need the right Indian man to turn you out,” he muttered before gazing back to the ring.

In today’s match Tod, dressed as usual in his American flag wrestling briefs, was taking on some skinny nerd who barely reached five foot four. Kahan watched as the smaller, rail thin Indian nerd was literally tossing Tod around the ring. The young Muslim had paid good money for this thrill and clearly was out to get his money’s worth.

“Fucking American always acting so superior,” the nerd laughed as he threw Tod into the side pole.

“Ugh,” Tod grunted as his powerful body slowly sank ass-down in front of the corner post.

Parth smiled seeing Tod, totally turned on by this verbal abuse. Once more he was getting his butt handed to him and that knowledge was causing him to sport an obvious hard-on.

The nerd grabbed the American’s hair and pulled him up to his feet and turned him around to face the ring pole. Quickly climbing on the second rope to get the right height, he pounded Tod’s head into the turnbuckle. “Fucking faggot he teased.

A now totally dazed and out-of-it Tod merely moaned a drawn out “fucccc” in reply.

The nerd swiftly repositioned his torso to sit on the top turnbuckle. He pulled the American ex-superhero’s head into his crotch and locked on a tight head-scissors. “Go on chut, get a whiff of my Indian musk,:” he grunted as he watched a flailing Tod breathe in the funky odor.

“Damn for a skinny, nerdish runt this guy is demolishing my muscled chut,” Parth happily stated as he caught it all on film. He zoomed in to capture the nerd’s gleeful face. “Like it ,” he asked as he pulled Tod’s face from his crotch and gazed at him

Parth made sure to capture the totally fucked-up dazed look on Tod’s. “A bestseller for sure,” he shouted to encourage the nerd.

Giving the camera a ‘thumbs up’ the nerd’s thighs released their hold on Tod and pushed him backward.

The buff American collapsed on to mat. “Oof,” he grunted as his rear-end plopped down on it. He sat there gazing up at with bleary eyes just in time to see the Indian stand on the top rope and launch himself towards Tod.

“Indian men rule,” he yelled as he hit Tod’s upper torso with a force that drove the American upper body backward onto the mat causing the American’s head to hit the surface.

“Fuck,” a helpless and now stupefied Tod moaned as he lay under the young man.

Again moving swiftly the Nerd grabbed Tod’s hair and yanked him to his knees.

“Eow,” Tod whined as he knelt there; his body swaying about.

“Yeah, “ On your knees it where you belong,” the nerd triumphantly hooted as he secured a nice sleeper-hold on Tod. As he cinched it tight, the Indian dry humped against Tod’s flag designed rump. “Like that bitch,” he teased.

“Uhuh,” Tod sputtered as he felt the nerd’s now erect cock pounding on his upturned rear-end.

“It’s all on film too,” the man sneeringly whispered while increasing his thrusts deeply between into Tod’s butt-cheeks. “Everyone will see you pussy out in yet another match,

“Fuck,” Tod sighed as once more he lost himself in the erotic thrill of being this man’s chut.

Parth zoomed in to the American’s crotch to let the viewers see his pre-cum bubbles oozing out.

“Fuck me,” Tod shouted as the man’s dickhead slapped his butthole. His muscular torso suddenly quaked. “Oh fuck. I’m going to pop,” he yelled.

Parth once more zoomed in to catch the sight of Tod shooting out his load right into his American flag crotch. Small squirts of jism flew out with the rest clearly saturating the briefs.

“YEAH!” the nerd shouted. “Creamed like the American bitch you are. Nighty-nighttime chut,” he happily said as he cinched in harder.

Tod’s arms pathetically waived about in the hold. Slowly his eyes closed while his arms sank to his side. The nerd held on for a few more seconds then let go of the sleeper-hold.

“Kicked his ass,” he gleefully said as he watched Tod’s body fall sideways to the matt’s surface. The nerd positioned his cold-conked opponent’s body face up on the matt. Placing one foot on the chest of the splayed-out ex-superhero, he raised his other hand in triumph. “Indian men forever,” he shouted.

This is going to be epic in terms of sales, Parth thought as he walked towards the ring. He contemplated the upcoming challenge from Chris. He assumed that Tod knew every weakness the smug, arrogant American had. I think I'll pump his head for information while I pump his ass tonight , he thought.

He climbed into the ring and gazed down at the American. Tod laid there with jism leaking from his briefs. He looked over at the other man. “That was epic. As a bonus, lets cream-pie him,” he said as he pulled out his own growing erection.

“Fuck yes,” the nerd happily replied as he pulled out his thick cock

The two straddled Tod’s head and jerked off until both man shot their loads onto the slumbering American face. They watched as the slowly reviving American’s tongue slipped out from between his lips to slurp up their cream.

Taking down the smug, macho posturing Blue Flame live on a live streaming would be also epic, Parth thought as he watched his chut consume the spunk.

Part Two:

As he was flown in his private jet to India, Blue Flame contemplated his upcoming match. In his opinion, it was no contest. He was taller and more heavily muscled than Parth who, though muscled too was had a leaner defined build and was a few inches shorter. Visons of defeating his opponent flashed in his mind. He closed his eyes and saw their battle play out. As he visualized the encounter, his cock stiffened. “I’m going to whip his ass,” Chris muttered. Losing himself in these mental images, he reached down to massage his growing erection. It was embarrassing to him to admit but, close quarter fighting always sexually aroused him. After such physical encounters criminals, he usually had to find a secluded place to perform a fast jerk-off. Now, in the privacy of the plane’s compartment, he had ample time to slowly bring himself to an orgasm.

As the visions flooded his brain, he mentally drifted off, reveling in the erotic sensations created in his imagination. His conscious mind quickly shut down, letting his subconscious part take control. He saw Parth standing before him. As they traded wrestling moves, the familiar arousals such physical contact always brought to him flooded into his brain. Without realizing it, his right hand drifted down to massage his chest area. Sighing deeply, he felt up his chiseled pectorals before focusing on tweaking his costume enclosed nipples until their brown orbs shrank hardened. “Yes,” he lightly moaned.

The match continued to play out between them. “Fuck ,” he sighed as his right hand left his abused nipples to sensually run down his ribbed eight pack until it reached his crotch.

By now his ten-inch erection was straining against his tight costume. The palm of his right hand rubbed on his pole’s undershaft. “Yes,” he moaned as his other hand reached down to cup and massage his balls. What no one except his young partner knew was that, acquiring his superpowers had altered his biological makeup. It had made his nuts super sensitive to erotic abuse. Playing with them, even hurting them, never caused him pain. Not only did ball play heat him up and scramble his brain, yanking on them also powered down his superpowers. He gave them a light pull and squeeze sending a shot of sexual stimulation into his brain as he sensed himself grow weaker. “Fuck,’ he moaned. Though he would never admit it, he really got off on being “de-powered.”

Once, during a mission with his fellow superheroes against a criminal gang, one of the crooks had managed to get close enough to punch him in the balls. Instantly his brain surrendering to the waves of sexual pleasure that engulfed him. “Fuck yes,” he had unconsciously moaned as he rubbed his ball sack. He saw the shocked crook glancing at the growing erection in Chris’s singlet.

Holy shit you get off on it huh,” the man had teased. He moved closer and grabbed Chris’s pouch.

Chris let out a long sigh as his a bolt of pleasure engulfed him. “God yes,” he involuntarily groaned.

Well look who is not so tough,” he joked as he again whacked the dazed Chris’s nuts.

Oh fuck,” Chris had gasped as he stood there with his eyes glazing over lost in arousal and his shaft rising inside his outfit.

Look at you getting a boner. Shit you are really a bitch in heat huh?” The crook laughingly said, still playing with the superhero’s sack, he gave Chris’s face a few slaps. “Now I’m not sure if I should fuck you over or a simply fuck you,” he snarled as his hand squeezed the pouch.

Don’t,” Chris wheezed. A part of his brain told him he was going to get his ass kicked yet, even that thought did not stop the sexually thrills he was receiving. He knew he was helpless to fight back. In fact, though at the time he did not realize it, sensation of defenselessness only increased his erotic excitement.

So nut abuse is the key to fucking you up?” The crook stated while massaging the prize he held in his grip. “Well answer me!” He yelled

Yes…lose focus,” he whimpered.

Anything else I need to know,” the grinning crook asked as he slapped Chris’s nuts enjoying the delighted whimpers that came from the feared Blue Flame. By now he observed a growing wet spot in the superhero’s tented crotch.

Pulling on my balls…lose my powers,” Chris had involuntarily muttered as he leaked more pre-cum.

Luckily Tod had arrived at that precise moment. He confronted and knocked the crook out cold before the guy could take further advantage to do anything more. Chris had been embarrassed by what had happened and worried about what his fellow superhero might have heard or seen. Luckily, Tod never brought it up either his conduct or the sight of his large damp crotch area.

Chris squeezed his nuts harder and roughly yanked down on them neutering his powers. “Aw yeah,” he grunted as his match with Parth played out inside his mind. His conscious mind drifted into a mindless erogenous heat. Now in control, his subconscious one mentally recreated a decided different outcome the encounter. In this one, he was crumbling under Parth’s moves especially ones to his pouch. Freed to express itself at last, that part of his brain reveled in that erotic fantasy. As Parth took control in the ring, the superhero cupped and vigorously rolled his nuts. “Yes,” he hissed as the sensations of getting his nuts triggering his “de-powering” merely intensified his need to spunk. Without realizing it, the fingers encircling his lower sack drifted further downward to slip between his butt cheeks. “Yes,” he grunted as the match played out with the Indian dominating him in the ring. He pressed down on the palm that was cradling his sack. “Fuck,” he whimpered as his superpowers now totally vanished. Deeply groaning now, he unconsciously thrust one finger deeper into his crack to roughly tap against his anal his chute. In his fevered brain, Parth gave him a blow that had him swaying helplessly about on his feet. “Chut,” Parth mocked as he followed it up by lifting the taller bulkier Chris upward into an airplane spin. Around and around Chris was spun, faster and faster. “Shit,” a now dizzy Chris whimpered as he was quickly body-slammed to the canvass.

Parth grabbed Chris’s hair. Wrenching him upward into a seated position, Parth cinched on a sleeper. “You’re going out in front of everyone,” he heard Parth boasting.

The once confident superhero suddenly realized that he had gotten his ass whipped by Parth. Worse the world was watching him being put down and worse still, getting cold-conked by the smaller Indian guy! To his surprise a part of his brain thrilled at this prospect. He was suffering a humiliating loss. Yet, the man’s domination stirred something within him. As his body eased up against Parth’s, he experienced a set of powerful erotic stimulations. His now fevered mind continued playing it all out inside his head.

“Nighty-night ,” he heard Parth tease as Midnight’s powerful torso slackened in the man’s hold.

Chris then imagined returning to consciousness. When his eyes fluttered open, he visualized Parth swiftly flipping him onto his back, placing a foot on his chest, and raising his arms in triumph. His powerful thighs squeezed the hand lying between his legs and the sides of his ball-sack. He contracted the palm of his hand to increase the erotic pressure on his nuts. A part of his mind told him that the smaller, leanly muscled Parth had knocked him out! “AW FUCK,” Blue Flame cried out as he mashed them tight then unloaded inside his costume. When his mind cleared, he glanced down at his crotch. Cum was bubbling up through the material. Quickly he stripped and cleaned off. “Good thing I brought a spare outfit,” he muttered as he changed. The fact he had climaxed imagining he was getting beaten had not been registered by his conscious mind but, it was within his subconscious one.

As the plane landed he contemplated the upcoming wrestling match. Hang on Tod. I’ve got your back buddy , Chris thought.


“Aw shit deeper,” Tod grunted as he tried to thrust his beefy, muscular rump backward onto Parth’s impressive erection. He lay on the bed holding his ankles reveling in having his guts stuffed with the Indian man’s dick.

“So tell me again about Blue Flame,” Parth stated as he pushed his thick meat deeper into Tod’s chute.

“He’s built one of those Greek athlete statues you see in museums. Fucking amazing body and good-looking. He is also hung up about masculinity,” Tod moaned as his muscled torso thrashed about in a sexual frenzy.

“This fight with that criminal you mention earlier,” Parth pressed. “Are you sure about how it went down?” He rasped as he felt an orgasm building inside of him.

“Yes,” Tod babbled as he surrendered to his own urge to sperm. “He totally was erect and out of it. Worse Chris was clearly sporting a hard-on while the guy was holding his nuts and bitch-slapping him around. As I got there, I heard the crook saying something about abusing balls being Chris’s weakness…Chris admitted getting his nuts pulled hard short-circuits his powers…oh Master…I’m going to pop my load!” Tod squealed as his powerful body began quaking.

Parth gazed down at the once macho superhero, Fire Lad. He had been reduced to a quivering cock hungry bitch. “Take my spunk American, he snarled as he squirted his fiery jism into Tod

“Being bred,” Tod shamelessly howled as he too climaxed.

Afterwards, Parth straddled the once mighty superhero, and ordered the submissive ex-superhero to clean his cock. As he watched Tod slobber away, he contemplated what he had learned. Well if this is true, I have a nice surprise for that strutting chut , he thought. He gazed down with contempt at his American bitch. Even though the ex-crimefighter was still a stunning piece of beef, Parth had grown bored fucking him. If his strategy for Blue Flame turned out as planned, he would soon have a newer chut in his bed and riding his thick meat.

Part Three:

Chris, now in full costume, didn't waste any time getting to the building where he was to have his match against Parth. Entering it, he saw a wrestling ring located in the center of the empty room. He noticed cameras set up along the walls. As part of the agreement to meet, Parth had insisted it be live streamed to Indian viewers. No sweat , Chris thought as he approached the ring.

Standing in the ring itself was Parth. Blue Flame gazed with contempt at a smaller, more leanly muscled Indian man who silently stood there waiting. He glanced at the cameras and smiled at the thought of his fellow Indians, for a nominal viewing fee naturally, observing the smug American superhero get taken down.

“Well, I'm glad we're not going to waste time,” Chris arrogantly said as he strode towards the ring. He glanced over at the cameras that had been set up for the live streaming. “Your fellow countrymen are going to see your ass get kicked,” he stated. He vaulted over the top rope.

Parth simply stood there staring at him while saying nothing. He watched as Chris arrogantly strode to the center of the ring, then turned to face the cameras.

“Today I'm going to kick some ass,” he yelled out. He took a defiant pose with his leg slightly apart, his arms akimbo, assertively staring straight into the camera. He was so busy boasting about his prowess and his confidence in his victory that he failed to detect Parth coming up behind him.

Moving swiftly and, wasting no time, Kham kicked his right foot upward. It was a direct blow between Chris’s legs that drove his foot into the crimefighter’s nuts.

“Son of a bitch, Chris yelled out in shock. The hit triggered a rush of sexual arousals within him ‘Shit,” he sighed as he brought his hands forward to cup his nuts. His mind lost focus in the erotic heat the strike had fired up within him.

“Now we're ready, “ Parth laughed as he went towards the fucked up superhero. Parth knew that the key to success was to keep Chris off balance by keeping him in a state of sexual heat and, to also cut off his superpowers. He quickly reached between Chris’s splayed legs, grabbed his nuts and yanked on them.

“Aw” Chris yelped. He, still trying to dampen the initial effects of his getting kneed suddenly experienced his powers shutting down. Before he even had time to contemplate this however, Parth had him in a bear hug.

“Planting time,” Parth grunted. He lifted the taller more muscular crimefighter off his feet and, doing a back flip Supplex, drove Blue Flame’s head right onto the matt.

The room spun. “Oooo,” he moaned as he lay at Parth’s feet.

Wasting no time, Parth grabbed Chris’s head to pull him up to his feet. “Now let’s show the boys that eight pack of yours,” he mocked to the dazed looking superhero while putting him into an abdominal stretch. Parth positioned the muscled torso of his opponent to display Chris’s ribbed abdominals, its tight form fitted costume, to his viewers. Using a free hand, Parth rolled Chris’s nuts from behind.

“Fuck,” Chris yelled out as another jolt of sexual arousal hit him. He tried to mentally push past both the erotic sensations and the pain from being pulled backward by the wrestling hold. He was also conscious that not only was his eight pack being displayed, but also the semi-erection he was having.

Parth kept the pressure on taking delight in Chris’s struggles. Keeping the initiative he suddenly released the hold and pushed the off-balance superhero face first to the matt. Before the crimefighter could react, Parth dropped downward using his entire body to give power to a hard elbow hit to the small of Chris’s back.

“Shit,” Chris cried out as he rolled over onto his back only to have Parth immediately put him into an agonizing figure-four leg lock!

“Argh,” Chris wailed as he felt his knees buckling under the pressure.

“Give up?’ Parth asked as he cinched it tighter.

“No!” Chris bellowed. By now he was shell-shocked and in agony. Part of his brain knew Parth had taken him hard and so far, he had failed to even put up a fight. Worse, Parth’s ball-abuse had gotten him to sprout an erection in front of everyone.

Suddenly Parth released his hold. “I want my countrymen to have a bit more viewing fun,” He told Chris as he pulled him to his feet. With a display of strength he hoisted Chris up to lie across his shoulders and began an airplane spin.

“Oh fuck,” Chris whined as he spun in the air. His mind was reeling and he felt sick.

“Here we go,” Parth shouted as he stopped and slammed the now out-of-it superhero onto the matt. He stood over a groaning Chris and smiled. “Get up loser,” he teased. He watched as, after a minute, Chris managed to get to his feet.

The buff crimefighter’s eyes moved about trying to focus.

“Head butt time,” Parth mockingly stated as he guided a still woozy Chris to a ring pole. “shall we count to ten!” He said to the camera before taking ahold of Chris’s face to ram it back and forth against the ring’s turnbuckle. Parth loudly counted as each blow struck..1…2..3. By the time he got to ten, Chris was starting to sag to his knees. Parth moved him around so the crimefighter fell to his knees facing him. Parth gave the viewers a thumbs up sign while pulling Chris’ face into his crotch. “Get a whiff of a an Indian man’s scent,” he teased as he held Chris’s face in place.

Chris’ arms waved about as his lungs filled with the rutting order of his opponent. He could barely breath. His head was spinning yet he was also vaguely aware that he was fully erect. Before he could process it, his head was thrust backward. Faintly aware of what was going on, he saw the room titling. Vague memories of a prior fantasy about this match wafted about in the deep recesses of his mind. His body unconsciously grew even more sexually stimulated.

“Pile driver,” Parth shouted in triumph. He moved the unresisting superhero’s body into position. Keeping Chris’s head tight between his knees, Parth jumped slightly upward into the air up to use their combined body weight to drive the hapless superhero’s head into the matt. After it connected, the Indian released his hold.

Chris’s torso flopped forward to lie prone on the matt. “Oooo,” the barely conscious Chris moaned as he laid splayed out in front of Parth. The room whirled about.

A grinning Parth reached down, grabbed Chris’s head, and yanked the superhero into a sitting position. “Time to end it,” he rasped as he cinched in a sleeper.

“Can’t…not…going to…get put…out,” Chris babbled as his arms flayed about in the hold. Parth leaned forward, using the weight of his body to push Chris’s torso forward thus keeping him sitting and helpless to break free.

Shall I sing you an Indian lullaby chut,” he whispered as he felt Blue Flame going under.

Soja Baba Soja,

Sleep Baby Sleep,

Mera baba so ja,

My baby sleep

Ninnie Nina baba so gaya, gaya

Little baby has gone to sleep.

This isn’t happening , Chris thought as his arms flopped to his sides. As darkness flooded into his mind, his last conscious thought was not only that the smaller guy had beaten him but also that everyone was seeing him getting knocked out too. Even more mind fucking, he suddenly realized that he was aroused by that thought!

Chris gave one last struggle then a final pathetic gurgle before sagging in his opponent’s embrace. Parth held the move a few seconds more to be sure then, released it. He triumphantly watched as Chris’s muscled body limply fell sideways to the matt. He was out cold! Moving swiftly he stripped the unconscious crime fighter of his wrestling attire. “Time to bred my new chut,” he said to the viewers as he position Chris’ body for its fucking!


Chris slowly returned to conscious. As his eyes opened, he tried to clear his brain from the last fuzzy effects he was feeling. After a few seconds, his surroundings visually clarified. He suddenly, realized where he was and worse, what had happened. Parth, a smaller, leaner, and physically less imposing guy had not only out wrestled him, he knew how to cut off his power. Even more embarrassing, Parth had put him down with a sleeper that had cold-conked him in front of a worldwide audience!

As his brain was adjusting to this reality, he also suddenly became aware that he was lying naked and face down in the ring. His arms and legs were extended outward and secured to each ring post leaving him spread out on the matt. “What the fuck is going on?” He yelled as he tried, without success, to break free of his bindings. When my powers return I will make this Indian pay, he thought as he yanked o his ropes.

“Awake at last,” Parth teased as he moved to straddle the bound crime fighter. “Nice and round,” he laughed as he bounced his rump on Chris’s beefy rear-end. “Fucking you will be fun.”

“Like hell you will,” Chris shouted as his powerful torso gyrated about in a futile attempt to throw Parth off his ass. Even as he struggled a small part of his mind found it liked the sensation of Parth’s butt rubbing against his.

“Oh I think you will find I can,” Parth replied.

Play for time , Chris thought. I can feel my powers returning so, I just need a bit more time. ” FUCK”, he suddenly yelped as Parth unexpectedly reached back to first play with then grab then yank down on Chris’s nuts. The effect was immediate. The initial surging of power which, Chris had started to experience, quickly faded away. In its place, there was a wave of that familiar erotic thrill that coursed throughout his body. His brain immediately responded to the erogenous stimulation. “No,” he moaned as he felt himself getting erect.

“Oh yes, indeed,” Parth responded. “I know your secret. Tod was quite informative,” he stated as he again reached to play with Chris’s sack.

Chris couldn’t believe it. He had been betrayed by his friend.

“Well cherry picking time,” Parth stated as he moved his body backward to slide off Chris’s rump. He released the bindings holding the superhero’s ankles. “Now, up on all fours,” he sharply told Chris. “I think doing you doggy style will be fun.”

“No way,” Chris yelled back.

“I said up on all fours,” Parth commanded. He delivered a series of sharp blows to Chris’s exposed rear-end.

“Eow,” Chris yelped as Parth’s slaps heated up his rump. He had never truly experienced pain until now. As much as he wanted to resist, the fiery pain in his ass was too much to endure any further. “Stop. Stop, I'll do it,” he moaned in defeat. He slowly moved his strong, muscled thighs forward to lift his now reddish hued ass slightly upward. Even more embarrassing, this new position exposed his semi-erection. Everyone is seeing this, he thought. His unconscious processed that and signaled its arousal to Chris’s nuts. To the crimefighter’s horror, he kept stiffening.

“That's a good chut,” Parth mocked while gleefully noting Chris’s growing hard-on He spit on his erection.” I won't take you dry. I'm not that cruel.”

“Please don't,” Chris hoarsely whined as Parth’s cock-head pressed against his anal entryway.

“Relax,” Parth whispered. “You'll enjoy every second of it. I think my chut needs to be given some more erotic pleasure.” He reached out to swap Chris’s hefty low hangers. His slaps caused them to sway to and frow like a pendulum between the crimefighter’s muscled thighs.

“Ah fucking shit,” Chris grunted the blows triggered more sexual thrills inside his body. As the waves of sexual stimulation coursed throughout him, his anal ring muscles slackened. He was barely aware when Parth slipped his shaft into his anal cavity. “Fuck you’re in me,” he yelped as Parth’s shaft relentlessly moved into him.

Parth smiled, looked at the camera, and gave his Indian viewers a thumbs up signal. “Getting bred American,” he grunted.

Chris groaned as he felt the pressure of Parth’s shaft barreling deeply into him. He kept telling himself this couldn’t be happening. He glanced at the red lights on the camera. Everyone is watching him screw my ass , he realized. Yet, his cock was now fully erect and, to his shock, he was leaking pre-cum! “Please stop,” he whined in a voice that sounded more like a young teenager than a mighty superhero.

“No way I’m not screwing you. Bragging about coming here to teach us Indian’s a lesson. Well who is getting schooled now American?” Parth rasped as he thrust in and out of Chris’s hole. “Damn you are fucking tight.” While he popped Chris’s cherry, Parth played with the American’s nuts to keep him in heat. Every so often. he’d yank on them as well to ensued the hero’s powers stayed off. “So tight,” he murmured as he pounded ever deeper into the wiggling crimefighter’s guts.

By now Chris was in a state of state of uncontrollable sexual frenzy. His replies soon descended into a series of mindless babbling. Slowly his subconscious came into control, surrendering to the stimulations Parth was giving to him.

Parth could feel Chris giving into it. “I think you like it. Who knew the great, strutting, powerful Blue Flame was such a slut,” Parth joked. His dick suddenly slammed into Chris prostate.

“FUCK!” Chris howled from the unexpected pleasure this gave him. His powerful body squirmed and wiggled reveling in the sensations he was getting.You’ve got to fight it , he told himself, think of how you’re getting fucked in front of a worldwide audience .Don’t submit to the pleasure . Yet, another part of him was in a state of sexual frenzy caused by his prostate getting pounded as well as the idea he was getting dominated. In the end, his heretofore repressed submissive nature won out. His macho self-image cracked into pieces. All he wanted to do was to be fucked over and shoot off his wad. “God that feels so good,” he shamelessly mumbled.

“Enjoying it huh, chut,” Parth laughed with a look of triumph on his face

“More. More,” Chris begged. He began to involuntarily hump back and forth on Parth’s invading warrior. Whatever Parth was banging against, he needed it to intensify. “Fuck me harder,” he shouted. Then, it suddenly happened. He could feel his balls exploding. “Fuck I’m creaming,” he bawled as his abused, over stimulated nut-sack let its load loose.

Parth felt Chris’s inner anal linings contracting around his shaft. “That's right, my little chut,” he laughed as he too got ready to unload. “Cream for your Indian master.”

Both men cried out while shooting their wads; the room was soon filled with the scent of cum.

In the end, an exhausted Chris was sprawled out and lying in his own sperm. An equally tired Parth was resting on top of him. Chris could feel Parth’s cock still between his butt-cheeks. His own cock was mashed and pasted to the matt by his sticky jism. He could feel his ravaged anus leaking Parth’s jism. At that moment he realized he had been not only bred by his Indian opponent but mentally crushed. Far from kicking ass and, showing everyone who was the man, Chris had been the one whose ass got kicked. He had begged for the other man’s dick to screw him hard. Parth had turned him into his fucked bitch in front of a viewing audience.

“My chut,” Parth whispered as he rubbed his still semi-erect shaft deep between Chris’s crack. “By the time, I’m done you will be my obedient, cock-hungry bottom.”

To Chris shock, his cock began twitching in reply.


Parth set up the camera’s for his latest video. “This is going to be epic,” he laughed as he adjusted the angles of the recorders. “It will probably be my biggest seller yet. Two fat Indian men kicking his ass then fucking it silly.” He glanced over at the center of the wrestling ring where Chris, dressed in his Blue Flame outfit, submissively stood. After their initial match, the fight had gone out of the once fearsome superhero. To Parth’s pleasant surprise, Blue Flame had indeed turned out to be a closet submissive. He glanced at Chris.

The once smug ex-superhero was sheepishly looking down matt’s surface. Parth had “adjusted” Chris’s costume for this match. The crotch area of his outfit how had been cut away so that Blue Flame’s cock and balls were totally exposed. Chris stood there unconsciously touching the three snug brass rings that Parth had welded around the upper part of his nut-sack. Tightly fitted, the rings stretched Chris’s balls downward, not only making sure that Blue Flame’s superpowers were now forever cut off, but also the muscled stud was kept in a state of disorientating sexual heat

Parth smiled as he contemplated the upcoming match. He had basically castrated yet another American superhero. Even better, the now mentally fucked over Chris was a submissive chut dedicated to servicing Parth’s fellow countrymen while turning out a profit for his Indian alpha too.

The End.

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