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KO-ed Brody
Part 5 - Treatment Day
By Kyle Cicero

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Chapter Five: Treatment Day

Doom could barely contain his delight as how things were working. “Okay strip completely,” he commanded using a ‘professional’ tone that indicated he expected immediate compliance. Brody simply reached to his underwear and complied. Seeing him once more in all his naked glory excited Doom.


Brody turned as he glanced around giving Doom a nice side view of his prey’s butt. “What do I do now doc,” he asked in a meeker manner that signified that he was no longer the arrogant jock who had first visited doom’s offices.

Doom took in a side vision of the creamy white skin of Brody’s sensually tapered rump. It was prize that would be quite enjoyable in taking, he thought.


“Get on the exam table, face down and then, up onto all fours,” he instructed.

“You man doggie style?” A now highly anxious Brody asked. “Do I ah…I mean…gees doc that is…well… sort of embarrassing,” he hesitantly stated

“Young man is this going to be another in what is becoming a tedious series of issues with us,” Doom sharply replied. “You come to me for help and you are, once more, acting like a child by questioning everything I tell you to do. I think we should end right now if that is going to continue. Now I’m going to give you a drink of a muscle relaxer first,” Doom said as he poured the contents of a drug into a cup. The potion was designed to immediately counter the ‘impotence drug’ in Brody’s system. “It will also ease your nerves for the procedure and make it more pleasant.” As expected that remark brought Brody to heel.

“Sorry,” Brody sputtered as he quickly did as instructed. He drank the liquid then climbed onto the examination table and got into position.

“Legs spread out to the sides and forehead lowered onto the exam table’s surface,” Doom spat out.

“Okay doc,” Brody softly said as he did as instructed. He spread his powerful legs apart and eased his upper body downward. From the side, his muscled torso looked like a latter day pyramid with his rounded muscled rear end as its apex.

“Good,” Doom sighed as he took in the sight of Brody’s hefty low hanging nuts that were slightly swaying between the splayed out thighs of the young jock. Brody’s pinkish arse-hole flexed as the room’s cool air hit it as if winking an invitation at Doom to come and plow it. “Let us begin to plunge ahead and determine why sodomizing you is so arousing.” He reached out and lightly took hold of Brody’s nuts. The young athlete’s body quivered at Doom’s touch but he said nothing. “Ah yes,” Doom stated as he gently rolled the pouch’s contents with his fingers causing Brody to utter a soft groan. “I see your problem. Very full indeed,” the fiendish doctor said as he examined it. Brody’s sack had a light covering of blonde hairs that tickled the palm of Doom’s hand. “I can imagine a veritable overflowing sea of spunk swirling inside here needing release,” Doom continued saying as he fondled Brody’s impressively sized balls.

“Fuck,” Brody moaned as his pouch was worked over. “Doc …ah gees…doc,” he grunted as he pressed his forehead upon the surface of the table.

“I imagine your continual inability to ejaculate into anyone has built up intense pressure in this container,” Doom sneered as he unexpectedly squeezed his hand and pulled down on Brody’s sack.

“AW FUCKING SHIT!” Brody yelped yet, the muscular young man stayed still and, to Doom’s delight, Brody’s cock slightly stiffened. Doom gave another hard squeeze. “AW…STOP…please,” Brody moaned out even as his cock became semi-erect.

“Well lets get started,” Doom suddenly said as he released his grip and took in the enjoyably sexy sight of Brody’s now reddish nuts swaying like a clock’s pendulum between his powerful defined thighs. “Do not move young man or I end this right now got it,” Doom sharply ordered as he gave a hard slap to Brody’s rump.

“Eoww…yes doc,” Brody grunted. A scarlet hued imprint of Doom’s hand appeared on the young jock’s rear end but, as ordered, he stayed still.

I have totally mind fucked you ,” Doom silently thought as he grabbed a jar of lubricant. He recalled the prior arrogant swaggering of his initial encounter with Brody. “Yes ,” he mused as he greased his fingers. “I seem to have truly short-circuited your previous smug attitudes. Now to begin the process of turning you into a total ‘cum dump’ to borrow a term you used about women .” He pressed his fingers upon Brody’s anal cavity. “Now relax my boy,” he soothingly said as he worked the lubricant into the swirling outer ring muscles of Brody’s anus.

“Damn,” Brody sighed as his chute entryway was massaged. Having experienced penetrations before, his anal ring easily unwound to permit Doom’s fingers an entrance. “Aw fuck my hole…feels so…shit…good,” Brody moaned with embarrassment. Doom smiled. He secretly used his other free hand to reach into his lab coat pocket. Quickly he pressed the activation button on the nano that was attached to Brody’s prostate. As expected, as it came to life inside Brody, its effects were soon on display. “Doc…aw…gees…doc,” Brody wheezed as his insides came alive with stimulations that moved directly into his dick and balls.

“Yes, what is it,” Doom innocently asked even though he knew what was happening. He continued fingering inside Brody’s guts.

“Doc my guts feel…aw doc I think...” Brody’s ‘s voice drifted off.

Doom waited. He knew, thanks to the nano’s vibrations, Brody’s insides were itching and his prey was getting aroused but he wanted to fully exploit the situation and fuck over Brody’s head. “What is it Brody?” He lightly asked.

“Doc...I…I…” Brody whined in a cracking vocal tone that made him sound like a pathetic teenaged boy. He paused. A part of him was unwilling to ask for what a growing mental part of his brain wanted. Doom pressed the nano’s speed into a higher setting. It did the trick. “Oh God it feels so good with your fingers up my arse doc,” Brody blurted out. “My insides feel…like …oh shit this itch...when your fingers got into me…oh doc please help.” Brody sobbed out in shame as he thrust backward onto Doom’s fingers. Brody’s dick stiffened even more. “But its…doc...can you…aw doc,” he sputtered as his muscular torso rocked back and forth upon Doom’s fingers.

“Do what?” Doom snickered. He knew what was needed but it was critical for Brody to beg for it. He hit the button in his pocket to set it on full blast.

“AW SHIT,” Brody yelled. “Get it in me …deeper,” Brody gasped. “Get your fingers inside me deeper…a oh…doc…please,” he sobbed as he pressed his head onto the table.

“My fingers can’t get in deeper” Doom teased. “But if you want I could use something else,” Doom evilly suggested.

“Anything…anything,” Brody babbled out as the stimulations rocked his family jewels drove him crazy to get relief.

“I don’t have the necessary items here but,” Doom slyly replied. “ Just for right now I could fuck you with my dick…but that would be unprofessional.”

By now Brody’s need to get off and sooth the itching vibrations inside of his guts were driving him over the edge. “Fuck me,” he screamed. “Just fuck me doc!” he wailed out as his body quaked with a desire to end his agony.

Doom grinned. He rapidly removed his fingers, unbuckled, and dropped his pants. Climbing up onto the table he grabbed Brody’s strongly defined legs and pushed them farther apart. “Only because you begged,” he hooted in triumph as he prepared to pop Brody’s cherry. He rubbed his cock-head at the outer ring and thrust forward. “I have a medical duty to render relief to any patient,” he added.

Brody’s body tensed as his arse was penetrated by a man’s dick for the first time. His anal ring muscles constricted squeezing on Doom’s erection. “AW FUCK,” the handsome quarterback bawled. His insides tightened to rebuff any further entry. “It hurts doc,” he moaned in pain.”

“Young man we can stop but then do not come back,” Doom snapped out in anger. “Do you want to be treated or not!”

“I do doc,” Brody wheezed. He gulped in air. “ Just give me a second doc,” he grunted. Slowly his anal muscles unwound. Doom felt the change and gently moved his dick deeper into Brody’s inner guts. “Aw fuck you’re in me doc,” Brody gasped as Doom’s erection fully inserted itself into him. “Fuck I got a guy’s dick up my arse,” the mind shocked stud pathetically yelped as he felt the medical man’s cock filling his guts. “I have a cock my arse,” he dully repeated as he lightly pounded his forehead on the surface of the table.

“Relax,” Doom soothingly stated as he began thrusting in and out of Brody’s anus. He grabbed Brody’s strong thighs to use as an aide in screwing the young athlete. Their powerful rippling muscles excited him as he yanked Brody’s hot-bubbled butt backward onto his erection. “Think of it as a purely medical treatment. Besides you must be finding it pleasant. I mean your cock is fully erect.”

Brody moved his head to gave across his torso to see that he was, in fact fully aroused. “Shit I’m hard,” he gasped as Doom continued screwing him. “I’m getting butt-fucked and I’m fucking boned,” the shocked Brody exclaimed.

“Just shut up and let me get this done,” Doom mumbled as he increased his screwing.

Aw...shit…aw…fuck {gasp}…aw damn you’re… fucking my arse…{Gasp} fuck…doc,” Brody bawled and sobbed as Doom fucked away the young stud’s anal virginity. Doom had made sure the nano device’s stimulations were on their highest levels.

“Aw fucking me …yes,” Brody howled as he surrendered to the screwing’s pleasure. Soon he was bucking his strong muscled torso backward onto Doom’s cock. “Yes…fuck me doc,” he cried out as his body went into his thrusting ‘fuck mode’. The difference this time was that it was Brody and not some campus beauty, which was the one being plowed. “Fuck me harder…yeah doc…oh…fuck… I’m hard…I’m fucking hard again,” Brody yelled as he felt, for the first time in weeks, he was going to achieve an ejaculation.

“Yes you are quite the hot little bitch huh,” Doom hissed as he rode inside his powerful young stallion’s anus. He reveled in the triumph of his plans thus far. Brody was bucking under him in full sexual heat. The doctor knew it would not be long now till Body blew his spunk.

Sure enough, the villain was right. “Aw fuck doc...I’m gonna…aw fuck doc,” Brody suddenly wheezed as his powerful body shuddered.

Doom gripped Brody’s nuts and squeezed. “Roar for me,” Doom instructed Brody. “Go on lion let me hear you ROAR as you cum for me.” He rammed into Brody as he yanked upon the hunk’s nuts.

“AW FUCK,’ Brody wailed as he fell over the cliff in his head and experienced an uncontrollable need to erupt. “RRRRRAAAARRRR,” he bellowed imitating his trademark lion growl. Seconds later, the jock let out another louder bellowing lion’s howl and ejaculated. Thanks to Doom’s other hand upon the former dick, the spunk was easily directed straight into Brody’s face. “Fuck,” Brody moaned afterwards as he slumped forward to lie flat upon the table.

Doom suppressed a laugh. Dismounting from the table he grabbed a nearby towel and cleaned himself off. A still panting Brody looked over at him. His damp curly hair was plastered upon his head. His face dripped with his own cum. “Clean off,” Doom harshly stated. “Then get dressed. Clearly you had a suppressed need to be, what do they call it, ah yes, ‘pegged’. Hopefully this treatment fixed that issue for you.”

Brody winched as he heard this term but said nothing. By now his brain was still coming to grips with the fact he had willingly given up his arse to a fucking; worse he had clearly orgasmed during it. He recalled his past put down oh gay guys boasting that he would never give his butt up to some dude. Not only had he done so, he had actually begged the doctor to fuck him. His self-image as a heterosexual macho jock was cracked.

“If problems redevelop in your internal organs we will continue this treatment,” doom stated in a matter of fact vocal tone of voice. Inwardly he was gleeful but he maintained a professional demeanor. He knew, thanks to a timer on the nano, Brody would soon need more treatments. “Here are some vitamins which may ease your condition,” he said as he grabbed a nearby bottle of tablets. “One every morning.” Doom knew those tablets would keep Brody impotent and thus further aid in his training.

Brody dumbly nodded as he slowly got off the table. He glanced down at his deflating cock. A bead of cum dripped from the slit of his cock’s head towards the floor like a glistening pearly hued string. He gulped, grabbed the bottle, and moved to leave keeping his eyes firmly upon the floor.

“Well aren’t you going to even thank me boy,” Doom angrily asked. “I did treat your affliction as YOU BEGGED!”

Brody’s glanced up at the villain. His eyes were red with tears. “Thank you doc,” he muttered.

“For doing what?” Doom pressed.

Brody gulped. More tears flowed from his eyes. “For fucking me doc,” he rasped. He quickly turned, grabbed his clothes, and rushed out of the exam room leaving a grinning Doom fingering the nano’s remote control.

As planned, Brody was rendered impotent around women by the ‘vitamins’. Thanks to Doom setting the nano’s activations on a timer, Brody experienced a continual series of internal stimulations that soon drove him crazy to orgasm. Despite his initial reluctance to seek help, his sexual needs overcame his resolve. He finally broke down and called Doom begging for an emergency visit.

His arrival this time was quite unlike his prior ones. The once arrogant demeanor he displayed was gone. In its place was a teary-eyed and fidgety young man. The second he saw Doom he spoke up. “Doc I…aw fuck doc I’ve not…around women I can’t…ya know…get it up …but,” he babbled. Doom had secretly turned the nano onto high setting seconds before Brody arrived. By now, the jock’s studly body was literally twitching in sexual heat. “I need help doc,” Brody moaned.

“You mean you want me to…” Doom purposely left the rest unsaid as he waited for Brody to humiliate himself further.

“Fuck me doc,” a distraught Brody whined. “Please doc. I need to get off so bad. I’m going nuts,” he sobbed. “Fuck me!” He rapidly undressed right in the waiting room.

Doom gave an exaggerated sigh. “I am afraid I can’t,” he said with an air of fake concern in his voice as the jock began pulling off his bikini briefs. Brody stopped his stripping. He gazed in horror at Doom. “You see,” the villain added. “I ran out of lubricant last week and…well, penetrating you dry would be medically dangerous.”

“Doc please,” Brody wailed as the nano gave his prostate another powerful jolt. “Isn’t there a substitute lubricant we can use.’

“Well,” Doom slowly replied. “Saliva is better but,” he fiendishly added. “I mean that would require you to orally lubricate my manhood.” He saw the shock look on Brody’s face.

“You mean,” Brody sputtered as he realized what the doctor meant. “ I’d…have…to…blow…you?”

“I am afraid the answer is yes. But I could not think you would agree to that so… ” Doom waited. As he did, he pressed the nano’s remote in his jacket pocket to give Brody another violent jolt.

The young man’s muscular body quivered. “Fuck okay,” Brody cried out as his sexual cravings overpowered any reluctance.

“Are you sure?” Doom teased as he tapped the remote again.

“AW GOD,” Brody yelped. “Please doc let me suck you!” He screamed as he dropped to his knees. “Please I need to suck you right now so you can fuck me,” Brody shouted unaware that a hidden camera was recording his pathetic display.

“Only because you asked me too,” doom said as he dropped his pants. “Come on let me get over this distasteful matter as fast as possible. He watched the once smug young athlete literally crawl over to him. “Go on suck me off so you can get relief.”

Brody stated at the erection waving in front of him. “I’m going to suck a dick,” he thought with horror. Just then the nano gave his a violent stimulation. “Aw shit,” he moaned. Brody, the campus stud and star jock, opened his mouth and slurped down his first dick.

“Good boy,” doom hissed as he watched Brody suck and slobber on his dick. “Get iyt nice and wet and then crawl into the next room and get into position got it boy,” he sneered.

“Yeth sir,” Brody’s muttered through his dick stuffed mouth. He was in full heat by now barely conscious of what he was doing. Doom expertly spent the next few moments helping Brody learn how to effectively lubricate a man’s dick. “I will give you a fast shot of a drug to counteract the ‘vitamins’ ,” he mused as Brody continued his blowjob. “Then fuck you into an orgasm. We will repeat this scenario all season till you become a total cunt ,” Doom silently mused as he watched the kneeling Brody slobbering and slurping away.

That night a completely mind fucked Brody sat alone in his dorm room feeling ashamed and humiliated by what he had done. “I sucked a man’s fucking dick,” he mumbled. “I begged to suck it and to be fucked by it too,” he quietly cried. Yet, even as he swore he would never do this again, his inner mind told him that he would. Brody feared that his sex drive would win….anso it did only two days later thanks to the aggressive erotic impulses the nano triggered.

After that Brody stopped fighting it. He came to Doom for regular visits. Doom would again slip Brody a counteracting drug at the start of every medical treatment. Brody would suck the doctor’s cock into an erection then get onto all fours to be screwed into a satisfying ejaculation. The once aggressively heterosexual jock mentally adjusted to the fact that he being fucked into an orgasm was his only hope of sexual relief. In fact he soon developed a surprisingly submissive personality as well. The villain decided that Brody was, at heart, a closet sub whose macho posturing had covered up a deeply hidden bottom psyche. Doom’s actions had merely brought his heretofore-suppressed nature out in the young man. Doom secretly took great delight in visiting Brody’s dorm room and finding the desperate jock standing in only his underwear waiting to be screwed. Still seeing the underwear clad hunk always thrilled the fiend. As part of his scheme he insisted that Brody “ask” for a fucking at the start of every such visit. Thus was Brody’s humiliation was complete.


After awhile Doom stopped the impotence medications. He realized that Brody was ‘programed’ now towards male sexual activity. He would now always think he could only get satisfaction from being plowed. During the times that Doom was not available, Brody had been given a set of “medical devices” shaped like dildos that he could anally use to bring him sexual and physical relief. After awhile Brody’s vigorous use of them became a daily occurrence and, his secret shame.

Brody sat on a bleacher in the deserted campus gym. He had found a DVD slipped under the door of his dorm room earlier that morning. To his horror it showed his “treatment” sessions with the doctor. A note told him to be at the gym at midnight or face postings of the DVD on the Internet. He had spent the day feeling sick. As the meeting approached he donned a dark hoody so he would not be seen by anyone. “The last thing I need is questions by a teammate or some stupid bitch seeing me now ,” he thought as he’d surreptitiously slunk off to his rendezvous. Suddenly he heard a noise from the side of the gym. His face took on a furious look as turned his gaze towards whatever made it.


“Hello Brody,” a young man from the shadows said as he approached the now stunned jock. “Imagine my surprise to get a DVD that has you, the star of this campus begging to be fucked. I mean talk about the fun we will have at our school when I show our football rival’s star jock getting balled.”

Brody’s mouth went dry. All he could think of was that things could not get any worse. The quarterback of his school’s hated opponents had that DVD. But, things rapidly showed him how much worse it would soon become.

“What do you want Barry?” Brody croaked.

The buff dark haired Barry just smirked. “Just a taste of what you’ve been giving the doctor,” he grinned as he pulled up his shirt to show off part of his toned body. “You like what you see, faggot?” He mockingly asked.


“Go fuck yourself,” Brody spate out.

Barry grinned. “Actually that is what we intend for you tonight, right boys?” he joked as he turned to glance over his shoulder. Out of the shadows came the entire opposing school’s football team that Brody was to face in the upcoming game. One was carrying a workbench clearly showing what Brody would be placed upon.

“No way,” Brody yelled.

“Give it up you pussy or this goes on the NET,” Barry growled. “We know you like it. We all saw you on the DVD. So give up your arse or everybody sees it…your call.”

Brody froze. Tears came to his eyes. He suddenly he had no choice. Publication of his “treatment sessions” would destroy his reputation and make him an object of scorn. His ego couldn’t survive that loss and he knew it. “Okay,” he said in a subdued voice. He told himself to man-up and do whatever it took to secure that DVD.

The sharks circled. They quickly stripped him and draped him bare-arsed up lengthwise along the workbench. It would be a long night for KO Brody. Up in the announcer’s booth Dr Doom activated the nano the second he saw them position Brody for his first fuck. The fiendish doctor turned the device up to its full power. “Aw fuck,” Brody groaned as the familiar itch in him tingled into life. He began wiggling on the bench. “I can’t,” her sputtered as his need for relief flared within his brain. Finally it grew to be too much to bear. “Someone fuck me,” he moaned as his good-looking face flushed with shame. The group of young jocks around him was only too happy to comply.

“Yeah not really such a big stud on campus after all,” Barry yelled as he thrust his erection into Brody.”

“SON OF A BITCH!” Brody howled as Barry’s thick cock penetrated him.

“Yeah bitch take it,” Barry sneered as his strong body pushed in and out of Brody’s arse-hole. “God I wanted to do this to you on the field but fucking you in person is…aw shit …your hole is sweet,” he bellowed as he continued his vigorous screwing of the squirming Brody. “Hey Zak lube up cause your next….aw mannnnnn” he gasped as he shot his spunk up into Brody’s guts. “Creaming into you cunt… do your mutha-fucking roar for me,” Barry shouted. “Do that fucking roar you do when a touchdown gets scored you bastard.”

Cody felt the warm liquid spunk sloshing into him. He lost it and ejaculated too. As he did he unconsciously screamed out his signature lion styled, “RRRRRAAAARRRR

“Touchdown!” Barry grunted as he spewed more of his spunk into his hated rival’s guts. “Fuck, screwing this guy’s rear is hotter than I thought,” he panted. “Hell sweet rump boy,” he snickered as he withdrew from Brody’s anus. He patted the well-formed rear end of his hated rival. “Made the bitch roar too,” he laughed. He glanced at one of his teammates. “Okay Zak grease your cock and do him,” he laughed as he gave a violent slap upon Brody’s upturned rear end. By now Brody was sobbing. Still his itch needed scratching.

“Lube hell,” Zak nastily replied as Barry pulled out. “That cunt hole drilled my baby sister then dumped after. I’m going in dry and rip him up.” Zak grabbed Brody’s hair and yanked the quarterback’s head up. “I am going to rip you to shreds cunt”. He hissed.

“NO,” Brody loudly replied as he moved to get up off the workbench.

“Hold him guys,” Barry hooted as two linebackers grabbed Brody and held him.

“NO DON’T,” Brody sobbed as he felt Zak roughly pulling his legs apart.

“Someone plug this bitch,” Zak hooted as he placed his dick on Brody’s recently spunked arse-hole.

“No,” Brody yelled seconds before a guy’s cock plugged his mouth. “Nooo…ooomh.” Zak’s assault was brutal but, to Brody’s shock, his anal entryway adjusted itself. In fact, the sheer savagery of Zak’s fucking seemed to bring relief.

“I hear you enjoy ball-busting too,” Zak laughed as he grabbed onto Brody’s pouch and squeezed it. “Well today its your fucking balls getting busted by me you pussy,” he snickered.

“AW...MY …NUTS,” Brody yelled. The combination of screwing & getting his nuts worked overwhelmed his brain centers. By the end he was shamelessly thrusting backward into every fuck.

“The pussy really goes crazy for dick,” Zak moaned as he lost control and erupted into Brody.

By now Brody’s cock stuffed mouth could only grunt in agreement. Mentally he slipped into a cock-hungry mode of thought. His brain cells made the connection: getting fucked= itch relief = pleasure.

“Fuck me,” he mumbled when the dick he was sucking upon was withdrawn. A cheer rose when they heard this from him. That night, members of the team scored a personal “touchdown”. Their hated rival’s star quarterback was repeated sacked by each one. Everyone made Brody roar when his guts were was spermed by each one too. They left him spread out along the bench, his lips, balls, and arse-hole areas swollen and dibbling with cum, his itch finally at ease.

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