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KO-ed Brody
Part 2 - Let's Get Physical
By Kyle Cicero

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Chapter Two: Let’s Get Physical

“Look doctor I really don’t know why we need to do this,” Brody had mumbled the second he walked into the examination room Dr. Doom had rented. He was wearing the same tight outfit he had worn at the rally. He plopped into a nearby chair and took off the snug tee shirt. “I won the race and clearly you can tell from looking at me that I’m in great shape so….” he boasted with more than a hint of self-pride in his physique. He eased back into his seat letting his powerfully defined frame stretch out. “So why don’t we not go through this doc.”

“So basically your promise to submit to a physical on that platform was a lie?” The doctor lightly said to Brody. He gazed at the young track stud.

“No,” Brody sullenly replied as he slumped further back into the chair. He kept one leg slightly bent while the other was one fully extended. He casually let one arm drop over the side of the chair while his other rested on the arm of the seat. Even under the harsh overhead office lights, Brody was an arresting sexual site. He silently gazed at the doctor.


It was clear that an unspoken test of wills had begun. “Okay we begin ,” the evil villain thought as he silently returned Brody’s gaze Seconds ticked by until finally Brody let out an exasperated sigh, adjusted himself further in the chair, and simply said, “Okay lets do it. But you can see I’m fine physically. Shit I beat every guy on the team in workout endurances and ya know,” he grinned. “Hell,” he condescending added. “I’m in better shape than you. But okay let’s get this over with doc.”

Round one to me you egotistical asshole ,” the doctor silently thought. The doctor noticed that the young athlete had intentionally positioned his posture to allow a fuller view of his defined torso as well as bunch up the material around his crotch. The result was that it lent even more visual emphasis to his well-endowed manhood. In fact the short’s seams were straining to hold its contents in check.

The doctor’s eyes took a second too long a look at that package for when he glanced back up Brody had an amused look on his face. “You sure we just can’t skip this doc,” he sensually stated as he let the hand that was previously on the arm of the chair slip onto his lap. Brody let his thumb lightly rub across the top of his crotch’s “mound”. His features took on a condescending look. “Maybe we can just let me strip off so you can get fast look at my body then, let me go?”

Okay, you caught me checking your junk. Now you’re trying to use your physical charms to get me to be more agreeable. Time to reassert my dominance in this encounter and pluck a few feathers off this young strutting peacock,” the doctor decided. “If you are done acting like a little boy who can’t get his way, may we begin this physical,” the doctor sharply stated. “I have business to do and no time to coddle a jock who acts like a brat or engage in infantile come-ons. This is important and you gave your promise in front of the entire student body. Now let’s stop this foolishness….and sit up straight right now boy. Got it!”

Brody’s face took on a stunned expression. The doctor’s intentionally planned & highhanded attitude had taken him by surprise. “Sorry,” he quickly said as he straightened up in his chair. “Look doctor I didn’t men to imply any disrespect for you or getting physicals in general...” he stopped speaking in the face of the older man’s cold stare.

“I just have to wonder young man if your reluctance about all this lies in me finding something medical wrong with you,” the doctor replied keeping up his use of terms like young and boy to subtlety begin to chip away on Brody’s sense of manhood.

“Wrong…with me…” Brody sputtered in shock over such a suggestion. “No I assure you that…” but Dr. Doom simply cut him off.

“Well let’s see then shall we. You young boys try to cover up things,” he barked back while taking pleasure in how he had now re-taken control of the situation and left Brody stumbling about mentally. “Round two done. I win ,” the doctor silently smirked as he took out a questionnaire. “So tell me Brody,” he innocently purred. “When was the last time you had a STD test?”

Brody’s mouth dropped open. “Never doctor,” he quickly answered. “I mean I’m total disease free and healthy. So no need to do one right,” he grinned in an obvious attempt to win the doctor over.

“Oh, So I take it you do not engage in sexual activity then,” the evil doctor sighed with a disinterested tone in his voice. “ You are still a virgin then which is fine. Quite a few boys like you are too intimidated by sexual intimacy with women or, men if that is your preference, to start doing it. Of course at your young age you could simply be sexually confused which also explains your virginity as well.”

A horrified look came over Brody’ features as he heard the doctor’s words. “NO WAY THAT I’M A VIRGIN,” he loudly responded. An embarrassed blush came to his face as he realized he had said this with a touch too much force in his voice. “I am no virgin. I have plenty of sex,” he softly repeated. “I get to do it a lot and only with women doctor. Plenty of women,” eagerly boasted as a touch of his old smugness returned and a slight smile came to his face. “And for the record the thought of getting-it-on with some hairy guy is disgusting. Fucking faggots taking it up their arse is…hell someone needs to put them away man is all I will say.” An arrogant smile flitted across his face. “One hundred percent all man here doc.”

“Well then you are due for an STD test in this area,” the doctor told him. “Okay strip and come up right in front of me,” Dr. Doom added as he sat in a chair. “After we check you out for STD signs we will get you up on my exam table. Might as well check the prostate too at some point. Never too early to test for it, even when a young boy like you,” he stated in an officious voice.

“A what?” Brody exclaimed when he heard ‘prostate exam’. “With respect doctor I don’t need any of those tests where you stick whatever up my butt. I mean…”

“Either cooperate or get out. I realize you are still young but really. This continual display of immaturity by you is quite annoying. Young man its time you started acting like an adult,” the older pudgy man snarled as he cut off the protests of the youthful jock. “I’ll just let it be known how you lied about the physical. I’m sure the campus student body will be disappointed in you but....”

“No doctor,” Brody quickly cut in to say. He helplessly glanced around. “Okay I will do whatever you need for my physical,” he dejected mumbled as he rose up, bent over slightly, and slowly pulled down his shorts.

“My, he is quite genitally gifted,” the doctor thought as the lengthy thick cock and impressive low hanging ball-sack of the city’s famed KO Brody came into view. According to reports, the young man was quite adept in sexual intimacy. Seeing it, even in its flaccid state, the doctor knew that the football star’s dick must be quite formidable when in use too bad that, if all went well, Brody’s days as a “swordsman” would be ended.. “Shall we first check for hernias,” the doctor solemnly stated to the now totally embarrassed young man.

“Yes okay,” Brody moaned as he kicked off the shorts from around his ankles and slowly moved toward Dr. Doom. It was clear from his attitude that he was not enjoying this process at all.

Yes I bet you delight in exposing your junk when you are the one calling the shots but no so much when another does it, ” the doctor mused as he reached out to begin his exam.

“Can we get this done,” Brody lightly groaned, as he stood bare-arsed in front of the older man.

“Yes, “Dr. Doom replied as he reached over to turn on a nearby recorder.

“What are you doing that for,” a worried Brody asked.

“I record all my notes during exams then write it down afterwards,” the doctor told him with a hint of faked irritation in his voice. “Now if you don’t mind young man, I’d like to get this exam over with as quickly as possible.” What the doctor did not say that the device, once turned on, activated hidden video cameras in the room. Everything was now recording on a computer disk. “Will you do as say or are we going to engage in your childish ‘twenty-questions game’ & waste my time.

Brody flushed with embarrassment over the chiding. “Sorry. I didn’t… I apologize for being” he stopped speaking.

“A baby, right,” Dr. Doom insisted.

Brody gazed at the man then simply nodded. He hated all this but knew no way out of his situation. The doctor however was delighted by the progress that was going on in chipping away at the hunk’s smug self-confidence. His rebuke had accomplished what was intended.

“The patient is a well fed young male of approximately twenty years.” Dr. Doom stated as he gazed at Brody’s family jewels. “No obvious signs of sexual disease.” He continued saying as he reached out to maneuver Brody’s balls for further exam. The pouch had a light covering of blonde hairs that, in combination with the equally blonde pubic hairs of the crotch area, lent them a very sensual appearance. The doctor gently took one large testicle into his hand. “Hmm a quite nice set and it seems his sack is rather full right now too, ” the doctor mused as he rolled Brody’s nut.

“Gees,” Brody said as his body twitched. “Your hands are cold.”

The evil physician gave an exaggerated sigh. “If you are going to misbehave young boy I will send you out of here right now unless you clearly state you will be a good boy!”

“No, sorry,” Brody said. He saw the doctor’s glare and realized what was required. He instantly added. “ I will be a good…boy,” he muttered. He was mentally at sea, feeling totally vulnerable, and completely humiliated by this experience. By now the doctor’s irritation had, as intended, caused the young hunk to eagerly desire to satisfy the other man’s requirements so this physical could be finished.

“Okay then my boy,” the doctor instructed while pleased his continual use of the term “boy” had not caused any protest. “Now as I said. No signs of disease. Subject’s genitals just barely fall within the lower range of average for height and build.”

“BARELY!” a shocked Brody yelped. His nuts rose slightly in the doctor’s grip. “Doctor, are you crazy? I’m not…ya know… under average…down there!” He glanced down to see the doctor holding his nuts. Another flush of embarrassment came over him. Unfortunately that sensation caused his cock to retract in its length, which only increased his humiliation.

Still maintaining his “grasp on Brody’s pouch” the doctor gazed up at the distressed hunk. “Please spare me these childish protests. You young boys always think you are impressive. Well,” he paused before patronizingly adding. “Maybe your penis will grow in time before you reach adulthood. But I fear if your testicles stay this puny you may prove unable to sire children. You have no doubt noticed your semen output is rather slight, correct?”

“Look doc,” Brody protested again. He glanced at the recording device as a cold fear gripped him that this was being recorded. “I’m telling you I shoot a good amount of spunk and as for my dick being under-average...”

“Please,” the doctor responded. “Don’t go on to tell me how women are satisfied with this...” he released Brody’s nuts and watched as they swung between his splayed muscular thighs.

“I never had complaints,” Brody furiously retorted.

“Women lie to protect the fragile ego young boys like you who are not fully endowed. From your current silly tantrum that was a good call by them. You are barely average. I know this fact from physicals I’ve done on other young boys like you. How can you judge… unless you check out men’s sexual organs?” The crafty man said knowing all young men ‘checked each other’ out in showers but would never admit it.

“No. I don’t check out…but doc...I could swear to you,” a now shaken Brody desperately said. He suddenly realized he had no real basis to prove he was impressively equipped. Sure he had seen guys in showers but he had never gave real attention to other’s junk. A voice in his head told him that the doctor had seen many men during his practice so, he must know. Doubt crept into his mind. “I mean…I thought…but,” he helplessly insisted to the solemn looking other man. “ I know...I satisfy…I mean I know…I do okay…in…screwing…they never complained,” he pathetically babbled before choking into humiliated silence. “Am I really…not,” he suddenly whined in a voice cracking with despair and carrying a light tenor of someone years younger. “Am…I…I mean…really…smaller...than…other boys?” He pathetically asked stifling a sob in his voice.

“Boys do sometimes have growth spurts so there is hope,” the doctor soothingly assured Brody. “Though its not always about size as they say. You can always buy a large vibrator to help out with women when…well when you cannot satisfy.” Brody looked crushed as he heard these words. In truth Dr. Doom knew that Brody was clearly very well equipped. In fact he possessed a hefty balls sack with an equally tasty looking thick long cock. The doctor was certain that Brody was extremely satisfying to his many sexual partners. But cracking the young stud’s sexual image was critical. Things were going quite nicely. He had managed to instill into Brody a fear that his ‘equipment’ was inadequate and might not be capable of servicing a woman’s needs. From reports he had read & Brody’s ‘chair lounging’ incident in this office, the buff young stud had heretofore obviously been overly smug about his sexual allure. Now he had doubts. They would grow into self-consciousness when he found himself with women. That would lead to problems for him in performing thus feeding more doubts and more performance issues. A vicious cycle had been launched. The doctor was in no rush. As with his demolishing of the Scarlet Avenger , he liked playing a long game with KO Brody. Brody’s spontaneous and, no doubt, unconscious own use of the word “boy” was also a significant victory. “Well, as I said, its not the size right my young boy,” he patronizing told the shattered hero as he took Brody’s dick into his hands. “Now let us see if the foreskin slides down easily shall we son?” Using a practiced grip he proceeded to slide his hand up and down the young boy’s shaft. Brody stayed still but, judging from the increasingly deep breathing he was displaying, he was finding this activity somewhat stimulating. “My such nice thickness and the feel of its outer veins on the palm of my hand is lovely, ” the doctor thought.

“Doc,” Brody wheezed as the crafty older man’s hand job increased in speed. A flushed look had come over the young man’s face along with a telltale reddish blush across his upper torso. His cock had also become slightly erect in the doctor’s grip. He gulped some more air then haltingly said “I...could we…could you…shit doc stop before I…I”. He was too embarrassed now to say it out loud but the implication was clear. He was in danger of going into a full erection.

“Well I need to see if there is any impediment in your sexual organs performance in light its underdevelopment,” the doctor said. “But I can stop,” he paused letting Brody get a sense that he had convinced the latter to desist in this part of the exam before then saying. “I think you can do it for me. See I’m capable of compromise.”

Brody’s eyes went wide. “You mean you want me to go and jerk-off right in front of you!” he said in disbelief. “As you watch?”

“Really such crudity of language and no,” the doctor hotly stated affecting a fake insulting tone of voice. “Really, as if I personally care what your boyish cock does for some sick reason. Besides seeing you ejaculate may relieve my medical concerns that your underdeveloped testicles may not be producing sufficient emissions. But if you think I will be getting some perverse pleasure well then…”

“No please,” Brody quickly assured the man. Disapproval was something he was not used to dealing with and instinctively he acted to change that reaction. “I was so out of line. I will…you know…perform whatever you need me to do from now on I swear. No complaints,” he babbled as he took his own cock and began to masturbate it.

“ I will hold you to that promise my boy,” the doctor stated with secret delight. “Now show me what you are capable of my boy,” he stated making sure to repeated use boy as much as possible.

As the villain watched, Brody stood before him. Using a grip that clearly he normally indulged in, the buff young man quickly brought himself to full flowering. Within a few minutes, his ragged breathing coupled with the dilation in his pupils demonstrated he was fully aroused and mentally concentrated on his endeavors. Streaks of sweat broke out upon his upper torso giving his defined muscularity a glistening sheen. He closed his eyes and increased his manual pumping. “Aw yes…aw yes…yes…fuck…fuck…mmm…mmm…mmm…ah yeah…” Brody unexpectedly panted as he let his other hand drift toward his nuts and begin to fondle them. “Aw yes...fucking yes…” he grunted as he squeezed his eyes tightly shut. His hand expertly rolled his nuts. “Working my balls man,” he unconscious blurted out. He was clearly lost in sexual heat and oblivious to the doctor’s presence. “Yeah,” he continued saying as he gave his pouch a twisting. “Aw fucking yeah!” He lewdly grunted while twisting them harder. His eyes popped open but his vision remained unfocused. Soon he was dripping with perspiration. It ran across his muscles into the crevices of his defined chiseled torso before dropping off of him to the floor. “AW man…my nuts…love it,” he loudly groaned as he masturbated while also violently yanking on his nut-sack. The room soon filled with his unintelligible yet highly audible mutterings. His cock was impressive in its erection.

The doctor took note that it seemed Brody got aroused on pain he was giving to his balls. Brody’s eyes gazed woozily at the doctor. The aroused quarterback blinked attempting to fixate his attentions on the other man.

“See…doc…good…right,” the stud quietly murmured as his cock-head swelled up and turned deep crimson. As he pumped himself faster, his shaft grew in length and width. The doctor could not help but see that Brody’s imposing equipment was even more striking in its fully aroused state. “Works…fine…ahh god…fucking yessss,” he sighed in a way that signaled to the doctor an approaching climax. “Works…fine. Ah shit my nuts,” he happily sobbed as he gripped his pouch and pulled down on it.”

“That is sufficient,” the doctor quickly said. He did not want Brody to orgasm yet. His purpose was to edge up the young man’s testosterone levels while leave him slightly frustrated by not climaxing.

“So…close,” Brody moaned, lost in his arousal and oblivious to that villain’s command.

Quickly the doctor reached out to yank Brody’s hand away from his swollen dick. “I said to stop my boy,” he forcefully stated as he grabbed Brody’s erect manhood. The villain expertly applied a pressure point maneuver on hunk’s shaft that quickly caused it to lose its erection. As the loss of stimulation hit Brody, his eyes began to refocus. He saw his balls in the grip of his other hand and suddenly realized how he had behaved. “Sorry doc,” he mumbled as he released his hold on them. “A guy…”

“A boy,” the doctor corrected as he released his grip on the now satisfactorily flaccid cock of the young man. “A boy!” He insisted. “Use the correct terms when referring to yourself.”

“Yes, I meant a boy, sorry again doc,” Brody shamefacedly agreed to the villain’s silent glee. “A boy kind of loses …ya know…control when he is…” he stopped talking and looked at the floor. His prior swaggering attitude was gone. The repeated blows to his ego were having a cumulative effect on his self-image as a hot young stud. Also, his sexual activities in front of another man had deflated his confident prior smugness. Faced with someone’s disapproval his inner desire to reverse that circumstance and receive the doctor’s approval began to kick into gear.

“Young boys get excited so quickly but no matter. I’m sure once you mature into a real adulthood you will learn control right,” the doctor patronizingly told the naked hunk standing before him.

“Yes sir,” Brody whispered.

“Yes what?” The villain asked pushing the issue. “When what?”

“Yes,” Brody gulped before continuing. “ I guess…when…I.”

“Become an adult,” the doctor slowly stated. “Go on. Let’s not still act like a child.”

“When I become an adult I’ll learn control,” Brody blurted out quickly. He looked at his feet and stood in all his naked physical glory before the doctor.

“See how easy it was to admit. You just took your first steps to manhood,” the doctor told the now shivering hunk. “Let’s push onward. Now up on the examination table and lay face onto your back,” he commanded in a no nonsense manner. “Be sure you secure your feet in the stirrups,” he ordered taking an approving note of how meekly Brody complied in contrast to his initial arrogant entrance. “Now we really begin to KO your heterosexual self image then reset you into a new sexual life,” the doctor thought as he went to a side table to don gloves and bring over his own specially crafted drugs. “These young arrogant jock’s all have that fatal flaw in their heads. They grow up never truly experiencing disapproval or what its like to be truly defeated. THAT is the key to their ultimate conquest ,” he silently laughed to himself as he approached the reclining hunk that awaited the next lesson in submission. “Now let’s see what your prostate looks like shall we,” the doctor stated as he picked up some lubricant and a tiny slim nano chip that he had invented for an undetected insertion deep inside Brody’s now quivering arse.” He placed the chip nearby and prepared to start phase two of his plans.

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