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KO-ed Brody
Part 1 - It Begins
By Kyle Cicero

KO-ed Brody

By Kyle Cicero

Many thanks to Ryan Daharsh for “inspiration” and the “guest shot” of fratmen’s Jaxon for Billy’s look

Chapter One: It begins:

“Today are all here to honor our college’s popular quarterback as he helps us celebrate our march to the state championships,” the student announcer on the screen gushed as the cameras panned across the cheering crowds towards the dais where a youthful sandy colored-haired attractive man had just appeared. The young man stood at six feet. The snug fit of his athletic uniform accented his trim muscularity. He flashed everyone his trademark smile and waved at them. “Yes, here he is, our own KO Brody!” the announcer continued as a roar went up. The youthful campus star’s green-hued eyes scanned his adoring public. The handsome twenty year-old was the poster boy they could not get enough of, or so it seemed just then. His curly locks of hair fluttered in the breeze in a way that only enhanced his sensuality.

“Fellow students!” Brody said loudly with a grin, as the crowd broke into another round of cheers. “Thank you for this welcome and also by proclaiming this KO Brody Marathon Day on our campus. I promise to live up to my your trust in me and my name as I continue to give a KO to every opposing team until we meet our rival school in the football state championships.”

“We are awaiting the arrival of the college president who will, no doubt, express the gratitude that our young hero deserves,” the announcer droned on in a tone that reflected the giddy awe Brody was now held in by the campus’s student body. He was the idol of the jock, the wet dreams of the ladies, and the leader of the tormentors of the nerds on campus.

As the crowd cheered he causally stripped off his football jersey and threw it at a bunch of squealing girls. A shirtless Brody laughed as he stood before them in his tight fitting pair of red stripped white lycra workout shorts. Even from a distance the young sexy hunk’s impressively endowed “intimate charms” were amply visible. For those lucky enough to be up close, the thin lycra covering failed to conceal the outlines of his imposing manhood. Brody continued to smile and wave at the multitude, which by now were screaming his name. The young jock cut a handsome figure with his striking looks and a hard-sculpted body that women, and more than a few men on campus, fawned over. After a few minutes Brody put on a tight tee shirt from his back pocket causing many to groan in disappointment. His smile grew wider as he slowly brushed his trademark curly blonde hair away from his face. As the girls squealed louder, he grinned knowing this always had that affect. In fact, it was why he kept his hair cut a bit longer. Ever since the campus newspaper had described him as “our golden mane lion” his pre-Raphaelite curly haired looks was bound up into his campus status and, critically, his own macho-image as a preeminent studly “lion” among the pack of studs of the campus as well.


Yes, his clean-cut appearance and public boyishly innocent demeanor had made him the perfect campus hero. Brody however was well known to have never been shy in capitalizing on that image and his stunning physique to aid him in bedding numerous women. Rumor has it he was aggressive in the sack and highly into verbal abusing what he described to fellow jocks as his “cum-dumps” during it. Such whispered rumors only added to Brody’s status as THE campus stud. He was THE JOCK at the university among all the guys. By now Brody’s ego was also larger than life. He continually boasted of being the man who always KO-ed the competition and bagged any woman he wanted. His continual bragging about his athletic ability and highly masculine prowess made him sometimes hated by his jealous teammates. It would only take one slip up for them to turn upon him to vent that jealousy.

“You see the problem here right,” The coach said to the diminutive middle-aged figure that was standing with him off to a side area. “Ever since he came on campus with his KO crap boasting, things have gotten bad. He tells everyone I suck and we only win thanks to him. The problem is people on the Board are starting to believe him. I want to win but now it might be better if we lose…as long as he is the clear cause of that loss,” the white haired coach grumbled as he saw Brody glance at him “Now I have to stride out there and smile with this young muscled idiot and act like I’m happy he is being honored.” He glared at the still waving Brody then gazed over at the five-foot four man standing next to him. The coach had been told this man was an expert in taking down strutting macho hunks. Looking at the small slightly pudgy man, who had appeared, did not inspire his confidence in his choice. Still, the coach recalled, this very man had been the one to single handedly “dispose of” the city’s once preening and insufferable Scarlet Avenger . Reports were that buff young avenger was someone’s sex slave now. Still, the coach thought, it was simply a rumor. “I serious doubt Brody would ever become some man’s sex slave,” he mused as he focused his attention back on the grinning campus hero. The coach had in his possession a private investigator’s file, which listed Brody’s many female bedroom conquests. “No that asshole is totally heterosexual to his core. More’s the pity ,” he groused to himself. Secretly he harbored a secret lust to sexually abuse Brody. In fact a good part of his hostility to the young hunk was the strong rebuff Brody had given to him when the coach once made a flirting suggestion to the former. Brody had not only aggressively spurned the suggestion he had done it a way that left no doubt he was disgusted by the idea of men on men sex in general and the thought of trying it with the coach in particular. “Yeah, you wish huh you fat pathetic fuck,” Brody had sneered before stalking out of the gym lockers.

Word had even gotten back that afterwards, Brody had, in front of the coach’s aide, mocked the coach for wanting to be some guy’s cocksucker. He had laughingly said he’d never blow a guy like some bitch. He’d gone to add that he would also, “never give my butt up to some dude and that troll in particular,” while he slapped his hard rump for emphasis. Worse Brody now openly criticized the coach in front of the team. He told the coach that, if the coach tried to discipline him, then Brody would report the sexual pass the latter had made. “You will take whatever I fucking dish out. Got it faggot,” Brody had stated to him in private. Brody now took fiendish delight in making sure he wore as little as possible in the locker rooms whenever the coach walked arrived. “You can look you old pussy but just know you will never touch,” he whispered during one locker-room exhibition.

Remarks like that only lent fuel to the coach’s desire to take down the buff young stud. “God, look at the fuck-able that butt on him,” the man sighed out loud without realizing it. Just then Brody glanced over at them. A look of contempt flitted across his face before he turned back to view the crowds. “What I would not give to pop that cherry on him and make him beg for more of it.” He turned to the small man next to him. “Uh, look,” he sputtered nervously. “Let’s forget what I just said okay.

Dr Doom merely smiled at the worried coach. He then directed his eyes at Brody. “Every so called indestructible young hunk has a weakness,” He assured his ‘host’. “I think I see his”, the evil doctor mused out loud as he saw Brody keeping the assembled student body revved up. Clearly KO Brody was savoring it all a bit too much himself. “The young man loves the attention,” the doctor chuckled. “That conduct of his confirms he loves to show off his body too. Another factor I keep in my head for later use.”

The doctor had studied the object of his employment. He had observed that the tight workout uniform Brody wore, for instance, was tailored to accent his sculpted torso in the best way possible to emphasize to everyone that KO Brody was buffed and primed! The young star was like one of those ancient Greek statues one saw in the old data clips. Perfectly proportioned with firm limbs and muscles that rippled under his pale skin, he moved on the stage with a sensual grace. To top it all off, Brody had that indefinable something that attracted people to him on a deep physical level and he usually exploited it. “The subject is clearly aware of his physical attributes and continually flaunts them,” the doctor had decided. “Shows a narcissistic personality that needs to continually display his hyper masculinity for self validation. His seemingly relentless engagement in numerous sexual conquests, his excessive boastings about his virility, and his aggression during it also could be signs of a possible inner insecurity about his sexual prowess that might be nurtured to fit our designs.” The doctor focused on Brody’s reactions with the crowd. “Likes attention or rather overt showings of approval by others. In fact today’s exhibition demonstrates it’s like a drug for him ,” the doctor mused as he grinned.

“You do me too much honor,” Brody signaled to the crowds who refused to settle down. The hero raised both hands to wave while the sunlight played along his taut form. He again brushed his hand across his locks once more reveling in the effect on the girls.

“Brody. Brody. Brody.” The masses roared no doubt caught up in the emotions this highly magnetic young man gave them. The screens filled with the images of his face and his body.

“Dudes, this is fantastic,” an energized Brody yelled out as the crowds went wild. “Your lion is ready to roar,” he yelled out to their applause. Everyone on campus knew Brody would give his “signature” yell when his team scored off an opponent. Rumor had it he also did it when he ejaculated into his latest feminine conquest too.

The doctor fixed his vision upon Brody. With clinical detachment he observed how Brody’s body seemed to twitch as the heated energy of the people and the ceremony all took hold of him. A flush came to his cheeks and his breathing deepened while his pupils slightly dilated. The doctor also noticed Brody’s a slight swelling in his bulging crotch area. He also noticed the constant touching the young man gave to his hair. Clearly it was also bound up to his ego.

“Dudes, thank you so much” Brody yelled again as he raised his hands upward into the air revving the adoring fans up further and, so the doctor noticed, Brody as well. “RRRRRAAAARRRR,” he bellowed imitating the growl of a lion to them. “RRRRRAAAARRRR,”he repeated before adding. “That is the sound of me telling ‘em they just got fuc...”he paused then said instead, “beat by me.”

The smiling doctor recognized the recognized the clearly displayed symptoms of this young hunk. Watching his past public appearances, thanks to the college’s habit to record all such events, he realized rather quickly that Brody always had a tendency of becoming overwhelmed in times like this one. It was as if he experienced a sort of mental excitement overload in reaction. Even clips of the buff young hero impressive field victories showed this physical change in him. He seemed almost to get ‘high’ on it all. Dr. Doom’s medical minions had decided that KO Brody’s mind produced massive amounts of endorphins during times of emotional stimulations. Up till now the star seemed to have this stimulation under control. The doctor decided however that, given a very highly charged emotional event, Brody would mentally spin out of control and respond without thinking things through first.

“Go do your speech but add this onto it,” the doctor smirked. “Tell the crowd the importance of keeping healthy body just like their hero. Explain to those idiots that an annual physical is vital for that, no matter the person’s age. Go on to state Brody himself will take a physical to show everyone should do it as well.”

The coach looked at the diminutive man. “That is your fucking plan?” He hissed

“Just do it,” the doctor sharply replied. “There on the stage in front of his adoring fans. You will box him into agreeing. Then send him to me. Trust me it will be a physical that will rock his ego into the garbage.”

Grudgingly the coach nodded. The doctor watched as the announcement was made. He saw the perplexed look on Brody’s face over his “volunteering”. The coach smiled at Brody who reluctantly smiled and nodded.

“Got ya,” Dr. Doom laughed.

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