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Khalid and Sajid’s Ball Play
By Kyle Cicero

Khalid and Sajid’s Ball Play

By Kyle Cicero

Further Adventures of Our Two Indian Lads. Feedback welcomed!

Eric Riker had it all. The 26-year-old was a gifted baseball player. A star pitcher on a major US team, who also had the ability to hit as well. Standing at six foot two, with a tight muscled 195-pound body, this brown haired, green eyed young man had the All-American looks that one usually found in athletes from Mid-America’s corn belt. Drafted at an early age straight out of high school, he had easily catapulted into superstar status. He had a reputation not only is a good ball player but, according to gossips columnists, cut a large path through the female population of the country.

His recent massively popular cologne campaign, had him snidely grinning, wearing only his slightly unbuttoned, form fitted baseball uniform pants. Wearing them slung low on his hips, it slightly exposed his thin, brown haired honey trail but definitely showing off his hard eight pack. His well-developed arms were draped over a bat that was lying across his shoulders. He managed to combine that All-American Boy look with provocative sexual allure.

Posters like that turned him into a sex symbol who, in public, constantly professed his strong conservative values and decried those who engage in some vaguely defined ‘un-American sex acts’. Though his carefully crafted image was one of humbleness and clean living, he was totally arrogant, completely homophobic, and believing he was superior to others. Even more covered up, was his love of getting sexually off while smoking weed or using poppers.

He had just come off another successful season win when, as part of a goodwill gesture designed to increase baseballs popularity worldwide, he was made part of an All-Star American visiting baseball team that was scheduled to play an exhibition match against one composed of Indian players.

The local newspapers in New Delhi reported that Eric had confidently predicted a “walk over these local players” so, feelings were running high. He had flown in a week before the game to do publicity for it. It was on his second night that, after posing for pictures in his unform at the hotel’s pregame event, he slipped way to smoke some strong local ganga he had secretly brought from a hotel bellboy. Unused to its powerful effects, he was quickly high. Barely aware of anything now except the ganga he was smoking, he managed to stumble about the hallway. It was here that Khalid and Sajid bumped into him or rather he bumped into them.

“Get out of my way you fucking Indians,” he grunted as he swayed about.

“You are a guest in our country,” an annoyed Khalid replied. “You should show some respect especially since you will be playing our local team in a few days.”

“Respect sheeettt,” a quite buzzed Eric laughed as he took yet another hit on the huge joint he had acquired. “Listen,” he sputtered as he pushed a finger into Khalid’s chest. “I’m going to fuck up your local team. Bunch of pansy assed wannta be baseball faggots too I bet. “ he giggled. By now Eric was flying on the effects of inhaling the ganga. “Now get you brown ass outta my way,” he growled as he roughly pushed Khalid.

“Try it again you American kutti and you’ll regret it,” Khalid told him using the local slang derogatory terms for bitch..

“Fucking Indian asshole,” Eric slurred as he threw a punch that missed. When he tried it again, Khalid easily dodged the effort. Eric angrily took yet another swing at him only to miss. Khalid threw a punch right into eric’s stomach.

“Oof,” the American grunted as he doubled over. He gazed at the men through bleary eyes. “I’m going to punch out your lights,” he sputtered.

“You first, kutti,” Khalid shot back as he gave the drugged-up player a hard uppercut that literally lifted Eric off his feet.

Eric, whose eyes were rolling up in their sockets, stood weaving on his feet in front of them. “Fuuuuucccc,” he mumbled as the world tilted for him.

Sajid gently tapped the American’s torso to give it a slight push to eric’s back. “Timber is the right word they use in America isn’t it?’ he asked as they watched a cold -conked Eric fall face first onto the floor. Together with Khalid, Sajid easily took hold of Eric and managed to carry him to his hotel room.

“What will we do with him?” Sajid asked as they got him to his room and dropped him onto the bed. “shit is that poppers on his nightstand?”

“Poppers,” Eric softly mumbled. “Fucking love popper sex.” He reached to massage his crotch. “Fucking poppers…so hot.”

“Damn so much for Mr. All-American only into clean living huh,” Sajid replied. “What a fucking hypocrite.”

Khalid grinned in a way that indicated he had an idea and it involved sex. “I think our American jock needs to know Indian men rule.” As Eric blissfully lay on his bed still in his uniform, the two made plans.

“Hey,” Eric moaned as he tried to focus on the two men in the room. “Anybody got any more of that Indian ganga shit.” He laughed. “Fuck that shit has a wallop and my nuts are roaring too. shit, so hot getting fucked up,” he giggled as he stared at them with dilated pupils. He unconsciously reached down to grab at his crotch area. “Shit I need to free my boys from this fucking athletic cup too.”

Khaled looked at the American muscled baseball player splayed out on his bed in his tight uniformed glory. Every muscle on his body was displayed by its torso hugging uniform. Suddenly he got an idea. “You still have that ganga he was smoking?” he asked Sajid.

“Yeah I figured it was not smart to leave it,” Sajid replied. “It’s in his pants pocket.

Khalid lit the joint and put in past Eric’s lips. “Go on suck it up,” he instructed. They watched as Eric deeply inhaled on it. “Now a bit of this,” he joked as he reached for the poppers and brought it to eric’s nose. “Take good hit you American kutti.”

Eric, who obviously knew what to do. Raised his head. He took hold of the bottle and took two strong snorts. “Fuck that’s so fucking good,” he gasped. His eyes glazed over. “I need to pop my load man,” he mumbled as he moved his right hand to his crotch and, once more, pressed down on his athletic cup. “I need suck another hit from that ganga, buddy,” he groaned.

“I have something even better to suck,” Khalid teased. He gently pulled Eric by his shoulders, so his head was dangling off the side of his bed. Next, Khalid walked up to Eric's head and straddled it. Quickly unzipping he pulled out his growing erection. “Yeah buddy, try sucking on this,” he said. He bent his knees slowly eased his shift to the American’s mouth. “Try this Indian flavor,” he teased.

Eric, who was still so out of it, simply opened his mouth and slurped on Khalid’s meat.

“I don’t taste anything,” he mumbled as he lightly sucked Khalid’s cock head.

“Come on American, you got to really slurp it down and suck it in to get the best effect,” Khalid laughed while handing Sajid his cell phone. He pulled out and fed Eric some more of the huge ganga joint.

“Sheet this stuff is good,” Eric sighed as Khalid took the ganga away and inserting his dick back through Eric’s lips.

A grinning Sajid nodded and raised it to zoom in on Eric’s face.

“Be sure to get some nice face shots of America's hero sucking drugs and blowing an Indian’s dick,” Khalid said as he gently face fucked an obvious stoned Eric for the camera. “I’m going to feed him each to keep him going.”

As Eric valiantly tried to get high by sucking on Khalid’s ‘joint’, Sajid took some really great shots and even a videos of the All-American Boy lying on his back, in his uniform, with his head slightly bent over the side of the bed alternately sucking on a ganga joint or slurping down an unseen Indian’s thick dick. The best part was, throughout it all, a clearly doped up Eric was giggling and begging for ‘another hit of that prime Indian stuff’ while massaging his crotch and occasionally snorting from a bottle in his right hand.

“You took the cowboy’s cherry so it’s only fair that tonight I get first crack at this ass, okay,” Sajid said as he reached for a small penknife in his pocket. He handed Khalid the cell phone. Taking both of Eric’s ankles, he raised them upward, spread them wide, and pushed them forward until Eric, slurping on whatever Khalid fed him, was slightly folded over. “I’m going fuck him while he is in his unform,” Sajid stated as he deftly cut a small slit in the seam in the rump area of the American’s unform. “Shit he’s only earing a jock strap under his pants.”

“Makes for easy access to his butt-hole,” Khalid replied as he once more took away the ganga and inserted his shaft down a totally high Eric’s unresisting throat. “Yeah suck kutti. I’m going to bred you if you keep it up,” he grunted as he oozed some precum inside Eric’s throat.

“Let him take another sniff from that bottle,” Sajid stated as he inserting a finger through the slit to tickle Eric’s anal opening.

Khalid nodded and guided Eric’s hand to his face. He watched as the ballplayer took a snort into each nostril.

“Fucking A,” the American gasped as he reached down to push down on the rising mound trapped inside the hard plastic athletic cup. My junk feels so hot in this thing.

“Sajid let his finger slowly swirl about the moist, heated hole until he had Eric’s mewing in pleasure through his cock stuffed mouth.

“Mmmph,” Eric grunted as Khalid fed him another dose of poppers. His tight athletic body literally writhed on the bed as Sajid finger fucked him.

Khalid reached down to take hold of the top of Eric’s baseball unform and pulled it up to expose the jock’s nicely rounded pectorals and washboard stomach. “Nice tits,” he said as he reached to tweet each rounded brown-hued orb.

“Ugh,” Eric grunted, and his body bucked. Suddenly the cup caging his groin rose upward.

“Yeah he likes it,” Sajid replied. He playfully began repeatly pushing the cup first down then releasing it. Each time he ‘pumped the junk’, Eric let out a low muffled groan of pleasure.

“Fucking the cup,” he giggled as his hips rose upward to increase the erotic sensations from the hard rounding plastic mashing down his junk. He had never been so high or so sexually stimulated. Whatever was going on at his asshole felt amazing and, the workout his nipples were getting was sending pulsating waves of pleasurable pain directedly into his brain. He couldn’t figure out why whatever he was smoking sometimes left a wet salty taste in his mouth, but it didn’t stop him from sucking when told to do it. He knew in some vague way he was not alone but, when he tried to focus his vision on things, he simply couldn’t. What he did know was he was truly loving it all especially, how his erection was getting smashed down on his balls. He could feel his sticky, wet pre-cum oozing from his cock bathing them. It was too mind blowing. “Fucking the cup,” he sighed as he happily humping it.

“I’m going in,” Sajid told his friend as he spit on his shaft to lubricate it. “Let him take a good hit.”

Khalid winked and took the poppers from Eric. “Get a good whiff, kutti” he instructed as he placed the bottle first under Eric’s right nostril then his left one.

“Fuck me,” Eric groaned as his brain reeled from the fumes.

“Since you asked,” Sajid snarled as he pressed on Eric’s anal entryway with his thick tool.

As Sajid’s helmeted warrior invaded, Eric let out a howl. He tried to move his body up, but Khalid held him in place. “MY ASS,” the American wailed as Sajid’s shaft relentlessly plowed into him.

“You need something to occupy that mouth, kutti,” Khalid stated as he thrust the poppers under Eric’s nose while also pushing his erection into the American’s throat.

As both men fucked into a squirming Eric, they gave each other a high-five.

Eric thought his ass was on fire. He squirmed about then, suddenly, something got whacked in his ass and the pain was rapidly replaced by something that fired up his nuts. He began subtly bucking his rump back onto Sajid’s cock. His cock stuffed muffled protests were quickly replaced by whimpering sounds of pleasure.

“Look like your inner fag is coming out,” Khalid said to Eric as the hunk began sucking on his cock with more urgency. He looked at his friend. “I guess it needed a little air from being locked away,” he joked as they fucked away.

Eric had never n been this doped or sexually stimulated. His tight body gyrated on their cocks. The men took some nice shots of his unformed muscled torso writhing under two cocks in him. Eric oblivious to anything but a craving to bust a load. As Sajid humped his hole, he made sure to continue to manipulate that athletic cup to masturbate Eric.

“Shit I’m ready,” Sajid grunted as he felt himself unloading.

“Me too,” Khalid breathlessly replied as he began ejaculating.

Eric felt the searing hot liquids filling both his holes. As the one splashing up his ass it washed over his newly discovered ‘sweet spot’. Grunting he too began squirting into his cup.

When they’d finished, both men pulled out. As they cleaned off and prepared to get ready for more, they took in the sight of the American jock. He was still snorting poppers, lying there with cum dribbling from the sides of his mouth, a large visible ‘o’ ring wet spot where his cup was located, and farting out Sajid’s cum. They made sure to video it for posterity too.


For the next few hours Khalid and Sajid tag teamed every hole the dopped up Eric had doing him in every possible position. By the time they were done, Eric was thoroughly their cum-dump.

After they finished, Eric lay on his bed, his face and chest sticky with cum and the pungent odor of his multiple ejaculations emanating from under his athletic cup. An even more obvious ‘cum ring’ was visible from the spunk that seeped out from under the cup’s sides. His unform was a jism stained mess. “Fucccckkk,” he burped as lay there splayed out. His now cum filled, bulging stomach had rendered his hard eight pack invisible. He had a goofy smile that was nicely covered by the jism crusted around his mouth.

“Ahmed still so some work on the side?” Khalid asked Sajid as they took shots of Eric for their stud collection.

Sajid laughed and made the call. “Let’s invite some friends to party with him too,” he suggested.

Over the next days multiple gay Indian men dropped by to ‘play’ with a continually drug using Eric. They all finally left his room eight hours before the exhibition game was to begin. His coach found him stinking of semen and still hung over.

“Get dressed,” the disgusted man said as he hauled a woozy Eric to the shower.

At the exhibition game, Eric had the worst performance of his career. He moved stiffly and quite a few commentators mentioned that he had a weird walk. One labeled it, “some type of the bowlegged shuffle.” It was also mentioned his once flat stomach now had a bit of a ‘gut’.

Thanks to his condition, attributed later to an inner thigh groin pull, his inability to pitch, hit or let alone running turned the game into an American rout.

Unexpectedly, the Indian team had romped to victory. The American Baseball League put the best face on the loss, but everyone knew it was all Eric's fault. Rumor’s soon circulated that his poor performance was due to partying hard before the game. Shots of him using ganga and, worse, poppers secretly passed around the Net. His All-American, straight arrow image took a huge hit. Endorsements started to dry up. A few days later a secretly taken locker room picture soon hit the Internet. It showed a bare-assed Eric. What caught everyone’s eye was a line of Hindi tattooed “{courtesy of Ahmed} right above the butt-cheek crack of Eric’s ass. It read “S.&K. yahaan the under which, was a small arrow pointing downward. The Hindi speakers who saw it laughed and quite a few Indian gay men gave each other high fives.

The End