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JT's Newest Boy
By Kyle Cicero

JT’s Newest Boy [Brad Gets Had]

By Kyle Cicero

My thanks to the writer, Jock Topper, for his input and the fun we had playing around with it. Calling my main character JT is my homage to him.

The Story

JT knew he would report as ordered. Brad, for all his reputation as an alpha guy, had succumbed to JT’s superior, alpha persona and was now totally obedient to his commands. Taking Brad down had taken a bit of time and some mental game playing. However, JT was an expert when it came to castrating preening so-called alpha boys, especially good-looking, beefy toned ones. Brad had been a nice conquest. More arrogant than most, JT had made the muscled, self-proclaimed ‘I only top’, Brad into his compliant, raging bottom. As he expected, Brad showed up exactly on time, already in sexual heat for him. He brings Brad in front of the room’s large wall mirror. “Strip.”

By now, Brad was fully aroused. Consumed by the erotic heat of his submission, he was incapable of resistance. JT smiled as he watched Brad disrobe. JT, who had dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, took off the leather arm band he had worn around his right bicep. Using it as a collar, he secures it around Brad’s neck symbolizing his final transformation from an alpha into a beta.

As he stands next to JT and looks at the mirror, Brad doesn’t recognize who he sees in its reflection. He is naked, except for the leather collar around his neck, his hard-on is sticking straight out. Pre-come is oozing from his cock head and dripping down like a pearl necklace to the floor.

“Who do you see,” asks JT. “Go on look at yourself and tell me who you see!”

“I…I…I,” Brad hesitantly replies refusing, at first, to acknowledge what stares back at him. His heart is racing. He is embarrassed and humiliated by what he has become, but that thought only causes him to become even more aroused and submissive.

“Who do you see?” presses JT sharply knowing this admission will finish his project.

Brad again stares at himself. He no longer sees the strutting, smug jock he once was JT had stripped him of the phony self-image and reveals his true inner nature. “I… see… your…boy,” he admits as the seductive allure of being turned out as JT’s faggot takes a firm hold on his brain! “I see your boy,” he repeats. His admission causes his erection to quiver resulting in more pre-cum oozing from his dick.

“Exactly,” replies JT. “Get down on your knees and perform for me, you pussy,” he says as he strokes his own erection.

By now Brad is lost in his craving to submit. Ever since he first hit puberty, he had always been the one in control, taking advantage of his chiseled frame, and good luxe to dominate and abuse other guys. Now all he could think about was being used by JT.

JT watches as Brad drops and begins sucking his cock. “Good dog,” JT mutters. He reaches for Brad’s Iphone lying on the nearby table. As a whimpering Brad sucks, JT grabs Brad’s right hand and puts one of his fingers on its ID button enabling him to have access to it. He scrolls through it to acquire all the information he requires. Quickly, he takes down Brad’s contacts and personal information and emails it to himself. “Now I have a way to send stuff to your friends,” JT tells him. “I wonder what they would say if they knew that you were now just a pathetic cock sucker for a real man?”

Brad’s only response is to increase his sucking of JT’s cock. He lets his tongue swirl around the stiff pole. It feels the shafts throbbing veins. As he slurps on it, JT’s full balls lightly slap against his chin.

JT next opens the phone’s cam and positions it so it can record Brad on his knees giving a blowjob. Finally, he taps onto Brad’s Amazon and PayPal apps. He uses Brad’s finger to open his passwords to authorize purchases which he sends to himself. “The bank app will need your facial ID,” JT laughs. He looks down at Brad, who is greedily slurping on JT’s impressive, thick shaft. “Let go of my dick and look up here faggot,” he commands. A dazed looking Brad complies at once. He stares at the cam, his pupils dilated with lust, his mouth slick with JT’s pre-com. “That’s my good bitch,” JT replies as the facial recognition software on Brad’s bank app recognizes Brad’s image and opens up his bank accounts. JT takes some of his pre-cum and rubs it across Brad’s face. Satisfied with the amounts that he has taken, he aims the iPhone camera at Brad’s face. “Time for some visual show and tell boy.”

Brad stares up at him. His face glistening with the pre-cum on it. Tongue hanging out and dripping saliva, he has a far-off look of sheer sexual arousal. The tip of JT’s cum oozing cock-head rests on Brad’s outstretched tongue. The leather collar around his neck is clearly visible in the image too.

A grinning JT takes a few facial pictures of Brad for his later use. At one point he even has Brad positioning his hands on either side of his head in a ‘puppy begging’ position. “Now get back to work while I tap some of that money you have in the bank you, boy,” he states as he sends transfer funds to his own accounts. “You would like to do it, right.”

Brad, his face smeared with JT’s pre-spunk, makes a slight head nod. “Yes,” he moans as he surrenders to sinking so low. A part of his mind was shocked that he would agree to losing control of his finances, but the greater part of his brain was overcome by the sexual stimulation of the thought that he was losing control of them to JT. In the past, he’d bragged to his friends how he’d taken pleasure in getting, what he called, loser fags, to pay for stuff he could use. Now it’s his dick leaking at the thought of being JT’s pay pig. He lowers his mouth and again starts slurping JT’s shaft into his throat.

“I think I might send this video to all your friends, so they see I’ve bred you into being my bitch,” JT grunts as he gets ready to unload his spunk into his boy. “I bet the idea of being exposed gets you so fucking hot too.”

Brad’s head nods. Images of his friends and even the guys he’s fucked over seeing what he has become cause his nuts to churn. With that idea in his head, he begins feverishly sucking harder while reaching down to fondle his own throbbing cock.

JT closed his eyes and focused on his upcoming orgasm. Brad was a good slab of meat. Yet, he was simply one of many alphas that JT had turned out. He would use Brad’s ass and mouth until it no longer satisfied him. After that, he might sell the ex-alpha off or keep him for financial draining. He knew that there were quite a number of guys whom Brad had fucked over who might pay for some embarrassing photos of a bitched-out Brad as well. In either event, Brad was now just another bottom boy cum-dump for his alpha, JT.

The End