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James And The leeches
By Kyle Cicero

Introduction: A few nights ago I chanced to see a movie dealing with cute guys and leeches. It got me thinking. So, to Casper Van Dien and his Tarzan movie I just saw...*>)! Dedication: To Michael and Cyrus: Still two men of mystery and intrigue! To Tom Isern: The masterful teacher from your grateful student. To Brian: A man of many talents. To all my friends for their countess indulgences toward me over the years of my writing esp. to the Bee Keeper who gently points out the flaws. To Dennis and Achilles: The writers of greater works to come. To Will and Jacob: Two fantastic guys who are as fun to talk too as they are hot to look at (esp. when the later one is wearing his brief satin running shorts! Ah, those well formed defined yummy legs!) To G Lounge of NYC and their fantastic bartenders like Freddie, Igor and, Pablo where I relax 'in the life' with a special heads up to Patrick from the Midwest. I must get out there if you are an example of the men that region produces! Lastly to my fans: For the last ten years you've written to encourage me guys so I hope you enjoy. This is a work of fiction with all rights reserved. You must be over 18 to read.

Part One: The Setup

"Look Barry do I really have to have these things on me?" James grumbled as he ran his hand across his closely cropped short blonde hair in frustration.

Barry gazed at the buff well-built young actor and sighed. "James its part of the script and besides all but three of the leeches are fake."

"Then why not make them all phony!" the actor suggested to the producer and chief scriptwriter of his show.

"Because we need to have some of them on your body. The scene gets it's intensity from the audience observing movement from at least some of them crawling across your chest buddy," Barry said firmly to the star of his TV series. What Barry didn't say was it also gave them another excuse to showcase the buff sexy upper body of their young actor that was a major draw for the show.

James grimaced at the thought of even three of them crawling over his chest. "Man I understand but shit," he complained. "Its not ...well what if I freak out in front of the cast and crew when they touch me?"

"Look James I tell you what," Barry said quietly. "Let's you and I meet on a day we are not shooting. You can get on the table and open your shirt and I will put them on you. If you absolutely cannot stand them I will go to the head and tell him it's a no go okay and no one need find out you freaked over it," he ended his assurance by flashing his best smile.

James fixed the man with his striking dark green eyes. His handsome face broke out into a grin. "Deal," he replied showing off that trademark smile that made women get dreamy and gay men a bit stiff in their crotch.

As Barry left the trailer on the set he chuckled to himself. The leeches had been his idea for the script. He took a chance the well-built young studly actor would baulk and he was ready for this contingency with his counter proposal. He had relied on the fact that James would hate this but still be consumed with worry over hurting his "manly image" as a rising hot actor and mega sex symbol. What James didn't know was that these were rather special leeches. Unlike their bloodsucking kin these merely secreted a slimy substance that, if absorbed by someone's skin, would render their victim sexually compliant and placing him into a drug induced haze as well.

Part Two: Bare Chested

"Shit its freaking hot under these new lights,' James exclaimed as he lay shirtless on the table. His sculpted chiseled form was bathed in perspiration as the massive overhead lights did their work.

"Heat makes these little guys lazy which we want." Barry replied as he placed each of the leeches at various spots on the fully developed chest of the actor. "Less movement understand now?" he took in the sight of James prone before him stretched out in all his gym built glory and he felt a stir in his dick. "Soon buddy," he thought to himself as he took one last long look at James. "Very soon."

"Okay heat slows them down huh? Makes sense," James said as he lay still trying not to react as the three little animals slithered over his Pecs and swirled around his sensitive nipples.

Barry watched as his "friends" slimed happily away on the sweaty body of the physically fit young man. Little did James know that Barry had increased the heat from the lights precisely to insure James would perspire. "Open pores plus slimy substances equals more going into your system stud boy," he thought as he once again took in the sexy build that lay before him. Clearly James took care of his body. His broad shoulders and developed chest tapered down into a narrow waist. Although the twenty-something actor was wearing jeans Barry could detect that those long legs were equally well developed. From the large high bulge in the boy's crotch area Barry guessed he was pretty well built there as well.

"Gees it kind of tingles," James said as he squirmed slightly. His hard abdominals flexed as he took in a deep nervous breath.

Barry quietly observed his three "friends" explore the firm torso upon which they had been placed. One was busy circling the tawny soft surface area of James's quarter sized right nipple, the other was slowly progressing in the hollow between his well sculpted pectorals while the third, had been hugely industrious and was ambling in the canyons that made up James's hard eight Pac. Barry let his "boys" continue their strolls along the smooth surface of James's fair skinned body until he was satisfied the buff sexy actor had been adequately slimed.

"Okay that's it." He said nonchalantly as he reached down to gingerly remove his living instruments from James's horizontal torso then putting each into a bottle.

Their streaks of gooey liquids glistened under the lights. "It wasn't bad I guess," James stated as he hopped off the table. He paused a moment as shook his head. "Hot lights. Kind of dizzy for a second." He explained flashing Barry one of his trademark sexy smiles. He looked down at his slimed body with dismay. "Yuck man," he grunted as he rubbed his hand over his chest. "I'm showering." With that he turned and, with a slightly unsteady walk, he went toward the set's trailer giving Barry a nice view of James's very tight beefy rump as he weaved toward the showers.

"Shit that boy's ass if one prime piece of meat guys," Barry softly said to his leeches as he screwed on the cap of their bottled home. "I think I'll let James shower for a few minutes then pop into the trailer for a nice conference. You guys did great." With that he put away the bottle and, after humming to himself for a few minutes, he sauntered over to the trailer and went in. He sat down on a nearby chair and waited till he heard James finishing his shower. "Okay lets discuss how we can do your scene with a minimum of discomfort to you." He said to the strapping blonde actor who had emerged wearing only a short towel that was cinched around his narrow waist. Barry took in the sight of the buff young man's sculpted torso that was now barely hidden from full view. As he had suspected James's legs were muscled, long and, lightly haired. Barry visualized the hunk lying on his back with those arousing legs lifted up and spread out. He gazed at James's All-American face and was pleased to see the first effects if the leeches' output taking affect. James's dark inner pupils were visibly diluted and his breathing had taken on a deeply rhythmic pattern. Barry took a few moments to enjoy the sight of James's nicely developed pectoral muscles rise and fall as the young man sucked in air. "He was ready," Barry told himself. "Time to go for it." He decided. "Sit next to me and just relax man you're looking tense." He quietly instructed the good-looking star.

"I...guess...I should get...dressed...but okay Barry," James replied with a shaky voice. He slowly went over to Barry and sat down. As he slumped into the oversized chair his legs spread apart causing the side split in his towel to separate further giving Barry a nice view of the young man's family jewels as they dangled over the edge of the seat. James's breathing took on an increasingly slower quality and Barry watched as the actor's eyes soon completely lost their focus.

"Bingo!" Barry thought to himself as he gingerly reached over to stroke the muscled right thigh of the out-of-it blonde studly hunk. "Now we got you James." He whispered as he leaned in to run his other hand across the smooth hairless chest of this prized piece of man meat before then moving his hand down farther to unclench James's towel to expose his tight body to full view. "Now we really let you do some role-play." Barry groaned in arousal as he took in the sight of James's uncut thick cock and large low hanging balls. The actor's meat was nicely framed by somewhat darker blonde hair while his full rounded heavy pouch had an invitingly sexy fuzzy covering of hair of a lighter hue. All in all the young man's equipment was a tantalizing site. "Nice set of nuts James," Barry said as he jiggled them letting the out-of-it stud's balls plop up and down in his open palm. As he fondled his hot star he plotted his next steps.

Part Three: When You Screw Into A Star

By now James was totally lost in his drugged haze. Barry reached out and took the younger man's right hand and brought it to the actor's crotch. "Masturbate James," he slyly suggested as he watched the fully compliant young man slowly take his rod into a firm grip and proceeded to jerk himself to a semi hard state.

"Uh shit," James sighed as he stroked himself into arousal. His thick darker skinned rod stiffened even more as his sculpted chest heaved with ever-larger intakes of air. "Oh man yes," James growled lowly as, judging by his impressive technique, he clearly was an expert at pleasuring himself! "Fucking jerking my cock," James mindless hoarsely whispered as he beat his meat as ordered.

"Now use your other hand to finger out your butt," Barry suggested as he eased the dazed boy's upper body backward, hefted his long muscular legs up onto the chair, positioned his feet on the chairs edges then, finally spread outward to expose the soft moist pinkish anal chute of the buff younger man. The never seen entryway constricted provocatively as the cool air of the trailer hit its damp surface. Barry brought James's other free hand to the outer rippled area, "go on play with it James," he firmly stated. Under the effects of the drugged slim the actor did as he was told swirling his finger around the outer area until his sculpted body was wiggling in what Barry assumed was newly discovered pleasure.

"Fuck," James wheezed as he played with his anal opening. By now his cock was growing and a light sheen of moisture broke out on his handsome face. "Aw gees," he moaned as he eagerly massaged his anal ring area. His face flashed another of his trademark grins but, unlike the practiced ones he used for fans, this one clearly showed his enjoyment. "Man," he grunted as his hand job on both his cock and rump took on a more vigorous action. "Aw fuck," he cried loudly.

Barry suppressed a laugh and gabbed a nearby video cam. He had to record later viewing the manly young star's best performance yet. The cam duly took down for posterity the well-built handsome heterosexual heartthrob working himself into a sexual heat. "Now put that finger in your butt James," Barry said watching to see how good his control had become.

As commanded the buff young actor quickly let his long tapered index finger work its way inside his rear end. "AW fuck," James blurted out as he pushed into his butthole. His good-looking face grimaced as he worked his finger inward then stopped. "Shit," he muttered as he took in a deep breath before pushing in again.

"Go on," Barry patiently assured the young actor as he popped his own cherry for the cam. "Slow and easy." He took note of how James's once growing erection had softened slightly and pondered calling a halt to the instruction. He decided to wait.

"Shit," James whined when at last he was finally able to penetrate himself deeply. His sculpted form squirmed at first then, with an unexpected yelp of "mutha fuck yes," his upper torso eased down onto his own finger. His air intake steadied and the discomfort in his face lessened.

" Go in deeper and then wiggle your finger in there a bit James," Barry stated hoping that he was inside far enough to hit his previously untouched prostate. Barry knew that if James hit that organ it would be smooth sailing.

"Fuck," James replied as his hand moved in and gyrated. After a few seconds of this activity the drugged hunk's body suddenly quaked. "Fuck," he blurted out sharply. James's cock went completely rigid and, without any instructions to do so, he drove his finger in and out of his own ass. "Ow man," he grunted as he vigorously worked into his own chute with his finger. "Fuck man," he chuckled to himself as he humped both his rump and his cock causing the later to ooze pre-cum. "Fuck yes!" He mumbled still blissfully unconcerned with anything else. His handsome blonde feature took on a satisfying visage.

"Shit the boy gets off on it," Barry chuckled as he experienced his own growing erection from watching the blonde hunk work over his own cock and ass! By now Barry was delighted at how cooperative the leeches' slim had rendered the strapping actor to Barry's every suggestion or order. He stripped as he planned his next activity even as he kept recording the womanizing macho acting performer finger fuck himself while his, by now, fully erect cock leaked happily.

"Man my ass is on fire!" James literally mewed as he slumped further down into the large chair so that his head and back were almost touching the bottom of the chair's seat. He lifted his legs upward and then hooked them over each side of the chair's armrests to give his hand more room to fuck his hole. As he screwed his arse his other hand continued jerking his cock, which by now was literally seeping copious amounts of light pre-cum giving his erection a wet sexy glow.

"Got something better than your finger James," Barry snickered as he greased his own respectable hard-on and moved to get his own body between he blonde hunk's now wildly stretched thighs. "So much better stud boy!" he softly whispered as pulled James's finger from his butt and took hold of each of James' fully hard thighs to gently pull him downward until he was flat on his back on the seat of the chair before hoisting up the young stud's strong legs onto each of Barry's shoulders.

"Shit no," James grumbled dejectedly as his finger left his hole. His other hand though kept up pumping his cock. It was like his erect large pole was an oil derrick that James was determined to tap into a gusher. "Let me finger my ass,' he whimpered dejectedly. Barry quickly inserted his own finger up James' rear in order not to break the stud's arousal.

"Easy boy," he chuckled as he worked his finger around the soft smooth inner lining of James' anal cavity.

"Oh fuck, " James' gasped as Barry expertly massaged his way in deeper until he touched the dazed hunk's already sensitized prostate. "YEAH!" James yelped as Barry his "sweet spot". He jerked himself off faster. By now his meat was visibly secreting ever-larger quantities of pr-cum. Clearly it was only a matter of time before he erupted. Barry reached down to grab James' hand to slow his tempo so as to prevent the actor from popping his load before Barry wanted him too. The leaking slowed.

Gradually Barry inserted a second finger then later, a third one all aimed at loosening up the muscular young star. He smirked at the sight of this hotshot self-boasting "babe magnet" now whimpering in submissive bliss as his chute was fingered out.

Part Four: Shooting Star

Barry had initially thought to have James simply give him a fast blowjob but he worried about any possible facial bruising that this activity might cause to his star's mouth area. The camera was quick to pick up on even the slightest blemish and that was a risk Barry was not prepared to take. In addition, now having observed the young actor's reactions to anal "activities" Barry couldn't resist engaging in them himself. From the rigid erection James was currently sporting and the contented sounds he was making while doing so it was pretty clear James had a sensitive ass. One Barry intended to help James fully explore. "Try this James," Barry said as he pulled out his fingers and put his cock-head against James's loosened chute entry. Slowly he leaned in to insert his hard-on into the strapping young man's guts savoring the experience of his erection slipping inside the moist soft heated lining of James' anal canal.

James' eyes flared widely open as this larger object penetrated him. "Aw fuck," he wailed. His green eyes still maintained their hazed drugged appearance but they also reflected the shock that was being caused by the sensation of getting a dick up his cherry hole. "Fuck arse...what the fuck man," he babbled in panic as he squirmed forward in the close confines of the chair's seat. "Aw gees man." He yelped.

"Relax stud," Barry said firmly as he hooked his arms around the buff young stud's thighs to pull him back into a prime "fuck" position. He trusted the leeches' drugged slim would hold and decided he could finish his actions. The sensation of tightly enclosing smoothness of James' never fucked guts gripping his erection was too amazingly erotic to end without seeding him. Barry could feel the tension of the actor's well-formed legs pressing against his own chest. He let his hands caress the length of those long tapered appendages enjoying the hard roundness of James' calves leading upward to the firm muscles of his developed thighs. With a grunt of animal arousal, Barry started his cock-work on James' rear.

"AW SHIT!" James squealed as Barry plowed in and out of his chute entry. His drugged eyes gazed wildly about but his hand never stopped jerking himself off. "Uh.Uh. Uh. Uh. Aw fuck man," he weakly protested as his buff torso shook from the rump-pounding Barry was giving to his rear. "Fuck my ass is fucking on fire." He complained even as he increased stroking his meat. Barry methodically continued his screwing knowing he would soon hit that sweet spot in James. After a while was rewarded in his actions when he heard James blurt out, "Shit...that's fucking hot," just before the zonked star began working on his erection with a renewed vigor. "Fuck my't stop...hitting... fuck!" James' grunted as he masturbated himself furiously.

Barry observed the stars' chest rise and fall. By now James' muscular torso was squirming under the anal assaults while his cock was leaking copiously. James' verbalizing grew unintelligible as well and his eyes seemed to just roll up into his sockets. From his own prior experiences with fucking guys Barry knew his star was close to shooting. "Tell me how much you love getting fucked James." The writer asked as he speeded up his own "fuck" movements. Seeing this poster boy stud now writhing on his dick and clearly turned on by it was mind-blowing.

James' tight abs erotically constricted and relaxed until his whole abdominal region soon became one rippling mass of muscles that clearly signaled that his body was getting preparing to erupt. His handsome face grew flushed as a series of low guttural whines of "argh" or "oh" escaped from his full lips. Then with a roar of "Ah shit. Fuck me!" James' gym toned body suddenly tensed. His other free hand suddenly reached down to cup his balls while his abs contracted showing off his hard eight Pac. James' narrow hips rose upward and with a strangled cry he popped his nuts. "AWWW FUCKING YEAH!" The actor yelped as he let burst forth in a profuse ejaculation that sent his white cream arching upward before landing to hit him inside his own openly gasping mouth. "Shith" he gurgled as he sucked in his own jism.

Barry experienced James' ass muscles grip his cock as the actor climaxed. As he took in the sexually charged sight of how the stud had literally ejaculated into his own mouth he went into his own eruption. "Fucking take it!" He roared as he felt the sensation of his wad exit his cock to speed deeply into the once anally virginal star! "Seeding your straight ass James!" He huffed as he spent himself then fell forward onto the prone form of the loopy hunk under him. When Barry looked up into his star's face he was pleasantly surprised to see James sighing contentedly as his tongue licked the remainder of his own creamy explosion from his sensual lips. After a few minutes Barry eased off of James enjoying the groans of displeasure that emanated from the young hot blonde as Barry's dick finally left his raved rump. Barry reached down to scoop up some of his own spunk from James' hole and let his cum smeared fingertips flick over James' lips. The dazed hunk opened his mouth and let Barry slip his fingers inside his mouth. Barry watched in amusement as James cheerfully suckled on Barry's creamy fingers. "Good boy," Barry teasingly chuckled as he tousled the blonde's hair with his other free hand.

"Fuck," James sighed in reply as he licked Barry's fingers clean even as he repeatedly squeezed the remnants of his own seed from his softening dick until, at last, he let his hands drop to his sides.


Barry went and retrieved a small face cloth, wet it then, used the warm wet towel to gently wipe off the face of his drugged zapped star. Next he wiped the young man's body and crotch. Finally, he carefully cleaned off the last traces of his cum that oozed from James' once virginal anal chute. After a brief inspection to be sure there was no evidence of their activity he took the cam disk and pocketed it. He then pulled James up in the chair making sure to cinch his towel back around the actor's narrow waist. Confident all was now okay he then reached down to pour a counter agent to the leeches slime into James' mouth. On the spur of the moment he deeply kissed James' letting the star's full sensual lips caress against his own. He waited for a few minutes then he shook his star back into reality. "Hey James," he said loudly, "you were supposed to call me when you showered not pop off for a nap in the chair buddy," he continued saying jocularly.

James gazed up at Barry. His green eyes still had an initial dull quality to them. "Wake up?' he asked softly before he then vigorously shook his head. As he did so his green eyes snapped back to life. "Aw man I'm sorry," he mumbled as the effects of the counter agent took hold. "I don't even recall getting out of the shower man." He replied.

"No sweat bro," Barry answered relieved the younger man was in ignorance. "Let's get out of here and grab some lunch. We can discuss the episode and how to really showcase your talents okay!"

James broke out into a wide smile and nodded. As he rose off the chair he paused for a second then gingerly walked to his closet for clothes. Slightly bow-legged

"Anything wrong James?" Barry asked with concern.

"Nah," James said as he reached back to massage his upper right thigh area. "Bit sore in my upper legs and honestly I think I pulled a muscle in my butt too," he laughed as he took off his towel and casually pulled on shorts and a tee shirt. They left with James moving slowly and occasionally kneading his rump.

"Well less workouts okay." Barry smiled as he watched his hot star and contemplated how he could arrange another leech rehearsal session.

The End