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Dogging The State Trooper
By Kyle Cicero

Dogging The State Trooper


I first saw him again when he came into my bar! I had just brought the local pub in the town . Not a big place but hell, but it suited my plans quite nicely. I was a man with a mission target and, his name was Mike the local state trooper assigned to this rural town by the central state police bureaucracy (with a little prodding from me and my friend "Ben Franklin" to the clerk at the assignment board).

He swaggered in like he owned the place. At 6'1' of solid built muscle tampering into a 32 inch V waist poured into a pair of uniform blues that displayed his bubble butt he was impressive! When he came up to the bar all I could see was that dark black hair and green eyes. Yep he was a stunning looking hot stud alright, just as I remembered him from high school! I was a geeky computer wiz who idolized the school quarterback. He knew and used that to tease me unmercifully throughout our senior year. I promised myself I'd "score my own touchdown" on his hunky butt one day. After graduation my family moved but I never forgot him and it was Mike and his payback that gave me the desire to make good. Well, I scored big in Silcon Valley with my own company. I used my money to find him, once I did I hired a trainer to get me buffed and with his help the geek became a new man. There was no way I would be recognized and it was then, I decided to accomplish the one thing I longed for.......revenge!

For the next few weeks I "played "the friendly bar keep quick with a drink and easy conversation. Mike became a regular coming in just after his late shift for a beer. One night it was just him and me near closing time. I decided then to make my move! When he wasn't looking, I slipped a "special something" in his bottle and watched as he gulped it down. I just kept on talking with him watching as the drug took effect. his eyes started to glaze and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

"Gees," he mumbled slightly slurring, "is it hot in here? "

I said nothing as he loosened his top collar button undid his tie and opened his shirt a bit exposing his curly dark chest hairs. If I had any doubts seeing that man chest fur curling around his neck convinced me to go for broke!

"Hey Mike, " I replied sounding pure concern. "You look a bit tired my friend . Why don't you grab a few zzz's in my back room. No sense falling asleep at the wheel . Besides how would that look you being a trooper and all !"

He tried to focus on me but the drug was running full tilt by now so all he could do was dully nod as if trying to think the offer over. I decided to press home!

I eagerly came up beside him and guided him into the room,"here you go officer", my voice ouzing concern," you just relax and rest here in the backroom till you feel better!"

He gazed at me through dilated pupils-- yep, the drug was working, "thanks man," he slurred,"dam I feel dizzy ?" I just smiled as I helped him onto the bed. In a few minutes he was lying there out cold . As I looked down at his chest rising up and down in a slow breathing rhythm I knew that tonight he was all mine!

Quickly I stripped good old Mike of his trooper gear till he was butt naked. I stared at his body for awhile. I'll say this for him he was one sculpted stud meat with hard chiseled chest and leg muscles, a six pack that felt rock hard, not to mention being hung with an uncut 9 inch monster of a cock combined with a set of balls that swayed in his low hanging bullsack. When I turned him over his butt was like a melon all ripe for the picking. I gently squeezed his cheeks and he sighed--yeah, I thought, you'll do more than sigh cop by the time I get done with you!! I knew the drug would wear off fast so I got to work tying him down on the four-poster. I'd just finished when my trooper stirred.

"Oh my head", he moaned as he came to."WHAT THE FUCK!!," he yelled as he realized that he was hogtied! He struggled and bucked giving me a nice rear view of that cop butt cinching and flexing. "Ok cop that enough" I yelled behind him as I slapped that smooth bubble behind of his.



"HEY ," he cried, now turning his head to face me, "let me go now buddy or your ass is mine!!" he growled. "I believe it's your ass that's mine here" I smirked . "Time to learn that mouth of yours better behave itself!"



With that I began slapping that white ass of his. He bucked but I was relentless.




"NOOOOOOOO! ARGHHHHHH," he howled."STOP IT!" with each slap he clenched his butt making my swat even better. The air filled with the sounds of my hits and his shrieks till at last...

"Please stop, "he moaned ,"please man I'll behave please." As he begged his eyes filled with tears.

I had won the first round! My trooper was bawling like a baby --- the breaking of this stud was underway!! "From now on its sir you understand!"

"YES......sir" he mumbled!

"Couldn't hear you boy," I growled as I let another whack hit his red ass.


"YES SIR!!" he responded quickly.

"Good baby," I cooed as I rubbed his butt turning on to the heat coming off that now red cop bum.

"As a reward for your obedience I have a surprise", with that I reached into my pocket and pulled out a bottle containing something that the boys at my company had developed for me. A new little product that relaxed a person's inhibitions while revving their sex drive into overtime!

"HUH ," he said now totally confused and scared," what surprise sir?'

I pushed the bottle under his nose before he realized what it was.--

"What's that smell," he said the fumes filling his lungs" Noooo not ... oh heads spinning...what was thattttttt", he slurred .

I watched as his eyes dilated under the drugs effects--- laughing as a goofy grin broke out on his cop's face. Yea my trooper stud was flying without a net but I was eager to continue.

"How you feel stud boy," I asked letting him breathe in some more of the bottle while I held it close.

"OH shit sirrr," he garbled," I feel soooo weird sir..." . He relaxed onto the table blissfully sniffing the aroma in and sighing in peace. Oh he was going no where now! Time for the next phase of my plans. I untied my drugged out stud .

"Upsie daisy there Mike," I laughed as I flipped him over and helped him sit up. Mike was really out of it just sitting there with his hands in his lap looking at me with his zonked out green eyes!

"I feel so funny man," he slurred as he tried to stare at me," He looked down at his crotch and started to rub his dick,"damn ," he whispered, "my dick feels funny too." He began to rub his monster dick while I watched it harden.

"Thats right Mikee," I agreed putting the bottle under his nose," you just breathe deep and play with yourself ok while I set up this video. Here you hold the bottle to!" I had a videocam all ready. I set the camera on roll and watched as my trooper sniffed deeply from the bottle for the lens, gazing as his chest expanded with the fumes he was inhaling. Soon he was blissfully masturbating for the video. I was getting it all on tape while Mike jerked away moaning loudly as his cock stiffened to full length! I made sure the camera caught every moment of it especially the drug sniffing and druggie glazed eyeballs. Good old trooper Mike was going to be in big trouble if this got to his superiors but, there was more to come!

"Hey Mike," I said muffling my voice, "got another surprise for you"

Mike looked at me smiling away in flight "another sir?" he asked all childlike .

"Yes, now open your mouth and close your eyes " I stated as I climbed on the table, careful to avoid getting my face on camera. Mike, now totally out of it complied quickly" jaw dropping and eyelids closed!

I unzipped my jeans freeing my cock and placed it right near his mouth," I bet your real thirsty huh" He nodded, mouth open and tongue out.

"Well try sucking this okay!" Slowly I inserted my head onto his tongue. Eyes closed he started to lick the head. I felt his wet moist heat on my dick and slowly eased into his waiting hole. He opened his eyes as I slipped in staring widely at me smiling. I smiled back as I began my mouth fuck making sure that the bottle was still by his nose!

OH yeah!! Mike took too it like a duck to water. His tongue rolled over and under my dick like a pro. The room filled with the sounds of my meat slapping into his mouth . As I gazed down I saw that he was as hard as a rock and his hand was jerking himself off! The video camera was going full out as I face humped my cop while listening to his slurping sounds. Baby I was lusting my straight boy right!! I felt the incredible warmth of his throat on my dick. As I looked down, I could see his copmeat glistening with his pre jis. I saw that he was also working his troopermeat as well ,pumping that shaft of his like it was an oil derrick.

Suddenly, his mouth tightened and he went rigid, I knew then he was getting ready to explode so I grabbed my stallion by his head and drove my shaft in tight. He gurgled and reached up with one free hand pawing my hips but I was in tight . I heard a strangled moan from him, and he came like a geyser shooting his cream up over his 6 pack. That did it for me, I came in gallons, flooding his canal as he slurped my jis up for dear life. When it was over, I eased him off my dick letting him plop back on the bed gulping in air. In a few seconds he had drifted off to sleep totally exhausted and sleeping like a baby with his tongue licking the remnants of my cream off his lips. Seeing him like that, gave me an idea. I slicked his thumb over his stomach getting it wet with his stud juices and brought it up to his mouth. Sure enough ,he went for it sucking his thumb like a newborn all smiling and peaceful. My camera got it all on tape. Watching my trooper infant cooing away as he sucked his thumb I planned out my next phase for him .Yes sir, good old trooper Mike was on the roll of his life now....


It was quite a few hours later when Mike woke up. I had managed to get him dressed, carried my "baby" back to his car, and from there to his home. I knew that he would be back, if only to beat me to a pulp but, I was prepared! Sure enough, later that day I heard him pull up to the bar (closed by me so we could have "privacy") and slam open the door.

"Where are you bastard", he yelled." Your dead you hear me!"

I stepped out of the side room. He turned to face me and started forward , his hands clenching into fists.

"I think before you do anything you should see this," I retorted as I pressed the video remote in my hand. The overhead bar screen flickered to life with good old Mike starring in the home movie. He gazed at the scenes of his performance in shock .

"Now listen, this goes to your station buddies unless you do as I say. Got it!," I replied.

Mike stared at me--hate burning in his eyes -- then at the flickering images. He started breathing heavily as the barroom filled with his video moans. He looked back at the screen just as the thumb sucking section rolled on view. He uttered a strangled cry as the bar filled with the sucking sounds he had made along with his baby gurgling, all at once, a large sigh left him, his fists unclenched , his body relaxed in defeat.

My eyes locked with his and I knew ,as I gazed into them, my state trooper jock was broken!!

"Okay.......yes just don't send this out!", he begged voice cracking.

"Okay.... what? " I pressed!

Mike, the macho stud state trooper, just gazed at me with a whipped look in his green eyes, "okay SIR!" he responded in a quivering voice.

"Good, " I chuckled, " now into the backroom and get bareassed boy!"

He cringed on the word "boy" but, like the well trained cop, he quietly went into the room. When I came in he was naked -- his uniform in a heap in the corner. His hands were in front of his crotch -- not so "cocky" now I laughed to myself. I reached into my back pocket while he stared at me and pulled out a leather studded dog collar. I threw it at him. He caught it.

"Put this on dog," I ordered, "want my cop dog collared at all times!"

He looked at the collar in his hands then at me. I pressed the video button and the "Mike Show" came on again. He heard the first moans and quickly collared himself. Good boy, I thought.

"Now doggie time for your training." I chuckled.

"Training sir," Mike inquired in a voice that betrayed his concern.

"Don't you ever question me dog," I yelled ,"or that tape goes to your captain---got it."

"Yes sir", he said now truly scared and whipped.

"Now bark for me pooch!" I growled, "and put something into it---get on all fours and howl for me--now!!"

He dropped at once on his hands and knees while raising his head to see me," ARF! ARF! ARF!"


"AHWHOOO. ARF! ARF! AHWHOOOOOOOO," my cop barked. I could see the veins bulging on his neck as he howled on all fours. The humiliation just poured out of his eyes!

I signaled him to stop and crawl over to me. Watching Mike do it gave me a charge. If only the kids from long ago could see their macho stud quarterback now. Dog collared. Barking. And on all fours !

"Now lets see how my good doggie begs, " I sneered, "come on Mickie up on your hind quarters".

Mike rose up and opened his mouth. His tongue hung out and he panted for me. As I stared down I noticed that his cock had gotten semi hard.

"Well, Mike I see you get off on this huh? "

Mike looked down in horror, his face flushed. " no...its not sir ..I can't ..I don't understand.. " he stammered now totally at sea.

"Never mind doggie" I said in a voice dripping with fake concern as I tousled his hair, "happens all the time"

Mike turned red the flush coming up from that beautiful hairy chest to his cheeks. He was in a total mind fuck zone -- just where I wanted him!!

"I don't understand." he replied in a choked whisper -- staring at his dick which filled out a bit more.

"Well lets not worry about it for now just get on your back so I can give my cute puppy his belly rub," I replied as I reached down to stoke his rod further.

Mike did as he was told, he was in complete confusion about the stimulation he was feeling -- a stimulation courtesy of the designer drug I had poured down him when I left him this morning. A sort of time delayed version of yesterdays bottled vapors now available in pill form from the lab boys, By my count it was due to go into effect right about now!

I began to rub his hard pack, occasionally letting my hands group his crotch for a little extra fun. As I fondled my cop's jewels it stiffened a bit more and a sigh escaped from his lips. I began to caress his tits, tickling the hairs just enough to get him squirming. I a few minutes each nipple was hard and stiff. When I looked at Mike his eyes were closed and his chest was moving in a slow up and down rhythm. I concentrated on massaging his rising pecker and noticed that his pelvis rose up pressing his cock harder against my hands. I massaged him more and his eyes opened -- those green beacons now clouded in heavy lidded sexual heat ! "good doogie" I muttered as I rubbed his dick and bullsack, "Does my doggie like it ?". I teased as I fondled him.

"AAAHHH Whoof , Whoof", came his low moans.

"Well lets try something else shall we ," I purred," turn over Mike and lets give you a cleaning okay. Get on all fours again"

Mike complied at once while I continued feeling him up. I reached over to the nearby table for that "special something" I had purchased recently. "spread those hind legs for your master doggie." I said softly.

Mike was so turned on by now he never questioned , just obeyed. He spread his muscular legs exposing that his cherry chute of his to my view. I examined every curly hair around that untouched, for now, flower.

His asshole was moist and beckoning. It seemed to wink at me in longing. I couldn't disappoint it I thought, that would be criminal.

Gently I applied lubricants to the entrance as I continued stroking him. He lowered his head into his arms forming a sort of pyramid with his butt as the peak and let out a sigh. It was then I inserted the nozzle of the superlarge enema bag I had ordered.

"Now you behave okay while I clean you out Mike, " I stated as I released the warm water into his butt hole.

Mike stiffened and his head rose up "Oh god !!" he said trying to move forward but, as he did , so did I! The nozzle stayed tight in him.

"Take it Mike or else," I reminded him. That did the trick as he stayed still while I filled him up.

"Oh man it starting to hurt ." he moaned as the bag emptied its contents into him.

I watched, noticing that the ridges of his 6 pack started to fill out as his insides filled up with the liquid. He moaned more but kept taking it . After a bit his stomach got round with the beginnings of a paunch. I cut off the flow and had him stand up.

"Nice. Yes nice." I stated as I rubbed his now engorged tummy feeling the soft give it had with one hand while I stroked Mike's semi hard cock with the other.

"Please sir," he cried, his lips quivering with beaded sweat on the upper lids, "Please I need to go bad sir". His eyes were tearing.

I gave him a sympathetic look, "well, your master is not cruel. You may go to the bathroom over there, when you finish then shower yourself as well, and return".

He started to walk quickly from me.

"Now, is that the way my doggie supposed to walk," I stated in a firm voice.

Mike stopped, looked back at my frowning face and knew what I meant, he got down on all fours and crawled slowly to the bathroom ---- his stomach hanging low between his arms and legs all filled to it's capacity. As he did left, I called out to him.

"Now that's a good, obedient pooch!" I waited planning my next move. After all a wink should never be ignored!!


I listened to the shower running and quickly got undressed. After a few more minutes Mike came out still toweling his head dry. As he looked up, he saw me on the bed, my eyes examining his body. A flush came to his cheeks and I found myself getting hard just looking at him. He was like a sculpted Greek statue. I patted to the empty place next to me on the bed , "up here doggie."

Mike, still wearing his collar I observed, dropped his towel and onto all fours and lumbered up to the bed. Yeah, I thought he was training up great!

As he climbed in his cock flopped around in a flaccid but still impressive state.

"Did you masturbate in that shower " I asked harshly?

Mike turned red. I had my answer but pressed the point. "WELL! " I shouted.

"Yeesss sir.. " he whailed, " but I was.. I mean while I was scubbing....I.." his voice breaking into a kid's whine that satisfied me even more than his embarrassment.

"Bad dog ." I replied swatting his rump in displeasure. Mike took it in silence head bowed in misery.

"Alright then, on your back now !. Eyes shut ." I commanded secretly taking my bottle from the drawer next to the bed after he had complied.

I put the bottle by his nose .He recognized it and stopped breathing to avoid inhaling but I landed a solid punch into his stomach to correct that fast!

"Oof," He cried as the air left him. It was so unexpected that he wasn't prepared and he inhaled in a reflex action to suck in air--- only the "air" was pure bottle vapors !

"Oh god", he cried as the vapors effects kicked it, "no ...oh shit ..." his speech getting more slurred .I pressed the bottle closer letting him suck more in. His eyes opened with that now familiar glaze while his mouth formed that goofy grin. I reached over to stroke him into arousal as he closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. Smiling to myself, I began to caress his balls, watching as they hardened and grew tight. My fingers slipped behind them to that soft moist spot where his sack met his ass. Final count down Trooper Mike my boy I thought as I ran my fingers across the crack of his butt !

I moved on top of Mike, our bodies touching , the feel of his body under mine, the tickling of his chest hairs on my skin . Mike ‘s eyes opened into mine and I found myself falling into that green sea of his. Lowering my mouth I touched his lips. They parted and the next thing I knew, our tongues were exploring deep inside each other's throats. I'll say this, good old Mike was some hot kisser. I was tempted to linger there for hours just kissing but, I had a date with a "wink". I broke off, began a slow descent from his mouth ,down his throat, over his now firm aroused tits and, down his pack tasting every part of his skin in a series of kisses and nips that had my dog cop moaning up a storm and his dick leaking a steady stream.

"YEAH...oh fucking yeah!" Mike growled , his body quivering and squirming under my tongue's assault!

"Like it doggie," I asked half in jest. "I can stop Officer".

"Oh dam noooo..." Mike replied, " don't ...please...ahhhhh yeah." He was grinding his body against mine so hard I could feel every muscle in my stud .

I got to his cock and started to lick the head=slit watching while it reddened and expanded in my grasp. By, now Mike was groaning in heat gazing at me in heavy lidded eyes of mounting sexual frenzy. My tongue traveled down his now erect pole savoring the texture of his cock with it's throbbing veins till ,at last, I reached his balls. I licked each one twisting the hairs on his skin gently, then I sucked them both in my mouth rolling them , pulling them , getting my trooper's man spheres hot, moist , primed!

"Damm.." he screamed, "oh damm..thats...shit I'm so turned on sir.." he gasped. " Suck my balls..oh fuck...never knew it was so friecking hot"

I sucked faster pulling them down low in my throat. Mike's voice filled the room as he thrust his waist up to the air. I had my opening and I took

it . I released his balls from my mouth and ran my tongue down that warm soft spot behind them . Reaching up I grabbed each of his muscular thighs and spread them wide. There was that sly winking chute. In a second I was on it giving Mike his first rimming! The effect on him was electric.

"AAAAHHHH...go sir..." he whailed."Don't one's ever touched me there!!!"

I continued my assault pressing in deeper. Going to open him up. Deeper I said to myself feeling the bed shaking as Mike bucked on it. I pushed his thighs farther apart and went in more with my tongue. His asshole muscles began to spasm and then.....I was in!!!! My tongue felt the sides of his inner ass. The goal was in sight.

"Deeper ...please sir deeper..." cried Mike.

"You sure you want it pooch ?", I replied.

"YES SIR! AAAWHOOO..." , he howled now totally turned on to it all.

Well, how could I refuse. I reached to the table for lube and, after giving Mike another hit of the bottle, applied a nice glob of lube to his waiting butthole. As my finger went in Mike groaned. When I hit his prostate I thought he'd hit the ceiling. His cock was like a running jis stream by now and he was sailing fast. I knew it was now!!

"Open up," I whispered as my dick pressed at his hole.

Mike gasped as I pressed in.

"Jesus nooooo... ", he whimpered, "no one's ever...oh shit.."

He started to move but, I grabbed onto his tighs and drove in hard.

" assssssss!!!!", Mike cried.

I fucked harder oblivious to my troopers pleas. With each thrust I felt my victory complete. I was riding my stallion to the finish line and it was then I realized that Mike was starting to get into it. I felt his hips bucking in rhythm to my strides. He was turned on to it all!

I heard his protests changing in mid fuck to pleas for more!!!

"OH yeah fuck me.....fuck me....I love it sir....Take my cop straight asssss!!", He moaned as I pumped faster turned on to the knowledge that my stallion had been fucked into a brood mare!!!

I reached down to stroke his cock and, as I did, I felt his ass muscles clamp in a spasm. All at once, Mike erupted, his cock shooting a geyser of juice up like a volcano. As he did, I came as well filling his cop's hole with my searing hot cum. Branding his cherry walls with my mark!

When I withdrew Mike let out a long breath.

"More sir.." he whimpered, "please fuck me more sir".

I laughed," Don't worry I intend to !" slapping his butt for emphasis.

For the rest of the night I screwed and mouth fucked Mike every which way. He moaned, begged, barked, and whimpered for joy every moment. It was a marathon session that had me exhausted by morning. When dawn broke I had gotten my revenge in full complete with video tape from the cameras I had secreted in the room. With a little judicious face/voice alterations to conceal my identity the tapes would be ready for shipment to everyone in our high school class in time for the upcoming reunion. I gazed at Mike sleeping in his dog collar sucking a cum smeared thumb. Oh, the next reunion would be a real howler for state trooper and former star stud quarterback Mike...