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Clayton and the Nerd
By Kyle Cicero

Clayton And The Nerd

On paper it looked like no contest. After all, Clayton stood at just over six feet and was a man who was in superb physical shape possessing a gym toned one hundred and ninety-five pound muscular body. Most guys saw his 15inch arms and figured he could easily take the effeminate nerd that had bumped into him at the bar. When, after initiating some smack trash words, the nerd had the nerve to challenge Clayton to a “loser gets publically fucked” ultimate fighting match the smart money took in the paunchy little nerd’s five foot nine inch but soft doughy frame and quickly bet on Clayton who had yet to lose in any such combat.

The match was set for the next day in an underground ultimate fighting ring area a nearby warehouse. For the balance of the night in the bar Clayton boasted continually about how he was undefeated in these “loser-gets-fucked” combats and that even more smugly to the patrons how his hard round ass had never been touched by any guy and was never going to be. To everyone in the place he smugly laughed how unconcerned he was about possibly losing his cherry to the nerd in the next day’s encounter. As Clayton sauntered into the battle ring section that had been set aside he again vociferously predicted an easy win followed by a series of long hard fucks up the nerd’s chute. As he flexed in his singlet his strong muscled torso rippled. When the nerd came in his pathetic body drew a few smirking hoots of derision from the crowd. True, Clayton’s opponent was taller but his arms and legs were scrawny and his abdominals betrayed that slight bulge which clearly indicated he probably never did a sit-up in his life.

The personal contrast between the two men was striking as well. Clayton strutted about the arena with a manly self-confidence while the nerd was so effeminate in demeanor the thought he could ever hope to ass-kick let alone fuck another a man’s man like Clayton was ludicrous. Clayton could barely suppress his own laugh as they squared up to engage in combat. Normally a loser like the nerd wouldn’t even register with Clayton let alone be the object of a fuck but this limp-wristed jerk had called Clayton out. The thought of beating him in front of everyone here then screwing him as an object lesson aroused Clayton now. His six inches eagerly anticipated publically plugging the nerd after their fight in front of the assembled audience composed of his friends and others who had come to see the combat. The crowds yelled the fighters on and after some preliminary circling the two fighters connected.

At first it seemed to be no contest as Clayton grabbed and threw the scrawnier man around like a rag doll. Yet, the nerd seemed to bounce back with little effort. Then Clayton, who was still winning every encounter, grew overly confident. After one body blow that had the nerd flat down and face up on the matt he decided to humiliate his opponent by putting one leg on the guy’s stomach while flexing a “victor pose” over the downed man while arrogantly smiling at the assembled crowds. As he gazed around in his “triumph” the nerd rapidly reached a hand up between Clayton’s spread thighs and grabbed Clayton’s nuts in a vise-like grip that had the buff fighter immediately wheezing in pain. Using his new control of the situation the nerd held on and rose to his feet. Clayton’s eyes gazed at the man teary in pain and helpless to act while his sack was firmly in the clasp of his opponent. As he huffed and gurgled the nerd, to the delight of the crowd, continued his pressure on the muscled man’s balls while proceeding to deliver a series of degrading hard “bitch-slaps” to Clayton’s face that soon had the better built man woozily staggering. After one last hard squash of Clayton’s balls that literally bent him over in agony the nerd suddenly let go of Clayton’s pouch. As the agony from his nuts faded Clayton’s eyes and mind cleared. He raised his head just in time to see the smirking nerd’s face seconds before the scrawny man delivered a powerful roundhouse uppercut to his jaw that lifted him bodily up slightly off the floor before sending him into a sea of swirling darkness. Many in the crowd were stunned by the image of the stronger fit fighter being cold-conked by the flabbier man. The murmurs rose as an unconscious Clayton’s strapping form slipped to its knees before plunging face forward at the feet of the skinny nerd! When lights came back to Clayton’s brain he realized he was now curled up into a ball by the nerd who had positioned Clayton’s shoulders firmly onto the matt while hooking his legs over his head. In stunned disbelief Clayton listened as the crowd counted him out.

The amazing had happened. The better built more muscular man had lost to the out-of-shape pathetic nerd. Angrily Clayton got up off the matt and paced around the ring trying to block out the surrounding crowds who were yelling obscenely calling on Clayton to honor his word and surrender his ass.

The thought of giving up his ass to this jerk sickened him but, having lost his reputation as an unbeatable fighter he was damned if he would come out of this with the additional reputation as a guy who didn’t honor his debts. The smiling nerd just stood there smugly waiting as Clayton slowly stripped off his singlet exposing his entire gym toned sculpted frame to public view. Okay , Clayton thought, I lost so lets get it done . Defiantly Clayton strode to the center of the ringed area and dropped quickly to his knees. He felt the nerd’s hand on his shoulder edging his upper body down. Insolently Clayton shrugged the hand off and leaned forward on his elbows. He lowered his head to the matt and spread his legs apart with gritted teeth as the audience clapped and joked.

Clayton couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Here he was fucking naked in the center of the room on all fours with his head and knees on the matt and his bare ass spread wide and up in the air like the top of an obscene triangle point. Worse was that the room was filled with his friends and strangers who were going to witness his anus being plowed for the first time and by this effeminate lisping queen.

As he felt the nerd’s cock rub on his sphincter he determined not to show any reaction so as to avoid increasing his mortification in front of the others in the warehouse space. A series of cock rubbings by his opponent on Clayton’s outer anus caused his butt to involuntarily quiver at first but Clayton gritted his teeth and willed his hole muscles and ass into a rigid stillness. His anal entry felt the warmth of the man’s saliva hit it dead center followed by a hard thrust of the nerd’s dick as it tried to push its way into him. The sharp pain the attempt caused shook him briefly. With silent grunt he relaxed his hole and let himself be fully stuffed by the nerd’s invading cock. He’d lost his ass in the fight but he wasn’t going to lose his dignity he resolved as he prepared for his first anal fucking. The room filled with the derisive shouts of the crowd as the paunchy nerd began his drive into Clayton’s guts. Clayton could feel the flabby gut of the man slapping on his muscled rear as the victorious man took his prize. Clayton had never thought he ever be fucked before and never in view of a crowd but, to his surprise, the nerd seemed to posses some type of butt-fucking expertise that shocked Clayton. The initial pain of the penetrations soon slackened with each forward cock movement into him. After a few minutes Clayton’s nuts began to pleasantly tingle as the other man’s erection worked some type of magic inside his guts.

Inspite of his resolve to be stoic, the buff fighter found his breathing was increasing as well as his cock stiffening as his body responded to the nerd’s activities. After a few more minutes he was completely aroused and fully erect. He buried his head into the mat as he unwillingly drifted into a familiar haze of erotic arousal. A few hard thrusts later he was mortified to hear his voice croak out a groan of pleasure that was soon followed by a softer plea for the man to fuck him harder. The crowds grew silent now straining to hear Clayton’s whimpering of erotic arousal mesmerized by the sight of the muscular body of the loser being pounded into full sexual arousal by the scrawny flabby nerd’s actions.

In the end Clayton just lost control as his body quacked and shuddered eager for this fucking. Heedless of the humiliation he began moaning and pleading louder for a harder fuck from the man who had beaten him in the fight. A smile came to the nerd’s face and he shot a victorious thumbs up to the crowd that broke out into applause. Many in the assembly secretly enjoyed how the boastful “I’m a Total Top” Clayton’s sexual reputation was being publically demolished. Cries of “FUCK HIM ” echoed in the warehouse as a groaning Clayton publically succumbed to the man who had kicked his ass in the ring and was now just as dominatingly fucking that very ass raw.

For the rest of the night many in the throng watched and waited for their own chance to pop the sexy rump of the loser as the nerd screwed Clayton in a variety of positions! When Clayton’s own dick finally blew its wad during his anal assault another whoop erupted from everyone. The nerd finished leaving his exhausted adversary naked in the ring. He left after first waving to the mob to come get their turn with his opponent. Clayton was quickly plugged in every hole and the night passed with his now constant moans of sexual submission. After the last man had had finished with him the thoroughly mouth and butt-fucked muscled combatant slipped off to a well-deserved sleep. He awoke the next morning with cum dribbling both from his ravaged asshole and mouth with the knowledge he’s been totally bitched by the nerd and everyone else!

The End