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Khalid and Sajid’s Bronco Busting Adventure
By Kyle Cicero

Khalid and Sajid’s Bronco Busting Adventure

By Kyle Cicero

Thanks to Khalid and Sajid for suggesting the idea. I hope they don’t mind being ‘characters’ in it too.

Kurt was leanly muscled with steel blue eyes and a mop of dark curly hair. Good looking and just shy of six feet in height, he was the best rider on the rodeo circuit and, he knew it! He had been winning championships since he had left Wyoming at eighteen. Just shy of thirty, he was always ready to tell anyone that he was the best of the best. “I’m a real cowboy who supports its manly Western values,” he would boast as he strode about in his MAGA cap. “None of this Brokeback shit, just a true cowboy loyal to conservative values.


“So why are we here at this rodeo? I agreed to your idea of touring the American West for our vacation, but you didn’t mention this was one of the things on your list to visit?” Khalid grumbled to his friend, Sajid, as they walked around the stadium to get to their seats.

“I have always wanted to see a live rodeo and especially this man, Kurt Garrett,” a happy Sajid replied as they sat down close to the chutes where the competitors mounted their rides. “ I love watching them on YouTube especially those where he competes. He is quite the hottie.”

Khalid found the experience to be fun especially because their close seating gave them a truly nice view of the young cowboys as each climbed up to mounted their animal. Young, tall, and lean with clearly tight bodies, the men were quite sexy. The hottest one was Kurt Garett. He walked about in his tight worn jeans and shirt, his snug outer vest sorting his contestant number with a swagger in his step that only added to his sex appeal.

“Okay, I admit he was quite nice,” Khalid told Sajid when the competition concluded with another win for Kurt. “A body that is obviously well-muscled from work and not gym lighting. Plus, he has that All-American look. From his macho posturing among those others he has just the right amount of arrogance that some might consider sexy. Yes, I can see the attraction .”

“I’ve a surprise,” Sajid replied as they walked from the stadium. “I arranged through his manager to meet him tomorrow to receive a few cowboy lessons from him.

Khalid was about to object but then recalled the sight of Kurt’s butt bouncing upon his bucking horse and decided it was worth it to check it out on a closer level.


The next day Kurt met the two men at his ranch. He had given his ranch hands a day off so he could do this session in private. Championship riding was not that profitable considering the expenses of keeping his ranch going while traveling the rodeo circuit. These cash-in hand sessions, done without anyone knowing about them, provided the ‘extra’ income that was critical to stay in the black. He gazed with contempt at the two men. The idea that these two men from India could ever learn how to ‘be cowboys’ let alone ride anything struck him as lubricious “So you paid to learn how to what, rope a steer or ride a horse? You do have horses in India right,” he mocked.

Khalid glared at him. Kurt’s jeans nicely emphasized his tight, obviously dimpled butt. Judging from the bulge in his “saddle worn-down’ crotch area, it was also obvious the cowboy had a decent package too. Yet, though, Sajid was right about Kurt being hot, he was also a dick. For the next hour a smug and pompous Kurt gave them roping lessons while also making snide comments about their abilities. He was clear that, in his view, cowboys, white American cowboys in particular, were real men while both of them were tenderfoots which, he held in contempt.

Still, Khalid had to admit the guy was hot. In particular his butt was prime. “it is quite tight and nicely compact wouldn’t you say,” he whispered to his friend as they watched Kurt walk over to his barn to get some ropes for their bulldogging lesson.

“Very much so,” Sajid agreed. “Especially watching it bounce up and down when he is bronc riding.”

Kurt bent down to pick up the ropes giving both a nice view of his rear-end. When his legs moved apart, his tight, very worn jeans nicely displayed his butt

“I’d love to put my dick to that,” Khalid softly said to his friend as he took in the inviting crevice between them.

It was at that point Kurt turned and caught the men checking out his ass. His eyes narrowed and a disgusted grimace appeared on his face. “Only thing worse than foreigners trying to be cowboys,” he spat out, “is faggots trying to be men. You two look to me like faggots?” He spat on the ground again. “After I teach you this lassoing lesson we’re done, got it!” He walking away muttering about Indian faggots.

For Khalid and Sajid that was the final insult. The two quietly conferred and made a decision.

“Now you make a loop and twirl the rope upward. Then you aim at your cow. In this case that pole over there. Once it’s around it, you pull in the rope tight. Bulldogging is all about taking him down,” he told them as he threw his rope to encircled the nearby pole. He went over and took the rope off the pole and handed the rope to Khalid. “You’ll go first then him,” he instructed as he gave another rope to Sajid. “Go on,” he stated as he moved to stand a bit away from the men. “Keep the wrist loose. Sure that won’t be an issue for you two,” he snidely said.

Khalid leaned to say something to his friend who nodded. Following the instructions, Khalid swung his rope not at the pole but directly at the cowboy. The loop landed over Kurt to lay in a circle across his botts and around his ankles. Before the cowboy knew what was going on, Khalid pulled the lasso tight securing Kurt’s ankles together.

“What the fuck,” Kurt spat out as he struggled to stay up on his feet.

A smiling Sajid quickly lassoed the struggling cowboy around his upper body, pulled the rope, and tightly secured Kurt’s arms to his sides. With the flaying cowboy uttering a string a curses at them, the two Indian men pulled their ropes taunt.

“You sons of…” Kurt yelped as he toppled over. His head hit the rough ground and cold-conked him into unconsciousness.

“Anyone up for a ride,” Khalid teased as he walked up to Kurt’s’ body.

“Saddle up partner,” Sajid replied employing a fake Texan twang in his voice.


Kurt awoke to find himself buck naked, draped lengthwise across his own saddle, and still tied up. Khalid and Sajid were positioned in front of him stroking their semi-erect cocks.

“Get those fucking dicks away from me,” he angrily yelled as the two grinning men stood in front of him and stroked their meat.

“Isn’t it customary when one ropes a cow to brand him, so everyone knows who owns him?” Khalid teased as he lazily edged.

“I think we should,” Sajid answered. “Only instead of using a fiery branding iron we should use our cocks to seed his holes with our hot Indian cum.”

“If you touch me I’ll fuck you up,” Kurt yelled as he watched both men take positions so that Sajid was at his head and Khalid standing between Kurt’s splayed thighs. Kurt had seen other men’s equipment during showers, but their endowments beat anything he had ever seen on other American guys. “Fuck, you’d split me,” he gasped as he watched them go fully erect.

“Open wide now,” Sajid huskily said as he moved close. He rubbed the head of his cock and got his fingers wet with his precum. Grinning now, he slowly used his fingers to lubricate his shaft. As he did, he moved his erection closer to Kurt’s lips. “If you use your teeth my friend will crush your nuts,” he stated. He waited until he saw Khalid grip Kurt’s sack.

“Let go of my balls!” Kurt shouted with a hint of terror in his voice. He forcefully wiggled in his bindings as the two men laughed.

“Suck time,” Sajid laughed as he ribbed his cockhead across Kurt’s lips.

“No. no way. I’ll…..umph,” Kurt loudly bellowed before the rest of his protest was cut off by Sajid’s thick cockhead being shoved into his objecting mouth. “Mmmmmph,” he gasped as Sajid slowly eased more of his shaft inward.

Sajid held onto Kurt’s head to hold the cowboy I’s head steady. He let out a contented sigh as his cock was bathed in the moist warmth of Kurt’s throat. How many times had he watched YouTube videos Kurt Garett riding some horse or bull to win a championship. Now he was riding the American cowboy mouth with his dick.

Kurt first thought he would pass out from a lack of oxygen. Just as he felt himself blacking out however, Sajid eased a bit back letting him gulp in air. “Stop fighting,” Sajid calmly told him. “Take a breath it will be fine.”

Kurt recognized that Sajid was using the exact tone of voice Kurt had earlier patronizingly explained to them was used to calm and dominate an unruly horse. Every instinct in him wanted to fight but, his need to breath won out. Listen to Sajid, he soon managed to breath with the man’s cock in his mouth.

“Good boy,” Sajid softly told Kurt as he rubbed cowboy’s cheek. He gazed at Khalid and winked.

Kurt however may have unconsciously lost the first battle but there was still some defiance in him. With his head being held in place, he tried using his tongue to push Sajid’s dick out. His tongue pushed against the thickly veined shaft that threatened to choke him. He gurgled and slobbered about helps to more that run his tongue along its shaft. He heard Sajid n moan out something which sounded like madarchod salaa. Suddenly the shaft’s veins in his mouth rippled. A salty taste filled his throat.

“”Damn,” Sajid whispered as he loosened his grip to tousle Kurt’s hair. “Keep up that tongue shit and I’ll cream in you for sure.”

An embarrassed Kurt quickly stopped tonguing the shaft. He decided to focus on somehow breaking free and not focus on pushing out Sajid’s dick.

As Kurt tautly muscled torso squirmed about with his nuts in his hand, Khalid took a few seconds to admire the cowboys body. Leanly built and clearly well-muscled; the cowboy’s sinewy corded forearms with their rounded biceps were visible he pulled at his bindings. A broad slightly flared back led down to his tapered narrow waist beyond which, was his firm, nicely dimpled, muscular rump. Unlike his sun-tanned upper body, the cowboy’s rump area was a pale white. His pair of butt-cheek dimples sexily moved as Kurt ass quivered during his struggles to break free of the restraints. Khalid released Kurt’s nuts watching as the large twin orbs, snuggled in a lightly haired sack, plopped downward to rest on the leather saddle. “Now my turn,” he whispered as he gripped each cheek and pulled them apart. Kurt’s inner sanctum was as pale-hued as his rear end with a nicely round slightly pinkish anal entryway. “A pink rose ready to be picked,” he laughed as he spit on the cowboy’s hole and pressed his erection against it.

Kurt’s anal outer ring contracted, denying entry to Khalid’s shaft. Kurt’s dick-stuffed mouth let out a muffled yelp.

“It’s going in,” Khalid told Kurt. “You can fight me but, if you do, my shaft will tear up your ass as it forced its way into you. Your call.”

Kurt realized the Indian was going to pop his anal virginity whatever he did. Fearing the physical effects of a violent penetration if he kept squeezing his entryway shut, he reluctantly unclenched its muscles.

“Smart call cowboy,” Khalid chuckled as he pushed the head of his impressive cock gently through Kurt’s outer ring.

“AAAAAA,” Kurt managed to loudly bellow though his cock filled mouth..

Hearing the oh-so-arrogant American yelps as he got penetrated aroused Khalid. “Taking your sweet butt cowboy,” he teased as he pushed inward even deeper.

The leanly muscled cowboy’s torso violently moved about as Khalid’s long thick shaft slipped even further into his ass. Kurt’s dick muffled cries of protest accomplished nothing. He felt as if someone was shoving a hot poker up his butt.

“I’m in him ,” Khalid breathlessly told his friend when he finally got his erection balls deep into the cowboy.

“Yes we are bitching this madarchod salaa ,” a happy Sajid replied as he moved his erection about inside Kurt’s mouth. “His mouth is warm and soft. His tongue feels great too as I run it up and down on my undershaft,” he gleefully said. “Keep it up cowboy,” he joked as he patted an alternately gurgling and coughing Kurt’s cheek.

Kurt struggled to breath as his mouth was being screwed. Sajid’s balls painfully slapped against his jaw with each thrust. The Indian’s coarse public hair rubbed against his skin giving him a beard burn. Fearful of chocking, Kurt gradually forced his throat to relax again as the Indian’s long shaft abused it.

“How is it back there?’ Sajid asked Khalid.

“Like my erection is being enfolded in satin,” Khalid said as he too began to thrust inside of the still wiggling Kurt.

“Mmmmppphh” a cock stuffed Kurt protested as the men rode him. Now, Khalid’s balls were slapped against Kurt’s sack. His lean body struggled in its bindings and wiggled about trying, ineffectively, to somehow push Khalid’s body away from him.

“Yee-haw. Ride em cowboy,” Khalid whooped while giving the vigorously bucking cowboy’s cheeks a few hard slaps turning them pink. “Easy boy,” he teased. “He is giving me quite a ride but, I think our stallion will be broken in quite nicely once we finish,” he added. He winked at a smiling Sajid. “Fuck he’s tight,” he grunted as he screwed Kurt’s squirming body.

For Kurt it was a self-image nightmare. He had strutted about confident in his manliness and his ability to kick anyone’s ass. Now, these two gay men from India had roped him and were orally and anally using him. Worse Khalid was treating it as if Kurt was some wild mount in need of saddling. Khalid’s downward thrusts pushed the hard smooth leather of the saddle against the undershaft of the cowboy’s cock. As it continued, something unexpected occurred. The saddle action was getting him erect. Fuck, I can’t want to nut , Kurt thought as his began to fully bone. Soon, in combination with his growing erection, that familiar urge to blow his load grew within him. The worn saddle surface grew warmer as it relentlessly rubbed against his dick. As his now leaking cock massaged against it, the scent of warm leather and a familiar odor of a guy’s pre-jism floated up.

“Judging by what I’m smelling, I’d say someone is liking this,” Khalid teased.

“It does smell of precum,” a laughing Sajid answered.

By now, Kurt was feeling a mind fucking series of conflicting emotions. He was humiliated by being taken and sexually used by them. Yet, combined with that shock was the realization that he was aroused as fuck while getting double-dicked by them. In fact, the saddle’s stimulation of his dick’s shaft, coupled the rising tingling from his balls felt as Khalid’s nuts whacked against them, had him tittering on the edge of blowing his wad. I’m not a fag. I won’t let these guy get me to shoot my junk like some bitch in heat while my holes get screwed , he vowed even as his ‘spanked’ nuts got ready to erupt their load up through his now overly sensitized shaft.

Suddenly, Khalid’s dick began tapping something inside Kurt’s hole that caused him to experience an uncontrollable series of pleasurable stimulations. Aw fuck , Kurt silently moaned as felt himself giving into the pleasure inside his butt.

He unconsciously began vigorously rubbing his shaft against the increasing warm leather. He experienced an even greater urge now as part of his brain went into a ‘fuck-mode”. Fuck don’t nut…fuck don’t nut , he begged a body that was rapidly getting ready to do that very thing. Finally, however, he lost his mental battle to control his sexual urges. Succumbing to his ‘need to squirt’, he simply gave up resisting. His torso, driven now his sexual heat from getting his prostate banged, began to vigorously move back and forth to masturbate upon the saddle's leather. “I need to cum,. Shove it in harder,” he moaned through his dick-stuffed mouth. Quickly losing all control, he fucked back on Khalid’s cock while simultaneously using his tongue in orally servicing Sajid’s dick. Khalid and Sajid grinned as they listened to his now new grunts of pleasure. Giving each other a high-five over his squirming torso they increased their actions.

“Looks like it’s Kurt who is learning a new way to ride, courtesy of two Indian cowboys,” Sajid managed to say to his friend as he grabbed hold of the cowboy’s head. He quickened the pace now, ramming his dick back and forth inside Kurt’s now accommodating mouth.

“Indeed,” Khalid stated as he too gripped the cowboy’s rump to help is actions..

Now desperate to climax and totally enjoying his prostate assault, Kurt’s body responded to whatever they were doing to him. His anal gut’s inner lining contracted and relaxed creating a massaging sensation along Khalid’s shaft. Without fully realizing what he was doing, Kurt began to use his tongue suckle on Sajid’s dick too.

“Oh fuck,” I’m going to blow,” Khalid said through gritted teeth. He closed his eyes and gave one last hard thrust into Kurt’s guts.

“I too as well,” Sajid gasped as Kurt’s tongue lapped his erection.

“Fucking take it,” Khalid roared. As he ejaculated, his cock slammed into Kurt. It’s head slapped hard against the cowboy’s prostate while coating it with his fiery Indian cream.

Kurt’s eyes widely opened as his now ravaged and overly sensitized inner spot was heatedly seared by it. His pupils rolled up in their sockets. His body tensed. Letting out a loud dick-muffled bellow, he too erupted smearing his saddle with his spunk too. the smell of his spunk rose upward.

“Aw shit,” Sajid cried out next as he too ejaculated. He watched as Kurt desperately trying not to drown, frantically gulped down the spunk shooting into his mouth. Globs oozed out from between his dick stuffed lips showing that Kurt’s efforts were only partly successful. “Swallow as much as you can, bitch!” Sajid yelped as he gushed even more into a now gurgling Kurt. “I’m breeding him,” he gleefully shouted. “I’m fucking breeding this cowboy!”

Kurt was lost in it all. His mouth and ass hole were filled with the two Indian men’s scorching seed even as his crotch was warmed from the heat of his own just spent jism. He unconsciously suckled on Sajid’s deflating shaft letting his tongue trace the outlines of its veins while pushing back onto Khalid’s softening cock to tap that inner spot in him just one last time. Then, it all ended as both men pulled out of him.

“Fuck,” Kurt wheezed as his body relaxed upon the saddle. He lay there panting with jizz oozing from both ends. “I’ve been bronc busted,” he muttered. Kurt woozily gazed at both men. “You broke me to saddle,” he moaned as his sense of his cowboy masculinity slowly vanished.

“I think all that macho cowboy posturing covered up the fact you secretly are a submissive bitch,” Khalid stated as he loosened Kurt’s bindings.

“Judging by the energetic way you took our jizz while unloading yours, I’d say my friend is right,” Sajid answered.

Kurt was about to protest but the fight had gone out of him. “I fucking shot,” he groaned as the smell of his spent jism, mixed with the scent of heated leather, filled his lungs.

“Roped, rode, and branded with our seed,’ Khalid added.

“Yeah you gave us a nice ride there,” Sajid joked.

Kurt eased his torso off his saddle; he saw its surface covered with his spunk. “I shot a fucking load too,” he muttered. His brain was fried, and he tried to make sense of it all. All his life he had strutted around boasting of his manliness. He’d constructed his entire self-image around the mythos of what it meant in the West to be a man, a cowboy, with tingles of racial superiority to buttress it all up. Now it was crumbling all around him. Today these two men from India had actually bulldogged him and rode him like he was a horse needing breaking into saddle life. Worse, as Khalid pointed out, they had also internally ‘branded’ his ass and throat with their mark of ownership. Even more mind fucking, he had been so turned on during it, he had shot his load while it was all happening.

He again gazed at the two naked men. “Shit,” he mumbled as, unexpectedly, he took in the sight of their soft but impressive cocks. They had humbled him with them. Used him and he had cum like a bitch in heat.

Khalid looked at Kurt. He could see it in the cowboy’s eyes: utter defeat; a total inability to resist further compliance. Now was the time to seal this submission within him “Stick out your tongue and clean that cum mess of yours up,” Khalid instructed as he pointed to the saddle.

They watched as a now broken-in cowboy knelt and licked the saddle’s surface clean. The sounds of his tongue slurping on the leather was sweet!

For the rest of the night the men sexually tag teamed Kurt as the sounds of his submissive ‘unf’s ’ filled the bunkhouse. By morning, he was fully broken to saddle. Later the three left the ranch for town. Khalid and Sajid, each now triumphantly sporting one of Kurt’s championship bronc busting belt buckles, took the now totally “cock-trained” Kurt to a local tattoo parlor. “Out West cowboys always brand what they ride,” Khalid had told Kurt. The two men watched as the letter “S” was inked onto Kurt’s left butt-cheek followed by a “K” inked onto his right one.

The End

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