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Beating a path to his door
By Kyle Cicero


By Kyle Cicero


Cleaning out the old computer again. Finding another old short story that was never posted online. Like‘Prisoner Exchange’ , this is also one from the early days of my writing.  I hope you enjoy these “tales from the vault.”


It all started with a report on my desk. I had been assigned to the academy to serve as their new head by the police commissioner. At 30 yrs. old, I was the youngest superior officer they had ever had in this place. Still, they wanted a fresh approach and I was the man they picked for it. So, I got to play headmaster to new recruits. Well, I suppose as the new man I was bound to ruffle some feathers. A lot of the "old timers" didn't like taking orders from a "kid" especially one Sgt. named Tom. He’d been there for awhile, and was a real ball-breaker about taking orders from me. 

Pretty soon it came to my attention that Tom had been complaining that the "kid" needed some humbling. I'd like to see the guy that can take me on and whip my ass?  I thought when I heard it. Ordinarily I'd have booted him out but the Sgt. a good cop who just needed to know who was the head guy here. I was determined to be that guy.

 I suppose I should tell you about myself. I'm 5'11'' with dark hair and eyes. My girlfriend says I'm hot looking and "built". I try to stay that way for the ladies by working out at everyday at the academy gym. I feel having a good body gives the recruits a model to strive for, right. I guess I flaunt my sexual prowess in front of the cadets a bit too. Hell, a stud is a stud right! 

Now, the Sgt., to give the old man his due, is built too. He’s 54years old, about 6' and he's got a body of finely chiseled muscle with a bubble butt that ripples as he struts around in his uniform. With lightly graying brown hair and green eyes, I have got to admit he gives me competition in the looks department --yeah, very good-looking and hot for an old guy. I bet he's broken some women in his time as well too. So anyway, I send him a memo to see me after the last classes let out. Time to get things straight fast on who is the top dog in this place.

He sauntered into my office a little bit after the after the academy was closed for the day. I figured we could use privacy when I bawled him out. "Well Sgt.", I growled while giving him my best smug ‘fuck you’ stare. “It seems you think you run this place and not me." I figured that the bastard would make some excuse but instead he just looks at me giving off this superior gaze. " So, what have you got to say mister?" I barked because now I'm getting annoyed with the smug attitude he’s giving me.

"Lt. it seems to me this place could use some mature guidance. I don’t think you have what it takes. In fact, I 'll bet you don't even know how to properly handcuff and subdue a guy," he mockingly said.

"What do you mean?" I yelled back and now totally off my cool, “What kind of bullshit are you throwing?"

" Let me show you LT." Suddenly he whips out his cuffs and walks up behind me. I'm totally stunned but, before I can recover, he's grabs my wrists and cuffs my hands behind my back!

"GET THESE OFF ME! "I angrily ordered, but he turns me around so I face him. As I struggle, he simply stared at me and laughed.

" Sorry Sir but I it just seems to me you could use a little training on who is the real boss. In fact, I've been waiting to do this for a long time,” he tells me. “You've been walking around here like the cock of the walk in that tight officers' uniform. Now it’s your turn to learn, Lt., who is top dog in this academy. I'm pretty good at breaking men. First, we start with your rump into the right position. With that he pushed me away from my desk. He then sat on it. “Let’s start,” he joked as, to my shock, he next hauled me ass-up over his lap.

I started kicking and squirming but he quickly had my torso locked in tight. “Sgt. I swear I will have your broken for this act of insubordination Now let me go.”

Ignoring me, He ran the palm of his hand over my wiggling butt. “Hard and round. Yeah it will warm up nice.” As I’m yelling at him he started hitting my ass!


"Stop it you bastard," I yelled as my butt tingled and began to burn. "Nobody spanks my cop’s ass!"

"Now, LT. that isn't nice,” he whispered into my ear. “You’re really being a bad boy, I'm afraid you will need a little more punishment--but lets not mess up your officers' uniform. Besides I've checked you out in the showers. I want to see that hot little butt of yours real close. So lets do it without the pants.” With that he reached under my waist and loosened my belt

 I struggled but its no use. He swiftly got my pants down around my knees. Since I never wear any underwear, he had me totally bare-ass!!

"I swear I'll get you for this," I screamed even as he started whaling on my ass again. “FUCK!” I yelped but he just slapped faster and harder!


I'm yelling and he's hitting; as he was, my butt started to get very warm pretty fast. “I SWEAR I”LL FUCKING HAVE YOUR ASS FOR THIS YOU BASTARD,” I hollered. By now my legs were flaying up and down too.

“I think it’s YOUR ass that is being had Lt.,’” he laughed as he pounded my rear so hard and quick my butt-cheeks felt like they were on fire!

“My…ass,” I sobbed, as the agony gets bad; then, just as it’s almost beyond endurance, something totally unexpected happens. Warmth arose from my rump & started to spread inside me dulling the pain. In fact the discomfort dropped off and was replaced by a tingling that soon became pleasurable.  Each new whack on my rear brought this to a higher level. “Fuck,” I softly muttered. “Fucking shit.” My legs stopped moving and I swear they spread out a bit to get the maximum intensity from each new hit.

“Yeah knew you’d turn onto it boy,” he responded. He picked up the pace of his smacks. 

As he kept hitting my ass, I stop moving. Damn if it hadn’t started to feel good too! It just kept getting better with every smack of his hand on my butt. The warmth began hitting a spot in me that traveled to my cock getting it all warm and tingly. What the fuck, I’m getting a hard-on , I thought.

Tom felt my boner pressing onto his legs. “Turned you on huh boy,” he chuckled. “Look at me boy when I talk to you!”

 I turned my head to see his face. He’s fucking grinning. "Hey LT. am I feeling what I think it is?" He laughed as he raised one knee upward against the under shaft of my hardening manhood. “WELL, AM I BOY?” He asked.

All I could do was turn my head back down to face the floor and nod in total humiliation. THE BASTARD IS TURNING ME ON!!

I can't understand it, " I stammered. Now my mind was swimming. How was this happening? Me hot-shot, young cop who’s broken in plenty of women getting turned on by a guy who was whipping my butt.

 “That’s right,” Tom said. “You’ve needed a firm hand for quite a while. Bad boys need a good ass-whupping right? In fact it’s arousing to let another man control you!”

“No. No,” I replied but I was hearing myself say it in a voice so light I barely recognized it as my own. All the while, the while my cock just gets harder as he wailed on my ass.  

“It’s ok boy,” Tom continued. “Too much responsibility was put on you. You’ve been trying to act tough to cover up how bad you wanted a big strong man to take control. You recognize that for all your macho–man act you are really just a little boy needing a good whip-ass right?”

I couldn’t do more than moan. I was so aroused. Could what he said be true?

“My…ass…fuck,” I whimpered as I just lay over his lap and took his hits. My legs spread outward so each contact from his hand covered more of my butt-cheeks. Jolts of sensual pleasure cascaded inside of me.

Tom was relentless by then, he whacked me silly while he repeated what he had said over and over. I was so hot and erotically stirred up that my brain spun out of control.

“Being treated like a boy is fucking hot isn’t it, son,” Tom finally asked as he bounced his knees upward to push my engorged cock tighter against his lap. By now I was also pressing my under-shaft harder onto his lap.

I was turned on I just nodded.  Unexpectedly something snapped inside me. Tom had made me feel like a little boy. I realized that the thought of being his boy was turning me on too…big time.

A desire to be Tom’s boy took over and my smug superior attitude cracked apart. Suddenly I was bawling for no reason. Tom stopped whacking my ass and gently started rubbing it. His touch felt so tender and soft that I ceased crying.

"Want me to stop LT?" He said. His rough palm feels cool on my burned rear. 

Stop , I thought, but then that warmth will end and I've never been this aroused. Suddenly heard my own voice begging "No. Please don’t stop Sir.” I realized I had been acting the hard-assed officer to cover-up the fact I wanted to be controlled and not in control. I also came to grips with the fact that my incessant fucking of women had hidden how strong men like Tom had unconsciously always aroused me.

"Okay boy here we go" he chuckled as he really laid it onto my quivering ass. 

I was howling again but now with pleasure because that warmth was really spreading through me in erotic waves. My hard cock was rubbing up and down on Tom's knees with each hit. God, it felt so fine. I began to raise my ass upward to meet each of his strokes. He hit so his hand pushed my ass down hard onto his firm thighs.

Yeah now my cock was really getting rubbed now. Then, the warmth breaks into my mind and that repressed part of me that craved domination from another guy finally took complete and permanent control.


Tom went on slapping my now willing ass. I was so hard.  My cock was bouncing upon his knees; rubbing those thighs.

 “I'M GOING TO CUM,” I loudly yelp. Then all at once I do-- all over his thighs and knees. I was howling my head off and blowing all that juice inside my nut-sack. It was the best orgasm.  I'd balled a lot of women but I never felt myself explode like that with any woman.

I'm squirting on Tom and on the floor. Tom stopped. Once I finished, I slide off him onto my knees I stared up at him with my pants around my ankles, my cock dripping its last bits, and panting with my tongue out like a dog just waiting for my master to speak. Shit, I like that thought--my master yeah! Tom looked at me and smiled. I got a warm feeling again. Then his face got stern. He looked at me.


I knew inside me that I had to obey. Fuck, I wanted to because I now knew he is the master. He broke me, and a voice inside me now told me that in pleasing him I would please myself. That old cunt breaker, hotshot self-image was gone forever. I was not a man, just a boy who needed his guidance. I just accepted that this was what I always wanted and needed. So I started licking his uniform first making sure to suck out all that cum from it.

"Good boy, good boy,” he whispered as he stroked my head. “You just do as I say okay cause you have a lot to learn too. Everyone will still think you run this place but we will know better. I fucking control your ass now, right?"

"Yes sir "I slobbered as I licked the floor at his feet. Tom kept stroking my head like I was his dog and that thought turned me on too. When Tom saw my hard-on, he just laughed some more. As a reward, he let me jack off while he watched. Yeah, a fucking good master!!


 I've been Tom's boy and he's been a good teacher. I’ve learned how great it is to suck a real man's cock. How my ass is one hot pussy that needs it's masters hose inside it to put out the fires. I still screw up at times and need a butt whipping--hell I fuck up on purpose sometimes just to get it spanked. I'm proud to be his boy and service his needs .The academy is running smoothly thanks to Tom. He goes over the recruit’s psychological profiles. When he finds a hot-looking recruit that could use a " teacher" he arranges for that "kid" to be partnered with one of his buddies on the force. Every now and then Tom finds a willing recruit who enjoys fucking over the head LT. and putting him in "his place". Tom says its good for recruit’s morale to fuck me over and what Tom says goes! I've got to go. Today Tom brought me a new dog collar to wear around our house and as a reward I get to service his 12-incher. Later he's going to shave me bare from the neck down--he likes his boy's hairless. I am one broken in cop's slave boy now who lives to please his owner.

The End