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Bra-Ian & The Ancient Krill
Part 3
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Eagerly the old man positioned himself between Bra-Ian's open thighs. He contemplated their long muscled form for a second before swinging his hand sharply downward across Bra-Ian's rump. "Up now boy," he stated as he slapped the still pink rear end of his 'master'.


"Yeow!" Bra-ian squealed as the once macho conqueror quickly obeyed with out complaint. As he shuffled his lower body up his erection re-appeared to view rigidly waving in the air between his tapered well-built thighs. The warrior realized that once again he was exposing his sexual arousal to this person and a flush of shame wafted through him. The effect however only increased his hunger for more brutal treatment from his slave. "Up Sir," he said unaware of the respectful term he had just used.

The dark-skinned Krill smiled. He was truly breaking Bra-Ian. He recalled how the buff young fighter had swaggered around and demeaned the Krill. Now here he was arse up on his own bed his pale cheeks quivering in heat and his brain undergoing a continuous readjustment into a new self-image.

Gently the Krill poured oils onto Bra-ian rear and rubbed those hard dimpled cheeks. Their firm hardness shivered at his touch.

"Ah god,' Bra-Ian sighed as the cooling lotion went to work on his butt. He eased his head downward into the mattress.

The Krill slowly flowed the oozing lion's path between Bra-ian cheeks letting the side of his hand run downward past the fighter's chute to reach the soft sensitive back area of the blonde man's pouch. He let his thumb flicker across the place where the younger man's nuts met the crack of his lower arse.

"Sir," Bra-Ian meowed as he experienced this new heretofore-untouched erogenous zone. He instinctively spread his legs wider as thrust his upper body lower down muscular haunches to raise his dimpled rump higher for the Krill.

The other man grinned letting himself play with the clearly responsive younger mans pouch area before then bringing his thumb upward to fondle Bra-Ian's anal entryway. He ran this fingertip along the fighter's outer ring muscles teasing them with light strokes then watching as they slackened just enough to permit him to casually insert his large thumb through their entryway in order to massage soft linings of Bra-ian anus. A lightly muttered 'oh' from Bra-Ian brought a smile to his dark features.

A part of the brawny hero told him he should not allow this anal invasion to occur but the stronger drug induced side of his growing docile sexual nature overruled this entire concept. " me...awww Sir...there," a fully enflamed Bra-Ian sputtered meekly as he let the Krill start to finger him out. After a few more strokes from the other man the smug second in command soon was sighing and grunting out a series of "ohs" and "ahs" lost in a sea of pure animalistic delight with his legs fully extended outward and his rear end's chute loose and slickened by the oils.!

The Krill observed the well-built body swaying and wiggling before him. "He is ready", the old man thought as he greased his own erection and moved deeper between Bra-Ian's sturdy thighs to place his hardness at the pinkish virginal & moist hole of the once manly blonde hero who now was shamelessly whimpering like a young maiden.

Bra-Ian, who by now, had drifted off into a semi-disorientated state of mind numbing sensual heat barely registered, at first, the pressing hardness at his rear's entrance. All at once something rigid pushed into him. "Ugh" he grunted as his butt-hole experienced a burning stretching sensation engulf it. He began to move forward in response.

The Krill however as ready for just such a contingency and he quickly reached forward to grab Bra-Ian braid. He wrapped it around his wrist and yanked it toward him thus snapping the younger man's head up and halting his forward movement.

"Eeeooww," Bra-Ian cried out as he neck was strained painfully backward across his shoulders. His powerful torso twitched yet due to the position of his head he couldn't get away from the man behind him. He sensed the Krill again moving back tightly between his open thighs and the renewal of the hard object inserting itself into his anus. "It hurts Sir," he wailed as his muscled taller body quaked under the firm control of this older smaller man.

"Easy boy," he snorted enjoying using Bra-Ian "badge of manhood" as an aid to enable him to start this most unmanning of actions on the buff young soldier. He had compelled Bra-Ian to "moo" like a cow now he was going to break him from a cocky stallion to the status of a brood mare by employing his braided golden tresses to act as a rein on his steed's ability to move about. "Open wide," he growled as he thrust his hips roughly into Bra-Ian's open rear end still pulling the young man's head back while looping his other free arm to encircle the narrow waist of his enemy to cinch himself in snugly.

"DETORA!!!!!" Bra-Ian bellowed as he felt his butt being penetrated with the Krill's erection. "NO...DON"T!" he yelped with such force that the dogs rose to pace the room. They saw what was going on, recognized the activity and, grew increasingly excited.

"Yes," the Krill replied gleefully as he delved his rod inward until he completely stuffed Bra-Ian's hole. By now the bigger man was screeching and bucking trying to get the older man off him but the Krill had been an expert horseman and he clasped his steeds "reins" and leaned over the broad back of his "mount" to securely hold on. He knew Bra-Ian's violent activity would quickly tire him and he was patiently enjoying the wait until it did.

"Awww...MY ARSE," Bra-Ian railed as the knowledge he was being anally taken horrified him to the core of his masculinity. Yet, despite his efforts he could not throw the Krill off his back or compel him by his violent gyrations to remove his cock from Bra-Ian's guts. As he writhed and pleaded the fiery burn in his butt slowly eased and, to his astonishment, the painful searing soon eased into a comforting heat that triggered sparks of arousal in his churning nuts. Exhausted by his useless efforts he paused in his movements. He stayed still on all fours, his defined muscled torso bathed in perspiration. The Krill loosened the hard backward pull on his braid and Bra-Ian dropped his head panting. As he gulped in air he glanced down and then back between his kegs and saw, to his shame, that his own impressive manhood was erect! "'," He rasped in humiliation. He looked over to the Krill who had also observed the warrior's erection and was smiling. "Not possible," Bra-Ian muttered as his self-image as a masculine tough conqueror of others was given a sharp body blow from which it was never to recover.

"Just as I thought," the old man said mockingly not letting on that it was the oils that were keeping Bra-Ian in a state of perpetual heat. "Preening like a peacock in front of the mirror before while strutting around boasting of your prowess and manhood while all the time secretly a total weak submissive bitch who only needed a real man to reveal to you what you truly are!" As he finished his mental attack on Bra-Ian's macho self image he cinched his arm tighter around the strapping younger man's narrow waist and yanked on the braid with his other hand to snap his "steed's" head sharply back. "Now we ride," he yelled as he suddenly began thrusting in and out of the younger man's chute letting his dark fuzzy covered nuts swing forward to repeatedly slap against the back area of the blonde pale-skinned pouch of Bra-Ian.

NOOOO," Bra-Ian howled, as his virginal hole was ripped open while his nut-pouch was slapped around. "NO STOP!" He whined again uselessly as his arse felt the vigorous humping of the Krill. Slowly however the warmth grew in his butt and his own cock twitched in response. "What is going on?" He muttered as a flood of arousal entered his brain. He sensed the Krill's hand lower itself down his waist then the man's fingers stroke his cock. The sensation was electrifying "DETORA!" Bra-Ian shouted as an explosion of stimuli engulfed him. "Oh fuck. Ugh.Ugh. Ugh yes," he grunted as his need to ejaculate combined with the bursts of pleasure the Krill's fucking was now giving him. He humped wildly with no purpose other than to climax and increase this warmth that washed around inside him. "Fuck. Fuck." He yelped!

The old Krill grinned as his " mount" clearly signaled that he was now fully engaged in their act of sexual rutting. Soon the two were moving as one as the bedchamber echoed with the sounds of their activities. The massive dogs shook with eagerness barely able to maintain the control they had been ordered to endure by the very man who was currently wiggling his full rounded arse back onto the other man while literally mewing in pleasure.

"Yes Sir," Bra-Ian shouted shamelessly now intent only to let these sensations enfold him. "Fuck me sir. Oh yes, fuck me sir," he pleaded as his balls quivered in his sack taking its own delight in the slaps the Krill's pouch were giving to it. The overload of stimuli finally raced to his cock, which even now was being expertly jerked off by the Krill. "I am cumming sir!" He yelped at last as his strong brawny form went rigid and his butt muscles constricted. He ejaculated repeatedly pouring out his cream without hesitation.

As Bra-Ian's anal cavity tightened the Krill exploded. "Take my spunk you bitch," he laughed as his juices raced into the young soldier.

"FUCK!" Bra-Ian responded as he experienced the searing heat of another man's spunk seeding his once cherry hole. "FFFFUUUCCCKKK!" He screamed as he popped one last load before collapsing onto the surface of the bed with the Krill still in his ass and lying on top of him!

"Bitched you," the tired Krill said victoriously as he lay on top of the warrior. As he softened he started pulling out of Bra-Ian ravaged arse taking delight in the moans of disappointment that escaped from the sturdy blonde's full lips as the older man's dick slipped completely out of him. "Bitched you!" The Krill said once more.

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