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Bra-Ian & The Ancient Krill
Part 2
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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For Bra-Ian this was all going too fast for him to rationally comprehend. "Bitching me?" He mumbled still in a partial fog created in him by both the strain of his recently competed milking and the strong effects of the oil that continued soaking into every pore of his buff frame. As his vision cleared he realized that the Krill's massive erect cock was now mere inches from his own mouth. "What are you going to do?" He asked wildly as squirmed backward trying to get off the bed.

"Lay still and open wide boy," the old man hissed as he gruffly grabbed Bra-Ian's head entwining his each of his hands in the thick side locks of the blonde fighter before yanking his head forward to ram the good-looking young fighter's face toward his crotch.

"No I couldn't...No...oomph," he had begun to protest. Unfortunately his open mouth made entry by the Krill's erection easier. "Ooommmph," he heard himself say in muffled tones as the smaller man thrust his engorged manhood deeply into the younger man's throat. "Stopthhh," he grunted as the dark skinned man pumped in and out of Bra-Ian's mouth. By now Bra-Ian found himself impaled on the thick lengthy dick of the other man with his head held steady in the Krill's firm grip. Savagely the Krill plowed happily away past Bra-Ian lips while the buff young fighter lay fully prone on the bed, his powerful arms and legs flailing about the air uselessly. He was now too much under the influence of the drugged lotion to formulate how to put a stop to this latest defilement. He felt as if he would be smothered on the long tubular pole that violently crammed itself downward inside his throat. "Breath...breath...need to," he gurgled.

"That right learn how to suck my old wrinkled cock you bitch," the Krill hooted gleefully watching triumphantly as his ancient manhood orally raped this once proud destroyer of his people. He increased his thrusts using Bra-Ian hair vigorously to pull the latter's head back and forth on his erection heedless of Bra-Ian's gargled moans and grunts of objection. By now the bedchamber filled with the young man's verbal pleas for mercy. "Do it!" the Krill yelled forcefully as he leaned over to deliver a well-placed series of hard slaps to Bra-Ian exposed rump.


"YYYYEEEEOOOOWW," Bra-Ian blurted out opening his mouth wider to bellow his pain and thus giving more room for the weaker man to push his cock farther inside the warrior's oral tunnel. The effect that the whacks had on the strapping fighter's already sore rear combined with the authoritative words from the other man was electric. A cascade of intoxicating surrender took hold of him. His mind stopped any resistance and he began running his tongue along the soft under-shaft of the hard invader of his throat. Soon he was frantically sucking on the Krill. "Ummphh...hummmm," he shamelessly jabbered as the noises emanating from his oral servicing filled the room and the dogs stirred once more as this new activity struck a cord in their makeup.

"I'm sucking my slave's cock," Bra-Ian silently told himself. "I could get up and overpower him but something in me refuses to disobey him." He whined in his brain. "And I'm fucking hard as well," he continued to think as he felt the blissful sensation of his own erection down below rubbing on the sheets beneath it. He sucked faster now overwhelmed by his own arousal. On a fundamentally deeper mental level he knew that pleasing this man would please him and he needed to do it. His tongue now bathed and swirled over the meat thrust inside it. With a surprisingly easy effort his body adjusted to sucking off the Krill and soon he as bobbing up and down on the dark rod with easy strokes. As he slobbered on the smaller weaker he humped the mattress lewdly.

The Krill took notice off how this once fearsome & boastful fighter was now meekly giving him a blowjob while his narrow waist was obscenely wiggling and grinding into the sheets under him. It was obvious Bra-Ian was undergoing another arousal and was trying to use the coarse sheets to masturbate him into another ejaculation. The oils were working their usual magic! "You love sucking Krill dick huh boy," the old man chuckled, "just as I thought you are a true bitch. You are even hard servicing me aren't you!"

A flush of shame came across the handsome young man's face. He couldn't deny what his body was telling him. "I'm hardth yes," he muttered in response to the verbal confirmation the Krill demanded. His cock lurched under him and a fevered craving to serve the Krill flashed throughout his body. "I'th veryth hardth." He repeated with his dick stuffed mouth heedless of how unmanly his actions had become.

As he continued his ravaging of Bra-Ian mouth the Krill took in the sight of the brawny young soldier's round tight high buttocks and how they glistened with oil. As Bra-Ian eagerly salivated over his manhood the older Krill also noticed how the fighter's rear end muscles provocatively clenched and flexed as Bra-Ian pushed harder down onto the sheets trying to intensify the stimulation on his cock! "Time to really make you into a full fledged bitch," the Krill stated as he quickly released his grip on Bra-Ian's hair. He pulled out of Bra-Ian's mouth leaving the young warrior's head limply hanging over the edge of the bed.

"What's going to happen now?" Bra-Ian rasped exhausted yet still erect while lying there gasping for air with his tongue out dripping saliva. Even as he asked this the strapping younger man still continued to hump the mattress under him. The Krill took some more oils and jumped up onto the bed scrambling over Bra-Ian defined frame to get behind him.

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