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Bra-Ian & The Ancient Krill
Part 1
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

A few years ago I wrote a story called "Taking Tabor". It proved to be popular and was included in my book of similarly themed tales entitled: "Under the Big Top". At the end that story I mentioned the character of Bra-Ian who was the king's second in command. Until now I never thought to compose a sequel but thanks to the inspiration of Herodotus I decided to give the sequel a whirl. His illustrations on Tabor got my ideas flowing. I hope while reading this something flows for you as well *>). I will admit the ending is a bit out there and honestly I am not endorsing such activities, which hold no interest for me, but the story seemed to flow logically to it. I hope I caused no offense and promise this was a one shot thing. Enjoy. All rights reserved and you must be over eighteen to read this!
Dedicated with my humble respect to that artist Herodotus.
Kyle Cicero

Bra-Ian swaggered into his chambers with a smug look of satisfaction on his handsome face. It had been another glorious campaign with his leader Tabor. As the second in command of their victorious army he was eager to attend the banquet tonight with his fellow officers and his leader to celebrate their victory today over the last city of the Krill nation. Quickly he shed his armor and protective under gear. He stretched his naked six-foot three-inch frame trying to loosen out the knots caused by his exertions in the battle. As he did the well-built taut defined muscles of his torso rippled under his skin. He took in his image in the nearby mirror proud not only of his powerful defined manly physique but also the long blonde pleated braid that hung from behind of his head to end at the small of his back. For him and his people that braid was the symbol of his manhood. Short hair was for women and boys. Bra-Ian had started to grow his braid when he turned fourteen. Now ten years later it embodied, for him, the very essence of his masculinity and military prowess.

"I see my master is tense,' a voice said behind him.

Bra-Ian turned to see his Krill servant cringing in the corner of the bedchambers with the young fighter's two large dogs. "Just like you Krill's to hide in the shadows like the pathetic weaklings you are," he replied to the diminutive dark skinned old man whom Bra-Ian had recently acquired as his property. The proud warrior took in a deep breath and glared with contempt at his slave. A thought came to him and his green eyes flickered in amusement at the elderly man. "Yes, I exhausted myself killing your kind today." He smirked.

The darker man said nothing yet Bra-Ian knew his words had struck home. "A massage might help that Sire," the ancient man suggested softly as he rose. As he did so the massively built dogs got up as well.

"Down boys," Bra-Ian yelled loudly at them letting them know from his harsh tone he was their master. The dogs growled but obeyed. Their bred was never truly tame and only the force of Bra-Ian's personality kept them in line. He realized that they were particularly excited this week because they were in heat. Bra-Ian took cruel delight in knowing that fact and their helplessness to do anything about satisfying their urges until he permitted it. Resentment but compliance flashed in their eyes.

Bra-Ian nodded in smug satisfaction as he reached down with his strong hand casually brushing against his lengthy and thick uncut cock to scratch his low full nut-sack. He directed his gaze at the Krill. "A massage might a good idea at that." He replied as he sauntered to his bed. As he walked with confident athletic grace his long braid swung to and fro like a pendulum; its pleated end lightly flicking across the top of the young fighters high fully round dimpled buttocks.

"I've prepared special oils master," the slave muttered submissively as he approached the now fully prone secondary chieftain. "They will relax you Sire." As he spoke he gently moved Bra-Ian braid and poured some of his potion onto the broad back of the strapping fighter. The oils quickly ran downward running from Bra-Ian well-built shoulders and impressively flared side muscles to form a small river in the valley created along his spinal column before gently flowing into the hollow area at the beginning of Bra-Ian's upturned round butt.

"Do not get that liquid on my braid old man." Bra-Ian growled lowly as his body eased itself on his bed. He extended his long tapered legs out eager now to release the tension in them as well. "You should be grateful I even let you touch my body." He sighed as he felt the strong fingers of his slave begin massaging him. "Especially the privilege I just permitted by letting your Krill fingers touch my braid!" As the old man worked Bra-Ian experienced a slightly disorientating sensation. "Yes, I needed this," he muttered ignoring these initial sensations. Soon his breathing took on a rhythmic pattern as his muscles relaxed under the touch of the old Krill. "Yes...I need...this," he mumbled as his concentration lost its focus.

"I agree you do need this and so much more Sire," The old Krill hissed as he worked the oils into the pores of the reclining youthful warrior strong back muscles while taking note of how relaxed Bra-Ian was becoming.

Bra-Ian's upper body was soon shining in oils. He sighed and stretched out further surrendering to the pleasure of the man's touch on his chiseled frame. "This is fantastic," he slurred. All at once, a strangely erotic tingling washed over him. To his surprise he sensed that he was becoming aroused. "Maybe we should stop," he moaned as he felt his growing erection press onto the rough sheets under him.

"We have only just begun," the smaller man quietly replied as he worked more oils onto Bra-Ian body. Then, without warning the ancient Krill moved down to pour his lotion onto each of Bra-Ian's well-formed thighs. With steady sensual strokes he kneaded the youthful warrior's firmly developed legs. His strong fingers first pressed and rolled Bra-Ian's calves before proceeding upward to stroke and manipulate the powerful thigh muscles of the prone man. Soon his hands were touching the sensitive inner thigh area of Bra-Ian's legs. The effect of this activity on the fighter was instantaneous.

"Detora," Bra-Ian hissed invoking the name of his chief god as he realized that now he was fully erect. As the fingers of the Krill moved ever upward toward this area of his upper legs his fingers casually brushed up against Bra-Ian's nut sack. As he did so, a jolt of arousal blasted into Bra-Ian. "Oh by the gods," the now fully relaxed fighter moaned as unconsciously he squirmed his hips grinding them downward onto the rough sheets while his breathing intensified.

"You are enjoying this I hope," The Krill whispered as his fingertips lightly played with the fine wiry blonde fuzz that lightly covered Bra-Ian's balls.

"Uh huh," the warrior answered softly without thinking. He spread his powerful thighs apart permitting the Krill fuller access to the pouch that held his juices. "Oh by the gods," he hoarsely replied. No one had ever touched him there so sensually and no woman had ever given him such a jolt of arousal. Something in him told him he should stop acting this way in front of the Krill. Yet, the stimuli were so intoxicating he didn't want it to end. His mind fought as two desires battled for control. On one hand he knew it was demeaning to allow this old man to fondle the source from which would spring his future children; on the other hand the erotic charges that were growing in intensity inside him somehow felt more compelling. One of the Krill's fingers began tracing the ribbed line that ran across the young man's nuts. Bra-Ian's muscular body quaked in delight. "Oh yes," he wheezed as he extended his legs farther. He realized he was behaving shamelessly and with an effort he blocked out the pleasure. "We will stop," he said weakly even as his hips wiggled and humped gently onto the surface of the bed to continue stimulating his cock.

"No we will not!" The slave replied in a commanding manner.

"What did you say?" Bra-Ian asked shocked by the authoritative tone that was applied by his slave and even more amazed that not only was he was accepting such verbal abuse being used on him he was also experiencing an unfamiliar sensation of arousal because of it.

"We are not done." The Krill replied sharply. "But we should alter your position bit so raise your lower body upward using just your knees. Kept your head down though and, once you are up, I want those legs spread wide so I can work some of my lotion around your anal opening.

"You want me to do what!" Bra-Ian said in shock now both at this obscene suggestion and how he had still not taken disciplinary actions toward the Krill. The thought that this slave would order him about and expect, no demand, that he expose such an intimate area to his touch was outrageous and yet, Bra-Ian experienced another surge of heat in his erection accompanied by a sensation of overwhelming surrender growing inside him.

"I said up with this arse," the Krill yelled as he, without warning, slapped Bra-Ian's well-formed butt.


"EEEEEOOOOWWW," the younger stronger man yelped as the initial pain hit his rump. The dogs raised their heads and their ears flicked forward. Part of him was enraged that this slave would dare subject him to such assault yet; the pain triggered another desire to submit to it.

"Up on your haunches," the Krill continued commanding as he now rained a series of well placed blows to Bra-Ian's exposed arse.


"Ow my arse," Bra-Ian bawled in pain as he struggled to raise his rump. His knees tangled in the sheets impeding his movements upward. The only thoughts in him now were to obey.

"Get up," the smaller man laughed as he struck harder.


"Yes please stop I'm trying" Bra-Ian whined submissively. The desperate unfamiliar urges to obey this weaker man took hold over him as he freed his legs from the entangled sheets and rapidly raised his rump upward while also spreading his legs apart to expose his hard cock to full view. They both knew that in the young warrior's culture such a public display of sexual arousal was considered to be shameful yet, Bra-Ian couldn't will himself to soften. "Oh," he rasped in disgrace burring his face in the bed's coverings ashamed both by his submissive compliance in meekly obeying while thus humiliating himself and not wanting his slave to see his tears. His sculpted torso now resembled a triangle with his pinked arse as it pinnacle.

"A few more instructive slaps are called for perhaps so next time you will be a good boy and just do as you are told," the old man hooted gleefully as he took in the fiery redness of the once smug warrior's rear. "Now tell me you will be a good boy," the old man smirked as he proceeded to further beat Bra-Ian's rounded butt cheeks.


"Owwwww. My arse. Owwwww. I'll be good a good boy." The young man screeched as his slave repeatedly spanked him as if he was merely naughty child and not the proud fearless warrior who was second in command of a conquering army. "Ow.Ow.Ow. I promise I'll be a good boy," he repeated. By now Bra-Ian was weeping pathetically into the sheets. The horror of what was done to him and how he had reacted seeped into his brain and, to his amazement, his erection grew stronger.

"Now we apply the lotion," the old man chuckled as he poured his mixture over the young man's rounded cheeks while letting them slowly move downward between them toward the pink rosy chute of his "master."

"Oh Detora," Bra-Ian moaned as the cool liquid soothed his heated rump. He lifted his head slightly to look backward between his open thighs and saw that he was still rock hard. He also saw the grinning face of the Krill and another surge of degradation hit him causing his erection to lewdly bob and wave in response.

"Still aroused aren't we," the ancient man teased as he reached out to tap Bra-Ian's stiff pole reveling in the look of mortification that came to the smug fighter's face.

"I...I..." Br-Ian sputtered at the horror of exposing his erection to his slave. Even as he thought this, another wave of docility enfolded him. Part of him wanted nothing more than to succumb to the Krill's every command. This idea disgusted yet on some other level comforted him. An inner conflict was on and until one side prevailed he discovered he was incapable of physical resistance. Little did he realize that by his inaction he was aiding one side in the war. The Krill began rubbing Bra-Ian's rump using swirling sensual motions that soon had the younger man wiggling under these new pleasurable stimulations to his bruised posterior. "Oh by my gods," he gasped as he sensed his mind breaking. Still the touch of the man on his rear continued until he hoarsely cried out a loud: "Fuck." To compound this further humiliation his rod started to leak pre-cum. "Why is this happening?" He gasped as his taut body swayed and itched to these, for him, unmanly activities.

"A special herbal oil we of the Krill have developed," the elderly man replied with a sneer. "It renders its victims mentally compliant and, thanks to another additive, fully aroused by such compliance." The Krill then reached out and gently rubbed the younger man's dimpled cheeks carefully massaging in more of the oils along it's redden surface area. As he did so another cascading surge of sexual stimulation coupled with overpowering docility engulfed Bra-ian. "You see how pleasant this is though," the once humble slave instructed as he let his hand slip between the fighter's cheeks to trace the progress of the slick lotion to the sensitive never touched region that formed the young man's anal chute opening.

"Aw god," Bra-Ian grunted as he felt the finger of the old man lewdly trace the ring area of his hole. "King Tabor will kill you for doing this to me," he muttered as the sensuality of this activity throbbed throughout his cock. He saw that his manhood was now copiously dripping. A long pearly string had emerged from his cock-head's slit and was even now slowly dripping to the surface between his powerful legs.

The ancient dark-skinned man let out a gleeful hoot. "Tabor," he snorted in distain. "Why he too is undergoing this "massage" by my fellow countryman, as is each of Tabor's officer staff. By now your buff arrogant leader must be whining in surrender."

"No." Bra-Ian groaned as he contemplated his muscular closest friend and leader squirming as he was under the touch of another Krill like some bitch in heat. The image of the brawny youthful Tabor succumbing sexually to another Krill only increased his own erotic frenzy. By now beads of sweat were appearing on his brawny torso while his breathing deepened. An itch came to his butt-hole that drove him crazy to explode. "I need to cum!" He excitedly yelped as his balls churned to release the buildup of juices it now experienced. He raised his head fully upward gulping in air to try and steady this pounding urge to climax. Nearby the dogs observed all this and stirred more. Their mouths opened and their tongues hung out as their panting matched the similar sounds emanating from Bra-Ian.

The Krill slowly moved his fingers downward and started lightly flicking Bra-Ian round full sack. The sensation of the small man's fingertips grazing along this sensitized area once more drove Bra-ian into another realm of consciousness. When suddenly the elderly man grabbed the youthful warrior's pouch into his grip and squeezed it the effect was instantaneous.

"YESSSS!" Bra-Ian squealed submissively as his now forcefully constricted balls sent a wave of juices into his pulsating erection. He gasped as he lost any semblance of control over his body. His head and upper body rose and his waist jerked forward and down as he proceeded to ejaculate spraying onto the sheets between his legs. He had barely finished when the Krill squeezed the younger man's pouch again causing Bra-Ian to cry out while squirting another wad of hot creamy jism. "AWWW YESSS," he roared as the dogs hearing him began their own light howling. "Fuck you're milking my nuts," he huffed.

"Milking you huh like a cow right my boy?" the Krill said mockingly as he roughly continued to yank and squeeze on Bra-ian nuts driving a series of creamy blasts out from the quivering hunk's nuts. "Go on sound like a cow." He teased as another spurt of jism from the fighter went forward to plop against the under-jaw of the mighty warrior.

Without thinking the ejaculating arrogant Bra-Ian raised his head and bellowed one prolonged, "MMMMOOOO," before collapsing forward in exhaustion. He laid there, his head over the end of the bed, panting in air as the Krill let go of him to move off the bed to come around to face him. The dogs stopped howling and grumbled as the scent of Bra-Ian rutting filled their noses.

"Now it is my turn,' the old man stated as he stripped and brought his own manhood close to the dazed face of the younger man.

"Turn?" A bleary eyed Bra-Ian replied as he lifted his head allowing the spunk under his chin to fall to the floor. He was helpless now from the effects of the oils and worse, they both knew it. "Your cock," he said in amazement as he took in at close range the smaller man's thick lengthy twelve-inch erection. "It's huge,' he blurted out.

"Yes, now let us begin your bitching process," the Krill laughed.

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