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Aqualad vs. Eric
Part 4 - The Ends Is The Means
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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The Ends Is The Means

Eric greased up the rounded edge of his wand. He placed it at the tightly swirled muscled chute of his former smug foe. “Now be a good boy and just relax down here. It will not hurt as badly if you do; I promise,” Eric maliciously chuckled. “It will be so sweet that you’ll pop a load Aquaboi! I mean you are hard right. You probably were a hidden bottom and just didn’t want to admit it! I bet you longed for Aquaman to bitch your rear but too bad huh. Aquaman turned out to be a closet bitch himself. Still I bet you jerked-off thinking about him huh.”

“Don’t …please,” Aqualad gurgled still horrified by the thought of being anally penetrated but too broken up by thoughts of how hard his dick was at this very moment. Could Eric be right? Could his macho strutting have been a mental shield covering his true nature to be dominated both physically and mentally. Aqualad ‘s mind began to question everything he thought about himself. Even his thrilling sidekick relationship to Aquaman was now suspected. He couldn’t believe he had ever jerked off while thinking about his crime-fighting partner. Still after a hard battle, he did go home all keyed up and yes, at times since reaching puberty he had jerked off to ease his excitement. Could it have been Aquaman and not the battle that had excited him? Had he just repressed it in some way? Was the pride he had being with Aquaman sexual in nature? As he pondered all this he didn’t pay attention to Eric who pushed the tip of the wand against Aqualad’s sweetly virginal anal entryway. A sharp pain brought reality back to the bound teenaged hero. Instantly his mind screamed out, “ he’s going to screw you !” Aqualad’s entire body shook in sheer terror. “No don’t bitch me man,” he squealed in discomfort as the rounded head of the wand moved into him. The once unconquerable Aqualad squirmed in his bindings. His long tapered legs tried to push himself free from the rock that he was held onto. “No …don’t,’ he moaned as Eric pushed the wand into him a bit more. “Aw...fuck...its...and my cock is…hard!” Aqualad groaned in sheer mortification as Eric continued inserting his wand. Aqualad desperately squeezed his anal muscles to grip the wand and halt its progress into him.

“Just relax and it won’t hurt," Eric hissed as he applied more pressure. The wand stayed where it was.

“No…way,” Aqualad huffed as he brought all his youthful muscularity to bear on preventing the wand’s further intrusion.

Eric frowned. He had to improvise. He quickly thought of a solution. Reaching into a nearby ledge he pulled out a enema bag.

“What’s going on?” Aqualad asked as he shook in his tighter bindings.

Eric filled the bag with the entire drug juice from his gun. He greased up the small plug then reached down to remove the wand.

“Fuck yes,” Aqualad replied in relief thinking he had halted that. Effort. “No one sticks anything up my asshole.” He was still boasting when the thinner enema nozzle plugged his now relaxed entryway. “WHAT THE FUCK!” Aqualad yelped as Eric released a flood of “sex juice” into Aqualad’s system. “You son…aw shit my head…” Aqualad moaned as a hefty bolt of erotic stimulations bitch-slapped it. His cock twitched. “Man my nuts,” Aqualad uttered without thinking as he brought his thighs together to squeeze his sack a bit.

 “Got ya stud boy,” Eric silently laughed as he reached down to massage Aqualad’s nuts.

His captive let out a large moan of pleasure from this action. “Man that’s so great,” he absentmindedly responded as his drug addled brain concentrated solely on the pleasures and not the sex of who was giving it. “More dude,” he hissed.

“Go on give it up.” Eric softly said letting his thumb rub Aqualad’s anal cavity while still massaging Aqualad’s nuts. He knew the drug-induced thrills inside of his prey would soon overload Aqualad’s senses.

“Not…giving… fuck yeah…my…ass,” Aqualad answered with slightly less vehemence in his voice. He humped his nuts onto Eric’s open palm and let out a lewd grunt. “My nuts…gees my fucking nuts on that rough skin dude!”

“Yeah you are so high now,” Eric softly said as he continued to let his palm sensually massage Aqualad’s balls. He closed his eyes and used his own telepathic powers. A few minutes later a school of tiny suckerfish came up to the two teenagers. At Eric’s directions the small fish pressed their mouths onto Aqualad’s pouch then, moved their soft tongues gently along its surface.

“Man,” Aqualad gasped as a hundred small thin tongues lapped on his now drug sensitized testicles.

Eric grabbed the enema bag and squeezed it sending the last flood of drugs into his captive.

“OOOoooo fuck,” Aqualad cried out woozily as his entire teenaged sex hormones went wild. “More,” he squealed as the fish’s tongues blew out his concentration.

“I have something even better,” Eric said as he gently removed the enema nozzle and inserted the rounded end of the wand in its place.  By now, Aqualad was grunting and giggling as the suckerfish’s oral ministrations turned him on in ways he could not control. “Here go stud boy,’ Eric whispered as he pushed on the wand.

“Shit what’s that,” the sky-high teenaged hero yelped as his anal cavity felt the pressures on it. “Dude get off my...fuck those fucking fish,” Aqualad chuckled as his brain redirected toward their actions. Aqualad continued to weakly protest while his bound body  jiggled to stop it but in the end the wand’s relentless assault was too much. Aqualad let out a huge sigh and Eric saw those tightly swirled anal muscles unwind their grip on the wand. “AW...fuc...argghhh," Aqualad wheezed as the wand now easily slipped into his butt-hole!

“Fuck,” Aqualad yelped with gratification when the thrusting stopped. He let out a deep breath then slumped limply over the rock that held him. Eric touched the orb at the top of the wand and watched as it glowed. A few seconds later its brightly lit energy rings flowed forth pulsating down the wand’s shaft and into the impaled young teenager’s ass.

“Shit,” Aqualad wheezed as the rings of energy rippled into him. His body trembled slightly then his defined muscles enticingly shivered. As Eric watched the bound superhero’s whole attitude changed even more. Aqualad’s breathing deepened and soon he was uttering short barks of contentment. Eric could see the young stud was completely enthralled by the erotic anal probing.  “Oh fuck. Oh sweet fuck,” Aqualad mumbled as his powerful legs treaded limply in the waters. His cock was now fully erect and waving in the surrounding waters. The small fish were licking away on the teenagers’ sack in frenzy.

Eric leaned in and gently let his thumb move the fish aside to stroke the softly sensitive underside of the now quivering Aqualad’s nuts-sack. “Feels good huh boi,” Eric whispered. “Feels like nothing you ever did with some girl.” Eric signaled the fish to leave. They had accomplished their goal and Eric was not going to share with any living creature what as coming up next.

“Aw gees Eric," the increasingly out-of-it Aqualad replied. “Dude…you…fucking shoved it…right… my ass,” he grunted as the waves of energy from the pulsating wand hit every nerve in his asshole. By now Eric knew Aqualad’s prostate getting the ride of its life. “Fucking...getting buck-fucked by you man.”

Eric used his other hand to take Aqualad’s impressively waving penile prong into his grip. As a manta he was skilled at milking the sea cows that his people raised. Using every skill he acquired he stroked his captive’s fully engorged cock. First edging the bound young man then using pressures to cut off a climax. All the while he kept up his sack massaging until Aqualad was quivering in a blissfully exquisite agony.

“Aw…shit…no…oh…fuck…dude…sir…Eric…I got pop sir,” Aqualad babbled after twenty minutes of this masturbatory torture. The dazed look in young hero’s eyes showed he as totally oblivious to anything else by now. “Please let me squirt sir,” he moaned in an agony of despair. “Aw fuck my nuts are churning in your hands!!” He yelped as he bucked in his restraints.

“Will you suck my manta’s cock boi?” Eric growled as he brought his own cock up against the lips of the now continually sighing young hunk. He worked a few new moves on Aqualad’s cock sending a cascade of heat into the brain of the captive superhero. Evilly he tickled at Aqualad’s balls enjoying how they rose and fell at his touch.

By now Aqualad was so sexually desperate to cum that he barely held onto conscious thought. “UHUH,” he agreeably muttered as he gazed at the waving dark cock through his dilated pupils. Eric let it lightly graze Aqualad’s lips. He rolled the bound studs nuts then gave them a soft squeeze before finally letting his thumb flick their sensitive back area.

“Oh fuck I love having my balls played with,” Aqualad mumbled shamelessly. Eric used his anatomical knowledge to hit a particular nerve in Aqualad’s scrotum that he knew would give the bond hunk a mind bending erotic thrill! “AW YEA!” Aqualad bellowed as his muscled body bucked. That did it. Aqualad’s prime erogenous zone demanded relief. He gazed up with dilated pupils to look at Eric’s face and shyly said the magic words. “I’ll suck anything you want sir.”

Eric’s eye grew wide. “Say it again,” he stated reveling in this moment. His mighty opponent, once so arrogantly smug about his masculinity was agreeing to suck a cock! “Go on say it once more,” Eric repeated as he worked on the mind-fucked older teenager’s genitals.

Aqualad gulped as if he too could not believe what he was saying yet, another rub on that ball nerve got him quickly back to his needs. “I’ll suck your manta’s cock sir!” Slowly he fully opened his mouth letting Eric slip his hard-on between those full sensual lips. Eric reached out to turn the wand up to full power and then began to intensely begin to jerk off his captive.  The effect was dramatic. Aqualad let out a large gasp of “oomph” then simply suckled on his first cock without protest.

“A natural cocksucker huh!” Eric mocked as Aqualad slobbered on the former’s shaft. “Yeah not some girl’s boob which I hear you enjoy sucking on like some baby. This one will give you milk though Aqua-slut. You might thank me boi.”

“Suckerth,” a sexually high Aqualad gurgled as he humped into Eric’s fingers. His blue-green eyes gazed up to stare dully at Eric. From their unfocused look the buff young teenage hero was clearly on a cloud of sexual heat. “Thanth …sirth….forth…jerkingth…meth….offth…sirth” He babbled giving a rather respectable gurgle of excitement to his words as he licked away on Eric’s manhood.

By now Aqualad just sucked and sucked as Eric masturbated the former to a climax. Eric gripped Aqualad’s full nuts and gave them a sharp yank down. “Aw fuck yesth…yeth,“ Aqualad yelped through his cock-stuffed mouth then, his body tensed. Eric saw his captive’s long legs sudden go rigid and his toes curl. Gasping Aqualad erupted sending out a sharp creamy shot from his cock into the seawaters. “MMMMOOOTHHHEEEERRRR FUUUCCCC,” Aqualad roared with a loud series of grunts.

“YEAH BOI!” Eric hooted as he too climaxed while the still turned on Aqualad slurped way. Eric slowly eased his spent rod from Aqualad’s lips. The bound teenager let out a satisfied sigh but it was clear his own still rigid cock had more loads in it.

“I need to pop more sir,” he softly said to his captor as he licked at the cum on his full lips. Eric prepared another enema and dosed his captive. For the next two hours a surprisingly resilient young Aqualad sexually climaxed over and over as the wand and drugs did their work. In the end after Aqualad burst out his last load his body then went limp. The waters around his crotch were clouded with his spunky milky discharges. Eric reached over to pull out the wand then went over in front to check on his captive. Aqualad was clearly asleep now but he had on the satiated shit-eating grin of a young teenager who had just creamed every bit of teenaged jism he had in him.

Eric laughed. He had done a lot. Now he merely needed to solidify his triumph and seed his former tormentor while rewiring his prey into a new set of sexual mores’. After that there was a school visit for them both to undertake!

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