The Telemachus Story Archive

Alphaman Meets Mr Cole Lector
Part 7 - Finale
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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The television screen’s brightness flickered in the dark room

“And so I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for making my time here so welcoming. I have tried to be everything you expected me to be as your defender. I hope the immense responsibility you entrusted to me was vindicated. I must now leave you. I’ve a mission before me that takes me from you. Be well.”

Cole smirks as he watches the tape of Alphaman’s last press conference before he disappeared. Rumors had swirled about the city as to why their “champion” had laid down his responsibilities as their defender. Many said another planet needed him quite badly. Others said he was just tired after years of service. Everyone however knew two things: 1) Alphaman would always be the gold standard for judging manly heroes and, 2) He represented what a man should be!

“Well that was short and sweet,” Cole chuckles as he lights the various candles in the small room. He turns off the television and directs his gaze at the tall well-built man who is trussed up securely onto a St. Andrew’s Cross. The bound figure is wearing a black hood that completely covers his face. The slit openings for eyes and his mouth are zippered shut. He wears only an intricate type of leather chest and crotch strap outfit. The thin black straps criss-cross the man’s impressive pectorals then wind downward to wrap around his large low hanging balls. The visual effect is to tie off his bulging sack in tight vise grip that thrusts them forward and lewdly accentuates them. The man is totally erect. His red cock-head glistens slickly with a covering of the leaking pre-cum dripping out of it. A snug cock ring clamps at the base of the man’s thick long tool.  As Cole approaches the tied up muscle man the latter groans through his mask. The sound of his muffled voice is deep and guttural. To anyone listening it is obvious the man’s bondage situation has him in sexual heat.

Cole smiles as he runs his hand down the broad cobra-flared muscled back of his captive.  He drifts downward to cup the twin meaty globes that make up the other man’s butt. Cole pats that hard rump recalling how many nights now that fully packed rear has willingly surrendered itself to so many insertions by so many anatomical and non-anatomical objects. He reaches deep between the man’s ass-crack and grabs a small string. Gently he pulls back on the string. As he does do a series of large round balls plop from out of the bound figure’s anal opening.

“Oomph,” the muscled man grunts in obvious arousal as each ball escaped from inside his guts.

Cole can see that the man’s cock is now leaking even more pre-cum.  A shimmering drop drips to the floor on a shiny string from the slit in the man’s dick-head. As the last ball is removed the tied up hunk sags in his bindings. His breathing deepens. Cole reaches over to unzip the mouth area of his “prisoner.”

“Thank you sir,” the sensually toned voice of the muscled stud wheezes, “Thank you everything.”

Cole smirks as he picks up a large paddle that had been specifically treated for use just for this man. He raises his arm and proceeds to give a set of fast slaps to the sexy upturned ass of his prey.

“Yesss,” the man whimpers as he savors every painful connection to his rear end. By now his erection is obscenely flopping in the air. “Whip my ass Master!” he sobs as more pre-cum flows from his dick. Soon his luscious butt is a bright crimson.

Cole knows how such harsh punishment turns on his “victim”. Early on even Cole had been amazed at the extent to which this man soon craved every type of degradation and abuse. Once Cole had cracked him open the latter rapidly adapted to the BD scene reveling at his reversal from being well-respected figure to merely being a totally submissive sex pig. Cole is always aroused now by the man’s devotion to complete sexual and physical mortification. He stops to unzip his pants. He swiftly inserts his hard-on between the fiery red cheeks of his “boi” recalling the first time the man inwardly succumbed to Cole’s authority.

“Fuck me master,” the hunk yelps encouragingly as Cole reaches around the man’s narrowly tapered waist to masturbate him.

Cole fucks away enjoying the grunts and cries of his fuck object. Things had gone so well. Alphaman had turned out to be the best stud in his stable.  In fact Cole recently sold all his other “boi’s” to various Arab and African rulers so he could focus on his superstar. He smiled recalling the excitement of one scrawny young sheik that eagerly brought the buff All-American jock, Thad. The thought of the closet racist redneck Texan quarterback being “sacked” both orally and anally by the dark skinned Arab was rather humorous. Then there was that studly blue-eyed blonde born again Christian homophobic baseball star who was currently servicing that atheistic tyrant in Africa.

“Cunt me master,” the bound hunk grunts breaking Cole’s reveries. “Take my pussy-boi hole Sir!”

Cole Lector hoots with excitement as once more, he violates the now oh-so-willing-ass of the former macho-superhero. “All that manly goody-two shoes posturing you did in public. You never realized that you unknowingly had within you the tiny seeds of a personality that craved the opposite. As a scientist, I discovered that some men, who behave extremely masculine, have that seed in them to become the exact opposite. Your brains somehow block off that small tendency to be more submissive by behaviorally overcompensating in a contradictory direction. No doubt types like you possessed some inner defense holding that other seed at bay. When I find such men I merely slip it out of its cage. I tried my formula on you and, from your reactions during our initial encounters; I’d struck gold it seems. You never knew it was in my cologne and the wine did you boi? My formula freed up that hidden side, feed it and, strengthened it until it conquered then dissolved your old persona.”

“I need your dick screwing into my ass, Master,” the once clean-cut superhero moaned oblivious to the words Cole spoke. He was in heat and he wanted release. He recalled the first time Cole had penetrated him. How his body quivered as it was stuffed for the first time with a cock. Then the throb of his prostate as Cole expertly hit that organ over and over with his erection. How he had whimpered and grunted as his anal virginity was screwed away forever!  Even in his own alien culture he knew being willingly sexually mounted by another man was the ultimate in submission. As he had thought these things his own cock pulsated into its full twelve-inch thick glory. Finally, it was too much for them both. There was a howl from both men. The sensations of that moist hotness of Cole ejaculations into his rump while in tandem he too had an orgasm. Later when Cole pulled out of him, that awful emptiness inside of him that Alphaman had experienced. Cole had immediately shoved a butt-plug into Alphaman’s anal cavity. Cole wanted his seed to stay inside of the superhero until it was absorbed into Alphaman’s system.  The wily man knew, from his studies of Alphaman’s home world, that once that was accomplished the once iconic masculine hero would be forever his submissive sex slave right down into his cellar level.

“Every such flawed man has some real trigger that sets it all in motion.” Cole mused out loud. “For Thad, well I soon found out that he always kept the panties of every woman he fucked as a souvenir. That had to imply something. You know the day I got him into a pair of frilly lacy panties the poor boy actually whimpered then shot his load in seconds. He was my bitch in that very instant! I’d found his key and turned his lock.

As Cole continued to sodomize his hunk he recalled how sweet the manly beefy quarterback looked as he was bent ass-up over the office chair. How provocatively sexy was the sight of Thad’s round manly butt squeezed inside those frilly cum filled panties. Cole had cut a slit in back of them so he could fuck the star jock right while Thad was still wearing them. Thad had squealed like a stuffed pig as Cole screwed him that first time while Cole kept up a running mind-fucking commentary on how Thad’s teammates would love seeing their team captain in such a posture. Well from now on when the football quarterback, once labeled “every woman’s wet dream,” reached between guys’ legs for a ball it would be made of something other than pigskin.

Alphaman’s loud blissful yelping brought Cole’s mind back from his recollections. He grins and continues talking as he fucks the tight cavity hole. “Now with you it was rather obvious. Everyone deferred to you. You put yourself on a pedestal. You always kept yourself there. Frankly you were truly overcompensating for something else deep inside of you. So I began treating you the opposite way when I dosed you during our first meeting. Of course I had to add some of your planet’s dust to get the formula past your normal invulnerabilities. You poor stud, you lapped up my degradation and put-downs. So the key for conquering you was making sure you were not treated with deference and respect. Always short-circuiting your attempts at posing like some macho take-charge superman. Yeah you really were flawed, boi. You were always a potential natural bitch huh, Bocaj. Lucky you met me so I could unearth the true aspect of your closeted nature for you. I guess in the future Alphaman,” Cole sneers as he vigorously fucks the gyrating body of his utterly devoted sub, “I should call you Bottom-boi from now on!”

The once invincible and proud Alphaman can only gasp, “fuck my cunt,” in agreement as he erupts shooting his seed uselessly to the ground. His new superhero “mission” to sexually service and be abused by this man who had so effectively and completely “turned him out” now transfixes him!

The End