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Alphaman Meets Mr Cole Lector
Part 5 - After Shocks
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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After Shocks

Cole sat at his desk smoking a cigar ginning in victory. His mind replayed all the events of a just few minutes ago. The stout older man visualized the sight of those perfectly rounded and dimpled orbs looking up at him from their position over his lap. Seeing the taller more chiseled superhero in such a arrangement like that had been intoxicating.  He could tell Alphaman was hating every second of his predicament. Gazing at that upturned butt and those long well formed legs of the hero, Cole knew he was making progress. “You are going to feel every hit,” he had said at the very last second before he struck the first blow. “Ah how he did too,” Cole laughed as he recalled how Alphaman had howled and sobbed as each whack of his own belt hit home.

“Oh.Oh..awweeghh...oh,” The brawny hunk had cried and yelped as his lusciously white skin turned into a mass of red welts.

Cole had been in bliss watching the squirming superhero ‘s legs fan up and down. As he had spanked his “boi” Cole kept up a steady stream of chatter telling Alphaman how bad he had been and how Cole knew this was getting him hot. “That really mind fucked you,” Cole chuckled as he replayed how Alphaman’s cock had soon begun to harden. Cole recalled the strangled cry from the stud as he realized this butt slapping was turning him on. Cole’ meaty thighs  felt Alphaman’s stiff prong pressing on them. Cruelly Cole had jiggled his thighs up and down to rub on the hard-on. “”Made you beg,” Cole derisively snarled as his mind heard the now shaken hero words.

“I’ll be a good boy. Please stop.”

“I said a good widdle boy!” Cole had mockingly replied. He pressed his thighs upward on the hero’s cock’s under-shaft as he strapped Alphaman’s now red ass even more downward.

I will be a good WIDDLE boy,” Alphaman had gasped seconds before he came right onto Cole’s lap.

Cole smirked as he saw the once so self-confident superhero standing before him with his uniform around his ankles. He was red eyed and rubbing his rump with both hands not daring to see Cole’s face. His quite impressive cock was glistening from the cum stains on its surface. Cole had quietly let the stud stand before him as he wiped Alphaman's cream off his lap. “Really you need some self control boi,” Cole had smartly said in mock impatience as the muscular man silently  stood in shame while still rubbing his rump.

“I..I...sorry,” he whispered like a shy boy who was just caught masturbating by a parent.

“On your planet I’m told you all have a secret name that only one in complete authority over you knows. Is that correct?” Cole asked forcefully as he kept his eyes fixed on the quivering superhero.

“,” Alphaman had replied chocking back a sob.

“Tell me your name boi,” Cole had barked.

A teary eyed Alphaman has looked up at Cole. “No one… one...never...told,” he whined in a lightly terror filled voice. He saw Cole’s angry look and stopped talking. Alphaman seemed to shrink under Cole’s gaze. He gulped then let out a sigh. “I am...It’s...Bocaj…sir,” he uttered in despair.

A huge smile came to Cole. The superhero had surrendered what his culture thought of as a man’s “name of submission” to him. The holder of that name held power over its owner. Alphaman had never told a soul before knowing what its use meant for him. “Well Bocaj go clean up. I mean your uniform is a mess. No don’t argue. GO BOCAJ!”

Cole laughed as he watched as Alphaman attempted to pull up his tights. The material caught at the hero’s knees and somehow would not, at first, pull all the way up. When it finally did move upward, Alphaman had the indignity of stuffing his still semi-hard-on “junk” back into his uniform. In the end he slunk off.


A dejected Alphaman  sat on the roof of a nearby tower and replayed all that had happened. He had been spanked. He had sexually orgasm. Worse he had meekly given up his secret alien name to Cole. He gazed out towards Cole's mansion. Using his super-vision and hearing he found Cole in his office. To his shock he saw a naked Thad there as well. The athletic jock was facing the desk. His gym-toned body was leaning forward & bent slightly over Cole’s desk. Thad’s hands were on the top of the desk’s surface. Alphaman watched as Cole, who stood behind Thad, took a paddle to strike Thad’s exposed rump.

“Fuck yeah,” Thad bellowed as each hit struck his beefy ass. Alphaman was fascinated seeing those white cheeks grow red. He was also enthralled at the sight of Thad’s hefty low hanging balls that swung like a pendulum every time his rump was hit. “Fuck yeah!” Thad chanted  as his erect cock waved just inches above the surface of the desk.

By now Alphaman couldn’t stop himself from staring at the tableau. He watched as Thad was spanked. Clearly the powerful quarterback was sexually aroused by this abuse. Alphaman now remembered his own beating and how he too had blown his wad. He stood there observing the men. Suddenly it was all blurry for him. His mind transposed his body and face for that of Thad's. He was leaning over that desk. His rump was being spanked. It was his nuts that swung so obscenely. His cock thrusting in the air over Cole’s desk with a  full erection.

Thad gave out a series of low pleasurable grunts. Alphaman, without realizing what he was doing, joined in the chanting. Soon the two of them were groaning and cursing in tandem as their rumps were strapped. Alphaman’s mind now recreated all the sensations of his own spanking.  It overwhelmed him. Thad yelped as his cock shot a bolt of jism. “Fuck,” Thad whimpered as he climaxed or Alphaman thought, did he just say that word? Did he just spurt on that desk? The superhero’s chiseled form shuddered. Blackness overtook him. The next thing he knew Alphaman was on his back panting in the air. The cool night atmosphere chilled him. As he moved to get up he saw fresh white cream stains in his crotch area. The palm of his hand had sticky whitish residue on it as well.. He had another intense orgasm! The daze hero shakily got to his feet and flew off.

“Come in Bocaj,” Cole said as his office door opened. “I was expecting you actually!”

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