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Alphaman Meets Mr Cole Lector
Part 4 - Kept Promises
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Kept Promises

Alphaman returned to Cole’s house wondering why he felt compelled to see this man. Clearly Thad had not been either kidnapped or imprisoned. Still, the superhero reminded himself, other athletes were missing. There was something about Cole that he felt needed exploration. When he arrived he was quickly escorted into the same room in which Cole had met him on the other day.

“Oh you came back,” Cole said with an air of indifference that surprisingly annoyed the hero. “I trust you said those lines as you promised too.”

“I did,” the buff superhero grumbled on edge over both Cole’s coolness and his rather smug demeanor. Why did this man always get under his skin?

“Did you really? All three times and especially at bedtime?” Cole asked in a way that seemed to be mocking him.

Alphaman lost his composure. Who was this guy to question his honesty? Cole’s parental tone made the superhero feel like he was being addressed like some naughty boy. “I said I did okay!” he angrily replied.

“Every word,” Cole pressed.

  I said every fucking word!” Alphaman yelled

Cole put on a look of shock. “Well such language.” He exclaimed. “Did you hear yourself just now?”

Alphaman blinked. He knew he had said something but…

“Here just listen,” Cole stated in feigned disgust. He hit a button on a nearby tape recorder.

As he heard himself saying “fuck.” Alphaman’s mouth fell open. “I…I,” he mumbled horrified at both the cavalier way he had used the expletive and the tingling in his balls when he heard his voice saying it.

“I mean here I thought of you as a standard for good and you invade my privacy. Then you curse at me for no reason. And you promised to behave too.” Cole snapped at the cringing hunk that was now, as Cole intended, fully off his stride in their meeting.

“I…I…am so sorry,” Alphaman uttered in confusion.

“Well you said THAT yesterday so your words of apology are clearly worthless.” Cole gazed at the now thoroughly unnerved man before him. “Of course as long as you accept your punishment I guess your words might be valid.”

“My…punishment?” The superhero nervously asked.

“Why yes,” Cole replied with a smirk. “You stated if you misbehaved again I should haul you over my knees and spank you.”

“You can’t be serious?” The stunned hero barked in disbelief.

Cole looked at him an arched an eyebrow. “So you are a liar too. My, when word of that gets out!” He stopped speaking to let the full impact of that statement strike home.

Alphaman was completely at sea mentally. He tried to think but the wild logical ride he was being put through shook him. He breathed in deeply once more finding that sweet cologne so unsettling. “I don’t lie, honest,” he responded in a tone of voice that sounded pathetic.

“Well prove it.” Cole shot back as he took a seat and patted his lap.

“But I cannot be hurt by human things,” Alphaman suddenly said breathing with relief.

“You have that belt from your planet around your waist,” Cole yawned. “Give it to me!”

The bewildered superhero cringed. He was truly caught now. If he refused to be subjected to this indignity he would prove his words yesterday were a lie. His reputation was everything to him. “Okay,” he sighed as he pulled off his belt. “But only a few smacks!”

“I will only stop when you promise to be a good widdle boy,” Cole said teasingly as he took the belt.

Alphaman shook his head and gently draped his tall muscular body ass-up up across Cole’s lap. “Go on,” he mumbled. To his shock Cole swiftly reached Alphaman’s waist and rapidly pulled down the hero’s spandex uniform to fully expose his rear-end.

“What the fuck?” The hero yelped as he found himself bare-assed over the man’s fleshy thighs. He started to rise up but Cole used that upward motion to first firmly grab then yank down the spandex from its front. Now the uniform was totally below Alphaman’s knees.

Alphaman halted knowing that if he now got up off Cole’s lap the result would be to completely expose his genitals to Cole. “You never said this part. Shit,” he moaned in mortification as he eased back down. He decided he would just stoically endure this humiliating activity in silence. Alphaman was determined not to show any emotion in front of Cole. “He will see that a true man feels no pain from someone like him!” Plus, he was resolved not to give Cole any satisfaction. “Go on,” he snapped, “Do your worst.” He doubted Cole had much power in his flabbier body to hurt him in any way.

“Still using bad words I see. Well bad boys must learn,” Cole laughed as he raised the strap and brought it down on the superhero’s twin hard mounds of ass-meat!


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