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Alphaman Meets Mr Cole Lector
Part 3 - Nighttime Emissions
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Nighttime Emissions:

Alphaman did not get much rest that night.  Normally the stalwart hero slept untroubled by dreams. Tonight however he flung in his fortress bed tossing and turning under his sheets. Visions of what he had observed earlier replayed in his brain. He recalled every sound Thad had made. How blissful he appeared as he groveled before Cole, his taller move powerful frame under the domination of the older stouter man.

There was something unmanly about Thad’s actions yet something hypnotic in it all as well. Alphaman deeply sighed in his slumber as his mind now visualized a muscular leather clad man crawling up on all fours to a naked Cole. How the man’s deferential manner seemed so natural. The man had on some type of dog shaped hood as well as some type of black leather thong that obscene cupped his heavy cock and balls. The back center strap of the thong lewdly separated the man’s large ass-cheeks. Coming out from between the twin muscled orbs of the man’s ass was something that looked like a tail. Alphaman gulped as he realized it was a butt plug up inside the leathered figure. Each of the man’s hands were trapped in a enclosing type of rounded smoothness that gave his fingers no room to open or even be seen. His strong biceps and forearms sensually flexed as they moved his entire body even closer toward Cole. Alphaman had seen something like this when he once walked past a leather emporium for adults. He recalled such outfits were for men who wanted to be treated like dogs by other men.

Alphaman shuddered as he saw this massively built “dog” provocatively howl and bark while a mocking Cole made him do doggie tricks like roll over and sit-up-and-beg. After awhile Cole pointed to his cock and the dog-man greedily crawled to it and sucked it through a slit in his mask’s mouth. A series of low growls emanated from the dog-man that made Alphaman's entire body quiver with sensations he could not put a name too.

Suddenly Cole pushed the other man to the floor and began masturbating over the latter’s face. Cole then gruffly ordered the dog to unmask. Alphaman eyes popped open as the face of this man was revealed.  He was the dog-man! He saw himself open his mouth. Was he going to protest? Cole spurted his spunk into the mouth of his "dog" in that vision. The last image the stupefied superhero had as he woke up was the look of utter happiness on his doggie face as his tongue hungrily lapped up the creamy jism Cole was squirting all over his face. “Arrrgghhh," Alphaman groaned as his eyes fluttered open. He blinked at his surroundings in cold sweat. As he moved his muscular form on his bed, he became aware of a colder wetness in his crotch area. He looked down. His sheet was wet and his crotch felt slimy and sticky.  Alphaman realized, to his complete shame that he had clearly ejaculated copiously during what was, for him, the first wet dream he had ever experienced. He rose up quickly feeling a need to shower and, with a gnawing fear now of his prearranged meeting with Cole. Still, he decided, had never shown fear before and it would be unmanly to do so now.  Alphaman cleaned off and dressed. He set off for his session with Cole. As he did do so, deep in his mind a part of him eagerly awaited that new encounter.

Just Say It:

Alphaman arrived at Cole’s house determined to control this conversation with the man. A servant escorted him to a room where Cole was waiting. The air in the room was pungent with that sweet cologne Cole seemed to favor.

“Ah so good to see you.” Cole said as he rose from his desk. He went over to a wet bar and poured a drink. “Here have one. Its hot today and you must be parched. No I insist.” He forcefully stated before Alphaman could protest. He handed the superhero the glass.

Alphaman took the cup and angrily drank it just so he could get to the conversation he wanted to have with Cole. The warmth of the liquid flowed into him.

“Now I think you want to tell me something Alphaman about what you did last night?" Cole asked lightly.

Alphaman was dumbstruck. How did Cole know or, rather what did he know? He was trying to think of how to get off the subject when Cole gave him a stern look. “Tell me right now!”

“I…I…well… I saw…er…Thad with you,” Alphaman muttered amazed at his both his instant compliance at Cole’s “order” and how, once more, Cole appeared to be taking charge of events.

“Invasion of privacy,” Cole mockingly gasped. “Oh is that what you do?”

“No,” Alphaman sputtered in embarrassment. “I was. I was...checking find…I’m sorry,” Alphaman sighed as he shrank under Cole’s withering gaze of disapproval. “I apologize.” He said lost in a sea of mental confusion over how this was all turning out.

“Well I will overlook it on one condition,” Cole replied firmly as he took a pen and wrote down words on a paper. He folded it and handed it to a superhero that, was feeling quite uncomfortable. “You must say this aloud right now AND three time later today when you are alone. Once said before bedtime naturally. But always said out loud!”

Alphaman opened the paper and read the lines. He glanced up at Cole. There are expletives in this,” he replied in a panic. “I’ve never used foul language in my life. It isn’t proper!”

“Is invasion of privacy proper?” Cole queried clearly enjoying being on the higher ground.

“No,” Alphaman reluctantly answered.

“Go on then. They are just words. Unless you are afraid you might enjoy saying them? Maybe get a small erotic charge?” Cole smirked. “Is that t? You fantasize about being a potty mouth?”

Alphaman gulped. He was trapped. If he didn’t say them Cole would think he was afraid or worse that these words excited him on some level. Also, he felt strangely guilty at invading Cole’s privacy. It had seemed so right to do it last night in order to be sure Thad was okay. Now Cole had made him feel wrong. it was as if Cole was subtlety in a position to judge him. The penalty was really so slight, he told himself. He nodded and read the words:

“I was a complete fuck-up to do what I did. Only a real pussy violates a man’s privacy. Mr. Lector should haul my ass over his lap and whip my butt if I every behave like such a bad boy again. I will never be such a naughty shithead again sir!” 

Hearing himself say these words in his deep voice burned his insides. His crotch tingled as unexpectedly a vision of himself sprawled butt-naked and ass-up over Cole’s lap sprung into his mind. His cock lurched in his tight spandex costume. Alphaman quickly banished the thought. His throat was so dry now. He looked up from the paper to see a smiling Cole handing him another glass of liquid. Alphaman took it and gulped it down hoping to wash away the taste of his admission and whatever he had just felt.

“Good boy,” Cole said using a superior tone that Alphaman found demeaning yet somehow appropriate to use on him given all that had just occurred between them. “I’m afraid I must dash. Come back tomorrow,” Cole abruptly stated as he escorted a weakly protesting Alphaman out of the room. “By the way remember to say what’s on the paper three more times. Oh, do use expletives more often. It suits you. In fact it will give you a nice aroused feeling when you do. You won’t even notice doing it either I think nor, recall this final conversation just now. Yes do that,” Cole finally said as the servant arrived to escort the hero from the house.

Cole watched the superhero go. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had taken a chance by asking the stud about what he did after he left. Once Alphaman cracked and spilled his guts Cole just played it all by ear. Watching the rigidly moral hero actually submit to saying those words had been the definitive turning point. True, Cole had recklessly pushed the envelope with his suggestion to the superhero about a potential “sexual excitement” in using expletives. Still this too had paid off. Alphaman’s crotch had clearly swelled ever so slightly after he said the expletives. Cole knew he could push the hunk farther now!

As he stood outside of Cole’s mansion the befuddled hero was unable to make sense of why he let himself be treated in such a high handed and demeaning manner. His hand crushed the paper it held. He looked down at it. “I’ve got to say this fucking shit two more times too,” he angrily said. He flew off not even cognizant of what he had just said or that his crotch had swelled slightly in its spandex covering.

That night he went to sleep after saying his “speech” out loud for the last time. During his dreams he again saw himself being spanked while he bawled and cursed like a stevedore on the docks. Unconsciously his hand reached to rub his engorging cock. “Fuck yeah,” he groaned as his muscled body quaked. “Aw fuck yeah!”

The next morning he had a vague recollection of his dreams and realized, once more, he had another nocturnal emission. He showered cursing and vowing that his next meeting would be fundamentally different. He was so intent on that last matter he was never truly was aware of his prodigious use of expletives or how he masturbated to a orgasm.

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