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Alphaman Meets Mr Cole Lector
Part 1 - The Case Unfolds
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

To Metal and his site both of which sparks my poor efforts in this endeavor! To Bocaj who was the muse for my Alphaman. A thank you to Herodotus, Telemachus & Wolfpek for just being who they are! To David in SF who rocks!


The Case Unfolds:

“Alphaman it’s happened again!” the elderly police commissioner gruffly said as he gazed at the raven-haired superhero standing in front of him.

“Who is it this time?” Alphaman asked in his deep toned manly voice.

“Thad Loyne,” the commissioner ranted. “The city’s star quarterback. Just disappeared. Went out to dinner at the house of some man called Cole Lector the night before. Then that morning they are gone! We questioned Mr. Lector but there is nothing to accuse him with on this case or the others. Yet, every one of the missing men dined with that man the night before they vanished.”

The well-formed six foot tall superhero shook his head. Another leading athlete vanishing without a trace. A determined look came over his strong handsome features as he recalled his last encounter with the quarterback. It had been at some charity function. Women had swarmed the tall powerfully built young blonde jock. They were attracted by his brown-eyed good looks and his reputation for being a true man’s man. In fact the city ‘s gossipmongers had trumpeted that last facet of his reputation as well, i.e. his considerable gifts in the bedroom and his skill in using them. Alpha man could not believe someone as well muscled as that could just be easily “taken”. He fixed his steely grey eyes on the commissioner. “I think I will pay a visit to this man. Perhaps my presence will intimidate him enough to confess!” With that Alphaman flew off determined to find out why the leading athletes of the city were disappearing.

The Confrontation:

“I wish I could be more helpful Alphaman,” the middle-aged Cole Lector lightly lisped. He let his blue eyes take in the magnificently muscled form of the spandex clad hero. Alphaman’s royal green uniform seemed to accentuate every ripple of his body. “I merely had a pleasant dinner with these men. Afterwards they left. I’m just as shocked as you by all of this.” The slightly pudgy man let his eyes zero in on the nicely bundled package of the superhero for a few seconds then he lifted his gaze back to Alphaman’s face.

“Well,” a strangely uncomfortable Alphaman replied. The man wore a scent that was sickenly sweet. He seemed so harmless yet Alphaman could not get over the force that lay behind the man’s stare. It was unnerving for some reason. In fact the man’s obvious leering over his super body was unsettling as well. Yet, despite his protests, Alphaman was sure this man held the key to the other’s disappearances. There was something sinister about this man the superhero thought. He took in a deep breath. “Too much of that cloying cologne though ,” the buff stud mused. “It really does get inside you too. I’ve got to determine how can this effete guy be involved? ” He took another long breath then spoke, “Mr. Lector.”

“Call me Cole please,” the man said as his eyes fixated n the taller man.

“Mr. Lector,” Alphaman repeated disliking something in the man’s tone. It was haughty. No one had ever used that type of tone with him.

“I said call me Cole!” The stouter older man repeated with a touch more smugness. It was as if he expected his words to be obeyed.

“Cole,” Alphaman suddenly heard himself say. He silently rebuked himself for giving in especially when he saw the sneering look of triumph on Cole’s face. “We need to discuss this all in greater detail!”

"I’m afraid I’m a touch busy right now. Lets continue our chat tonight at dinner.” He smiled. “You do want to dine with me. Yes, I can see it in your eyes. Good it’s settled, right! I’ll contact you on the time.”

“Yes sure Cole,” Alphaman heard himself say. He blushed at the tone of eagerness he heard in his voice. “Well later then,” he blustered as he flew off. By now he just had to be away from that man and his cloying cologne. As he flew he decided that their next encounter would be different. “Next time I control the conversation,” he muttered.

Down below a grinning Cole nodded. He knew he had landed the first blow. He had been unsure if Alphaman would prove susceptible to his invention but to his delight it the brawny hero had yielded. True it was thanks to mixing in some radiated dust from the superhero’s planet into the mixture. True also that the yielding was slight. He knew more would be required but the crack was there to exploit. He yawned and reached down to touch his crotch. “My I’m stimulated.” He laughed as he saw his erection. “I think I need to deposit another load into my quarterback!” He strutted off to a side room. “I do enjoy my role play’s especially “sack the quarterback”! He entered a room and gazed at the bound figure on the bed.

There naked and spread-eagled before Cole lay the powerfully built young jock that drove women wild. His long well formed legs strained at their ties showing off his muscled thighs and calves. His chiseled arms flexed their round biceps as he griped at his wrist restraints. The pillow that was placed under his hard muscled abdomen had raised his round full beefy butt upward. He moaned slightly. He turned his head to stare at Cole and grunted. He looked so sensual with his now mussed and unruly blonde hair framing his handsome All-American face. Thad focused his heavy lidded eyes on the older stouter man. “I need it bad sir,” he managed to mumble though his ball gag. The blonde hunk wiggled his ass seductively.  “I need it so bad,’ he repeated as he clenched and unclenched his rump ass for Cole’s amusement. Thad lifted his hips upward for a second showing off his large balls along with an impressive erection. Then he humped downward and a stifled sigh of pure want emanated from his stuffed throat.

“If the women you plowed could only see you now,” a smirking Cole said as he undressed. He came alongside Thad and rubbed the bound football star’s ass. A low moan of desire came from the blonde stud. “Easy boy I’ll do you soon.” Cole replied as e grabbed more cologne and sprayed it directly into Thad’s face. A goofy grin of satisfaction came over the young quarterback. “But first let me re-tell you all about yourself.” As Cole spoke to Thad the former’s s mind returned to thoughts of Alphaman. He unconsciously stroked himself into an erection. Then, when he was satisfied he had informed Thad sufficiently, he jumped onto the bed and straddled his athlete. “You know Thad if you did not play quarterback I bet the position of tight end might be another option for you. At least for a short time more right,” he laughed as he “drove the ball in for another touchdown”!

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