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The Landlord
By Caveman

The Landlord

I was about to to get thrown of my college pad after a bit of a falling out with my roommates. Well, if I am honest it was because I was a more than a bit of a lazy bum. I didn't work a steady job so I didn't always have my share of the rent at at the end of the month. I also tended not to pull my weight in terms of household chores. The end result of this was that my roommates told me to get lost so they could get someone else. And so I found myself looking at ads for rooms to rent when I came across an interesting one. The ad said basement apartment available, would be perfect for a bachelor young man. The pictures seemed reasonable but you can never really tell until you see it in person, so I made arrangements with the owner.

The place actually turned out to be pretty cool. The apartment was reasonably sized, had its own entrance, and even came with Internet included. The access was a bit strange with having to first go through a gate with a security keypad on it to get to the backyard . The owner explained that he needed to do it in order to protect a couple of nice motorcycles in one of the sheds in the back. There was a second shed in the yard that turned out to be a pretty nice home gym that I was welcome to use as well. I liked what I saw and agreed to discuss rent.

We went inside to an office on the main floor of the house. The owner opened up with a warning that the lease terms were not for everyone one as he slid a contract over to me. I wasn't sure what he meant until I started reading.

The first section was pretty normal. It listed a highly reasonable monthly rent that was due at the first of the of the month. It specified the usual first and last month's rent due at signing. Then it started going off the rails. "In lieu of first and last in advance, the tenant may opt to participate in the production of a video featuring the tenant in restraints being stimulated to orgasm. Initial this box to choose this option." Wow, I thought, that is strange but it would save me a ton of cash. So I initialed the box. I then continued to a section labeled "penalties":

Rent is due by 6 PM on the 1st of the month. Failure to pay on time will result in the following actions:

first offense will result in the tenant being required to wear a chastity device until the end of the month. The tenant agrees to having the removal of the chastity device followed by the tenant's restraint and orgasm filmed.

Second offense will include the above for first offense with the additional condition that once a day the tenant agrees to being stimulated until he achieves a full erection and reaches a point where he is emitting visible pre-ejaculatory fluid. At the end of the month, the tenant agrees to participate in a video production where the tenant is restrained and kept in a state of imminent orgasm for at least one hour.

Third offense will include all of the above actions. At the end of the month the tenant will participate in a video production where the tenant will be restrained and milked in continuous fashion until the tenant experiences a dry orgasm.

Whoa, that's intense I think. Fortunately the rent isn't that much so I shouldn't have any issues with that stuff. The document then continued with a listing of property rules:

Violation of the following rules will result in the tenant being required to present himself for punishment No Activities that result in audible noise being heard on the main floor of the house No stains on the carpet or damage to fixtures or furniture Do not block the owner's carNo illegal use of the house Internet including but not limited to copyright infringement actions or use of shared passwords.

Violations of these rules will result in the tenant being subject to spanking by padding in the amount of 10 to 30 strokes based upon the severity of the violation. Upon being notified of a violation the tenant will have 24 hours to appear before the owner.

The following actions will result in a more severe punishment:

smoking of tobacco, marijuana, or any other products that emit a noticeable odor Damage to common property in excess of 3,000 dollars

These actions are punishable by flogging of the back during a video production.

Failure to appear for punishment will result in the tenant's gate code being revoked. Continued failure to appear will result in the termination of the lease and forfeiture of the tenant's possessions.

This guy clearly didn't mess around. Still, I wasn't a party animal or a smoker so I wasn't likely to run afoul of these clauses.  There was one last section:

The tenant will not disparage the owner in any way including making any derogatory statements, comments, or social media postings referencing the owner's sexual orientation, preferences, or habits.

Punishment for any offense will result in the tenant being restrained and recorded being used in a gay bottom role by the owner or any designee of the owner. The term use includes any form of sexual activity by human or mechanical means.

Moving out of the unit does not cancel or otherwise count as fulfillment of this penalty.

Wow, I think, that's intense. Still, why should I care about what the owner does. As long as he stays out of my business I will stay out of his. I mean it's clear he's a bit out there in terms of lifestyle but as long as I keep my nose clean it shouldn't matter.

I take a deep breath, sign the document, and we shake hands. He then asked in a perfectly matter of fact way, "Shall we get started on your security deposit?" He said this like it was perfectly normal for a guy to agree to getting jerked off by someone he only met in person half an hour ago. Another deep breath to control the building anxiety and follow the direction indicated by his outstretched arm.

I follow him down to what can best be described as his dungeon studio. There was an amazing collection of restraint devices, punishment implements, and professional grade video gear. He guides me to a spot in the center of some lights that he starts turning on. Once he gets the last one on, he turns to me and tells me to get out of my clothes. While I start that process, I hear the rattling of chains and some draws opening and closing. I try to my apprehension aside as I drop my boxers. When I stand up I see the owner walking back towards me with a small bag in his hand and some thick chains slung over his shoulders. The sight almost made me piss on myself. Almost as if he was reading my mind, he pointed me to a toilet that was behind a curtain. When I came back from behind the curtain, I could see that he had hung two of the chains from shackles in the ceiling and two were attached to points in the floor that had been previously covered by panels. The chains had cuffs already attached and ready to go. The intention was obviously for me to restrained spread eagle in front of the lights so not wanting to make things difficult I walked to a spot in the middle of the chains. The owner nodded in satisfaction and proceeded to cuff my ankles then my wrists. I was pulled apart enough to feel really exposed but so much that I was super uncomfortable. He then went around and made some adjustments to a couple of cameras. I noticed several red lights indicating that there were multiple cameras in the room recording me from every conceivable angle. I hoped the people out there liked medium height, decently built but not super lean guys. Now satisfied with the cameras, he comes over to me with the bag that was in his hands earlier. Out of the bag comes this strange looking gadget that he proceeds to pull my balls through. It doesn't seem to weigh much sitting on top of my sack. He twists a bit so that part of it ends up running down the length of my cock. Him working my package has started making me hard, and it's clear that the end of whatever this thing is will end right on my glans. With a couple of firm pats to my stomach he tells e to relax and  just let the machine do the work. Yeah right I think. With a last look, he steps back and activates the device on me with a remote control.

Immediately I start to feel vibration all through my cock and balls. It's not painful, in fact, it's the opposite, it feels really erotic. I very quickly realize that I am hard. Things move rapidly from hard to really hard, like shaft straight up hard. I realize that I am starting to breathe hard. I look down and see pre-cum starting to ooze out. Against all odds I can feel myself moving towards orgasm. The problem turns out to be that the owner notices it too and backs the intensity down with a couple of clicks of the remote. Despite that, I found myself close again in a couple of minutes. I let out a moan and let my head flop back. This buys me a change of pattern in the vibration. I ceased to make progress towards cumming  but I wasn't going backwards either. I tried to relax into the experience but eventually just had to let out a scream. I was stuck on the edge and rapidly running out of ability to deal with it. I involuntarily start to buck my hips, my body trying to get that last bit of traction on the vibrator. On seeing this, the owner clicks the remote again. The vibration pattern changes one more time, now focusing more on the head of my cock. That did the trick. I throw my head back and with a series of increasingly loud and guttural moans/screams I reach climax. I shoot rope after rope of cum eventually collapsing exhausted in the chains.

The owner turns off the cameras, pulls the vibrator off of me, and frees me from the chains. I struggle to control my descent to the floor. He tells me to take my time, that I can use the shower in the corner, and I can pick up the keys to the apartment from his office. I realize that No doubt the shower is full of cameras but at this point but it doesn't matter any more. I eventually get up, shower and get dressed thinking I never want to get tangled up in this stuff again.

Life though, always has the final say.