The Telemachus Story Archive

Taking it out of him
By Caveman

Taking It Out of Him

I saw the panel van pull into a parking space up ahead of me. A couple of big guys hopped out and made like they were going into the convenience store across from the space so I was caught a bit by surprised when I was grabbed and aggressively helped into the back of the van. I stayed calm figuring I knew what this was about. I owed some money on a loan I had with a local shark for a not exactly above board side business I had going on. I had been the subject of a few strong arm collection attempts previously and survived them all. Sure, sometimes I came out with a broken bone or two and got banged up pretty good, but I always came out of them. These guys pinned me down to the floor of the van and quickly found my phone. They demanded that I unlock it for them which I of course refused to do. My head was covered with the ubiquitous hood and I felt the van drive off.

After some time I was picked up and walked into a building somewhere. The hood was pulled off and I found myself in some kind of warehouse work space. There were 3 pretty decently built guys and one somewhat leaner and better dressed guy that I presumed to be the leader of this crew. Whatever this was about, it was obviously a contract job as I didn't recognize anyone. The leader spoke simply and said "We can make this nice and quick. Just unlock your phone and log yourself into your online banking account." My first thought was that while I might not be as big as the goons in this room, I do know my way around the inside of a boxing gym and can handle myself in a fight. However, I knew there was not much to be gained by starting anything in this situation. I wasn't giong to win three on one and besides, this was just a routine business matter. I steeled my self for the inevitable beating and replied with a polite "No thank you".  To my surprise, I was not immediately knee-capped, punched in the gut or nuts, or put in some kind of submission hold. The leader-type simply said "Strip. I won't ask again so if you want to leave here with your clothes intact, I suggest you do it." I looked around for a second, then opted to strip down to my boxers just as a bit of an antagonizing tactic. The speaking guy nodded to his associates and I was grabbed and walked backwards and thrown face-up on a work bench on the side of the room.

The big guys proceeded to thorougholy secure me to the table with straps that pre-run for the purpose. They tied straps around my upper chest, upper arms, and wrists. They worked their way down to upper thighs, just below the knees, and ankles. I felt my head lifted up and some kind of pad shoved under it. One of the guys pulled a multi-tool out and unfolded a knife blade, making quick work of cutting my boxers free and ripping them out from under me. At this point I take a couple of deep breaths to stay calm. The worst case that came to mind was that some electrodes might come out and that I would be spending the next couple of hours getting my balls fried. It would hurt like hell but life would eventually move on, even if it meant some time on the couch with a package of frozen peas between my legs. But then things took a turn to weird side. The leader guy turned to his henchmen and asked "anyone need to take a piss?" I heard one of them reply and he took my underwear and went into a small room that was presumably the toilet in this place. A minute later he came out having pissed into the remnants of my boxers. He headed my way with them and I was quickly overwhelmed by the stench of his piss from him covering my face with my former underwear now turned piss rag. While I was struggling to breathe, I felt something go up my ass and I let out a yell. The boxers were removed from my face and my attention moved to the vibration I was feeling in prostate. Much to my disbelief, I found myself actually getting an erection from this. There wasn't anything I could do but watch my cock fill and start to stand up. Another nod by the leader caught my eye at this point.

The guy that had performed the smothering operation now secured a strap over my forehead pinning it to the pad. One of the other goons came over with what looked like a bottle of water. I guess I was to be waterboarded at this point. Again I was surprised. The leader spoke up, "This is a bottle of water with a nice hefty dose of ED medicine dissolved in it. Your are going to drink it whether you like or not. I would suggest making it easy on yourself." Of course I had no intention of voluntarily doing anything so when the bottle was offered up I clinched my jaw tight. Upon seeing my reaction, underwear-peeing guy immediately closed my nose with one hand and started applying pressure to my chin to pry my jaw open. I did my best to resist, breathing through my teeth, but I had no leverage here and eventually my jaw opened up. The contents of the bottle were poured into my mouth which I was forced to swallow in order to breathe as my nose was still pinched closed. After swallowing everything my head was released and the guys backed off. It didn't take long for the effects to set in. The vibration up my butt combined with the ED drugs quickly made me hard as a rock despite my every thought to the contrary.

After some time of watching my cock grow to beyond fully erect, the leader said to his guys, "I think we are ready". It was hard to see what exactly was going on as one of the workers took up a place at my waist with his back turned to me thus blocking most of my view. I feel my balls get grabbed and shoved hard to the bottom of my sack. Some kind of cuff was fastened around them. Next I feel my cock get pulled down and something slipped over it and my balls. When the goon moved off I could see that a think rubber ring was around the bottom of my cock and around the top of my ball sack. The sack itself was surrounded with some kind of cuff that had metal points on the inside of it that were digging into the top of my balls causing them to ache badly as they tried in desperation to retract into body. This was getting super serious and i had no idea where this was going to go. I guess at some level fear started to get the better of me as my body's fight reflex caused a slug of piss to erupt despite the erection. This solicited a laugh from the guys.

Leader guy spoke again. "At this point, would you like to unlock your phone and log into your bank account? I can promise you won't like what is next." I again reply with one of those passive aggressive "No Thank You" lines. I am now shown a tube of one of those pain creams that is made with that burning pepper substance. I then see one of the big guys open up a condom and squeeze a generous portion of cream into the condom and proceed to squish all around the inside. I try to mentally brace for the inevitable as the condom is worked down the shaft of my cock. At first it doesn't feel as bad as I thought it would but that rapidly changes. As the cream sets in it starts to further dilate the blood vessels in my cock somehow making it even harder. Then the burning starts to bit, radiating down into my balls and up into my gut. Reflexes start to take over. My whole body starts pulling on the restraints trying to get slack so that my hips can pull back and get my cock out of the condom. My eyes close, and I start hitting my head on the bad and screaming obscenities. Worse, I feel cum starting to try and work its way up. I open my eyes long enough to look down and see veins in my cock visible through the condom. I don't understand how but my body is getting pushed towards an orgasm. The pain is unrelenting and causes me to try and thrash around looking for an escape. I feel myself reach climax and start trying to buck my hips up. I feel a new pain as the band around my cock is so tight it barely allows any cum out.

I wake up to the sharp scent of smelling salts. I look down at myself and see that my genitles are free from the condom and other devices. My cock is oozing the cum that couldn't make it out while it was restrained. I am drenched in sweat and physically exhausted. The leader holds my phone down by a hand and once again requests me to unlock it. I make a middle finger sign with the hand. "Ok guys, let's get ready for the next step."

After a minute or two the restraints are removed. They don't have to worry about me fighting back much at this point. Still out of it, I feel myself get picked up off the bench and half-carried, half-walked over to a chair. I stare out at the chair trying to figure out what's next. The chair itself was unremarkable except what was attached to the seat bottom. It looked like a stiff bristle brush, maybe like something you would use to clean out a glass bottle. The brush had some kind of sticky substance running all through it. I was placed in front of the chair and a cuff was once again placed around my sack. This one was different though as it had chains that lead under my balls to a loop. The loop was connected to a chain that led to an anchor in the floor. The length of the chain was shortened to where I had to bend my legs about 20 degrees in order to keep my balls from getting ripped off. I quick internal assessment said I had about 2 minutes before I was going to be forced to sit take the brush up my ass due to my legs giving out.  I tried to lower myself gently onto the brush. It was seriously rough. I screamed as my body reflexively tried to stand up, yanking hard on my balls. My hands hadn't been tied back up so I used them to spread my ass cheeks open. When my hole once again reached the tip of the brush I closed my eyes and just took it in.

My world was quickly shattered by the sensation. That substance covering the brush was causing some kind of itching reaction up my insides. The core of the brush was actually flexible and conformed itself to the contours of my insides. However the bristles were quite stiff. This had the effect of working the goo into every crevice of my intestines. Immediately I felt my butt clamp down tighter then I knew was possible. I am talking like worse than holding in diarrhea when you are driving in the middle of nowhere and an hour from a toilet. My body went into full flight mode. Having anticipated the reaction, I realized one of the goons had placed one of my socks over my cock to absorb some of the stream of piss that running out of me. The itching grew in intensity. I started to violently rock back and forth in the chair. I couldn't get back up as the chain on my balls had been shortened again to keep me down in the chair. My ass was alternately clenching and releasing on the brush desperately trying to get rid of the intruder. I realized in yet more horror that I was hard again. My flopping around had caused the sock to come off my hopelessly erect cock. I screamed as the orgasm literally hit me. I felt multiple ropes of cum cover me from chin to belly button.

The orgasm broke the pain loop enough for me to open my eyes and look at the leader. He offered me my phone again. I mindlessly unlocked with one hand. I moment later, the phone was offered to me again, this time with my banking app up. I punched in the password. The feeling in my gut had barely subsided. I squeaked out a weak cry to be let off the chair. The leader nodded and my balls were unhooked. I fell forward onto the floor. After another minute or two one of the goon guys picked me up. The leader said "We have added ourselves as a user to your bank account and accepted a friend request in your Facebook account. Do not remove our account or unfriend us. If you do, this is a small taste of the next step." One of the other goons had put on a pair of latex gloves and was coating a metal rod in the same substance that was on the brush. He then grabbed by still sensitive cock and held it for the remain guy who pressed the tube of pain cream into the head and squeezed a small bit out. The rod was then inserted my a quarter inch. I howled out in pain and was allowed to drop back to the floor where upon I immediately curled in the fetal position. I screamed out " I get it, I get it." repeatedly.

"Clean him up and take him back" I heard the leader say. I was dragged over to the bathroom area which turned out to also have a shower. They used a handheld shower head to unceremoniously rinse out my ass and rinse the remnants of pain cream off my cock. I guess at some point I got dressed (sans underwear and socks). I came around again when the hood was pulled off my head and I was shoved out of the van. I looked around and realized they had dropped me off in a section of town known for, to put it politely, its gay exploits. I was wearing jeans with no underwear and there was still enough ED stuff in me to give me an erection. I just wanted to get home. I pulled out my phone and saw a text message from my bank showing me my current balance was 5 dollars. I also saw a message welcoming me to the Gay Piss Friends group. I desperately just wanted to get home to start picking up the pieces.