The Telemachus Story Archive

By Caveman


You wake up in a cold sweat, shaking. You just had a really vivid nightmare.

It started with being walked down a hall. You are naked, there is a hood over your head, and your hands are secured behind your back. You hear what sounds like a heavy metal door opened and you are pushed through. Your nostrils fill with the scents of piss, stale sweat, and cleaners. You can feel that the floor is tiled and damp. You are not sure, but you swear you hear faint screams and moans over the hum of florescent lights.

You hear another door open. The hood is removed. After your eyes adjust to the light, you find yourself in a small space with 3 other people. The walls and floor are fully tiled and there is a drain in the middle. You see a set of metal cables that run from a box on the wall across to the middle of the floor. Near where the cables are, there are shackles hanging from the ceiling and an additional pair anchored to the floor. You also notice a hose in corner along with a set of gas cylinders with a mask laying on top of them.

You realize you are starting to panic and breathe hard. You are pushed into the middle of the room. Your hands are pulled from behind you and transferred to the chains over your head. Your ankles are chained to the floor. You feel something shoved up your ass. It must be one of the cables. Your balls get roughly shoved to the bottom of your sack and you feel them pulled through a loop in another cable. Someone comes around to the front and secures a cable around the base of the head of your cock. You start to go into full panic mode. You feel splashing at your feet and realize that you are urinating on yourself. You start to hyperventilate. Someone shoves a mask over your nose and mouth. It has a hose going to some valves over the gas tanks. Whatever gas its pumping in eventually calms your breathing.

One of your captors pulls out something that looks like a control pad. He manipulates the controls and all of a sudden your butt cheeks clench hard around the cable up your ass. He presses another button, this one resulting in a wave of pain spreading from your balls into your gut. You moan in pain as your legs wobble around under you. Another change on the controls. This time instead of a jolt of pain, you feel a throbbing sensation in your cock. Despite the situation, you get an erection. Your erection builds. It keeps building until unbelievably you feel your body starting to prepare to cum. Your cock is pointing almost straight up. Your abs and quads are starting to flex. Then it starts. Your balls light on fire. The pain starts spreading through your gut. The jolts up your ass feel like someone is jamming a knife right up through you. Your mind forgets about the pleasure of orgasm. Your cock goes soft again.

The pain subsides. You once again feel the gentle pulsing of current through your cock. You become erect again. Despite what your conscious mind wants, you are driven again towards orgasm. You find yourself getting closer and closer. Your mind relinquishes control as you give yourself over to the impending orgasm. You start to involuntairily moan in pleasure. Your world gets shattered by a huge jolt to the nuts. The jolts keep coming, getting stronger every time. You just want to curl up in pain but can't because of the chains. You are ready to pass out but the gas mask is put back on you making you inhale something that keeps you conscious. Your head flops around as you cry out in agony. You are soft again.

Another cycle starts. You scream out "No, please no. please!" but it doesn't help. The current in its gentle mode starts to do its job. There is no resisting. You know what is going to happen now. You are completely helpless to prevent it. Your cock is pulsing in the air. Precum is running out. You try to brace for the inevitable but it doesn't matter. The first jolt to your balls knocks your legs your from under you. It's followed by pulses up your ass causing you thrash around wildly while hanging from your wrists. The pain wins again.

Through ragged breaths you beg for it stop. You ask in desparation what you need to do to make it stop. You plead and cry. No one pays attention. The current starts again. You become strangely calm this time, accepting of the storm. Orgasm approaches. You offer no resistance to the electronic enforcer. You find yourself again on the edge, closer than you have yet to be. The pain kicks in but this time is different. Your body isn't backing off from the orgasm. It is embracing the pain. Your eyes are watering, you can barely breathe from your abs being contracted so hard. Your balls go into survival mode and start emptying themselves. Your hips thrust so hard you feel like you are going to pull muscles in your back. The pulses up your ass are timed perfectly to enhance the contractions. You shoot rope after rope of cum. It keeps going. Your legs are cramping up. You feel like you just sprinted 10 miles. The orgasm seems never-ending. Finally the fountain runs dry.

You hang from your wrists completely limp. The cables are taken off/out. You are given a spray down with ice cold water that gets no reaction from you. The lights go out when the hood is put back over your head. You feel your arms get taken down and you are half carried, half dragged away.

Thankfully it was just a nightmare.

You go to swing your feet over the side of your bed but feel something yank on your balls. You reach down and feel cold steel around your sack connected to a chain. You realize the room is totally dark. You are realize you are not sitting on a mattress but rather a slab of concrete. You hear the sound of a metal slide bolt being moved.