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By Caveman

Gay Conversion Interrogation

The following manual explains the use of techniques to break down a male prisioner by forcing him to fully commit to acts of gay sex. The techniques have demonstrated a high sucess rate of eliciting information from soldiers that have received even the highest levels of interrogation resistance training.


The soldier should be brought into a room and stripped. Force may be used as required in order to keep control of the subject. If clothing and gear is not voluntarily removed, it should be cut from subject. If a group is captured, this operation should be done in the group setting.

Next, subjects should have all underarm, chest, and pubic hair removed including hair on the penis and scrotum. Again, this may be done in a group setting.

During this process, careful behaivioral observation should be made noting any traits that may indicate shyness or hyper-agression. This will help determie which tract to assign the subject. Naturally shy subjects should be assigned to the top program, while more aggressive ones should be assigned to the bottom course.

Top Tract

An initial holding room should be prepared. The room should contain a toilet bucket situated against a wall. Attachment points for chains should be available at about mid-wall height. Multiple monitors should ring the other walls of the room and be able to be connected to multiple video sources.

The subject should be led into the room. Cuffs with d-rings should be fastened to each of the subject's wrists. The subject should be placed over the toilet bucket with wrists fastened to the anchors in the wall with enough chain to permit the subject to sit on the buck with a reasonable bend at the elbows. A wide band of material such as a stiff leather should be secured around the subject's scrotum and penis. The ring should be tight enough to encourge erections but not so tight that it crushes the urethra in order to allow the subject to urinate as needed. After the subject is secured and the room vacated, the monitors should be activated. Pornographic material should be displayed on all monitors 24 hours a day. The volume level should be sufficient to cover any other noise sources that may be audible in the room. The subject should be given quality food and sufficient water at completely random intervals for at least 72 hours. The lights should be left at a consistant level the entire time. Due to the exposure to pornography and cock ring, most male subjects will spend a large portion of the time with a strong erection. In many cases considerable amounts of pre-orgasm fluid may be observed. Most subjects at this stage will actively resist acheiving orgasm as they consider it a last shread of their dignity. Despite this, it is possible that a younger subject who has not had significant sexual release in the past 2 to 3 weeks may acheive an involuntairy hands-free orgasm. Subjects should be monitored for signs of an impending orgasm such as contracted leg and abdominal muscles, sharp breaths, and full vertical erections. A subject observed to be approaching orgasm should manipulated in a manner that halts the process. Techniques for this may include the suspension of the video feeds, dousing the subject with ice water, or the application of pressure to the testicles combined with other moderate physical force.

After at least 72 hours, at time when the subject decides to try and sleep, the subject should be moved to an action room. The action room should consist of an elevated chair that allows for full seated restraint. The bottom should be shallow enough to allow for easy access to the subjects penis and testicles. Interogation equipment kit 317T should be available. The kit contains an rectal plug with suction mount. The plug should be secured to the chair bottom. At this point the subject should be placed in the chair and restrained. The subject should be secured at the upper chest, upper arms, wrists, upper thighs, just below the knees, and ankles. The heart rate and respiration monitor should be stapped to the subject just below the rib cage. The blood oxygen monitor from the kit should be placed on a finger of the subject. The subject's cock ring should be removed and replaced with the one from the interogation kit. Attach the testical clamps from kit and secure the vibrator ring at the base of the head of the penis. Connect the rectal plug, cock ring, vibrator, and testical clamps to the control unit in the kit. Activate the respiration monitor and blood oxygen monitors. Now turn on the control unit. The unit will boot up and run a self-test to confirm that is receiving vital signs information and that the wiring to the various tools is good. During the self-test process the controller sends brief pulses of voltage to each implement. This series of jolts will normally cause the subject to become alert. The typical reaction of a subject after assesing the environment will be to test the restraints and engage in verbal assaults. If these are deemed excessive, the red RESTRAIN button on the controller may pressed. This will cause a voltage of sufficent intensity to induce considerable pain to be sent to the subject's testicals and rectum thus causing most subjects to settle down.

At this point the controller's edging program may be engaged by pressing the green EDGE button. Upon sight of a button being pressed, the subject will typically attempt to brace for what he thinks will be intense pain. The subject will then realize that instead he is experiencing quite a pleasurable sensation. As the sensation continues, the subject will think in horror that he is to be stimulated to orgasm and attempt to mentally resist. His mental resistance will have little impact on the programming as everything being manipulated is completely involuntary. As the subject proceeds towards orgasm, he will once again attempt to physically brace himself. The orgasm will never occur as the controller is able to detect an impending orgasm via patterns in heart rate, respiration, and blood oxygen changes. The controller is further able to learn the patterns of a given subject and over time is able to take the subject closer and closer to orgasm. As the subject spends more time on edge, he will undergo a predictable pattern of emotions. First the subject will brace for what he feels is an inevitable orgasm. As the time continues, he will experience increasing levels of frustration. The frustration will turn into despair and deperation that deepens until even hardened subjects begin to plea for relief.

The controller will maintain the edge for a default of two hours or until a subject reaches maximum heart rate or minimum blood oxygen levels for at least 1 continuous minute. After two hours stimulation will cease allowing time for the subject to urinate and allowing fresh blood to flow into the penis in order to avoid long term damage. Avoiding functional issues is important to ensure the efficacy of the subsequent stages. The edging cycle should be repeated until the subject expresses intense dispair when the stimulation stops.

After the session is ended, remove the respiration monitor, blood oxygen monitor, and all equpiment from the subject's genitals. After the subject's penis goes flacid, the subject should be fitted with one of the chastity cages and scrotal stimulation sacks from the interrogation kit. Choose a cage size that most closely matches the flacid length of the subject's penis. The cage is specially designed with ridges that stimulate the glans and base of the head of the penis. Further the bottom section of the cage is designed to dig into the subject's testicles in order to discourage the subject from lying still. The scrotal sack is a rubber case with an inner moulding of many small fingers that constantly rubs the testicles if the subject moves. This tends to cause the subject's body to attempt an erection which is then painfully prevented by the cage. The size of the scrotal sack used should be such that it is snug to the testicles but does not squeeze them too much in order to obtain maximum effect. After fitting the cage and sack, the subject may be placed in an ordinary holding cell. During this phase, the subject will go through an initial period of intense discomfort. The discomfort builds into extreme sexual frustration with the subject finding that he is unable to rest or even hold still. These feelings should be allowed to build for 24 to 36 hours. The subject should then be returned to the action room and subjected to another session in the chair. Repeat the cycle 3 to 4 times before moving to the next phase.

For the next phase, the action room should be prepared with a table or stand that is a height just shorter than the subject's genitiles. Secure the rubber buttox from the interrogation kit to the table. Bring the subject into the room as usual but instead of placing him directly in the chair, simply remove the scrotal sack and cage and take the cover off the rubber buttox. The subject should be encouraged to use the opportunity to obtain sexual relief by having simulated intercourse with the buttox. If the subject hesitates or refuses, make a move to place back into the chair for further denial treatment. 99 percent of subjects will immediately move to the buttox and begin working themselves to orgasm. Subjects will generally experience their first orgasm in well under 10 minutes. After the subject has an orgasm, allow him time to recover. Provide food and water as desired. Then tell them they may continue for additional rounds as desired. This is a portion of treatment where it is best to play friends with the subject in order to encourage him to drain himself as much as possible. A typical subject will want to get between 3 and 5 orgasms. After the subject has satisfied himself, place the penis cage back on him and return him to his cell. Typically this will cause the subject to embark on a period of introspection which will reach the conclusion that he is completely owned. He should be left alone for a period of 48 to 72 hours in order to both recharge the anatomical aspects as well as to maximize the amount of self-doubt for the next phase.

For the final phase, the subject should be returned the action room. This time instead of a simple rubber buttox, another captured subject should be restrained across the table. Ideally the subject used for the bottom would be one from the same milatary unit and have some form of identifiable marking such as a tatto or other skin markings that are recognizable to the top subject. The top will be forced to rape someone he knows or be subject to additional rounds of extreme sexual frustration. If the top subject refuses to engage, attach the electrodes from the control box to the bottom subject's testicles and select the RESTRAIN function therby causing the bottom to vocalize pain. The top will be forced to either engage in anal intercourse or watch the torture of the bottom. In most instances the top will chose what he feels is the lesser pain and engage the bottom, therefore signaling he is broken. From this point the top should be sufficiently cooperative in questioning sessions but should be kept caged during time in his cell to ensure that the cooperation continues.