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From Jock To Cock(Roach)
By baboonfan

From Jock to Cock(Roach)

“Today, class, we are going to turn to the next chapter in our study of zoology. Entomology, the study of insects!” Professor Delman announced.

His bored students let out a collective groan. The only one who seemed the least bit excited was his son, Gil. Almost his spitting image, skinny and tall with dark chocolate colored hair and glasses. He also shared his father’s enthusiasm for science.

“We are going to be observing and recording characteristics of ants today.” He said excitedly.

“Who cares about dumb bugs?!” A deep voice called out. “They got the brains the size of pinheads!” A chorus of stupid jock laughter follwed.

Konrad. Of course. Professor Delman glowered in the direction of the voice. Konrad was the captain of the football team, and possible the biggest bully on the planet. Also one of the hottest men in the universe. At six foot six and 275 pounds of muscle, Konrad was the biggest hunk in school. A tan that somehow stayed sunkissed all year round, short cut honey blond hair, and clothes that looked painted onto his naked body made him sex on wheels. Face so chiseled and flawless that one grin with his trademark chin dimple made even the female teachers swoon. Of course the rest of the football team were also hunky beyond belief, but he was definetly their leader, on and off the field. And if the rumors spread by half of the female population at the school were true, what was below the waist was proportioned to the rest of him.

“Konrad, with your grades, you really shouldn’t be talking about pinheads.” Professor Delman said. This elicited a few laughs from the class but a low growl from Konrad. Most of his teachers were females or football fans, so it took very little to convince them to give him and his team perfect grades. The only one who refused to was Delman. As the teacher continued with his lecture, Konrad lazily scanned the room, looking for possible tail for the weekend. He caught Delman’s kid eyeing him, then watched as he blushed and turned away. So Delman’s kid is a fag, huh? He thought to himself. Normally he was disgusted with fags, but maybe he could be useful after all.

. . . . .

The ringing of the bell signaled the end of class.

“And remember to get those permission slips signed for our trip to the biology museum this month!” Professor Delman shouted over the hustle and bustle of students hurrying to their next class.

Konrad stopped Gil in the hall.

“Hey, Gil. I was wondering if you’d help tutor me and the guys with this science stuff.” He asked with a sexy grin.

Gil blushed and said, “Um, yeah. Sure.”

“Great. We’ll go over to your place on Sunday and we can watch the football game while we study. You like football? I’ve seen you at a lot of our games.” Konrad said slyly. Truthfully, Gil did like football, but he liked ogling Konrad and his friends in tight football shorts more. He blushed even more and nodded.

“Good! See you Sunday!”

. . . . . .

It was football Sunday, and the whole team was sitting on the couch watching the game with Gil, their textbooks long forgotten in the excitement over the game. Professor Delman was at a teacher’s confrence, so they were alone. Suddenly, Konrad turned to Gil and said, “Hey Gil, we’re getting kinda hungry. Can you cook us up some pizzas?”

“Sure.” Gil said, and went to the kitchen to cook frozen pizzas.

When Gil dissapeared around the corner, the team made their move. They lept from the couch and quickly ran down the hall. They quickly searched the rooms until they found the one they assumed was Professor Delman’s study. They started rifling through the papers.

“C’mon guys, find those answer sheets. With those we can pass all of his stupid tests!” Konrad urged. They rummaged further until they found a briefcase propped up against the side of the desk. “Jackpot!” Said Konrad. He opened the briefcase, but surprisingly, no papers. Just a strange device with a screen.

“It looks like a big iPhone.” Said one of the jocks. Suddenly the screen came to life and the Professor’s face blipped onto the screen.

“Oh it’s much more than a big iPhone boys. The applications are much more interesting.” And with that they saw the device point tiny laser-pen like lights at all 11 of them. Then they felt a tiny pin prick. Konrad looked down at his chest and saw a tiny syringe, no bigger than his thumbnail, inbedded in his skin. He ripped the tiny dart out.

“What the fuck was that?!” One of the boys asked angrily.

“Did you boys know that on top of being a science teacher, I’m also a top rate genetisist and technology expert? I’m broadcasting live from my the bathroom where the conference is being held, and since I don’t want to get caught, I’ll make this explanation brief. What I have just injected you with is an insect genome. The genome of the german cockroach, which, if you’d been paying attention in class, you would know is one of the smallest breeds of cockroach. When the syrum is finished coursing through your blood stream, you will revert into cockroaches. If you doubt the reality of this, just feel your skin. Doesn’t it feel dry and hard by now?”

Konrad checked his skin, and yes, it had now gotten cracked and hard, like he had very bad dry skin.

“Why the fuck are you doing this to us?!!!!” Konrad shouted at the machine. Professor Delman grinned.

“Because little shits like you are the reason America is in the state it is now. Braindead jocks like you get a free ride to college on the sport scholarship express, while the students who actually WANT to learn have to pay out the ass for it. That, and I just don’t like the thought of my son being attracted to such shitheads. Yes, I know my son is a homosexual, and I love him and support him, but I will not let him flush his future down the drain pining after skidmarks on society’s underpants, like you boys.”

Konrad felt sharp pains on his head, and realized he was growing feelers!

“How the hell can you do this?!” one of the boys shouted.

“Well it’s relatively simple to turn a boy into a cockroach when you’ve already turned a cockroach into a boy.” Delman said smugly.

“What!!!” The boys screamed. Then Delman pressed a button on the remote control he was holding. The door on the opposite side of the hall, previously thought locked, swung open and out walked eleven gloriously naked versions of the boys. At first Konrad thought they were twelve feet tall, but then he realized that he was shrinking! His clothes felt baggy, and he was down to nearly four and a half feet!

“They’re exactly like you in every way. Down to the very last hair. I’m not stupid. If you were to simply disappear there would be some rather annoying investigators asking questions.” Delman said.

“Our parents will know it isn’t us!” A boy shouted. “You won’t fool them!”

The Professor smirked. “Young man, or should I say young bug, these former cockroaches have had their intelligence significantly boosted thanks to my gene therapy. Their IQ’s should be around 160, which is what, about 16 times your own? I think they can fool your parents.” The naked boys laughed darkly.

And suddenly the transformations sped up. Their muscles tightened and compacted painfully, their hair shrank back into their scalps as their antennae grew, their muscular hairy chests were swallowed by a hard crunchy shell, and their screams were completely covered by the roar of the television. At last when they were half the size of a man’s pinky the shrinking stopped, and the once square jaws split in two. These fleshy bumps grew into mandibles, and the former studs collapsed in their puddle of clothes, exhausted by their changes.

The new naked young men acted quickly, and found the jars hidden in the closet for this purpose. They quickly captured the cockroaches and sealed the jars, leaving holes in the lid small enough for air, but not enough for escape. They placed the jars in the closet, ready for the Professor when he returned.

“You know what you must do now?” Delman asked.

“Yes sir.” The boys answered excitedly.Professor Delman turns off the communicator and the screen goes black. The boys eagerly explore their new bodies. Some were flexing their arms watching the muscles bulges and the new Konrad was running a hand threw his honey blond treasure trail up to his hairy pecs, brushing a new pink nipple.

“I hope you guys are hungry!” Gil calls down the hall. The boys walk out to the tv room. Gil walkes out of the kitchen and sees the hunks in their birthday suits, and not only does Konrad’s size live up to reputation, but he’s also getting hard!

“Yeah, we’re hungry. But not for food.” Konrad says huskily. Then they advance and pounce on him.

. . . . . .

It’s hours later, and the boys are sprawled out on the couch, exhausted with their escapades. Gil is cuddled up Konrad, one of Konrad’s beefy arms wrapped possessively around him, fast asleep. The new Konrad is drifting into slumber, looking down at Gil, and still marveling at how cute and pink he is. And his last thought before losing the battle for alertness was, I can get used to this.

When they returned to school, the boys were not the same. To the dismay of all the girls in school, Konrad announced that he was now gay, as were his teammates. While there was some mutterings of “fags”, no one dared oppose the massive footballers. All of the boys paired up with another teammate, and Konrad started dating Gil. Not only did their science grades skyrocket, but their entire g.p.a.’s raised to unheard of heights, and this time honestly. This earned each of them academic scholarships.

Afterward the boys went on to marry their high school sweethearts, go to college, and each gained a job at their old highschool. Konrad and Gil now teach sceince, and Gil notices that Konrad becomes particularly frisky when he lectures about insect anatomy. Not only do they work together, they also sometimes relive that first passion they shared in high school on the Sunday afternoon. Knowing that his son was in a good relationship with an honest, hardworking, intelligent man just made Professor Delman more confident in his decision.

. . . . . .

And what happened to the original boys?

After he returned from the conference, he took the boys and donated them to the biology museum.

A month later, the kids had their field trip there. While Konrad was at the door, explaining to yet another hopeful girl that, no he was free on Friday, since he was dating Gil, the Professor lead the group on a tour of the insect halls. The walls were lined with glass boxes filled with insect life.

During the last month, the former boys worked frantically to find a way out of their glass case, and finally, their work had payed off. They had chewed through the mesh wiring at the top of their cage, and one of them crawled out. Unfortunately, the poor little roach didn’t know that German roaches are incapable of flight. When he tried to use his wings he just fell to the floor.

Suddenly, a girl shrieked. “EEEEWWW! A BUG!” And with a crunch she impaled him with her stiletto heel.

The little roaches mourned the loss of their leader, and sat huddling in their cage, in the safety of the wood shavings. And there they stayed until the end of their short lives.