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A Real Bug's Life
By baboonfan

A Real Bug's Life

Sebastian Deheart rested his Italian loafers on top of his desk, which was made of imported African mahogany, one of the most endangered trees in the world. He sighed in contentment. He had just closed a deal that would make him even more millions of dollars.

He had recently bought a small rainforest, and he was going to clear cut it for grazing lands, and sell it to a chain of fast food joints. With a slight nudge of his foot he knocked the large stack of letters from whiny protestors and eco-freaks into the garbage can next to his desk.

Suddenly, a long haired man in a lab coat came into his office. It was Jeff, his chief scientist.

“Sir, there’s a problem!” he said worriedly.

“What is it Jeff?” Sebastian said in a bored voice. He didn’t want anything to dampen his mood.

“Those activists have heard about your purchase of the Payaya rainforest, and I think they may do something drastic!”

“What are those hippies going to do? Right a protest song and smoke pot until I give up?” Sebastian said condescendingly.

“Sir, I think they may have sent someone undercover to take you out!” Jeff said, emphatically.

“Like who?” Sebastian said dismissively. Jeff pulled a gun out of his lab coat.

“Me.” Jeff said. He pulled the trigger and a dart imbedded itself into Sebastian’s neck.

The Room seemed to spin slightly, and then there was darkness.

Sebastian opened his eyes to find himself in a white padded room, completely naked. To his right was a window.

“Where am I?” Sebastian asked.

“You’re in a test facility. I’ve injected you with the latest in gene therapy technology.” Jeff said through the intercom.

“WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!” Sebastian screamed.

“Recently, some of my fellow eco-scientists have found a new species of insect. They’re a fairy-like race of tiny men with colorful wings. They live in the rainforest you were about to cut down.” Jeff said with a smug voice. “An entirely new species. Possibly a missing link in human evolution.”


“Pfft. Of course not.” Jeff said. “That’s just what we’re saying to the EPA to stop the bulldozing. But guess where we’re getting the fairies?”

Sebastian stared in horror at the needle mark in his arm.

“You, you can’t do this!” He could feel his skin start to tingle.

“Oh, yes I can.” Jeff said. “You’re such an ass that you have no friends, no family, and no loyal employees to ask annoying questions.”

Sebastian looked at his skin. It was turning rosy and red. And his clothes were feeling loose.

“Ah, the shrinking portion of the transformation is beginning.” Jeff said with interest.

Now his skin was completely red, and his clothes were so baggy that he looked like a twelve year old wearing his dad’s clothes.

Sebastian’s jaw dropped, but no sound escaped, because his vocal cords were frozen with horror. His back felt like it was burning, and then he felt his skin tear. By this time he was the size of a small baby, swimming in his own shirt.

When he slipped through the neck opening, he felt something expand in his back. He looked over his rosy shoulder and saw a pair of enormous pink wings on his back. They were moth-like and covered with a layer of glittering dust. Suddenly, his temples throbbed, and then he felt a spurt of wetness. He wiped the blood from his forehead, and felt his new antennae. Delicate and slender, with a little bead at the end, just like a butterfly.

He looked just like a fairy!

The door to the padded room, now enormous, opened, and the giant sized Jeff came with a piece of paper and a glass.

Before he could flap away, Jeff captured him.

“Time to meet the others, little guy.” Jeff said condescendingly. “I recently recruited them from the nearest prison.”

He brought him to a new room full of foliage and a small stream. Jeff suddenly pulled the paper out from under him. Instinctively, his wings started flapping and Sebastian hovered in the air.

“Jeff! You gotta undo this! I’ll give you anything you want! A raise! Your own stink-bug sanctuary! Anything!” Sebastian pleaded. Jeff just smirked and flicked him away.

Somehow he managed to stay airborne, but he wasn’t able to make it to the door before Jeff shut it behind him.

Still gently hovering backwards from the flick, Sebastian bumped into something. Feeling behind him, he knew it was something large and, fleshy?

“Watch were you’re flying, runt.” A voice growled at him. Sebastian whirled around and saw another fairy. But this one was blue, and HUGE! He was only three inches taller than him, but when your only five inches high, it really matters. This guy may have been tiny, but he was muscular. He must have spent every waking moment lifting weights, in the prison yard if his tattoos were any indication. It was a wonder that his wings were strong enough to lift him off the ground.

“Welcome to Fairyland, bitch!” The blue fairy grinned, exposing a mean grin full of gaps. Other fairies flew over. All of them were as huge as the blue one. All kinds of different colors were present, orange, green, purple, yellow, black and white, and pearly gray. They all looked mean enough to be on death row. And they all had beastly erections.

“No, no, no!” Sebastian said, hoping, pleading, that it was all a terrible dream.

“Oh yes. I’m going to show how a MAN fucks.” The blue on sneered. Using his intimidating size, he flipped Sebastian around and pushed him against the glass, exposing his tiny rosebud asshole…

5 months later…

“And here, children, are the Fairies of the Payaya Rainforest.” Jeff said to the group of bored high-schoolers. They were at here at Deheart labs to see the newest exhibit, the fairy habitat.

“Check it out! They’re gangbanging that little red one!” One of the more obnoxious boys said. He pointed at the gangbang in progress.

“Ah yes.” Jeff said, repressing an evil laugh. “The red fairies are the females of the bunch. Unfortunately, since we only have one in captivity, she’s rather busy.” He said, pointing to Sebastian in an explanatory way. By now, he was very pregnant, and brimming with eggs. His baby belly was so prominent, that his genitalia was completely covered by the hanging mass. But still they went at him, at least five buzzing around him, with the biggest blue one jack-hammering into his behind. Behind the thick glass, the sound of Sebastian crying out for help was completely muted. Jeff grinned.

“We hope to breed THOUSANDS here. So she’s going to “busy” for a LONG time.” He said.

And all the immature teens just laughed.