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A Love Story Told In Segments
By baboonfan

A Love Story Told In Segments-

Beginning, Kindergarten:

“Now now, Robin, you need to let go! It’ll be okay!” Robin’s mother assured him. Robin, a six year old bunny, had a death grip on his mother’s right leg and his father’s left leg, making them look like a bizarre three legged race.

“Your mama’s right Robin. You’ll make lots of new friends,” His father said, grunting, trying to pry the young bunny’s fingers off his leg, “you’ll get to meet your teacher, *grunt*, and you’ll get to play games!”

This did not assure Robin, and just made him tighten his grip. He was very shy. At age six, Robin was a slightly chubby white bunny with light brown splotches dotting his fur, and a little short for his age.

With his wife’s help, Robin’s father succeeded in dislodging their son from their legs. With a gentle nudge they pushed Robin towards his new teacher where the other kids were assembling.

“Hi kids!” The crane teacher said cheerfully. “I’m Ms. Freshfeathers, and this year I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun together!” Robin was not so sure. He was feeling very nervous, being surrounded by lots of loud children, while a smiling lady loomed over him. He was scared and wanted to go home! But he refused to cry. His daddy told him that big boys don’t cry.

Ms. Freshfeathers led the kids to their classroom, which was filled with shelves of pictures books, brigthly colored craft tables full of glue and glitter and construction paper, and even a little grocery store play house, where the kids could play pretend.

Ms. Freshfeathers encouraged the children to go play and get to know each other. Robin immedietly took a picture book down from the shelves and sat down in a chair. Reading the story calmed Robin slightly.

Suddenly Robin felt something wet on his ear. Behind him was a large lion cub gently gnawing on his long ear. He still had his baby teeth, so it felt like a warm ear massage. From the large name tag on his chest, Robin saw that his name was Ben. While the chewing didn’t hurt, Robin was still confused.

“Uh, hi.” Robin said. The lion cub offered a mumbled greeting, refusing to let go of the ear until long enough to give a reply.

“My name’s Robin.” The bunny said.

“Rob-bun.” The lion said around his mouth full of ear.

“Rob-in.” the bunny ennounciated.

“Rob-bun.” The lion said with a nod. Robin wisely decided that since Ben wasn’t hurting him, he should just let the lion boy chew. Besides, the silent closeness of the young predator was comforting.

Suddenly Ben picked Robin up around the chest. This was a little ackward since Ben wasn’t that much bigger, and he refused to release Robin’s ear. Carrying Robin in front of him, Ben walked to the big red reclining chair, sat down, and placed Robin in his lap. This done, Robin returned to his story, with Ben reading over his shoulder while chewing.

Feeling the lion’s body hear encircling him, and the warm massaging feeling on his ear, and the hynotizing look of the feline’s golden eyes made Robin sleepy. He yawned a felt himself dozing.

Through a sleepy haze he saw Ms. Freshfeathers approach them.

“Ben, take Robin’s ear out of your mouth.” She said sternly. Robin saw Ben’s eyes contract into slits, and he let out a loud snarl. Ms. Freshfeathers took a step back, and decided to leave them be. Robin drifted into a deep and relaxing sleep.

When it was time for the grown ups to pick them up, Robin happily ran to his parents to tell them about his new friend.

. . . . . . .

Second part 4th grade:

“Fatty Bunny! Fatty Bunny! Faaaaty Buuunny!” The hyena, bat, and fox taunted. They were the biggest bullies on the playground, and they especially delighted in tormenting Robin.

Robin had never outgrown his baby fat, and while he had grown to an acceptable height for his age, he was still kinda chubby.

Robin hadn’t been looking for trouble. He had only asked the other kids if he could play tag too. The kids new better to invite the biggest bully target into their game, lest they too become targets. Seeing the other kids exclude Robin, the bullies started jeering.

Usually they would only call Robin a few names and leave once Ben arrived, since no one wanted to mess with the tallest, biggest kid in class, but Ben was not on the playground yet since it was his turn to help clean up the lunch room.

The bullies had backed Robin into the brick corner of the playground, and were starting to get aggressive. The pushed him and called him names and yanked on his tall ears.

Robin contemplated yelling for help when Ben appeared behind the boys and slammed his fist into the fox’s face. His muzzle was already swelling, and a baby tooth was lying in a small puddle of blood on the ground.

A teacher came to investigate the commotion.

“Ben! Did you do this?!” The teacher said, pointing at the crying fox’s face. Ben snarled defiantly and his eyes became golden slits of rage.

“They were bullying Robin! Why didn’t you stop them?” Ben demanded angrily. The teacher looked embaressed for a second.

“I didn’t see it…”

“But you see it now, huh? You’re not very good at your job.” Ben said.

The teacher got angry, and grabbed Ben and the bullies by the back of their shirts, leading them to the principal’s office. Ben took a look back at Robin, and saw a smile of gratitude.

. . . . . .

Third part, Middle School:

Through the years Ben had distinguished himself as a very strong and athletic young fur. Robin, however, had not. In fact, he had gotten even chubbier. Yet despite their differences, the two boys remained the best of friends.

One day, they were changing in the locker room after gym. Ben and Robin had chosen lockers right next to each other, and were discussing possible weekend plans.

“Wanna see the newest Power Predator movie?” Ben suggested.

“Sure!” said Robin. Robin didn’t really like Power Predator, since it was mainly just an over the top action flick starring an beefy wolf with wall to wall explosions. But Ben liked it, so he feigned interest.

As they were removing their sweaty gym uniform, Robin saw that Ben had decided to go commando today. Instead of the barbed prick that is the norm for cats, Ben had an enormous black equine dong hanging down to his knees! When Ben caught him staring, Robin felt his cheeks burn. With his white fur, his reddened skin gave his whole face a pinkish hue. Ben grinned at him.

“My mom’s a zebra, but I mostly take after my dad.” Ben explained. By now they were the only boys left in the locker room. To Robin’s further embarressment, he felt his tighty whities tighten, and his little rabbit prong had become hard. Ben had noticed. His big dick was stirring with interest. Ben’s eyes had shifted from a light and happy amberish gold, to a glowing, smokey beaten gold color.

“You know, you’ve always been cute.” Ben said huskily. Robin leaned into him, still blushing furiously. Ben leaned in and kissed him. It was just a brief pressing of lips, and a little slip of tongue, but it was enough to make Robin squeak and cum in his briefs. Ben gave him a grin. Even though he was halfway hard, he stuffed his big meat into his jeans.

“We have to go now, or we’ll be late for our next class.” Ben said.

Robin said he would follow soon, and it took five minutes for him to be calm enough to pull up his pants.

. . . . . .

Fourth part, High school.

Because he had gotten into one to many fights, Ben had to transfer to a different middle school, leaving Robin friendless for two years, and a renewed target for bullies.

This brought to surface his problem with stress eating. Whenever he became stressed, he would get the munchies and pig out. This led to a large weight gain, until by the time he entered high school, he was 230 pounds! Due to Ben constantly chewing on his ears as a child, his ears had stretched to the point where they no longer stood up. He now looked like a fat lop eared rabbit.

Luckily, Ben was at this high school as well, which reduced his stress, which reduced his food intake, which led to him gaining weight at a slower rate.

When he was a senior in high school, he was 250 pounds.

Robin wasn’t the only one who changed during their separation. Ben had gone through several growth spurts, and had become a big stud of a lion. When he walked through the doors as a freshman, he was already 6 and a half feet, and 225 pounds of ripped bulky muscle, with a goatee beginning his traditional lion’s mane. Now that he was a senior, he was an enormous 8 feet, and 350 pounds, and the school’s favorite student. He was so wide and muscular that specially made bigger reinforced desks had to be ordered to support him in all his classes. Doorframes were also widened to accomadate him. He was on every sports team, and on most of the he was the captain. All the teams scheduled themselves to fit to his schedule, because with him on their team, they were guarenteed victory. Not only was he super strong and fast, he was also famous for being the biggest stud on campus.

With his sexy golden eyes, big golden furred body, full soft brown mane, and infamous horse cock and thunder balls, he had run through half the student population, both male and female, and if rumors were true, some of the teachers.

I just I were one of them, thought Robin. They hadn’t advanced their friendship beyond anything platonic. Robin was feeling too self conscious to try anything. Being fatter than ever didn’t help him feel confident enough to ask the hottest, nicest, most popular guy in school out.

In high school, Robin had tried everything to lose weight. He joined a gym, but quit after it seemed to be closed everytime he tried to go. He tried to order healthy stuff for lunch, but no matter how early he got in line, they always seemed to run out, so they would give him large quantities of fattening food to make up for it. When he tried to join a sports team, they rejected him politely, saying that they were already full. When he asked his home economics teacher if he could make salads instead of cakes and desserts, she just told him that growing boys need to eat.

After school, Robin was crying in his room, depressed, when Ben came over. He knocked on the door.

“Robin? Are you there?” Ben asked.

“Go away! Leave me alone!” Robin sobbed.

“Robin, open the door or I’ll bust it down! You know I can!” Ben said.

Ben heard the groan of the bed springs as Robin got up. When he opened the door, Ben saw why Robin had been crying. During the first few weeks of senior year, Robin had balooned up to 275 pounds! His cheeks were so large and round he looked like a gerbil. His clothes strained to fit him, and his belly threatened to bust out.

“Please go away. I don’t want any one to see me like this. I’m quitting school.” He sobbed. He waddled to his bed and threw himself down into the covers, crying. Robin heard his bed give another tortured groan as Ben laid down next to him, and held Robin in his arms. Robin felt the familiar comforting gnawing on his ears and stopped sobbing.

Ben started purring loudly. And Robin barely heard Ben say in a quiet, breathy voice, “God, you’re so sexy.”

“But, but I’m the size of a whale!” Robin looked into Ben’s eyes. They were glowing again. Ben squeezed Robin.

“You’re beautiful. So big. So cuddley.” Ben whispered.

Robin felt something poking him. He looked down and saw an obscene bulge in Ben’s pants.

“You think I’m sexy?” Robin said.

“Obviously. I’ll show you.” Ben said with a grin. He pushed a hand up the back of Robin’s shirt, feeling the fur, and pulled him to his chest. He began stripping Robin. With one hand he gently removed Robin’s shirt. Robin tried to cover himself by crossing his arms, but Ben moved his hands.

Ben snaked a hand down Robin’s crotch to fondle him, while teasing a nipple. Robin is starting to moan, and rock forward, trying to force Ben to rub harder. Ben enthusiastically did, glad that Robin was over his shyness.

Robin was nearing his peak, moaning cutely. Ben looked down at him, smiling. Letting go of Robin’s ears, he gave a gentle bite to where Robin’s shoulder met his neck.

With a loud squeak, Robin convulsed and shot his load into Ben’s paw. After Robin was done shooting a few minutes later, Ben carefully freed his hand. Still looking into Robin’s eyes he licked Robin’s seed off his claws.

“You taste delicious.” Ben purred.

“I can’t believe you find, this,” Robin shook his belly, “sexy.”

“Of course I do. I’m the reason you are this way.” Ben said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, as the top jock in the school, I have a bit of clout with the principle. I convinced him that the sports players should be let out of class first to get to the cafeteria, because I had put them on a strict diet of health foods.”

“What?” Robin asked.

“And I convinced the lunch ladies to be especially generous to guys who missed out on the healthy food.” Ben grinned. “I also convinced the owners of all the local gyms to have private sessions with all the jocks at our school after class.”

It was beginning to dawn on Robin.

“And, I told a certain teacher, who I used to fool around with, that a certain bunny was having problems getting lunch, so that she should steer her class to making more filling foods.”

“And the sports clubs?” Robin asked.

“Those actually were all full.” Ben shrugged. “What can I say? I’m a popular guy. Being on a team with me means instant popularity boosts, plus all the spill over tail they can handle.” Ben snuggled closer to Robin.

“Besides, even if they weren’t full, I wouldn’t let you join.”

“Why not?” Said Robin, feeling slightly insulted.

“If you were in a club, I’d be too busy popping boners and yiffing you to concentrate on a game or match.” Ben explained, beginning to chew on an ear.

Robin laid in his bed, thinking. It was all Ben’s doing! It was Ben’s fault he was this huge! Robin began to get furious, but then he looked over at Ben.

Ben was drifting into sleep, the ear chewing having worked like a pacifer. Seeing the big stud at his most innocent made Robin’s heart melt. He knew that Ben would always be there to love and protect him. If it meant gaining some weight to be with him, then that was okay.

Feeling sated and happy, Robin joined Ben in sleep.

. . . . . . .

Part 5, Meet the parents

Although they had been friends for most of their lives, Robin and Ben had only met each other’s parents in passing. So when they decided to make their relationship official a week after Ben’s confession, they decided to meet their boyfriend’s parents.

Robin’s parents, a male and female bunny, were clearly unnerved about being around such a big predator, but after speaking with Ben it was clear that he cared about their son very much, and they gave their blessing.

Then it was time to meet Ben’s parents. Ben’s father was a large lion, like his son, but his mother, the one who gave birth to him, was a short fat male zebra. As soon as they walked in the door, Ben’s father trapped them in a bear hug. Suprisingly, Ben’s father was even larger than Ben!

“Hello there!” Ben’s father roared happily. “Nice to meet you!” He released them and led Robin into the living room, which was sparsley furnished, since hardly any furniture could accomadate them. There was only a tv, a coffie table, and several large cushions to sit on. Already sitting was Ben’s mother. Robin may have thought he was fat, but he was petite compared to Ben’s mom. The zebra had to be at least 320 pounds of chubby zebra.

He smiled at Robin and invited him to sit. Ben’s father sat next to Ben’s mother and snuggled into him. Ben did the same with Robin.

“I’m so glad Ben decided to go steady with someone.” Ben’s mother said.

“Yeah, we were beginning to wonder if anyone could take the size of his cock.” Ben’s father said loudly.

Robin blushed, and Ben said, “Daaaad. We haven’t done anything yet.” But we want to, Robin and Ben thought simultaneously.

“Well it’s hard for the men in our family, being so well endowed.” Ben’s father explained. “Especially now that you have some equine in you. And you’ve just started to grow into your size. Soon you’ll get taller and bigger than me.” Then he looked seriously at his son. “That’s why it’s your duty to encourage Robin to get as big as possible. The bigger his ass gets, the less your cock will hurt.”

“I understand Dad.” Said Ben, equally solemn.

Robin and Ben’s mother rolled their eyes and looked at each other, and knew they were thinking the same thing. Lions.

“Another thing you need to watch out for, Robin, is to not let Ben get over protective.” The chubby zebra explained. “We’re not so fragile we’ll smash into pieces if weren’t not treated like fine china.”

Ben’s father nuzzled and purred into his husband’s neck. “You deserve to be treated like royalty. You make me so happy.”

“Still, you boys need to watch your tempers. Last week your father nearly broke some guys hand because he didn’t hold the door for me.” Ben’s mom complained.

“He saw you right behind him, and it would’ve taken one second.” Ben’s father growled.

“Still, it was no reason to overreact.” Ben’s mother and Robin nodded. Ben’s father and Ben shared a look that said, Chubs.

. . . . . .

Part 6, the wedding.

After a beautiful ceremony, Ben and Robin were getting into the limo to take them to the airport to begin their honeymoon.

Ben remembered it well. Both of them were wearing custom tailored suits, Ben’s to fit his ever growing muscles and build, Robin’s to hold his sexy bulk.

The held hands in front of the priest and said I do.

Then they kissed in front of their joyous friends and family, and ran to the car, and into their new life together.

As they got into the car, Robin said, “I love a happy ending.”

Ben replied, “What are you talking about baby? We’ve only just begun!”

The end.