The Telemachus Story Archive

The Sinister Dwarves
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Robert Lust)


Slate finished his last set of push ups at his headquarters, the LOFT, in downtown Grand Island City. He gazed at the metropolitan city with a gaze. He was in compression shorts and was sweaty from his work out. His 5'11 muscular body was pumped. Slick, his sidekick, confidant and secret lover entered the room. Slick was only 21, young and had a lean build. Slick gazed at Slate's mocha colored latin skin. It never got old to see Slate with skin tight compression shorts and his plump bubble butt he thought. Slick walked over and began to massage Slate's bulge. He tugged down the lycra and Slate's cock and balls popped out.

"Looks back to normal," Slick said. A few weeks before they were all milked by Doc, Ram and a new villain named Fang. Luckily they escaped when Slick activated a sleeping gas on the villains. The police were able to come and subdue the villains and lock them up. After days of milking their cocks were sore for weeks. All was quiet in Grand Island City, too quiet.

"I'm going to suit up," Slate said.

"Want me to come too?" Slick said.

"No bro," Slate said. "I'm just going to do a patrol."

Slate zoomed through the city on his custom built motorcycle. It roared through the streets like lightning. Just then he got an alert. Just then..there was an explosion at the Grand Island Fertilizer factory. Just when all was quiet. He zoomed over and saw fire fighters pushing out the flames.

"No one was hurt," a firefighter said. "

Slate walked around the compound. He noticed footprints leading to the back of the factory. He went to a dock by the creek. Slate saw that a boat was untied. He radio called Slick on his ear set.

"Something is funny. I see a light flickering from the old abandoned lighthouse." Slate said.

"Sounds fishy." Slick said.

"Smells like it too," Slate said. "I'm next to the Larry Alberts creek. Going to investigate."

"I'm going to track you just in case," Slick said.

Slate arrived and noticed the lights were off now. He jumped off the speed boat and walked around. Just then he noticed his boat sink. Impossible he thought. He realized he was stuck and it was probably sabotage. Slowly he walked into the entrance of the light house and climbed up the tower. All looked fine. Then he noticed a bunch of boxes of fertilizer. Almost a truckload worth. He turned around and saw a dwarf, he looked creepy.

"Hold it." Slate said.

"My, my, my," the dwarf said. "I am Big Urchin." He said.

"I know who you are."

"You fell right into our ambush like a rookie."

"I'm no rookie."

Slate laughed. The urchin dwarf was only about four feet and came up to Slate's waist. One more appeared from a doc and another appeared. It was three of them. They were mutated and looked weird. Slate stood on the balls on his feet.

"You're so sexy in your skin tight rubberized suit." The urchin slowly walked up to Slate and gently touched his codpiece. Slate pushed him back.

"Back up." Slate said.

Just then another urchin jumped on his back. They were no match for him. Slate tossed the three of them into a pile like toys. One of the urchins dumped a basket of fertilizer into a jug which appeared to feed a seaweed plant. It suddenly began to grow. Slate never saw anything like it. He dodged as two vines began to tug at its leg. He smashed the vine with the heel of his foot. Another vine jut out from the jug as if it multiplied. It slowly wrapped itself around his calf and then as Slate tried to pull a way another vine wrapped around his other leg. The vine was warm, wet and slimy. It had little needle like fibers which Slate could feel. Slate could feel the plant move up his leg and up towards the bottom of his banus. It soon wrapped itself around his tree trunk thighs. Two more vines came from the plant and wrapped around his arms. Finally one made its way around his neck. It gripped him enough to where he could breathe but snug enough that he was secure. The vines stretched him out spread eagle. Finally a thin vine made its way around Slate's round bulge. It massaged its way in between his balls and tugged at his scrotum. This plant wasn't just a plant. It knew how to immobilize the hero. It was an experiment and a mutant. It was alive and a predator like a fly trap. He was secure and trapped.

The urchins stood in front of Slate as he tried to squirm out of his bondage. They opened up a suitcase and devices could be seen in 24 karat gold. Dildos, electro tools, hammers, needles, plexi glass and clamps. Slate squirmed. In a fair fight Slate could have easily destroyed the dwarf like clan called the urchins. They manipulated the genetics of the seaweed plant to secure him into bondage.


One urchin began to take a needle and slowly inserted it inside Slate's neck. He then injected a serum which made Slate feel groggy instantly. His scrotum felt warm and he could feel the serum work its way in his veins. He was in a bit of euphoria and his cock became rock hard. The urchins stepped back as Slate squirmed around. He began to sweat.

"Now," Big urchin said. Big urchin was the biggest one at 4-11. He walked over and rubbed Slate's muscular pecs. "We're going to enjoy this boys."

Big urchin took a mallet and began to bash Slate's abs. The two other assistant urchins took mallets and balked at Slate's incredible six pack. It flexed. The urchins worked Slate's abs. He couldn't believe these little men could cause harm. He decided to absorb the hits. This is what he was trained for. Soon the three little men had boners. They liked seeing Slate flex his abs. The vines began to squeeze the muscles all around Slate. His body was pushed out and each muscle fiber strained.

After the beating Slate was still in good shape. His abs handled the torment like a pro.

"Let's get this started," Big Urchin said. He placed his hands on Slate's abs and worked his way south. The radioactive mutant sea weed tentacles slithered around Slate's bulge.

The big urchin went into the kit and handed the other two urchins gold plated brass knuckles. The big urchin gently poked Slate's package.

"This is his weak spot boys." Big urchin said. "You know what to do."

One of the urchins bent down and did a upper cut to Slate's bulge. Another one did an uppercut and another one.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh." Slate yelled. "Ahhhhhhhh"

"Harder," Big Urchin said.

Slate's bulge bounced around with each punch. His rubber codpiece began to shred. One of his tan balls could be seen through the tear. The knuckles were reinforced with diamond pieces and meant to shred armor. Slate put his head back.

"Want me to stop?" Big Urchin said.

Slate spat at his face.

In a rage Big Urchin did five uppercuts in a row. The sound could be heard around the room. His balls shook around in the codpiece. At the same time the tentacle tightened its grip on his bulge as well. Slate succumbed to the intense groin pain and blacked out.

II. An hour later...

The urchins communicated to the sea weed tentacle to pull Slate down and spread him eagle on the ground. The three urchins stare down as Slate wiggles around. His nightmare was a reality. The main arm of the tentacle maneuvered its way into Slate's rectum. It secreted an enzyme that quadruples Slate's sex drive. Slate's balls are full of semen and they are ready to secrete. An urchin begins to fondle Slate's growing sac of lower bulge. They unzip a portion of the codpiece so Slate's mushroom cock head is exposed. One urchin lifts his foot and stomps on Slate's balls through the codpiece.

"Ughhhhhhhh," Slate moans.

Cum jets out like a geyser. Slate's balls continue to become larger with cum. It has to come out and it drips uncontrollably but with each touch to his scrotum cum erupts out. They continue to stomp on Slate's balls which began to become a pool of cum on the ground.

One urchin drops to his knees and begins to suck the cum our of Slate. Orgasm after orgasm Slate begins to convulse. The heaviest urchin jumped up and landed with the heel of his foot on Slate's oval balls. Cum launched up and sprayed the urchins as Slate's cum rained down from a load that reached great height.

"No, no, no more." Slate said. He caved in. His balls were still full of cum. Meanwhile the vine aggressively coils around Slate. It lifts him up and the larger arm of the plant maneuvers into Slate's anus. The hero is in a position as if he's sitting on the vine. His pecs are bound and the thinner vines toy with his nipples. One urchin tugs Slate's testicle and injects a cock stiffening injection. Another urchin probes at his balls with a needle. Their grip on his balls was cold and brutal. Simultaneously the vine wrapped its prickly extension around Slate's cock. It began to insert itself through Slate's penis head. Slate was forced to ejaculate but the cum stayed inside. His balls began to expand. They edged his penis with their tongue. Slate couldn't handle the forced ejaculation. If the vine didn't get out of his penis he thought he was going to explode. The urchins grinned as Slate was forced to ejaculate. Finally the vine got out of his penis. Slate ejaculated and his cum shot up and erupted all around. Five loads worth of creamy cum went everywhere.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Slate moaned.

The urchins tugged at his penis and began to edge him again. They licked every area from his buttonhole to the banus. They

"No more," Slate said.

The vine went back in and blocked his penis hole.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhh," Slate screamed.

The urchins took his balls and injected the serum again. This time they tugged at his nipples which were already under the vines. The same process happened again and again. Slate ejaculated Slickally, his balls swelled and finally the vine moved away form his penis hole and a geyser of cum exploded.

"I'm done with this game," one urchin said.

"He's having fun and enjoying this," one urchin said.

"Let's finish him," the big urchin said.

They inserted their cocks one by one in Slate's mouth and ejaculated inside him. Once they had their fix they began to claw away at his rubber suit. Slate's cock was horny and still dripping cum. The big urchin delivered a blow and squeezed his balls hard. Cum dripped out and he was finally milked dry. They tugged at his cock and he shook but couldn't get out the clutches of the vine.

They took out a plexi device and placed Slate's juicy balls in it. Slowly Big Urchin began to crush his balls as the glass flattened.

"No," Slate yelled.

"Say good bye to your nuts Slate," Big Urchin said. He began to tighten the grip and Slate's balls began to flatten.

"Noooooooooooo," Slate yelled.

An explosion happened and sent Big Urchin flying. It was Slick dressed in a new suit.

"His little butt buddy sidekick." Big Urchin said.

"I go by the name Slick now," Slick said. Formerly known as Slick.

The Urchin's lunged at Slick and tried to disable him. Slick fought brave and one by one kicked down The Urchins. He stood over Big Urchin who took out a knife and lunged at him. He sliced through but Slick was able to get away.

The vine grew another arm and slammed into Slick's balls.

"Aghhh," Slick yelled. He dropped to the floor.

"Now!" Big Urchin yelled.

He jumped on Slick as he tried to recover and slammed a bat in his balls. At this point the vine began to wrap itself around Slick's waist and lifted him in the air. He was kicking but his legs were now bound.

Big Urchin wiped blood from his mouth from when Slick kicked him. In a fury he squeezed Slick's codpiece with all his might.

"Ughhhhh," Slick yelled.

The urchins surrounded their new prey.

"You little young muscle pup." Big Urchin said with a grin. "Welcome to your doom." Big Urchin rubbed the six pack of Slick and looked at his friends.

"Well boys," he grinned. "Get to work."

They opened the tool kit and put on brass knuckles.

Slate looked at Slick and placed his head down. This was going to be a long night.