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Superhero Clamp Ballbusting
Part 2
By Arthur Hero

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Superhero Torture - Part 2


On the other side of the lair Slate was restrained. The metallic tentacles restrained his body and held him spread eagle on the ground. His bulge was wrapped by a coil and the two distinct orbs in his nut sack were stretched to the limit. His 11 inch cock at full mast. Hard, dripping with pre-cum his throbbing thick cock pushed against the rubber codpiece. 

“Slate look Ram’s ball busting your friend. You’re next bitch.” Doc said.

Slate wiggled but the restraints gripped harder. The room was hot and sweat dripped all over his body. His silver rubber codpiece showed his erect thick dick and plump balls. Slate was Doc’s mortal enemy. Doc created an army of cum sucking mutants just to hurt, torture and milk Slate dry. He’s been ball busted so bad he needed a procedure which reconstructed his cock to its new meaty length. His dick was a 2.0 version of an already perfect cock. His balls were always swollen, filled with milk, super sensitive orbs that powered Slate’s massive sex drive. It powered his thick veiny cock, always horny and always ready. So when Doc injected loads of viagra and ecstasy in Slate’s bloodstream he was going to make sure he was milked dry. He also was going to hurt him, bad. It drove Doc insane to be so obsessed with Slate. Every torture device and ball crushing technique was for him. Slate’s protege’s Razor, Slick and Brick were casualties of war. Muscle men who were loyal to Slate and must too be ball busted and crushed. Besides, the super bionic muscle heroes and their cum was the perfect fuel for mutants like Ram, that depended on cum as their food. The more Ram ingested the more rabid and crazy he was, the more he hurt his source of food. Ram was designed as a weapon to ball bust muscle heroes. And Slate was the gold prize. Doc took no chances and took the diamond clamps and gave them to another villain, Steel Krusher. Steel Krusher was bigger than Ram but dumber. He only knew pain. The poor pain he inflicted on a hero the more he was rewarded with tubs of juicy bodybuilder, muscle jocks and instagram famous fitness stars cum. However the cum of Slate was his prize. And to earn that he was going to squish the life out of Slate’s pump balls. Krusher went to town with crotch claws. The villain squeezed and grabbed and fondled the codpiece. The thin rubber layer was there for comfort and protected no real protection on his balls. Slate felt the pain in his gut. Krusher squeezes Slate’s abs with one hand and then his bulge in the other hand. He maneuvered the tentacles so he was behind Slate. He pressed his fifteen inch boner on Slate’s juicy latin ass. The cheeks were like marbles but still meaty enough to jiggle. Slate’s fat ass was a tops dream. Slate barely was penetrated even though he had sexual relations with Razor, the young protege Slick and time to time Brick. Thee four of them interchanged and would suck each other off. Krusher wanted the milk. He squeezed the epididymis ducts to rush out the cum to his dick. Krusher was a brute that knew every way to hurt testicles. Slate’s large testes were no match for the pressure. Krusher squeezed and twisted Slate’s left nut. The nut was large enough to fit in the center of Krusher’s large fist. Slate’s dick was hard and Krusher snapped it to hurt him.

CRACKKKK! Slate’s thick dick bent. The muscle hero never got used to ball bashing and cock torture. Most missions he always beat the bad guys but Doc was so determined to trap him, he set up traps so as soon as Slate entered nanobot tentacles went to work and restrained him. The tentacles ejected poison and toxins to weaken the hero. Even if he was dropped he would be groggy and couldn’t escape. Krusher kept crotch clawing the villain. He hurt him and crushed his balls. Slate hated to let his enemies know he was in agony but after so many ball squeezes his nut was hurt and sensitive.


“Yes make that punk scream!” Doc said. Krusher encouraged that his master was happy tightened the grip on his ball.

“Bust him! Make him scream. Crush his nuts into mush!”


Now Krusher put on diamond encrusted brass knuckles. He began to uppercut the sac.


Slate’s cock ring that attached his codpiece kept his balls in place and the two nuts were his targets.

He then bit the cock and released a toxin that kept his dick hard. The bite marks tore into the codpiece and dribbles of blood and cum leaked out. 

POW! POW! UPPERCUT! The nuts flattened and bashed the muscle hero. Slate screamed as his nuts were repeatedly tormented. The muscle hero was hurt. His gut felt like a sunken dull ache as sharp diamond encrusted brass knuckles repeatedly hurt the hero. Krusher then tied Slate up to Razor. The two muscle heroes were now back to back. Muscle ass cheek to muscle ass cheek. The two were tied by tentacles that secured them by the waist. Slate felt comfort knowing his partner was tied to him. They were in it together. The comfort didn’t take long to end as Krush and Ram now switched. Ram, ran his sharp helmet horns into Slate’s abs. Tearing through the rubber suit, blood leaked out from his muscle six pack. Slate felt Ram crush into his ribs with his helmet. 

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Slate yelled. Krusher began to ball crush Razor’s balls. His nuts were already bashed so bad that his codpiece was torn apart. His muscle body still hard, still muscular. This made Krusher mad. He was stronger than Ram and wanted to prove to his boss that he could break these heroes. Krusher didn’t need sharp objects he was simply a tank capable of hurting these muscle hunks. Razor was so handsome with dark chocolate skin, a square jaw and thick juicy lips. Krusher loved to see Razor squint as he began to squeeze into his nuts. Razor’s nuts were also super sensitive so the pain was unbearable. Krusher knew the two heroes already had their balls reconstructed and were super plump and sensitive. He did what he did best and crushed the balls. The pain was unbearable. Razor clenched his butt cheeks and rubbed his ass on Slate’s. The two could only butt flex and they found comfort rubbing against their ass cheeks. 

“Oh you two are enjoying this?” Doc said. “Get the electric anal balls.”

Ram walked over and brought out round anal beads the size of baseballs. He shoved one into Slate’s swampy ass and pushed it deep into his anal canal. He did the same to Razor but Razor’s hole was super tight. He pushed it in and tore into Razor’s rectum.

“Nice and tight.” Ram said. 

Next Doc pressed a button and a high jolt of electricity shocked the muscle studs from inside. 

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” They screamed. Their screams couldn’t escape the lead encased torture chamber. As their assholes were on fire Ram and Krusher kept crushing their balls. Doc was hard from seeing the muscle heroes sweaty and their muscles restrained. Doc knew how much pain they were in. Doc knew their balls were their weak spot. The best part was the heroes cocks were super hard and releasing loads of cum. Next Krusher and Ram began to suck the cocks. It was feeding time. They earned the milk that was leaking out of the codpieces. They pulled the cocks out and the throbbing muscle cocks jumped out. Krusher wanted to suck Slate dry. The problem was the balls kept manufacturing a lot of cum. Slate and Razor kept pushing out orgasms now. Phase 2 was in effect.

“Unghhhhh,” Slate moaned.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” Razor moaned. “Ahhhhhhhhhh,”

“Unghhhhhhhh,” Slate moaned. 

Their pecs indented as the heroes kept pushing out milk. Ram drank every drop of Razor’s cum. Razor was lucky that ram was focused on deep throating and sucking the hero dry. Slate on the other hand was having his foreskin chewed and gnawed. Krusher liked the taste of blood droplets mixed with cum. He was inhaling the fluids like sucking 

a slurpee. 

GULP! At least a quart of cum was ingested between the two of them. Slate’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as his cock was nibbled and torn. He could feel his foreskin being stretched and torn. Krusher next bit shreds off the foreskin. He was convinced the cock foreskin had extra protein that would give him more power. He was right. He immediately felt more powerful. Krusher began to tear more off Slate’s uncut cock. 

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Slate yelled. Krusher was a sinister villain that now was even more strong. He looked down at Slate who now had mangled foreskin. 

“That’s a circumcision. “ Doc said. “Hahahahahaha!”

Slate looked down and saw blood dripping from his foreskin. The meaty cock still hard and erect. Krusher bend the cock back and forth to crack and mangle the cock. 

POP! Next Krusher bit into Slate’s balls, tearing into the flesh. If foreskin got him this strong imagine an entire nut. 

“Unhand him,” a voice called. It was Slick. The young muscle stud jumped in the action and held Doc in a choke hold. The drama was just beginning. Slate was relieved as Krusher released his nuts from his mouth. He was saved for now. Bitemarks still showed the mutilated cock. It was still hard, still releasing cum, even as it was bent. Slick looked at Slate and saw his mentor’s cock was now crushed. Not thinking he dashed at Krusher and hit him with Ninja stars. Krusher caught the stars and flung them back sending one directly into Slick’s codpiece. It stabbed right into his left nut. Krusher sent another ninja star that stabbed Slick’s coiled dick. The cock popped out. Slick squared up against Krusher. Krusher slammed his firsts into Slick’s pretty blonde face. 

“AHHHHHHHH,” Slick yelled. Next he lifted Slick up and slammed his full body on his knee. Slick’s left ribcage broke. Krusher then squeezed the muscle pups ball sack. 

“That was an easy takedown,” Doc said. 

Krusher pounded on Slick’s abs and then lifted his foot and stomped his cock and balls. 

Slick looked at Slate and mouthed “I’m sorry.” The muscle pup lost consciousness. Krusher kept crushing Slick’s cock with his foot. 


“I’m going to break him in front of you,” Krusher said. He lifted Slick up and power drives him in the ground. Next he took a sledge hammer and pounded away at his abs.




Slick began to convulse and gasp for air. Krusher snapped Slick’s thighs back breaking them.


Slick’s sickening torture showed Krusher’s cruelty. Slick’s bashing was next.