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Superhero Clamp Ballbusting
Part 1
By Arthur Hero

Superhero Clamp Ballbusting


After a series of operations the missions were a success. Razor and Slate were similar in size. Slate was 5’10 and Razor was 5’11. Both had 11 inch cocks and had wide girth. They both had smooth skin to fit into their suits. Slate’s gray rubber suit and Razor a red suit accentuated their adonis muscle bodies. Their codpieces were coiled up in their cocks. After a series of losing battles against super demonic villains that were created by Doc, the heroes one by one were defeated and broken badly. Eva, a new medical expert was able to save Razor and Slate. She did this by modifying their testosterone levels with small bio engineered testicular nodules that would increase their strength. Within a month the two heroes were ripped, stronger, faster and possessed super human enhanced abilities. They were able to win the tide against the crimefighting villains that Doc and Ivan the Terrible produced. The heroes were all over the media in their new skintight rubber gear. The new suits also enhanced their abilities because it was a second form fitting skin like rubber armor. Their codpieces however needed ventilation and didn’t offer protection. This was dangerous because while their bodies were superhuman their balls were ten times more sensitive than ever before. They now had true weak spots. Any direct hit to their balls send shockwaves through their nerves and lasted ten times longer. Their balls were now their weakest spot.


Ivan lost another major shipment of weapons after Slate and Razor stopped Ram, a monster villain from successfully loading their trucks.

“This happened again,” Ivan said. He sat across from Doc and developed a plan of action how to stop those heroes. “They are much stronger.”

“Slate and Razor used to be so much weaker,” Doc said. “Now they seem invincible.”

The two of them analyzed a playback video. They noticed Razor drop kicked Ram in video footage. In a playback Ram was able to uppercut Razor in the balls. Razor stepped aside and hunched over while Slate finished Ram off.

“Razor was lucky,” Doc said. “Did you see how he grabbed his balls and screamed.”

“Yes,” Ivan said. “That’s the source of their powers. I heard about this genetic modification study. This is why they are so strong. They have super testosterone pumping.”

“We need to get them separate, torture them and crush their nut sacks so their new power source is done for.” Doc said.

“And then we will run experiments and open up their balls to see how it works. We can then learn how to power our villains.” I can said.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Doc laughed out loud.

“How do we trap them?” Ivan said.


Razor was suited in full thin rubber armor skin. His muscles wrapped every vein, curve, groove like a second skin. His red suit contrasted with his smooth brown skin. When he walked his codpiece held his thick and juicy balls in place. His cock was now in a pouch that wrapped around. It was a beautiful site. Razor analyzed the factory he was in. It was a cum extracting facility that was unguarded. His visor scanned around to detect threats. Suddenly a dart pierced his nut sac. Bullseye!

“Ugh.” Razor moaned. The dart penetrated the armor and went right into his left nut.

Uppercut him boys. His balls.

“Agh.” Razor moaned. He tried to reach down but the metallic tentacles held him. Ram just uppercut deep into his ball sac. The pain was intense and deep in his gut. Each blow made Razor weak. Ram took a rusty metal chain and wrapped it around his fist. He them wrapped a metal chain like device that fit around like a cock ring. Razor’s massive chocolate balls pressed against the red codpiece. It was now a ball busting target. The orbs were so apparent you could see every detail of his testicles. His right one, slightly larger stuck out more than his left one. Ram noticed and twisted a thin barbed divide to show the two balls popping out.




The balls bashed into Razor over and over again. He tried to squirm but the grips tightened him to the point that each move restrained him more.

So much pain and agony went into his gut that he grit his teeth and held in his screams. He couldn’t give in.

Doc walked up to the hero and rubbed the package.

“Razor you’ve foiled every plot for the last year. Every plot that I have. Now I know the source of your new strength.”

He reached in and tugged at the sweaty balls. They were shaved, smooth, plump, big, juicy, and in his grip. Doc squeezed hard with a ferocious iron grip that sent a painful sensation through Razor.

“Before I drain your nuts I’m going to bust your balls so you scream in agony.” Doc said. “This time it’s personal.”

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Razor screamed as the pain sank deep in his gut. He was so restrained that the wires cut into his muscle flesh as he squirmed.

The torture of his heavy nut sack was just beginning.

“Milked, unghhhhh, my milk.” Razor said.

“Bust you. Bust your juicy plump nuts. Feel me crush your gonads in my hand. Your boy toy is on his way to save you. I’m going to trap him, bust his balls, I may pop one if I’m in a bad mood. Then I’m going to milk you guys with the one nut I leave you. But I’m going to take both of your left nuts to town. I’m going to destroy them and make you scream.” Doc said.  

Ram restrained Razor and choked him with one arm. With the other arm he restrained Razor’s arm with one grip. He pressed against him with his massive sixteen inch thick boner. Razor’s plump butt cheeks pressed against his huge cock.

Doc was waiting for this moment. Doc pulled out a diamond encrusted clamp device. He might not have super power but Doc knew that Razor did. Razor was now a genetically enhanced muscle god. His muscles could withstand impacts, punches, kicks, crushing maneuvers and almost bullets. However, Razor was still human and his overly produced testosterone meant super tender testicles. They were always swollen, large, and squishy filled with milk. Razor’s dick was overly stimulated and whenever someone rubbed his cock or squished his balls he came on the spot. Spurt. White cum often dripped in his codpiece. Today was no different as Doc stroked Razor’s hard foot long cock it throbbed. Throbbed. Finally the white milky river flowed. Doc took the encrusted diamond clamp and slammed it against Razor’s dick. It stripped the codpiece of some rubber material and revealed Razor’s left nut and the base of his thick black cock. It was time for his busting.

“I’m only keeping your right nut to milk you and feed my monsters. They feed on muscle cum. Bodybuilders, fitness men, muscle pop stars, muscle wrestlers, athlete’s, you name it they get drained and milk. I only leave them with one functioning nut left. It’s because someone took my left nut after I broke his heart. And then I turned to a life of crime and paid my way to do research on how to regrow my nut. Instead I learned how to create muscle gods like Razor. I have tentacle milkers, robots, mutants. I will unleash my army to prey on muscle hunks like you.”

Doc finally clamped the diamond crusted clamp on Razor’s left ball and squeezed.


“Bust you,” Doc whispered and he clamped down on the left nut. He released and squeezed crushing Razor’s sensitive nut. The pain would be unbearable for any man but for a super enhanced muscle man who had his balls as his only weak spot the nerves sent shockwaves to Razor. He convulsed as he shook. His cock spewed out more cum now that every milk gland was squeezed. Rivers of cum spewed out.

“Feel my pain!” Doc screamed.


“Let him go!” a voiced called.

“Slate! Welcome!” Doc said. “Welcome to the ball busting torture. I’m in the process of squeezing Razor’s gorgeous left nut. I can’t wait to use this device on your left nut. In fact, I want to bust both of your balls Slate because I hate your gorgeous perfect body. Get him tentacles!”

Tentacles came from the ceiling and grabbed Slate. His legs were spread wide and three tentacles repeatedly slammed into his ball sac. Like Razor, Slate’s balls were super sensitive. Ram body slammed Razor and kicked him in the head to knock him out. Doc continued to squeeze Razor’s left nut.

“Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Razor moaned.

Meanwhile Ram ran up to Slate and punched his bound body in the nads.

“YAAAAAAAAARGHHHH!” Slate screamed.

The bulge shook and his big plump pouch was exposed. It was torture time.

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