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Slate vs Killer Bed Bug
Part 3 - Part 3
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Arthur Hero)

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Slate vs. Killer Bed Bug Part 3

Slate woke up drenched. His boots and visor were on but he felt a pain in his balls. His muscular butt felt another muscular butt. Brick was tied to him and the two muscular butts flexed butt cheek to butt cheek. Slate looked down and the sharp pains he felt in his ball were from the large needles that pierced his balls. A dark fluid pumped into them and his balls were the size of oranges. His cock was sounded into a tube. Another needle was inserted into his veiny cock. Slate was drained but he just continued to ooze cum through the tube. An IV with food formula and water went in through his arms. His dark brown nipples were hard and sore and were pierced with nipple clips with heavy balls attached. Doc cleaned his wounds and his bruises were attended too. Brick on the other hand shook violently. He too was bound but Doc had less mercy on Brick. His cock was nailed to a wooden board that stuck out. Brick's gashes were open and he swear perviously. Brick's balls were full of needles that sent a burning sensation into his testicles. Each time he came the serum burned his prostrate and he screamed in pain. Slate could feel his buddy's butt flex aggressively. Brick had a ball gag to clench the pain. But he as in unbearable agony. Brick was hydrated also but he wanted to just give up. His horny cock nailed to the board oozed cum down a funnel that went into another jar. Brick's large furry pecs flexed as his nipples were attached to a medium voltage machine. Slate was being milked in a euphoric ectasy.

"That's right Brick," Doc said. "You're going to burn in pain as you cum and ooze out."

Doc increased the voltage and Brick's nipples took more of a nasty electrical charge. His prostrate stung and his insides felt a searing burning sensation. The ball gag on his mouth hardly muffled his screams. 

"Leave him alone," Slate said.

"Why would I do that?" Doc said.

"Take me instead."

"I already have you dumb shit."

Brick tried to fade out of consciousness but the pain was too great. The more his cock contracted from soft to hard every so often the nails tore into his thick veiny uncut manhood. Brick nailed the foreskin down with thin needles that tore at his cock when he went from soft to hard. It was a vicious cycle that no man should endure. Doc's henchman had orders to swing brass knuckles into Brick's ten pack abs. The restraints held Brick tight and his abs felt every punch that Killer Bed Bug and now the 7 foot behemoth Ram swung into him.

"Slate I want you to feel Brick's butt flex on you as you have no power to do anything. He's so close but he could be a million miles away. You should see Brick, his cock is nailed into a board. While you're cock remains hard I turn off the viagra serum so that his cock can contract. Each time his huge dick gets hard the nails tear his huge cock apart. I'm clever."

Brick's cock was now getting hard again after the three hour period of softness. Doc increased the velocity and heated up Brick's large nipples. Brick's nipples were perfect for torture. They were large, red and had huge round meaty circles that surrounded his nipples. The nipples were red and the sweat on his chest conducted even more electricity that shot through his large meaty pecs. His areolas were tender and indented. Simultaneously Brick's cock because hard again. The needles that were in the wood tore at his thick cock. There must have been over 20 needles that were nailed in. The cock throbbed and tore apart as it expanded again.

"UNGGGGGH," Brick muffled.

"What was that?" Doc said.

Cum oozed out and and leaked into the tub that Doc placed below.

"Wow look at that load?" Doc said as a river of creamy white cum went into the tube. Brick slowly oozed out what just have been a solid pint of cum. His butt pressed against Slate's plump Puerto Rican ass which was the only comfort he had. 

Slate's juicy ass brought back memories to Brick of when the two used to wrestle, cod piece to codpiece, bulge on bulge, hard 10 and 11 inch cocks frotting on each each other.

Brick's cock began to pulse again. The hard penis tissue tearing against the nails.

Brick could only wimper as his hard cock was tortured. The foreskin now in some places tore off and his cock was undergoing an unfortunate freak circumcision. The jagged nails ripped the skin, his nipples were tormented by the nipple clips. 

Brick flexed his muscular butt on Slate's to let him know he was still alive and well. Slate pushed back and the two asses were flexing on each other.

Brick finally passed out due to the agony. His muscle butt stopped flexing and his head dropped down. 

Ram and Killer Bed Bug violently pulled Brick off the restrains which further tore his cock. He was dropped on the ground and Ram finished Brick off with a bone crunching pile driver. The snap of his bones was enough to make Slate cringe. 

Brick stopped moving and the muscular hunk was tied up and thrown to the center of the floor. His muscle drenched with sweat. Doc took a giant sledge hammer and bashed the remaining testicles until they were mushy. He lifted Brick up and who was limp and squeezed the ball sack in his hands. 



Each nut was mushed into a sac of goo.

"Brick is finished." Doc said.

Brick remained limp, beaten and broken. With whatever strength he had left he cupped the remains of his balls. Doc pulled out the nipple pieces and shredded his once beautiful nipples.  A warning to any muscular hero that tried to get in his way, he would break their muscle bodies into mush.

"Unghhhhhhh," Brick wimpered.