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Slate vs Killer Bed Bug
Part 2 - Part 2
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Arthur Hero)

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Slate vs. Killer Bed Bug Part 2

Slate was tied to the floor. 

Brick appeared and began to untie Slate. 

"I'm getting you out of here." Brick said. "He took the tape off Slate's mouth."

"I'm so weak," Slate moaned. 

"Stay with me Slate." Brick said.

He began to untie Slate but he slumped down to the floor weak. He held his cock and balls and massaged them.

"How bad was it?" Brick asked.

"Ugh," Slate said. "He secretes a poison that burns my balls and cock when I nut."

Brick began to massage his friend's cock. He reattached the cod piece so that Slate had a covering. The swollen balls barely fit. Slate's rock hard cock and his mushroom cock pressed against the rubber codpiece.


"What a site to see!" Doc said from the intercom.

"Doc!" Brick said.

"What's better than breaking one cock?" Doc said. "Two!"

Killer Bed Bug came out and squeezed Brick from behind. Brick kicked away but five bug bots began to attack Brick. They injected him with poison that burned and made his cock throb."

"Getting weak?" Doc said.

Brick dropped to the ground and began to convulse. The serum was meant to immobilize Brick.

Killer Bed Bug began to kick Brick in his abs while his bots clawed away at him. Now his nipples were exposed. They bit his nipples and his pecs swelled up. His nipples began to ooze out a milk like substance. Killer Bed Bug began to suck on the big pecs and Brick's furry pecs began to indent. 

"Getting, so weak," Brick said.

Killer Bed Bug picked up Brick and lifted him in the air. He  put him in a backbreaker over his shoulder. One hand squeezed his throat and the other gripped Brick's meaty bulge. He squeezed the bulge over and over again. He twisted and clawed at the bulge.

"My hand is full of so much meat," Killer Bed Bug said. "I love squeezing your balls."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Brick moaned.

Doc appeared and took a sledge hammer and hammered it into Brick's abs.





"ARGHHHHHH." Brick yelled. He spat up gastric juice and could feel his hard cock being pulled and squeezed. He let out a painful load and ejaculated. Cum oozed out of his codpiece and onto Killer Bed Bug's hand. Killer Bed Bug stopped clawing his balls for a moment and licked the cum. It energized him.

On the other side of the room, Slate, was still weak, but he decided to take on Doc while he wasn't looking. His shredded suit exposed his pecs and part of his abs. His ass crack showed also. He slowly crawled over to Doc's position but Doc swiftly swung the sledge hammer to his head and knocked him down. Doc lifted the hammer again and swung it into the tattered cod piece. Slate's balls jiggled from the impact.

Cum spurted out through the shreds of the ripped cod piece.

"UNGHHHHH." Slate moaned.

"You little twerp." Doc said.

He lifted his foot and pushed it down on Slate's balls.  He began to hammer relentlessly at Slate's abs. The impact could be heard like a slow thump.




Slate's eight pack flexed to take the impacts. The pain from the ball crushing from the heel of Doc's foot was immense. No matter how trained he was for battle his large soft testicles could never handle the impact from his enemies. Slate often thought about wearing steel cups but once Ram, his enemy, used his super mutant strength to turn the metal cup into a crushed can that hurt even worse. 

Doc was sick of Slate and Brick and any hero that tried to resist his multi-billion dollar empire. 

He swung relentlessly at Slate's beautiful 8 pack. Slate was already so weak that he  covered his head to make sure Doc didn't take anymore blows to his head. 

The sinister doctor stopped and pulled Slate up to his feet.

"You're so weak," Doc said.

Slate slumped into Doc and he held the hero. The meaty hero's cock was hard and he could feel it against his leg. Doc was taller and he began to caress Slate's muscles. 

"I'm going to have fun with you pretty boy." Doc said.

Doc's anger turned into sexual frustration. He had the muscle hero with his battered body and tattered costume clinging on. He squeezed Slate's cock and released it from its cod piece. His cock and balls somehow escaped the torture. 

Doc began to rub the cock until it was at full mast. To be safe he tied Slate's arms behind him on a pole and his legs. 

He took out a sounding rod and inserted it slowly. 

"Let's do this slow papi." Doc said. He let out a sinister laugh.

Slate was weak and too exhausted from his draining to pay attention. He was in and out of consciousness. He saw Doc move close with the long rod. It must have been a little less than two feet. His cock was almost a foot but not quite. His big cock throbbed as Doc approached him.

"Fun time." Doc said. 

The rod had round balls in it that were there to torment anyone who received it. Slate looked down and squirmed in one last failed effort to escape.

Doc grabbed his balls.

"Don't be naughty." Doc said.

Doc did not waste time. He inserted the jagged sounding rod in Slate's urethra. Slate looked down and tried to brave the cock torture. Each metal protrusion pushed against his urethra. The bottom portion made its way to his prostrate. Next Doc pressed a button which warmed up the tube. Slate's urethra was on fire and his tender prostrate felt the pressure. 

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,' Slate moaned.

"Yes hero. Feel the pressure. Feel the heat."


Doc was hard as Slate's cock vibrated. The nodules caressed his urethra. Doc squeezed the balls and Slate began to shake.


A hot geyser exploded and splashed Doc in the face.

  "Good." Doc said.

Killer Bed Bug carried Brick over to the pole and placed him in front of Slate. Doc tied to Slate so that their cod pieces were tied together. The two of them began to sword fight with their hard cocks throbbing through their cod pieces. 

"That's right boys," Doc said. "Play with each other."

The two heroes were cock to cock, thigh to thigh, pec to pec. Their meaty pecs and nipples were on each other. Brick's massive ass was flexing as he dry humped his team member.

The killer bots began to crawl over Brick and began to stab him with their serum. The bots then crawled on Slate and injected him too. Now their masts continues to ooze out cum on each other, the creamy spunk made their cocks oiled machines and they grinded into each other in a daze.

"Let's finish them," Doc said.


to be continued.

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