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Slate vs Killer Bed Bug
Part 1 - Slate vs Killer Bed Bug
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Arthur Hero)

Slate vs. Killer Bed Bug

Doc sat in his lab and looked at the older bodybuilder Rex. He was 6'8, 400 lbs, burly and full of hair. 

"Let me go," Rex said.

He was naked and in a tank full of water. He was restrained. 

"Easy there," Doc said. "I'm going to give you immortality." 

Rex calmed himself and then the electricity shocked him. He wiggled as the voltage pumped his body. He foamed at the mouth and screamed as the voltage hit his body. Slowly needles were inserted into him.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," Rex screamed. A giant needle was injected in him. In it was mutant serum to give him the ability to develop bug like features.

"Do you think this will work?" his assistant, Jessica said. 

"He may die," Doc said.

Rex had no pulse moments later and Doc thought the experiment once again failed.

Suddenly Rex woke up and needles slowly expanded from his skin. Doc observed him as he opened his eyes.

"It worked," Jessica said.

"Yes," Doc said. "It did."

Slate was in full armor as he rode around on his motorcycle. His new "suit" was silver and glistened in the night. After a hiatus he was back in action as Grand Island City's hero. Slate was leaner, more cut and more muscular. His abs went from a six pack to eight. His pecs were muscular and plump. In the July heat he wore a suit that only covered his nipples with anatomically correct rubber pieces. He's wore a jock strap and high rubber boots but for the most part his tan skin was his armor. He won all of his battles and the hero was back. 

"I'll going to patrol the city," Slate called into headquarters. 

Slick, Brick and Razor the other heroes took the night off. Slate had it under control.

A woman was getting mugged and Slate jumped off his bike to do what he did best, fight crime. His bulge bounced and his balls jiggled as he fought crime. Everyone knew who he was and every gay blog and website snapped pics of Slate in his summer uniform. Only a codpiece, utility belt, gloves, nipple pieces, boots and a visor covered him. His abs, muscular thighs and back were exposed. His oiled up skin glistened. Slate trained himself with the best fighters in the world and was now a super weapon. 

The mugger tried to pull out a knife but Slate easily round house kicked him.

"Are you okay?" He asked the woman. He helped her up and all she could do was stare at the hero and his sexy tan body. The Latin hunk was a muscular God. His 5'10 muscular frame was compact with muscle. She couldn't resist and touched his codpiece. His 11 inch cock coiled up into a big bulge. Thick, tan, and a thick mushroom pressed up against the cod piece. His balls pressed up against the codpiece like tennis balls.

"It's, so big," the woman said.

"Easy," Slate said. 

He allowed her to grab his manhood and she wanted to reward him.

"I should go." Slate said.

He smiled and his deep dimples melted her heart.

"What a hunk." She thought.

Slate jumped on his bike and did more patrol. There was a disturbance at Cocks. A gay bar in the West Side. Bandits tried to rob the place. Slate pounced on the bandits and knocked away their guns. The owner a huge bear hugged him and thanked him. He was taller 6'3 and burly. 

"Let me service you," he said.

"No need to" Slate said.

He grabbed the big bulge and squeezed it.

"Ah, easy bro." Slate said. 

The blogs went crazy. Slate was back. Sexier, lethal and the hero that protected the city. Everyone had one focus. That bulge. Slate's coiled cock was the talk of the town. The suit was tighter and more bulge was revealed.

A final disturbance came into his intercom for the night. A bank was being robbed in a downtown skyscraper. Some mutant was firing deadly needles. Doc, he thought.

Slate went into the bank and was cautious. Doc put him out of commission for months. And the hero had to play it safe. The bank looked clear and the vault had stacks of money as if it wasn't touched. Slate left the vault and checked the basement. He saw the villain as he helped to load a truck with money. Four henchmen turned around.

"Well," Slate said. "What the hell are you?"

Killer Bed Bug shot out needles at Slate from his suit. The hero dodged them. Slate slid under the mutant and punched him in the balls. Slate then began to kick the four henchman and knocked them out cold. Killer Bed Bug recovered and stood back. He ran down into the sewer. Slate called the police for backup and took chase of the mutant. He cornered Killer Bed Bug nto a corner in the sewer. It was dark, humid and damp. Slate closed the door to make sure the henchman couldn't help.

"Well, well, well," Killer Bed Bug said. "So we meet."

Killer Bed Bug shot out needles but Slate blocked them. He drop kicked Killer Bed Bug and knocked him to the floor. Slate stood over him.

"Let me guess," Doc.

"How did you know?" Killer Bed Bug said.

The villain was huge. He had tan skin and his armor was metallic with plates. He was built like a grizzly bear.

"You're going into jail." Slate said.

"Of course," Killer Bed Bug said.

Slate handcuffed the villain. He held him up and began to walk him out. 

Killer Bed Bug complied and walked with Slate.

"You're such a good hero." Killer Bed Bug said. "You just have one flaw."

"Oh yeah psycho what's that?" Slate said.

"Your ego." Killer Bed Bug said.

Three robotic beetles about four feet emerged from the sewer. They surrounded Slate and he began to kick them one by one.

"Fire!" Killer Bed Bug said.

The Bed Bug bots shot hundreds of little needles at Slate. The needles were metallic and pierced his skin. They shot into his back, his ass, and the back of his neck.

"Ah," Slate yelled. He rolled into the sewer water and tried to get away. They took aim and fired more needles. Slate was weak and the poison took a hold of him. He rolled onto the other side and the little robots fired more needles into him. He was covered in needles that pierced into him. It stung and paralyzed him. He wiggled and yelled in agony. The poison made him convulse in pain.

Slate fell into the shallow water and his head was under. He was drowning. The bots dragged him to the dry land. One inserted a tube into Slate's anus and began to insert  a long tube until it reached his prostrate. It secreted an ooze that stimulated him. His cock instantly turned rock hard. Another inserted a needle like tube into his left pec through his nipple. It began to inject a fluid in his nipple. Another inserted a  tube into his right nipple and secreted an ooze.

Slate's huge pecs began to flex and heave. He was paralyzed and couldn't move. Killer Bed Bug walked across the water and stood over Slate. Slate convulsed and began to foam at his mouth. Soon a familiar voice echoed.

"Slate," Doc said. "It's been months."

Doc stood over the hero. He was impressed at the new massive size and deep muscular cuts.

"Working out I see," Doc said. 

Doc lifted his foot and placed it on the coiled bulge. He pressed down but Slate couldn't move. 

"Ughhhhgarggggglllllleeeeeeee," Slate sputtered. The ball crushing hit his insides. He passed out.

Slate woke up on a dirty mattress. He was tied at his arms and his feet. He was in a dirty sewer. One bed bug bot had its tube in his anus. Slate could feel his prostate, warm and it felt good. He was euphoric like he was on morphine or an opium. He was horny and wanted to bust a load. His cock was full staff and in its cod piece.

"Slate," Killer Bed Bug said. "I'm not hear to hurt you."

"Let….let me…ugh…" Slate moaned.

"Shhhhhhhhh," Killer Bed Bug said.

A long tube extended from Killer Bed Bug's mask. It found its way to Slate's cod piece and poked around. Killer Bed Bug slid the cock to the side and Slate's balls popped out. Slate's 11 inch dick pulsed. The tube went into his cock and reached deep down. It sounded him. Killer Bed Bug massaged the big balls. They were tense and big.

"Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slate moaned. He released a load of hot cum deep into the tube that went into Killer Bed Bug. The mask had tubes that connected into Killer Bed Bug's blood stream. It energized him and gave him life. Slate came, and came.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," Slate moaned. 

to be continued...

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