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Slate Returns
Part 3 - Part Three
By Arthur Hero

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Slate Returns

Part Three

[Previously Razor failed to rescue his partner Slate. The two were now tied together, drugged with hormones to make them horny, and ballbusted. After being jumped bu a dozen super soldiers, and beat to a pulp by their nemesis the super strong Ram, it looked brutal for the muscle heroes. Now it was almost airtime to show the world their broken heroes. Could anyone save them?]

“Get off of them!” A voice called.

It was Slick. Now almost 25-years-old, the muscle stud turned into a young muscle stallion. His blond and brown hair with his tan Italian skin made him look like a sculpted adonis. Slick now wore a bright blue electric suit with his nipples out. No codpiece, just his junk out in a condom-like, anatomically correct second skin. He was basically naked and loved to show off his goods. He was now the strongest and most vigorous of the heroes. Trained by the best, he had to save his mentors. Slick also had a crush on Razor. He loved to massage him, touch him and to see him beaten down. Slick had to save them.

It would be a task about brains before muscles. Slick strategized everything. He underestimated one thing…this was the ultimate plan. Doc knew that getting Slate and Razor to save each other first would be a win anyway. He hated them for symbolic purposes. However, Slick was a rugged vigilante who foiled Doc’s operations and kept a profit. Slick brutalized Doc’s strongmen and villains. Until now…

Slick in his 5’11 muscle-packed physique, he had his pink nipples already hard. They were pierced. Doc knew Slick injected himself with his muscle serum to make super villains. Slick implanted into his right nut a device that could turn him super human. It made him so strong he could bend titanium. There was one problem. His weak spot was now his balls and his prostrate. Doc needed to capture him and destroy his nut sac. Slick fought off the Busting Dozen easily. His rock semi-hard cock jiggling, his balls tight, vulnerable but protected by his speed and strength. Next was Ram. Ram found out the mission and grabbed Slick’s plump package. However, Ram implanted an electronic glove. The glove detached and became a ball squeezer device. Squeezing Slick plump thick balls.


The Busting Dozen now got back up and began to assault Slick.

“It worked!” Doc said. The burly old man walked out and stood over Slick trying to get the device off his balls.

“It won’t work, pretty boy!” Doc said. “That device is injecting poison into your balls. It’s going to make them expand with thick juicy cum.” The device dropped and Slick’s big codpiece was rock hard already, throbbing, thick. His balls doubled in size and swollen with cum.

Slick looked down at his goods, he was horny as hell. Next thing he felt was a deep pain in his balls.

Ram snuck up from behind and squeezed the juicy balls. SPLATTTTTTTT! Cum oozed out of Slick’s codpiece.


Slick had an orgasm as his balls were being squeezed by his nemesis. Cum oozed onto Ram’s metallic hand.

“Crotch claw time!” Ram yelled. “My favorite move!”



Ram felt where the two plump nuts met and squeezed with all his might.

Slick’s eyes rolled in his head as he could do nothing. All his muscles could do was flex as he was powerless against Ram’s might and grip.





Ram slammed him with his head and Slick began to spaz on the ground. Next, Ram jumped on the hero’s abs.


Ram then stomped on Slick’s codpiece and flattened his cock with his foot.

Cum oozed out from his codpiece and leaked on the floor.

Slick didn’t put up a fight. His man meat was in his enemy's hands.

Slick looked over to Razor who was helpless as he saw his young protege getting the most brutal beating.

“Razor,” he moaned as he looked over. “This hurts so bad!”

SQUISHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ram pulled the ball sac down and ripped some nodules as Slick took his ball busting with agony.

His hard pink nipples were squeezed also by Ram.


“Your pretty fat nuts are mush hero scum!” Ram said.

`Slick whimpered as he felt the agony of his man meat being crushed.