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Slate Returns
Part 2 - Part Two
By Arthur Hero

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Slate Returns

Part Two

Razor, in his famous electric red suit went for the assault. He used the power pole to shock Ram. It worked. Ram’s titanium powered suit was haywire. Razor vaulted up to reach the 7 foot behemoth and fly kicked him. He then attacked again close range with punches. Razor didn’t see the nano tentacles, wrapping around his legs and soon he was immobilized from the waist down. The tentacles slowly wrapped around his legs, tight, and then held Razor at bay.

Razor tried to pull the tentacles away leaving him defenseless from the waist down. Ram regained mobility and sent a deadly blow to Razor’s head knocking him down. The hero fell to the ground and Razor stomped the big juicy red codpiece squashing Razor’s plump testicles with his heels.

Razor’s muscle body was now flexing as his balls were stomped.

“Two heroes ballbusted in one day,” Ram said. “It’s like old times.”

He lifted his foot one more time and with all his might slammed his foot on Razor’s codpiece causing the hero to scream.


A dozen large henchmen came out from all directions. They were Doc’s new supervillain foot soldiers. The Busting Dozen. All of them wore the same uniform. Steel armored rubber gear with spikes. They were all at least over 7 feet. Carefully selected to bash and destroy anything in their paths. They were beefy and not super toned but strong massive men capable of crushing anyone in a bear hug. That’s how they destroyed anyone in their way, crushing them in their grips as their spikes tore into their victims.

Razor was on the ground already dealing with Ram’s crushing assault. The Dozen began too jump in and with their fists hit every part of Razor’s body. His abs, his’s pecs, his muscle glutes, thighs, biceps, calves, nothing was spared. Ram kept his foot on Razor’s codpiece. He smiled as he felt the groin under his steel boot. Ram now used his heel and knew he was standing on the balls. It was hard to see Razor under the villains pummeling him. Ram reached down and then squeezed the codpiece. The balls still in their protective armor.

Razor tried to protect his face his his arms, but the big bear villains used their weight to hold him down. Four of them grabbed his limbs and held him down. Each of their 300-400 lb weight holding down the biceps. Their spikes, made of titanium tearing into Razor’s ruby colored rubber anatomically correct suit. Blood began to come from the tears as they brutally held him down. Two others got under him and bear hugged him from behind. His muscle armor feeling hard cocks that were erect from feeling the muscles of his back and ass. That left another six villains to squeeze, tear and violate Razor’s body. Razor misunderstood Doc’s new villains. He thought they were big and slow. Instead he was caught off guard to being pinned by the burly bears. They removed his pec armor and showed off the muscle pecs, Sweat and lacerations adorned Razor’s body.

“Unghhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Ram never let his grip off the balls. He squeezed it over and over again. Razor’s left ball got out of the casing.

Ram grabbed the chocolate brown plump but and squeezed it. He used his fingers to pull the meaty nut and tear it, rip it, and make sure every testicular tissue felt pain.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Razor yelled. His body a punching bag for the The Dozen. His nuts a weak spot that his nemesis Ram used to hurt the hero.

The villain’s finally ripped up Razor’s upper armor leaving his sweaty bloody upper body exposed. Two of the Dozen put nipple clamps on his dark brown plump nipples. They tugged on his sensitive meaty nipples which made his cod piece rock hard. Next they added a battery pack to the nipple clamps.


Razor’s muscle pecs indented in and out as his pecs were fried like

On the other side of the room, Slate tried to get out of his clutches. He used a secret nano destabilizer to break from his clutches. The hero was recovering from his own busting but he had to jump in and save Razor. Slate calculated he could at least take down two of the henchmen and attempt to take down four. He secured his codpiece over his bruised nuts and put on his boots. His tan thighs and tan pecs exposed. His nipples still hard and cock still hard from Ram’s syringe doses of viagra mix. He limped towards the chaos. Cum still oozing out of his codpiece. The head of his cock wasn’t even in the codpiece. He was drugged, weak and groggy. This was going to be a failed attempt he thought. The hurt hero picked up a pipe off the floor and swung at one of the Dozen.

“Slate!” Ram yelled. “Get him!”

The Dozen, just went for his balls. They hated Slate. Handsome, sexy, tan with a thick girth cock.


Cum oozed as they crotch clawed his codpiece.


Milky loads of cum came out of his plump head.


“Drink up boys!” Ram said. “That’s Grade-A superhero cum! Haha!”

Ram turned to Razor.

“Your turn pretty boy!” Ram injected a syringe directly into Razor’s left exposed testicle. He took another syringe and injected that too! “Let’s double load you!”

Razor’s cock immediately got hard and pressed against the codpiece. Half of the Dozen continued to pummel and squeeze his body parts, his abs, muscle butt and thighs.

Ram grabbed the thick brown cock out of its contents.

“Wow!” Ram said.

Ram squeezed the muscle bull balls on Razor and cum shirt out. Ram wrapped his mouth around Razor’s thick 11 inch cock and drank the cum. He nibbled on it to torment the hero.

“UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Razor moaned as he released a big load into the villains mouth.

Ram continue to squeeze the muscle balls so Razor didn’t enjoy it. Razor felt the pain in his gut.

A moment later they tied Razor and Slate together so their cocks and codpieces rubbed against each other. Cameras flashed as the footage of the doomed Grand Island City heroes had to be leaked.

“Slate,” Razor said. “I’m sorry.”

Cum oozed on the two muscle lovers as they both ejaculated on each other. Trapped, tormented, and bound.

To be continued…

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