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Slate Returns
Part 1 - Slate Returns
By Arthur Hero

Slate Returns.

For almost a year since the pandemic ravaged Grand Island City, crime was lower. A virus named Pox-2800 zipped through the world and with a kill rate of 8% it kept everyone home. As the cure was now distributed the heroes helped to facilitate and team up with the local governments to distribute the cure. With all the heroes helping out this left a vacuum for mischief. The veteran heroes went back on patrol to ensure the city was safe. The younger junior and mid level heroes helped the city get back on its feed.

Slate went out to do a classic round of surveillance. Now in his early 40’s Slate was skilled, muscles still super hard and he living a clean lifestyle. Before the cure, his private lab found a magic serum to keep the heroes safe as they fought crime. The new serum that came out altered his body. It enhanced his body on the battlefield and able to take more lethal blows. The magic potion however made other areas more sensitive. Slate’s balls were pumper as the serum activated testosterone levels to a maximum level. It also made Slate’s sex drive on high and his cock was always rock hard. His new custom codpiece wrapped anatomically correct around his 10-inch thick sausage. His plump balls were in a casing that showed off his orbs. The think codpiece wasn’t much armor but it served its purpose.

Doc was at it again. Now that the city was opening back up he needed to remind everyone he was in charge. The heroes were distracted so he decided to unleash an attack on their dear leader, Slate. By milking and breaking him on a live stream the city would once again be vulnerable to his will.

Slate fell for the distress call from the seaport. He had no reason to think it was Doc but he assumed it was lower level crime bosses. He jumped off his motorbike in his grey rubber suit. Every ounce of muscle wrapped in the rubber, skin like fitting armor. His bulge was so plump the throbbing mushroom head was front and center bouncing as he walked. His balls, firm, plump, jiggled. Slate entered the warehouse and saw smuggled weapons. He put on his x-ray visor and saw stockpiles of mutant serum.

He signaled to headquarters for back up. It was too late.

He felt a kick from behind to his back and he sprawled on the ground. Next he felt the weight of a 600 lb monster on his back. Even with Slate’s new strength he could feel the pain on his spine. Slate was lifted and slammed head first into the ground. He looked up and saw his nemesis.

“Ram,”Slate muttered.

Slate kicked out but Ram delivered a blow to Slate’s codpiece.


“I love the low blows.” Ram said. “Rumor has it your strength made your nuts super sensitive.”

Ram went in and grabbed the codpiece. He squeezed five times with testicular crotch claws. Slate was immobilized. His precious junk in Ram’s titanium gloved grips. The huge mutant behemoth squeezing the human orbs of Slate’s testicles. Slate was very handsome so feeling the balls in his grip made Ram’s cock tingle.

Slate’s famous silver codpiece was once again in Ram’s clutches.

“I miss doing this to you,” Ram said. He gently rubbed Slate’s balls and squeezed. Slate was always used to busting but it always hurt bad. Ram now older knew everything about Slate.

Ram took a syringe made of titanium and injected a new serum which would make Slate produce three times the cum. It would then mix with Slate’s natural semen to produce an energy drink. Doc was now going to use the superheroes to produce a new power supply to feed his henchman.

“Can’t wait to milk your fat latin cock.” Ram said.

He tugged at the bottom of Slate’s codpiece and sent uppercuts to the nut sac.



Then he twisted and weakened the hero as he could feel the big testicles through the rubber casing.


Slate felt the pain deep inches gut. Slate was strong, a normal human, but Ram was a bioengineered mutant. One on one, Slate struggled to match up with Ram. Once Ram had his balls he was always helpless. He pressed a button and sent a signal back to headquarters. Hopefully another hero could come rescue him.

“Stupid hero!” Ram said. “Anyone that tries to interfere will be fed to our new Hydra monster. It’ll be a pretty site to see one of your muscle pretty boys torn to shreds by its tentacles.”

“You won’t get away with this.” Slate said.

Ram began to tie Slate in a hogtied position with titanium chains with hooks. He then hung the hero from a hook that came down from the wall.

Slate’s ass only got more defines and plump with age. As a 40-something with a salt and pepper goatee the hero looked more powerful than ever. His nipples, now rock hard, filled in the nipple casings. His abs, defined. Ram began to rub Slate’s bulge and then began once again to ball bust the hero.

Slate couldn’t believe he was in this predicament. He knew someone got the signal, but Ram didn’t budge. He just kept twisting Slate’s silver, anatomically correct, thin robber codpiece. Ram squeezed the tip and made sure Slate felt that his strength could turn his goods to mush. Slate tried to wriggle from the restraints but the hooks had centimeter like hooks just dug into his rubber suit. He wasn’t going anywhere. It hooked into his muscle and began to tear his suit. As a veteran hero he knew this was bad. Those titanium hooks were designed by Doc to tear into flesh. Doc’s nanotechnology which was stolen from secret labs was used to disable the heroes. Doc’s underground empire just got worse and continued to expand. His technology began to outdate the heroes technology and their thin rubber suit technology. Doc also knew that if he could show how easy it was to trap, milk, and hurt his enemies, he would only get more money fueled in to his causes. Superhero groups, do good muscle men were now popping up with new 20-somethings in other cities. There was pressure to go for the head, Slate. What better way to display your newfound revenge on muscle heroes than displaying the bioengineered super villain Ram. Ram was cold, vicious and Brutal. He knew any livestream with Slate in his grips would send shockwaves. Ram wanted revenge and he wanted to break Slate the hero everyone in Grand Island City loved in front of them on camera. Ram was also sadistic and loved breaking muscle men. Slate was his favorite for years.

“There it is,” Ram said. Slate’s cock was now fully erect, which, hard. It poked at the edge of the rubber codpiece. “Time to start the show”

Oil fell from the ceiling and onto Slate’s wriggling muscle body. What better way to showcase a hero by oiling him him with the lights gleaming.

“3-2-1 LIVE!” A robotic voice called from a speaker.

Lights light up on Slate, he was blinded and couldn’t see. He knew a camera was him. Two drones went around filming from all angles, displaying his pecs, ass armor, back, pecs, nipples, ass, and of course his famous codpiece. It was hard. Ram grabbed the hero’s goods and he dangled.

“Grand Island City!,” Ram said as he cupped Slate’s balls, “Showtime.”

Ram squeezed and then let go. A surge of electricity began to electrocute Slate’s titanium barbed wire like chains.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Slate screamed.

The electricity fried his suit causing the rubber along the barbed wire to melt. It hurt his muscles as he felt the heat penetrating into his skin. Slate began to foam at the mouth as Ram cruelly increased the voltage. When Slate began to fade out of consciousness he stopped.

He then picked up a mallet and swung it into Slate’s body. His abs.


His knee caps!


His rib cage!


And then a huge swing into his plump balls!


Slate felt his balls into his gut and the codpiece shook like a yoyo.

Ram looked at Slate’s manhood pressing our proud in the codpiece The mushroom ringed thick head that everyone admired. The balls that were plump and filled with the cum he wanted to squeeze out to feed himself. He aggressively tore open the codpiece and detached it. He lifted the rubber casing and sniffed it. The nuts of Slate appeared before him. Two shaved, caramel skinned testicles. Proud, plump, recovered from past battles. Ram felt a sense of anger and gently held Slate’s balls.

“Mine hero! Hahahahaha”

He then began to squeeze and twist the hero nuts.

“Please,” Slate said. “No more.”

“Let him go!” a voice called. It was Razor. A stack of beautiful brown muscle stood at the center of the floor. He was armored like Slate with a big red codpiece covering his big juicy meat. Razor looked so regal, so strong, and such a muscle god.

Immediately five henchmen surrounded the muscle hero. Razor, Slate’s life partner and best friend fought aggressively to get to the hero. He unleashed his red power pole, a five foot weapon that used kinetic energy to damage villains. Razor fought off the henchman without a scratch. He walked up to Ram who had Slate’s balls in his hand.

“So nice of you to rescue your pretty lover.” Ram said. “I was just getting this nice cock nice and hard.”

Ram slammed a syringe into Slate’s thigh and injected the serum.

Then he went to attack Razor.

Razor, in his famous electric red suit went for the assault. He used the power pole to shock Ram. It worked. Ram’s titanium powered suit was haywire. Razor vaulted up to reach the 7 foot behemoth and fly kicked him. He then attacked again close range with punches. Razor didn’t see the nano tentacles, wrapping around his legs and soon he was immobilized from the waist down. The tentacles slowly wrapped around his legs, tight, and then held Razor at bay.

Razor tried to pull the tentacles away leaving him defenseless from the waist down. Ram regained mobility and sent a deadly blow to Razor’s head knocking him down. The hero fell to the ground and Razor stomped the big juicy red codpiece squashing Razor’s plump testicles with his heels.

Razor’s muscle body was now flexing as

“Two heroes ballbusted in one day,” Ram said. “It’s like old times.”

He lifted his foot one more time and with all his might slammed his foot on Razor’s codpiece causing the hero to scream.


To be continued…

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