The Telemachus Story Archive

Slate vs Tremor
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Arthur Hero)


Grand Island City was exposed to high robberies and muscular men were being kidnapped and milked. Slate dropped down into the lair where here GPS lead to the goons.

One by one Slate took out the henchman. Until he felt a skull crushing blow to his head.

Slate then felt someone grab his codpiece from behind.

"Ughhh," he moaned.

Tremor, a new villain, pressed a button and an agonizing sound pulsated in Slate's brain.

"I'm not in this to play a game." Tremor said. "I'm in this to crush your manhood and make you beg for mercy."

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Slate yelled. He grabbed his head in agony. The pulsating sound designed by Doc transmitted a message from his brain cells to feel utter pain. Slate violently shook on the floor. This new warfare was new, scary and made the muscle hunk helpless. Doc increased the pain waves more. Slate began to convulse and it was safe for Doc and Tremor to tie the hero up by his arms.

"This new app is a bitch," said Tremor. "The mighty Slate is all mine."

He grabbed the juicy meaty codpiece as Slate was restrained. Finally he turned off the pulsar.

Slate was heaving heavy. His mind was finally recovering and registering the turn of events. He saw Doc and tried to lunge at him but then realized his arms were now bound.

Slate was pinned under Tremor with his hands tied. The giant behemoth easily manhandled the muscle hero.

Slate felt Tremor's arm go down to his codpiece. The mutant began to crush his balls giant bouncing bulge in its latex piece. The pain was immense and it was different. Tremor crushed every ounce of gonadal muscle to not only subdue the hero but to destroy his manhood. He crushed Slate's meaty balls one by one. Hand crushing wasn't enough for Tremor. He was mentally wired to figure out various ways to bring about pain. Tremor took an old metal pipe and rammed it into Slate's balls.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slate yelled.

Tremor continued to position his weight on the object and crush in Slate's member. The sound of his codpiece caving in was muffled by the sound of the pipe repeatedly hitting Slate's balls.


Tremor ties Slate's bulge up with a cord until it was a swollen giant sac of genital meat. He takes the sharp end of the pipe and rams it into the ball sac. Slate's codpiece bounces around from the impact like a comet. He passes out.


Slate is awake and his arms are still tied. The only thing he has on is his codpiece which is attached to a cock ring. Even his meaty Puerto Rican tan glutes are exposed. Tremor and Doc tower over him and is aware of what is happening. He wiggles to get away but Tremor kicks him in the abs. WHACKKKKK. Slate is out of wind and sees Doc hands Tremor some tools. He hands him two sharp needles that look like nails.

Tremor takes a needle and inserts it in Slate's right nipple. The sensation was warm and stimulating after the initial pierce.It made Slate's brown silver dollar nipple twitch. Slate realized the needle was powered and it sent electric shockwaves. Slate's nipple moves around. The sensation causes his cock to press against his codpiece. He's now horny.

Tremor then grabs Slate's hard cock and takes it out of its cramped package. The cock is throbbing and full of pre-cum. Tremor inserts a tiny tube inside Slate's uretha.

"UGHHHHHHHHHHH." Slate moans.

"Milk him." Doc says.

Tremor inserts his finger into Slate's ass crack. He wears a metal glove that has round studs. He inserts his finger all the way through until it hits Slate's prostate. The combination of the electric nipple nail, the tube in his uretha and his prostate massage made Slate cum immediately. Finally, Slate felt the geyser ooze up and it erupted through the metal tube.


Slate nodded his head back and Tremor milked Slate's shaft again. He then took two steel metal clamps and began to squeeze them down on Slate's testicles. He squeezed until with the clamps down hard. Another eruption.


Each testicle squeeze was painful as well. The dull ache rested in the pit of his gut. Slate, no matter how many times was ball busted never got used to the gonadal torment.

Finally Tremor took out the milking tube and inserted a long 11 inch tube with tiny nodules and screwed it down into Slate's penis slit. The sensation was painful and stimulating at the same time.

"Ahhhhhh," "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slate yelled. Tremor licked Slate's neck as he wiggled and tried to wrestle away.

Tremor looked at his prey. Slate's testicles were swollen and he knew they were full of more cum. Tremor stretched his hands and with all his might squeezed down with his right hand onto the clamp. Slate felt the metal clamp crush his testicular tissue forcing his spunk out. A geyser of milk rained out again.


"Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze" Tremor said.



Milky creamy cum gushed out of the tube that was inserted in his penis slit.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slate moaned.

"Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze." Tremor said with a sinister laugh.

More milky cum oozed out. Slate's balls were working overtime to produce semen. He began to feel drained. Slate passed out again.

Slate woke up drenched in sweat. Tremor handcuffed Slate's hands to a rack at the top. He took brass knuckles and rubbed them against the tight solid eight pack. He then begin to pummel Slate's abs. Normally anyone who punched Slate's abs would have no progress. However, the power mutant was able to cause the muscle fibers to snap with each punch.



Tremor pummeled Slate's abs with more aggression. Each impact knocked the wind out of him.

Tremor looked at Slate's nipples. They were large, round and perky. They were perfect for nipple play.He began to tug at the impaled nipples. Slate felt the cold fingers and shivered. Tremor bit Slate's left nipple hard enough to feel a pinch.


Tremor pulled out a needle with a round orb on it. He inserted it into Slate's right nipple.

"This little baby has an electric current."

"Ahhhhh." Slate yelled.

"Oh you haven't screamed yet." Tremor said.

Slate's brown silver dollar nipple was impaled with the needle. Tremor pressed a button on his belt and Slate began to scream.

"Feel that?"


Slate felt a continuous shock on his nipple.

Immediately the shock was activated.


Slate's nipples wiggled from the velocity of the current.

As Slate's nipples cooked Tremor took aim once again at his bulge. His cock was still hard from the serum. His balls were swollen and full of cum from the break. Tremor kneeled and did five uppercuts to Slate's balls in a row.

Cum spewed through the pipe again. Slate shook with each punch to his gonads. A heavy feeling sank in his gut and wouldn't go away. he was sure his balls were hurt bad from the impact. Tremor took a hold of the fleshy balls and caressed them. He kissed them and licked around each one.

Tremor took out a yarn and wrapped it around the base of Slate's balls where it met his cock. Now his swollen balls were bulging out. He walked to the side and placed a metal poll from the ground and placed it Slate's legs so it could prop his balls up. The swollen nuts were large and full of cum. Tremor walked into another room and took out a wooden mallet with two silver balls on the side.

"I'm not going to kill you Slate," Tremor said. "But you will remember me."

Tremor took the mallet and swung with all his might into the sensitive and swollen testicles.



Tremor swing again and a loud thud could be heard.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Slate yelled. His body tensed up and he could feel the immediate impact and the lingering dull ache in the pit of his stomach. He felt every impact. Slate's balls sent a load of cum up the pipe and all over Tremor. Tremor licked the man juice and smiled.

"Yummm. Your cum has a distinct taste Slate. I'm going to drink it forever.

He took the mallet and leaned on it. Slate's balls flattened like a pancake. Tremor wanted to hurt every nodule and every ounce of tissue. Slate slumped his handsome head down and tried to think of an exit plan. He felt more pressure in his balls as the four hundred lb massive bear leaned in on his fragile balls. Tremor relentlessly flattened Slate's balls until they were swollen balls of mush. For ten minutes he grinded his steel knee cap on Slate's fragile (now mushy) manhood. Slate didn't even fight back. His arms were stretched out as he given up. The bodybuilder muscle mass of Tremor repeatedly kneed Slate's balls.

He did one final stomp on Slate's mushy remaining sac. Slate's once proud two round balls were now one sac of mush. Tremor untied the hero and Slate held on to what was left of his manhood. Tremor and Doc received the cum sample they needed.

"See you later hero," Tremor said.

Slate held his sac of swollen testicle mush and stumbled to get back to his team. He reattached his codpiece and pec armor. He hoped the medical team could reassemble his proud balls. As he stumbled to get out auto locks locked him in. He saw in the distance his nemesis Ram. Ram was over seven feet and full of massive muscle. He had horns on his helmet that could pierce a tank. Ram charged at Slate with all his might. Doc called Ram to finish off Slate after he got his milk. Ram charged and lunged and his helmet went into Slate's abs. Slate held his eight pack in agony. Ram then picked Slate up by his codpiece and began to squeeze the mushy sac. Slate just caved in and collapsed in his arms. Ram licked the sweaty salt off of Slate's neck and then slammed him on the ground. By Slate's balls he dragged the hero into a back room and rammed into his anus for the rest of the night…