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Renegade Ambushed
By Arthur Hero

Renegade Ambushed

By: Arthur Hero

The arrangement for a one on one fight between Renegade and Grappler was set at an old industrial plant in Brooklyn.

Renegade usually wore his armor but today he was only in his latex codpiece, boots and glove armor. The latin stud's 10-inch-cock left an imprint all around the latex dark green codpiece. He had tan skin and tribal tattoos that gave him more of a bad ass look. He knew he was vulnerable but his ninja assassin skills were second to none in the city. 

Grappler, his nemesis, was in full armor and the door was bolted as soon as Renegade walked in. The grappler cheated and assaulted the hero. Renegade did a back flip and stood over him. Renegade's giant bulge dangled over Grappler. Grappler couldn't wait to get his hands on the thick latin sausage. Renegade did a series of deadly kicks and immobilized his foe. 

Grappler who was in pain could no longer put up a fight tapped out. What Renegade didn't know was two giant thugs  named Claw and Bear were in the room. They took a chain and began to choke him with a biker chain.  Bear stretched out Renegade and grabbed him from behind. He began to claw the hero from behind and squeeze his juicy pecs. His caramel colored silver dollar nipples popped through his fingers and he squeezed and tugged on them as well. Renegade had large and sensitive nipples.

Claw clawed at renegades hard six pack. He clawed until he could feel his guts and began to do stomach pumps. He squeezed the hero and tried to turn his abs into mush. The giant mobster put on brass knuckles and swung deep into Renegades guts. Renegade couldn't move because he was held tight by the other giant bear.

Next, they forced a few viagras through a serum and injected it in his neck. Renegade knew what was coming next. 

Grappler had the most important mission. While Renegade was held in the air by the two giant bears Grappler punched Renegade in the balls twice to stop him from moving.

"Ahh," Renegrade screamed. He began to cum from the impact. The cum spurt launched onto Giant Bear's hand. 

"He's ready to be milked friends," Bear said.

Grappler tied Renegade to a hook that came down from the ceiling. He dangled like meat. Sweat began to drip down his exposed chest and onto his bulge. The bulge now shined and glistened in the light.

They took a feather and began to stroke his meaty balls. They did it simultaneously. Renegade couldn't take the intense ball stimulation as his thick cock began to jump up and down. 

"Look at it jump," Claw said.

"So thick," Bear said.

Bear took out an oil sheen and began to rub it on Renegade. His thick brown cock pulsated as it was piled up. 

"Start the milking." Grappler said.

Bear began to jerk the dark cock at first nice and slow. Renegade didn't want to give him the satisfaction of a load but the viagra they injected in him was potent. His cock throbbed as they jerked him. He jerked him slow. 

Meanwhile Grappler took a dildo and inserted it inside his ass. Grappler began to go harder and harder. He loved to see Renegade's plump ass shake tighten as the dildo went in. He slapped it and continued to run the dildo into his g-spot.

Renegade came again! The thick globs of came dropped down and bear took a giant slurp. Renegade was still hard. His thick cock was wound up again. This time it was Grappler's turn to jerk Renegade. He took a needle and injected it into Renegade's balls. Renegade tried to scream but he was muffled from the gag. He felt a hot sensation go into his balls. 

"This stuff will make your prostrate warm when you ejaculate." Grappler said. He began to feel throat Renegade. Grappler pulled his juicy nipples as he did it. 

Renegade came and felt the hot sensation on his prostrate it made him more horny and he came again and again. It was three major squirts in a row. 

After they milked him they dropped him on the ground. Bear and Claw each pulled his muscular biceps while he was on the ground. They were each over seven feet while Renegade was only 5'7 so the impact on his arms was hard. His cock was still hard and his balls was still tender. Grappler rubbed Renegade's thighs and began to grab Renegade's balls, at first gently and then hard. Renegade still had the gag in his mouth. Grappler then began to elbow drop Renegade. His balls were squashed under the pavement. He came as his balls were squashed due to the viagra. Grappler tightened his grip on Renegade's meaty balls. Cum gushed through and Renegade's spunk came rushing through.

The hero gave in and as he was stretched his manhood and midsection were exposed. Grappler stood up and put his foot over Renegade. He slowly squashed Renegade's balls and more cum erupted through his cock.

"Let's put a cork on it so we can get more milk out of him later." Renegade said.

They bound his arms spread eagle and inserted a dildo in his ass that he couldn't remove. Next they put a screw like object deep into his uretha and corked him.

Renegade wiggled as the three enemies looked at their prey. He was bound, defeated and ball busted. And now he was theirs. 

Renegade thought of his escape plan but for now he passed out and tried to ignore the pain that was inflicted to his balls.

The end…for now.