The Telemachus Story Archive

Renegade vs Vampiro
By Arthur Hero

Renegade had big oval balls that drooped down with cum. His codpiece bounced around and his thick cock was always semi erect.

He walked around the factory and saw no one there.

"Clear," Renegade said.

Out of nowhere he saw the tall man. He was beefy, tall, and had a metallic uniform and a cape. He had zombie like white eyes. 

He opened his mouth and revealed metallic vampire looking fangs. 

"I am Vampiro." the villain said.

"Great," Renegade said. "Nice to meet you."

Renegade only 5'7 but compact with muscles swung at Vampiro but he was strong and swift. Vampiro was over seven feet of height and massive muscle. Vampiro took out a night stick and began to swing it at Renegade. It was packed with high voltage and burnt Renegade's latex suit. His nipple was exposed.

"Yummy," Vampiro said. "I'm going to make you moan tonight."

Vampiro lunged the nightstick in Renegade's abs.


"Agh," Renegade moaned. Now his six pack abs were exposed.

Vampiro took the stick and tripped Renegade. He lifted the nightstick and began to beat Renegade with it. Shred's of his suit were exposed and parts of his skin was lacerated. His tribal tattoo's and other ink were exposed. The latin hunk stood up and adjusted his stomach.

"Fang time," Vampiro bear hugged the smaller Renegade and placed his mouth on Renegade's balls. He bit into his nuts and secreted an ooze.

"My, ahhhh, balls." Renegade yelled.

He kicked Vampiro away but it was too late. His balls were pierced and the venom was in his balls. Soon his cock was huge, thick and throbbing. His dark tan manhood was huge and rock hard. It throbbed.

Vampiro weakened the hero and shoved the nightstick in Renegade's plump butt cheeks. 

ZAPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Renegade's tight butt was exposed. His suit was now half on and half off. His balls were heavy and his cock was about to pop out through the dark green codpiece. Renegade felt weak. His head was dizzy, he was horny. He tried to swing but missed Vampiro. Vampiro finished Renegade off by ramming the night stick in Renegade's balls.

"My nuts." Renegade moaned.


Renegade grabbed his balls and then Vampiro gave him an uppercut to his jaw. Renegade fell to the ground.

Vampiro put Renegade in a bear hug. Because Vampiro was so tall he could feel the hard bulge on his stomach. 

"I feel you Renegade." Vampiro felt the cock on his stomach. The hero wiggled in the villains clutches. His muscle butt cheeks flexed. Vampiro bit Renegade one more time in the neck. The venomous poison now made him drowsy. 

Vampiro dropped him and Renegade fell to the ground. He took out the nightstick and began to whack Renegade with it.

ZAP!!! ZAP!!! The remaining uniform was only Renegade's nipple pieces, boots and what was left of the codpiece. Renegade backed up until his back was against a wall. Renegade covered his codpiece from Vampiro.

Vampiro took the nightstick and shocked his abs.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Renegade moaned. He held his abs and left his big balls and dick exposed.

Vampiro kicked Renegade's lower bulge. The round balls shook in the sac. 

"AHHHHHHH," Renegade yelled.

"Ballbusting time." Vampiro said.

He slammed the nightstick in Renegade's balls and applied his 400 lb massive bodyweight.

"AHHHHHHH," Renegade moaned. His fragile codpiece couldn't take the pressure and his bulge was flat. Simutaneously Vampiro applied the pressure from the nightstick.

"PAINNNNNNNNNN," Vampiro said. He was hard as he looked at the hero wince in pain.

Renegade was on the ground holding the nightstick. It shocked his hands but he couldn't get it off. The heat from the stick made him sweat. The beads dripped down on his muscle pecs and abs. It turned Vampiro on. Finally Renegade gave up and slumped down. He covered his eyes and just tried to endure the torment.

Vampiro stopped and looked at Renegade helpless an drugged up. He ripped off the remaining suit and stripped him of his boots and armor. Under the codpiece Renegade wore a compression jockstrap. It was damp and wet.

Vampiro put his head in between the latin hunk's legs and began to lick the jockstrap. Cum oozed through the strap. Hungry for cum, Vampiro sucked the salty semen through the jock strap. Slowly he pushed it aside and revealed the huge latin Dominican cock. It dripped with cum, globs and globs leaked out. Vampiro fed on Renegade. The tattoo covered latin hunk began to convulse. His nipples indented and so did his pecs.

"UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Renegade moaned. Vampiro inserted his finger in Renegade's butt. He turned the hero over and moved his cock down. 

"I own you," Vampiro said.

He stomped on Renegade's nuts and the hero laid on the grown. He began to drool.

Vampiro was energized. He sat on the hero and began to punch his muscular back. He threw him into the wall. Poor Renegade was only 5'7 and even if he was full strength he couldn't fight the 7'5 giant. Vampiro squeezed his abs so that he could rip the fibers from his eight pack. He began to then punch Renegade's thighs and hurt his legs. To immobilize the hero he bashed Renegade's knee cap. 

"I'm not going to kill you hero," Vampiro said. "You're going to be my milk man."

Vampiro bit Renegade's balls and injected more serum. Renegade's balls swelled up with cum. With just a tiny squeeze loads of cum were released.


Vampiro tied Renegade to a hook on the ceiling. He nibbled at his cock and pinched his balls. Cum oozed into his mouth. Vampiro smiled at the sight. The tattoo muscle covered hunk was his. He was full of cum and oozing loads in Vampiro's mouth.

Vampiro swallowed and kept milking Renegade. Vampiro bit Renegade's nuts again.

"AHHHH," Renegade moaned. 

"Defeated," Vampiro said. "I'm going to wreak some havoc on New York while your ball swell up for my next feeding."

Vampiro left and Renegade tried to get out his restraints. Renegade put his head down and just continued to cum out precious spunk. 

"Unghhhhhhhh," he moaned into the night.