The Telemachus Story Archive

Razor vs Killer Sumo and Bear
By Arthur Hero

Razor vs. Killer Sumo and Bear

Two on One

Doc was furious. The heroes recovered and were the talk of the town. One superhero in particular was Razor. He was a little under six feet, huge pecs and deep 8 pack of abs. Razor was handsome with his dark brown skin and deep dimples. In the absence of his teammate Slate, who needed months to recover after a brutal ball busting attack Razor had to step up. Razor fought with the Grand Island City heroes trademark anatomically correct rubber suit. Nipple pieces, ass armor and form skin tight rubber. Razor customized his codpiece so that it was translucent. His brown cock and balls could visibly be seen through his red armor. Instead of it being a compact bulge it was a long condom like cock wrap. 

Because he was a skilled fighter Razor he won most of his fights and saved the city. But Razor's cock and balls was always a target.  He was featured on talk shows now podcasts and newspapers.

Slate welcomed the news that his sidekick was now in the limelight. It also allowed Slate to recover and not worry about the city. He did worry about Razor. He knew the evil mastermind Doc had been quiet. Doc's mutants always tried to drain them from their cum. The mutants were designed to gain energy from semen. They fed and harvested body builders, muscle men, jocks and athletes to fill their cum nutritional needs. Doc bioengineered his villains like this because it was their survival to ingest semen. This made the Grand Island City superheroes the perfect target for cum milking. And with that came a lot of ballbusting agony for the heroes. Slate wasn't fortunate when Doc made sure he was busted so bad his cock fractured. He needed reconstruction in his cock and luckily his balls were saved. He knew Razor might be next.

"I'll be fine," Razor said.

"You can't keep flaunting your cock and balls Razor." Slate said. "It's a target."

Slate was shirtless in compression shorts at their headquarters. Just then the intercom came on. It was Doc. 

"Greetings boys," Doc said. "I have one of your heroes here."

It was Slick. He was bound and hogtied. He was the youngest member only 21.

"Come save him before I toss him in the river." Doc said. 

"It's a trap," Slate said. 

"I'll go alone." Razor said. 

"Doc is dangerous who knows what villain he created now." Slate said. "I'll go too."

"No," Razor said. "I'll run in and get Slick out."

Razor arrived at the location. He entered through the basement and was surprised to see  strange ring.

Inside was Killer Sumo. The giant 8 foot sumo wrestler was 750lbs. There was no way he could beat the agile 5'10 muscular Razor.

"Give me Slick," Razor said.

Slick the little muscle pup was tied hog style in his full suit.

"Only if you wrestle him." Doc said. "Play fair strip."

Razor took off his armor and stood in his codpiece only, visor, nipple covers, and combat boots. 

"Good, now step in the ring."

The ring was surrounded by villains. Ram, mob bosses and sinister foes. 

"Oh my God his body," someone said.

"His bulge." another said.

There were people in awe at Razor's razor sharp muscles. The room was hot and he began to sweat. His brown muscles gleamed in the dark light. There were blood stains on the floor. Razor was a trained MMA fighter and had combat skills. His goal was to knock out the villain and free the bound Slick. 

An electrified gate dropped down around him.

Razor sized up the 8 foot giant.

"You're mine, pretty boy." Killer Sumo said.

A bell rang and Killer Sumo backed Razor into a corner. Razor backed into the ring. It had barbed wire for rings. The ropes were electrified with high voltage.

"Ah, Razor yelled when his back hit the wire." Smoke sizzled from his back. This fight would have to be centered.

Razor attacked and his rubber bulge dangled like a yoyo. His ten inch cock was semi erect and his balls could be seen in the red codpiece.

"Pop his nuts," Doc said.

Killer Sumo smiled and gave a grin. Razor kicked Killer Sumo and assaulted him. He was in a daze. 

"Let's up the stakes," Doc said. The floor opened up and another big burly bear jumped in. He was 7 feet and had a huge gut. 

"Meet Bear," Doc said.

Bear held Razor in a full Nelson. Razor kicked back and was able to escape. He punched Bear and blood gushed out. Razor next jumped on Killer Sumo and began to squeeze his neck with his powerful veiny thighs. 

Killer Sumo grabbed Razor and threw him on the wire.


Razor was stunned.

Bear wrapped Razor in the barbed wire and the hero was shocked.


Doc smiled and the crowd roared. 

The hero began to bleed as his abs were torn from the wires and electrified. 

Bear pulled Razor in the ring and maneuvered him in a full Nelson. Razor was vulnerable. Killer Sumo grabbed the mighty bulge and squeezed the juice balls. Razor's genitals were so big he took two hands to grab the brown cock and balls. Razor was getting his balls squished as Bear immobilized him.

"That's it," Doc said. "Crush his balls. Bust him."

The crowd roared as Razor was immobilized and his juicy cod piece was busted. Razor could feel his ball sacs flattened. No matter how much he could take punches his manhood always got the best of him.

Bear threw Razor on the ground and placed his boot on the heroes ball sac.

"Ahhhh," Razor yelled. "My balls."

Doc threw a needle in the ring to Bear. He stabbed Razor in the neck and injected him with the needle. Razor began to convulse on the floor. His cock grew to its full 11 inches. The codpiece barely could contain his huge thick mushroom egg plant cock.

Razor rolled around and grabbed his hard cock. The two villains waited two minutes for the serum to take affect. Razor began to drool and saw double. He tried to stand up. Killer Sumo began to rub the sweaty pecs and took off the nipple armor revealing Razor's dark brown nipples. He had two barbell nipple rings that made his nipples even more hard. They both lifted him and presented the dazed hero.

They began to worship his pecs and tugged at his nipples. They were hard and now indenting from the serum.

"Break him," Doc yelled.

The crowd roared and most of the villains in the audience had boners. Razor was sweating profusely. The sweat drenched his codpiece. It was red and bulging.

Now the villains toyed with him and threw him around. Razor was on the ground drugged and helpless. 

They began to wrestle with Razor and dry humped him. Both villains had massive hard ons. Razor's tight butt cheeks had a deep muscular canyon crack. Bear began to finger Razor through the suit.

"Take it off," a villain yelled.

"Let's see his cock." Doc yelled in the audience as he drank champagne.

Bear clutched the utility belt and unfastened it. They pulled off Razor's codpiece and threw it in the audience.

 Doc grabbed it and licked the precum.

"Make him scream boys," Doc said. "People are paying good money for this."

Razor was on the ground dazed. He began to ejaculate loads of creamy cum out his mushroom head. He turned on his stomach and tried to crawl leaving a trail of white cum on the floor."

Bear picked him up and Killer Sumo began to suck the cock. The sensation of lips on his top made him cum into Killer Sumo's mouth.

Cum made Doc's villains energized. While Razor was losing strength, Killer Sumo was stronger. 

"Let me get some," Bear said. 

Killer Sumo put Razor in a reverse bear hug. The tight muscle butt wiggled on his stomach. Bear began to suck the 11 inch cock and drank about a pint of cum.

"Unghhhhh," Razor moaned.

"He's enjoying this," Doc yelled. "Hurt him."

Razor was on the ground with only his visor and boots. The hero moved close to the barbed wire ropes. Bear picked him up and placed Razor on the ropes. 

Doc turned down the voltage to not kill the hero but to allow the current to hurt the hero. 

Razor's balls were pressed on the current. The barbed wire tore into his tender testicular  tissue.

"Ahhh," Razor moaned. "Stop. I give."

The current shocked his juicy plump balls. Now cum squirted into the crowd. Big geysers of cum.

Bear squeezed the balls and crushed them into the barbed wire.

Bear thew Razor back in the ring. Now his balls had gashes, his back and abs. Razor's cock was still intact. The huge dick bounced around. 

Bear grabbed Razor's cock and began to tug at it.

"I'm going to break your cock off hero," Bear said.

Cum oozed in his hand and Razor moaned as he knew his cock torture would be brutal...

Bear went under and crushed Razor's big balls. Now Razor's balls were sore and swollen. They were red from the welts and the crushing. 

Bear with his strength tore one of the barbed wires off. They wrapped Razor around his huge pecs and around his mighty arms. The hero was bound and the barbed wire pierced his nipples and almost tore his nipple rings.

The hero was bound and at their mercy.

Doc threw in a rusty metal rod. Killer Sumo picked Razor up and held him up by the legs.  Razor's cock flopped down and his balls dangled. Bear took the rod and began to sound Razor's cock.

"AhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHH!" He screamed. Bear rammed it deep into his cock until he was stuck.

Next they took out a battery pack with wires. They clipped them on Razor's nipples, and cock. 

Next they took to clips and attached it to Razor's balls.

"Let's make smoked cock,"Doc said.

They turned on the voltage and Razor began to wiggle. He cut his pecs and biceps as he tried to wiggle and wrestle away. He was truly in pain.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Razor yelled. 

They continued to squeeze his balls as he was electrified from the shock torture. 

Slate tried to warn his superhero counterpart. Razor just rolled around in agony as he endured his first ball torture ever.