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Razor's Codpiece Ball Busting
By Arthur Hero

Razor’s Codpiece Ball Busting

by Arthur Hero

Razor looked out the window and saw Grand Island City below him. He was dressed in his electric red full gear synthetic rubber suit. His rubber suit now engineered to sync with AI technology with a thin airtight sealed second rubber skin that covered his body. His sensitive areas like his nipples were protected by translucent rubber nipple pieces that covered his dark black huge nipples. When hard they would poke through shiny, dark and plump. They were always hard. Razor took a bio-engineered restoration after a bad ball busting that lacerated his right testicle. Now restored by the superhero league doctors, they gave him larger, more active round testicles. The surgery fused sensitive regrowth to what the villains ripped during a fight. The revived testicles were more fertile and he would cum any time  his cock was touched. It gave him more vigor, 50% more strength and speed. At 44 he was a muscle engineered enhanced version of his former self. He could take ab claws, pipes, electro shock chains on his muscled body. Whatever sinister villains tried to throw his way he could take the hits. The only problem was his testicles were 75% more sensitive and if squeezed he would weaken. The intensity if testicle pain would create sharp pains that shot through his gut and immobilize him. Most villains couldn’t get near him at all with his new speed but when they did it would cripple and stun Razor. He had to be careful. Besides that he was just as handsome, built and veiny as ever. Razor was a true superhero, not just a muscle guy in a suit. He was the protector of Grand Island City, he was Razor the red blaze.

His muscle brown butt flexed in the red skintight suit and in the front was the famous codpiece. It was anatomically correct and jiggled, held by a titanium cock ring which would allow it to detach the codpiece for obvious reasons. Because his cock and balls were the most sensitive area for him due to his testicles now having bioengineered tissue they had another side effect. The high powered production of speed, testosterone & protein creates super spunk. Other heroes such as Slate & Slick were also now bio engineered and upgraded - more on them another time. Also, newer heroes including Purple Thunder, Diablo, Stone, & Kid Marble also got new vitality boosters from a new hero ally named Chief. Chief was the brains behind a private enterprise military program that would engineer soldiers. He experimented on a lot of men. Giving them strength and power to counter the villains that were now more organized, lethal and brutal. A hero never wanted to get caught by the villains. The more strength and super cum they could produce the more weak their testicles were. The military abandoned the program and over 1,000 military muscle men went back to their daily lives. One by ones they were hunted down by a Russian oligarch named Lazor. Lazor would milk the soldiers and drain them until they were sucked dry with no energy. The muscle men would have parts of their testicles removed and harvested. This had to be stopped. Old villains were now fused with bionic material that gave them strength even if they had one drop of super cum. Lazor bioengineered big burly villains that were known as Suckers. They would jump, tackle & tie up the soldiers with the super cum, hurt them by busting their balls and milking them. The government sent over 800 of these soldiers and their families into hiding. But the sensors of the suckers could track them down. It was horrific to see muscle men milked, abused and drained. Almost all of them ended up on life support when drained and would take months to recover if not a year. Lazor realized that the superheroes of Grand Island City had more intense bioengineering and he wanted to milk them for his super soldiers he could send off as mercenaries to fight in wars. The supervillains when charged with hero spunk would be almost impossible to blow up, shoot, hurt or injure. They had to be stopped. The only ones who could do it were the Grand Island City Team. Also now known as GICT. Razor, Slate, Slick, Kid Marble, Diablo, Purple Thunder and a new rookie named Stone continued to fight off Lazor’s burly super villains. But he decided he just needed to pick off one to drain them. Lazor chose Razor. More mature, muscular, advanced in fighting and Razor was his personal new enemy. He knew if he could catch one hero the others would try to save him. And then he could experiment on them and clone their testicles. It was a sinister money making plot that could give him billions executed cleverly. An end to the super heroes would be welcomed by the villains of the city and crime bosses. And his new squad of Suckers would be fed and ready to do evil deeds for a cost. It was a win/win for the villain world. Running a torture program of heroes would deter them from trying to meddle in Lazor’s affairs again.

Lazor thought Razor's super spunk when drank would power his villains so it was important that he couldn’t be severely injured when captured. Razor’s red codpiece attached to a utility belt held his gadgets. Villains wanted his codpiece and suit as a souvenir. He could imagine Razor beaten day and night while getting his milk drained until he was weak begging for mercy. Razor’s chocolate brown body made Lazor hard. He wanted to rub the hero down for himself also. He had pictures of Razor’s codpiece zoomed in. He knew Razor’s right testicle which poked out like a fat red tennis ball in his codpiece was the source of Razor’s strength.

There was a bounty on Razor’s head. He was the ultimate hero. In his age of wisdom at 44 he was the second oldest hero in Grand Island CIty still stopping Doc’s crime ring. Lazar, the villainous Russian oligarch, put a bounty on Razor’s codpiece. Doc employed him and his mercenary super soldiers to ambush and get Razor.

The takedown:

Razor was suited up on a patrol night of the city. He zoomed around on his hydrogen powered super motorcycle. He rode to an area where he got intelligence bodybuilders from a competition were being kidnapped. Razor scouted the location but nothing was there. He got off his bike and stood over a sewer. It must be down there he thought. Milking stations that Lazor set up were usually in the sewers and abandoned train stations. Razor went down the stairs of the sewer. Immediately he felt a pain in his right testicle. A big burly Sucker shot a dart directly at his testicle and pierced the codpiece.

“UNGHHHHH.” Razor moaned as he tried to pull out the dart. Blood oozed out and a deep pain filled his ball sac. About a dozen of Lazor’s henchmen came out. Razor felt weak and tried to put up a fight. His muscles flexed tight as he fought super henchmen. There were too many of them with their gadgets and tools. They tied up with synthetic titanium ropes. It was over. Razor was caught. A villain knocked him in the head and Razor was out cold. His slumped body sprawled with his muscle butt armor ass up in the air. The perfect muscle ass.

When Razor arrived at Lazor's underground off the grid fortress he was injected with cum producing serum. The spotlight woke him up. There he was oiled up, sweaty and his pec armor removed. He was only in his rubber codpiece, butt armor and boots. His visor was still on so the guests could see that Razor was caught once and for all. He squirmed but it was no use. He was suspended from the ceiling in barbed wire like rope that held his arms and legs. Spread Eagle there were hooks that went into him and his calf muscles and forearms. There was no getting out.

His long hard cock pressed against the red rubber codpiece. His signature curved cock pressed hard out like a boomerang in a tight airtight codpiece, even the tip of his cock looked like it was wrapped in a red condom. An anatomically correct codpiece that was held up by a utility belt. His testicles, round, oval, plump and full of cum was his weak spot. Over the years Razor could take brutal hits in his eight pack abs, thighs, pecs, back and buttocks. His head was still sensitive to blows but his agility made sure he dodged most blows in battle. His age only gave him more experience and in his skin tight synthetic red suit he could move and out maneuver burly mutants, henchmen and villains. Now here he was tied up, suspended and off the grid. Lazor could’ve killed him right then and there but he wanted Razor to suffer. Razor’s large brown cock throbbed. His codpiece was his weak spot. He was old school and didn’t use the new cups the younger muscle heroes used. His testicles were sensitive. More so than most men, even a gentle tap could send a deep sensation or pain to the hero. His round dark brown nipples also were sensitive. Doc knew this and it was like a Christmas gift. He knew how to make Razor suffer. Doc gently rubbed the codpiece and the round orbs.

“Welcome to your pain hero,” Lazor said.

He licked the codpiece and bit the tip of the cock.

Razor squirmed. Busting time was ahead.