The Telemachus Story Archive

Razor and Slate
By Arthur Hero

Razor and Slate x Super fucking

Razor and Slate were similar in size. Slate was 5’10 and Razor was 5’11. They were similar in size with muscle packing their adonis bodies. Both had 11 inch cocks and had wide girth. They both had smooth skin to fit into their suits. Slate’s a gray rubber suit and Razor a red suit. Their codpieces were coiled up in their cocks,

They just finished a patrol and decided to unwind over a drink. They were out of their main armor. Slate had on his codpiece and nipple pieces and gloves. Razor was shirtless but had his codpiece on and wore his butt pads. The two began to laugh at how they took down an evil bank robber.

“Man,” Razor said. “I dropped kicked him in the head and that was over.”

“Thanks man.” Slate said. “He got me good with a kick to the nuts.” Slate said.

Villains always liked to attack their rubber codpieces. They were an easy target. Large cock and balls was easier to take down a muscle hero than an attack on their ripped pecs or abs.

Slate rubbed his codpiece and his balls. They ached but it wasn’t anything compared to the ball busting past.

Ariana Grande’s “Imagine” was playing in the headquarters loft and the two were buzzed off of two whiskey neats. Razor walked up to Slate.

“I’ll never let anything happen to you.” Razor said.

Razor was sexy. He was bald, black, with a clean face. His muscle pecs flexed as he was close to Slate’s pecs. They hugged and Slate could feel Razor’s huge thick cock pressing through the codpiece. They held each other for a while. Muscle here and muscle hero. Away from peril. Two Herculean action figures with their huge cocks now rubbing against each other.

“We shouldn’t,” Slate said. Now Slate’s cock was hard. His Puerto Rican meat was throbbing and he could feel pre cum.

“We fight villains all day and they try to crush our cocks,” Razor said. “They squeeze our balls. They’ve tortured us. And we still survived. If we can’t use our rods for pleasure what is this all about?

Razor gentle squeezed Slate’s balls. Slate gently squeezed Razor’s. They began to make out and began to perform frontage through their suits. The almost footlong cocks grinded. They were rock hard and Slate made his move. He turned around and rubbed his ass armor on Razor’s codpiece. He pushed Razor on the love seat in the headquarters.

“Alexa play Beyonce Drunk In Love,” Slate said.

The tunes of Beyonce came on and Slate grinded his muscle plump ass on Razor’s thick cock. He could feel the head ready to burst through the codpiece. Razor unzipped and his chocolate meat and balls were now skin to skin with Slate’s rubber armor. He went to a drawer and took out a magnum condom.

 “I’m going to fuck your brains out,” Razor said.

 “Only if I can fuck you next.” Slate said.

 Slate unzipped his ass armor but kept the codpiece on with his boots. Razor grabbed Slate by the waist and gently inserted his cock in.

 Slate was tight and his muscles wrapped around the cock and Razor’s eyes rolled in the back of his head.

 “Ugh…..”Razor moaned.

 Slate stood up and they went into the private lounge that had a bed. Slate lifted his ass in the air and Razor went in. He went in gentle and then hard. Slate loved it. The two were rock hard. Slate was a former go go dancer in his young days so he had moves in the bedroom. His bubble muscle butt flexed and squeezed around the hard dick. Razor’s dick was right against his g-spot and each thrust cause Slate to roll his eyes in joy.

“Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Slate moaned.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Razor moaned.

The fucking lasted for an hour. The whiskey had their rock hard dicks, rock hard. Razor was going to blow his load.

 “I’m going to cum. He pulled his cock out and pec fucked Slate. The pecs flexed and squeezed the cock head.

“I’m cummminnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg.” Loads of Razor’s cum went in on Slate’s pecs. The muscle hero flexed his pecs as cum stretched from his tan nipples to his abs.

Razor went down on Slate’s cock and sucked it hard. Slate moaned as his cock throbbed and pressed against Razor’s throat.

 “Razor held Slate’s 11 inch like a pro and he played with the mushroom tip with his tongue. Slate was ready to orgasm. Razor kept sucking and finally a load blew.


Razor swallowed every last drop. He kept Slate’s cock in his mouth until every drop was finished. Then he kept sucking for some post-orgasm sucks. Slate’s body convulsed and loved every minute of it.

The two cuddled safe from the world in each other’s muscular arms. Abs on abs, pecs on pecs, balls on balls, cock on cock. They held each other feeling the muscles that others have tried to break, beat, squeeze and crush. The two muscle heroes in an oasis in a world where villains would die to crush them.

An alert came in on their super start phones. It was a message from Doc, the evil villain that created all the mutants in Grand Island City.

The message read WE HAVE YOUR BOY TOY. In the pic was a pic of Slick’s blue codpiece. Torn, shredded and bloody.

“Slick’s in trouble,” Slate said. “The Sinister Dwarves.”

The two kissed and jumped out of bed. Time to armor up.