The Telemachus Story Archive

Purple Thunder in Peril
By Arthur Hero

Purple Thunder In Peril

As Sol was ball busted and beat to a pulp another hero appeared. Purple Thunder!

“Stop right there!” Purple Thunder said.

Trap Joe looked up and was salivating. The young hero was stunning. He was a black god with well stacked muscle. He was handsome with a low haircut and well trimmed goatee. He wore a skin tight purple rubber suit that showed off his muscles. His long cock had a cut tip that showed a plump head in a tight codpiece. Juicy lips, brown skin and dark black nipples that were perky that could be seen through the translucent suit.

Trap Joe couldn’t wait to ball bust this new hung hunk. 

“Ah you must be Purple Thunder! Sol’s little boyfriend.” Trap Joe said and he opened his hand to show razor sharp spikes in his gloves.

He could see Purple Thunder had low hangers that were ripe to twist off. 

“Tentacles hold Sol!” Doc said. Sol was wrapped tight and bound. His cock was wrapped around by a tentacle. 

“Get that new muscle hunk. Let’s play with his balls and rip off his cock.” Doc said. 

“ARGHHHH!!!” Purple Thunder yelled as Trap Joe grabbed his balls with his spiked gloves. Blood leaked out and the muscle hero dropped in pain. His balls too were the source of his strength.

 “Get off my nuts bro!”Purple Thunder said. Trap Joe squeezed and squeezed the fat juicy sac.

“AHHHHHH!” Purple Thunder yelled. 


He had to get out of this or he was doomed along with Sol…

Purple Thunder felt his low hangers get squished from Trap Joe’s sinister strong hands.

“I like the dick on this one, nice curved thick cock,” Trap Joe said. 

“Yes horny hero, keep getting that dick hard. Keep getting it hard.” Shocker said.

“Ugh,” Purple Thunder began to dry hump the hand that was grabbing and getting his big curved cock rock hard.

“Yes, hero…feel my hand.” The spikes went into his rubber codpiece, piercing into the ball sack. 


Shocker let out his tentacles and wrapped the hero around the arms. He electrocuted the muscle biceps and began to burn into the rubber purple suit. 

Purple Thunder struggled, like a fly in a web, his nuts dangling around, vulnerable. They kept attacking his plump sac and big juicy cock. The voltage kept shocking Purple Thunder as all his muscles felt the electric shocks. His balls squeezed as Trap Joe’s spiked gloves tore into his fat testicular flesh.


“Big as nuts to just crunch. I know my nails are tearing into your baby makers. I’m just reminding you who is the boss. Besides you can still give me some cum with one nut left.” Purple Thunder said.


The ball busting was intense. Purple Thunder could feel every squeeze.

“You tried to save Sol and now look. Now we have four nuts to crack!” Trap Joe squeezed.

“So many muscles on this one,” Shocker said as tentacles tightened around Purple Thunder.




Purple Thunder was so weak he just began to fade out of consciousness. Death was better than the agony his balls were facing. His pecs were sizzling from the electric tentacles. These hero crushers weren’t like other villains. They were sadistic, and loved to see muscle heroes crushed slowly. They loved the muscle hero screams. And they loved to bust the tender balls that were often the weak spot of heros. They loved to lick the cum out of the codpieces and keep them as trophies. Another hero crushed. They loved slow tortures that kept the heroes handsome faces intact. It was the meat of their balls they could squeeze and crush without wrecking the heroes pretty face. It was a game. And villain’s jerked off to the thought of the moment when they would have their handsome foe bound, tied and helpless. Most heroes had big bulges due to rampant testosterone. They had low hanging juice plump nuts that was wrapped around in tight rubber codpieces. Their balls jiggled. Their cocks even if it was semi and soft coiled to an impressive mass. These heroes were gifted and endowed. That’s what made their balls the obvious place to attack. Why try to punch a granite eight pack when you can disable a muscle hero with a nice grab to his nut sack.


That was their weakness. They also had high powered cum because the muscle heroes were experimented on during college wrestling. They were implanted with muscle milk makers that made them have 8x the testosterone, and 10x semen production. Slate, Razor, Brick, and even young Slick were a product of this milk producing experiment. That’s where Doc came in. He was a bioengineer that was obsessed with muscle men. He loved going to squash matches and seeing muscle jobbers lose fights to big bears. He had an idea, why not make the bears milkers. If the heroes had the super nutrient cum, he would make someone in need of that. That’s when he created Shocker, and Trap Joe. Shocker was a big brute that just loved hurting people. Doc injected him with hormones that made him crave super cum. The heroes were now prey. Their cocks were to be milked and harvested for food and super strength.  Slate was Doc’s favorite hero to milk, he had grade A cum, super charged nuts and a leaky cock always dripping with spunk. Now there was a new generation across the country. Sol, the Mexican prince of justice and Purple Thunder the LA bandit fighting crime. Unfortunately they possessed super cum. Their balls were sensitive to ball busting and they were in the grips of enemies that knew that.


“Ugh,” Purple Thunder moaned. The shocks of pain deep in his gut from the ball claws. He just hugged his ballbuster. He held tight knowing he couldn’t do anything else. He felt every squish, twist and crunch to his nut sac. The epididyitis was broken off from both testicles. Agony.

Trap Joe was a veteran ball buster and had razor spikes on his ballbusting gloves. As he held Purple Thunder’s plump black nuts he began to shred lines in the ball sac.

“YOWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHH,” Purple Thunder screamed.

“Tentacles tie him and Sol together” a voice called. 

Tentacles from the roof came down and wrapped around Purple Thunder’s mid section securing his arms. A barely conscious Sol was dragged. By a metallic tentacle and wrapped in the same manor. Another tentacle wrapped them together. Glutes touching. Butt cheek to butt cheek. Purple Thunder felt a little comfort knowing he was cheek to cheek with Sol. They were in this together…

“Let’s make sure these two can’t make babies ever again.” Shocker said.

“Torture time boys,” Doc said. “Such big dicks and balls. Gonna suck on them after I milk you down. HAHAHAHAHA!”

Sol flexed his butt on Purple Thunder’s plump ass. The two of them were in it together. Butt cheek to butt cheek they prepared for Doc’s draining, which was better than their cocks cut off.